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Top 100 Songs of 2020

The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     3 Pairs Of Boots          Everywhere I Go                           Dark Country       Americana
     Aaron Lewis               Am I The Only One                         Valory             Light
     Accidentals               Wildfire                                  SR                 Americana
     Adam Ezra Group           Switching To Whiskey                      SR                 Americana
     Alan Jackson              You'll Always Be My Baby                  EMI                Medium
     Alan Jackson              Where Have You Gone                       EMI                Power
     Alan Percy                Buckaroo                                  SR                 Americana
     Alec Lytle                Landslide                                 SR                 Americana
     Alex Miller               I'm Over You                              SR                 Americana
     Alyssa Bonagura           New Wings                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     American Blonde           Quicksand                                 JDP                Indies/Extra's
     Andrew Marshall           I Don't Live There Anymore                Serenity           Indies/Extra's
     Angie Lynn Carter         Her Love Moved You                        Emanant            Americana
     Anthony Von               Facebook Fantasy                          GKM                Indies/Extra's
     Ashley Monroe             Drive                                     30 Tigers          Americana
     Asleep At The Wheel       Half A Hundred Years                      30 Tigers          Americana
     Axel O.                   Here I Wanna Live                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Bailey Rae                Gypsy Cowboy                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Baker Brothers            All I Need Is You                         Lamon              Light
     Barbara Fairchild         Boulevard In Heaven                       Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Bellamy Brothers          I Can Help                                CDTex              Americana
     Bellamy Brothers          No Country Music For Old Men              CDTex              Power
     Ben Gallaher              Every Small Town                          Quartz Hill        Indies/Extra's
     Bill Filipiak             My Prayer                                 Vidlicity          Americana
     Billy Currington          Lead Me                                   Mercury            Medium
     Billy F. Gibbons          Hey Baby, Que Paso                        Concord            Americana
     Billy O'Rourke            Waitin' For A Girl Like You               CDTex              Americana
     Billy Simard              Come On Take It                           Ki Keek            Indies/Extra's
     Blackberry Smoke          Ain't The Same                            30 Tigers          Americana
     Bob & Wendy               When I Needed You                         SR                 Americana
     Bobby Compton             I Fight With My Wife                      Lost Cause         Power;Top 100 ...
     Bobby Shadle              Your Eyes                                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Bobby Wills               Gettin' Her Over You                      MDM                Medium
     Bobby Wills               Getting Her Over You                      On Ramp            Indies/Extra's
     Boy Named Banjo           Only You Know                             Mercury            Light
     Brandi Behlen             I Wish He'd Been Drinkin' Whiskey         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Brantley Gilbert          The Worst Country Song                    Valory             Light
     Brayden Ryle              I'd Have Never Met You                    Airplayt Now       Light
     Brendyn Kyle              Raised Up Round Here                      CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Brent Cobb                Soapbox                                   30 Tigers          Americana
     Brent Giddens             A Lot Of Things To Drink About            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Brett Eldredge            Good Day                                  WB                 Indies/Extra's
     Brett Young               Not Yet                                   BMLG               Light
     Brian Kelley              Made By The Water                         WB                 Light
     Brian Moon                Jukebox Cowboy                            Airplay Now        Light
     Brooke Hatala             The Dash                                  9 North            Americana
     Brooke Hogan              Love People                               Crank              Indies/Extra's
     Brother Brothers          Road Runner Song                          Compass            Americana
     Brothers Osborne          I'm Not For Everyone                      EMI                Light
     Bryan Haraway             Wittle                                    Part Time Criminal Americana
     Bryan James               Slowing Down In Style                     SR                 Americana
     Calamity Jane             The Mountain                              Grassroots         Americana
     Cam                       Til There's Nothing Left                  30 Tigers          Indies/Extra's
     Carley Pearce/Ashley McBridever Wanted To Be That Girl              Big Machine        Light
     Carolyn Miller            Flatliine                                 Lavarim            Indies/Extra's
     Carvin Walls              3 In The Morning                          Spotted Frog       Indies/Extra's
     Casey Baker               When The Party's All Over                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Casey Chesnutt            Even Texas Couldn't Hold Her              CDTex              Medium
     Cash Creek                Hard Times                                CCB                Light
     Chad Cook Band            Senorita Sky                              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Chad Elliott              Down And Out                              SR                 Americana
     Charley Crockett          Midnight Run                              30 Tigers          Americana
     Charlie Kulis Band        Twisted                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Charlie Louivin           Fair & Tender Ladies                      5511               Americana
     Charlie Marie             Heard It Thru The Red Wine                Soundly            Americana
     Chase Likens              Rub a Little Dirt On It                   On the Green       Indies/Extra's
     Chase Rice                Drinkin' Beer Talkin' God                 BBR                Medium
     Chloe Collins             Somebody Else's                           Collins House      Medium
     Chloe Collins             Not Like The Others                       Collins House      Medium
     Chris Bandi               Would Have Loved Her                      Records            Indies/Extra's
     Chris Darllington         Sippin' On Summertime                     Marco              Indies/Extra's
     Chris Golden              I Wan't Ready Yet                         Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Chris Janson              Bye Mom                                   WB                 Power
     Chris Lane                Fill Them Boots                           Big Loud           Light
     Chris Maab                Rain Storm                                Airplay Now        Indies/Extra's
     Chris Trapper             Back Home                                 SR                 Americana
     Chris Young               At The End Of A Bar                       RCA                Power
     Chris Young/Kane Brown    Famous Friends                            RCA                Light
     Christian Yeager          Born For A Friday Night                   Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Christon Birge            Best Friends Bring Beer                   CB                 Indies/Extra's
     Chuck Hancock             Lost And Found                            Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Clay Walker               Texas To Tennessee                        Show Dog           Power
     Clinton Wayne Sturgeon    Time For A Fool                           SR                 Light
     Coconut Creek             Time To Change                            Eisenberg          Americana
     Cody Joe Hodges           Give Me Back My Freedom                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Cody Widner               Texadise                                  CDTex              Americana
     Cole Quest                Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key          SR                 Americana
     Conner Smith              Learn From It                             Valory             Light
     Connie Smith              Three Sides                               Fat Possum         Light
     Connie Smith              Look Out Heart                            Fat Possum         Medium
     Cooper Alan               Tough Ones                                Cooped Up          Indies/Extra's
     Corb Lund                 Horse Poor                                New West           Americana
     Corey Zink                Bein' Country                             Sound Biscuit      Americana
     Craig Campbell            What A Girl Will Make You Do              Grindstone         Indies/Extra's
     Craig Campbell            Good Things Come To Those Who Drink       Grindstone         Indies/Extra's
     Craig Campbell            Never Mind                                Grindstone         Light
     Craig Cardiff             All This Time Running                     True North         Americana
     Creed Fisher              People Like Me                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Critical Mass             Leaving Town                              CMM                Americana
     Cross Parallel            Better With Time                          Mussell            Americana
     Curt Ryle                 Unjustifiable Homicide                    Airplay Now        Light
     Curtis Grimes             Friends                                   DTex               Indies/Extra's
     Dag Erik Oksvold          Love You More                             Touchdown          Indies/Extra's
     Dale Ann Bradley          L.A. International Airport                Pinecastle         Americana
     Dale Phillips             You're In Love With The Wrong Man         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Dan Kouba                 Pink Sunglasses                           SR                 Americana
     Danny Lee                 Get Me This Far                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Darius Rucker             My Masterpiece                            Capitol            Medium
     Darrin Morris             Wrap You Up In Love                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Darryl Singletary         Fly On The Wall                           Platinum           Power
     Dave Alvin                On My Way Downtown                        Yep Roc            Americana
     Dave Caley                Calling Elvis                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Wilbert              It's Getting There                        Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     David Adam Byrnes         Too Much Texas                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     David Adam Byrnes         Signs                                     CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     David Ferguson            Knocking Around Nashville                 Fat Possum         Americana
     David Frizzell/Mary Sarah You're The Reason God Made Okla.          144                Indies/Extra's
     David Haerle              Eddie                                     Edendale           Americana
     David Haerle              No More We                                Edendale           Americana
     David Haerle              Train Down Memory Lane                    Edendale           Power
     David James               Don't Mind If I Do                        MDM                Indies/Extra's
     David Massey              Long Long Time                            Poetic Debius      Americana
     David Olney               Behind Your Smile                         Schoolkids         Americana
     David Stewart             Feels Like Texas                          Turnberry          Americana
     David Tucker              Lyin'                                     117                Indies/Extra's
     Dean Miller               1965                                      Eupea              Medium
     Dennis J. Leise           Hurry Up And Die                          Towering Gringo    Americana
     Dennis Ledbetter          I Remember                                Saint & Sinner     Power
     Dennis Parker             Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues         5511               Americana
     Diana Jones               Song To A Refugee                         Goldmine           Americana
     Dierks Bentley            Gone                                      Capitol            Medium
     Dierks Bentley            Beers On Me                               Capitol            Medium
     DK Davis                  Ragtop Down (2021)                        Sony               Power
     Donna Cunningham          I Can Take It Now                         Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Doug Adkins               One Kiss                                  Lyric Mountain     Indies/Extra's
     Doug Hamilton             Back Then                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Doug Hamilton             Being ALone                               SR                 Medium
     Doug Hamilton             Til Death Do Us Part                      SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Doug Hamilton             Honky Tonk Tear                           SR                 Medium
     Doug Hamilton             Love You For All Time                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Doug Hamilton             Holding You                               SR                 Medium
     Drew Moreland             Let's Go To Vegas                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Drew Parker               While You're Gone                         WB                 Medium
     Drift Mouth               Dare D'Evell                              SR                 Americana
     Dug Schmude               A World Without John Prine                Lost Hubcap        Americana
     Dulcie Taylor             Better Part Of Me                         Mesa/Blue Moon     Americana
     Dulcie Taylor             Easy For You                              Mesa Blue Moon     Americana
     Dustin Lynch              Thinkin' 'Bout You                        BBR                Light
     Dustin Lynch              Thinking Bout You                         BBR                Medium
     Dwain Messer              It Goes So Fast                           Grassroots         Americana
     Dylan Gerard              Please Don't Let Me                       SSM                Indies/Extra's
     Dylan Leblanc             Gentle On My Mind                         ATO                Light
     Dylan Leblanc             Gentle On My Mind                         ATO                Americana
     Dylan Scott               New Truck                                 Curb               Medium
     Eddie Ray Arnold          Beautiful Day                             Emanent            Indies/Extra's
     Eileen Carey              Leave It All Behind                       RollyCoaster       Medium
     Elle King/Miranda Lambert Drunk                                     Columbia           Indies/Extra's
     Enemy Line                Falling Off The Barstool                  SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Eric Church               Hell Of A View                            EMI                Medium
     Ericson Holt              99 Degrees                                Conch Town         Americana
     Faye Webster              I Know I'm Funny                          Strictly Canadian  Medium
     Filmore                   Nothing's Better                          Curb               Indies/Extra's
     Filmore                   Who Cares                                 Curb               Indies/Extra's
     Firefall                  Way Back When                             Suset Blvd         Americana
     Five Roses                Might As Well Be Me                       MDM                Indies/Extra's
     Flat River Band           Ain't A Woman Like A River                FRB                Americana
     Flatlanders               Moaning Of The Midnight Train             30 Tigers          Americana
     Gabby Barrett             Footprints On The Moon                    WB                 Light
     Gabrielle Gore            I See You                                 HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Garrison Starr            The Devil In Me                           Soundly            Americana
     Garth Brooks              That's What Cowboys Do                    Pearl              Power
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Gavin Lee                 Friends With A Beer                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     George Birge              Beer Beer Truck Truck                     Records            Indies/Extra's
     George Harrison           All Things Must Pass                      UMe                Americana
     Georgette Jones/Dolly DunnGlass House                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Gerry Gareou              Feet Off The Brakes                       Two Thumbs         Light
     Grace Potter              Release                                   Concord            Americana
     Gracie Yates              Boys Like You                             Red10              Indies/Extra's
     Grayson Jenkins           Mockingbird                               SR                 Americana
     Great Peacock             All I Ever Do                             Baldwin County     Americana
     Hammond Bths.             Susie                                     SR                 Americana
     Hank & Ella               Good At Being Lonely                      SR                 Americana
     High Tones                Champaign TO 3/2 Beer                     SSM                Indies/Extra's
     High Valley               Grew Up On That                           WB                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Hillbilly Wayne           Whiskey On My Breath                      Mallory            Indies/Extra's
     Holly Tucker              Rose In The Red Dirt                      CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Hot Tamale                Mama's Old Hickory Stick                  SR                 Americana
     Hot Texas Swing Band      Devil On My Tail                          SR                 Americana
     Houston Bernard           Freedom                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     I See Hawks in L.A.       On Our Way                                SR                 Americana
     Innocent Eve              Three Quarter Time                        Checked Label      Americana
     Jack Ingram               Times Like These                          Next Waltz         Americana
     Jackslatts                Inside Out                                SR                 Americana
     Jake Owen                 Best Thing Since Backroads                Big Loud           Light
     James Lann                Damn Strait                               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     James Robert Webb         OKfuskee Whiskey                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jamie Carol               Lemonade                                  Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Jamie Trent               Truth About A Lie                         Restless           Light
     Janelle Arthur            Hand Me Downs                             SR                 Americana
     Jason Aldean              If I Didn't Love You                      BBR                Power
     Jason Eady                Back To Normal                            Old Guitar         Americana
     Jason James               Coldest Day Of The Year                   Melodyville        Americana
     Jeannie Seely/Willie Nelsonot A Dry Eye In The House                Curb               Light
     Jeff Bates                Friends With Boats                        Skydancer          Light
     Jeff Willliams            Where Have All The Heroes Gone            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jeffery Allen Imler       Cowgirl Don't Ride Away                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jenn Bostic               Jealous Of The Angels                     Youth Be Served    Indies/Extra's
     Jennie Angel              Girl Next Door                            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jennie Dale Lord          The Bottle                                CDTex              Americana
     Jennifer Belle            Heart First                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jennifer Grant            Dare                                      SR                 Americana
     Jeremy Parsons            Good Ole Days                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jess Moskaluke            Leave Each Other Alone                    MDM                Indies/Extra's
     Jesse Daniel              Clayton Was A Cowboy                      Soundly            Americana
     Jessie Lynn               I'm Diggin' It                            Dirt To Diva       Indies/Extra's
     Jillette Johnson          Annie                                     SR                 Americana
     Jim Lauderdale            The Opportunity To Help Somebody Through  Yep Roc            Americana
     Jimmy Dale Richardson     '58 Buick                                 Fun Guy            Americana
     Jimmy R. Price            T-I-M-E                                   Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Joe Berry                 Never Thought i Would                     Bulldog            Light
     Joe Diffie                When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall      5511               Americana
     Joe Hermes                Stronger Than Whiskey                     Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Joe King                  Drinkin' Doubles                          CDTex              Medium
     Joe Nichols               Home Run                                  Quartz Hill        Medium
     John Hall                 I Think Of You                            Sunset Blvd        Americana
     John Kinney               Hit Me Up                                 Birmingham Ent     Americana
     John Lennon               Hold On                                   UMe                Americana
     John Michael Ferrari      Somewhere We Could Fall                   Cappy              Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     John Michael Ferrari      My Heart Can't Beathe                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     John Smith                Eye to Eye                                30 Tigers          Americana
     John Swantner             Drunk Me                                  CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     John Tolley               I Go To Pieces                            JT                 Medium
     John Zuniga               On This Side Of The Door                  SR                 Americana
     Johnny Rivers             In The Real World                         Soul City          Medium
     Jon Michaels              The World Goes On                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jon Pardi                 Tequila Little Time                       Capitol            Power
     Jordan Davis              Buy Dirt                                  MCA                Medium
     Jordan Foster             Indiana Doon't Need You                   Red10              Indies/Extra's
     Jordan Robert Kirk        Saved My Life                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Josh Tiemann              Love Ain't A Fast Car                     CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Joy Chapman               Could've Been Yes                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Judy Bailey               A Rose Among The Thorns                   Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     June & Joey               Something Good To Miss                    Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Justin Biltonen           Heartache Rodeo                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Justin Landers            I Can't Drink You off My Mind             Diamondback        Indies/Extra's
     Kaitlin Butts             How Lucky I Am                            SR                 Americana
     Kaitlyn Kohler            Break Another Heart                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kameron Marlowe           Sober As A Drunk                          Columbia           Light
     Kameron Marlowe           Giving You Up                             Columbia           Light
     Kane Brown                One Mississippi                           RCA                Medium
     Kari Holmes               When I See You Smile                      Nashville America  Indies/Extra's
     Kari Holmes               When I See You Smile                      Nashville America  Light
     Katie O                   Our Memories                              NEWR               Indies/Extra's
     Keith Sanders             Old School's In                           Valory             Indies/Extra's
     Keith Urban               Wild Hearts                               Capitol            Medium
     Kelly's Lot               Sleep on it Tonight                       SR                 Americana
     Kelsea Ballerini          Half Of My Hometown                       Black River        Medium
     Kenny Chesney             Knowing You                               WB                 Medium
     Kenny Nash                Designer Country                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Kenny Sharp               Renege                                    Brown Liquor       Americana
     Kidd G                    Summer In A Small Town                    Valory             Indies/Extra's
     Kiky Grace/James Blundell Annie June                                Checked            Americana
     Kin Faux                  Plainvoew                                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kip Moore                 Good Life                                 MCA                Light
     Kolby Cooper              Boy From Anderson County                  Wheelhouse         Light
     Kyle Killgore             Passenger Seat                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kylie Frey                Horses In Heaven                          CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Lafavorites               Floating On A Song                        SR                 Americana
     Laine Lonero              How Far                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Lainey Wilson             Thinga A Man Ought To Know                BBR                Light
     Laini Riso                Nightingale                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Laini Riso                Nightingale                               SR                 Power
     Laini Risto               The Dance                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Last Birds                Worry About It                            SR                 Americana
     Lee Brice                 Memory I Don't Mess With                  Curb               Medium
     Lee Sims                  Big On Little Things                      Adelphos           Power
     Left Arm Tan              It Ain't Love                             CDTex              Americana
     Leftover Salmon           Black Hole Sun                            Compass            Americana
     Lily Rose                 Villain                                   Big Loud           Indies/Extra's
     Lisa Brokop               Is It Me And You                          Grassroots         Light
     Loretta Lynn/Margo Price  One's On The Way                          Legacy             Americana
     Loretta O'Connor          Ride On                                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Luanne Hunt               Crazy Dreams                              Star Creek         Indies/Extra's
     Lucas Hoge                Get Lost                                  Forge              Medium
     Lukas Nelson              Perennial Bloom                           Concord            Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Lukas Nelson              Hand Me A Light                           Fantasy            Light
     Luke Bryan                Waves                                     Capitol            Medium
     Luke Combs                Forever After All                         Columbia           Medium
     Luke Combs                Cold As You                               Columbia           Light
     Lynchburg                 Love You When I Can                       SR                 Americana
     Lynne Taylor Donovan      Tennessee Whiskey                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Maddie & Tae              Woman You Got                             Mercury            Light
     Maddie Wilson             Rylin                                     Music For Good     Americana
     Madelyn Victoria          Good At Goodbye                           MTM                Indies/Extra's
     Maggie Rose               Forr Your Consideration                   Soundly            Americana
     Maia Sharp                Backburner                                Crooked Crown      Americana
     Mandy Rowden              Parachute                                 Howlin' Dog        Americana
     Margie Singleton          Missin' You                               Aintquittin        Americana
     Mark Collie               Son Of A Gun                              Audium             Americana
     Mark Nicholson            Natural Born Lover                        Jordash            Light
     Mark Nicholson            Fast Train                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mark Nicholson            Take You Home                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mark Powell               You Look Like I Could Use A Drink         CDTex              Light
     Mark Powell               I Hope I'm Holding You                    CDTex              Americana
     Mark Rogers               Every Once In A While                     Powderfinger       Americana
     Mark Vigil Project        You Better Know Why                       SR                 Light
     Mark Vigil Project        I Believe In You                          SR                 Americana
     Mark Winston Kirk/Tommy Wardme                                      CDTex              Americana
     Marty Rivers              If Only These Walls Could Talk            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Matt Cooper               Ain't Met Us Yet                          Turnberry          Indies/Extra's
     Matt Mercado              A Cowboy's Life                           CDTex              Americana
     Matt Stell                That Ain't Me No More                     Arista             Indies/Extra's
     Matt Stillwell            Hey Dad (2021)                            723                Light
     Melissa Carper            Makin' Memories                           SR                 Americana
     Michael J. Hughes         Dirt Road Whiskey                         2 Cuts             Indies/Extra's
     Michael Johnathan         The Statement                             Poet Man           Americana
     Michael McMillan          Until We Meet Again                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Ray               Just The Way I Am                         WB                 Light
     Midland                   Sunrise Tells The Story                   Big Machine        Medium
     Mikayla Lane              Wild Like The Wind                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mike Carlisle             Alicia                                    Cricket Power      Recurrent CD's;I...
     Mike Donnell              Puzzle Piece                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mike Hebert               Moonshine Milk Cows                       Supreme            Americana
     Mike McAdoo               Too Hard To Get                           615                Americana
     Minnie Murphy             Get Over It                               Evergreen          Indies/Extra's
     Mipso                     Hour Glass                                Rounder            Americana
     Mitchell Tenpenny         Truth About You                           Columbia           Light
     Mo Pitney                 Local Honey                               Curb               Light
     Moon City Masters         Starstruck                                SR                 Americana
     Moon City Masters         Starstruck                                SR                 Americana
     Morgan Evans              Love Is Real                              WB                 Light
     Morgan Evans              Love Is Real                              WB                 Light
     Morgan Wade               Wilder Days                               Arista             Indies/Extra's
     Morgan Wallen             Sand In My Boots                          Big Loud           Power
     Muscadine Bloodline       Dyin' For A Livin'                        Stancaster         Light
     Mustangs Of The West      T Shirt From California                   Grassroots         Americana
     Nate Burnham              I Got Game                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Neil Young/Graham Nash    Birds                                     Rhino              Americana
     Nick Garza/Kelsey Wilson  Denial                                    Ranchero           Americana
     Nick Lowe                 A Quiet Place                             Yep Roc            Americana
     Nikki Nelson/Steve Oliver Chase Me Around Texas                     CDTex              Light
     Niko Moon                 Paradise To Me                            RCA                Light
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Niko Moon                 No Sad Songs                              RCA                Light
     Nineteen Hand Horse       Just Another Honky Tonk Night             SR                 Americana
     No Name Road              Like A Country Song                       Tandem Tracks      Americana
     Non Duo                   In Your Eyes                              Muisc Of The Sea   Americana
     Old Dominion              I Was On A Boat That Day                  Arista             Medium
     Orleans                   Home                                      SR                 Americana
     Paco                      Can't Take My Eyes Off of You             SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Paco                      You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You      SR                 Americana
     Paige King Johnson        Baby Don't                                PCG                Indies/Extra's
     Parmalee                  For You                                   Stoney Creek       Medium
     Parmalee                  Take My Name                              Stoney Creek       Medium
     Patriot Road              Devil & Angel                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Patriot Road              Sitting Alone & Thinking                  CDTex              Americana
     Paul Thorn                It's Never Too Late To Call               Perpetual ObscurityAmericana
     Paul Thorn                Here We Go                                30 Tigers          Americana
     Pi Jacobs                 First Thing Tomorrow                      Blackbird          Americana
     Presley Aaron             I Wanna Know                              SR                 Power
     Priscilla Block           Wish You Were the Whiskey                 Mercury            Light
     Queena                    Show Off                                  CMD                Indies/Extra's
     Queeva                    Do Better                                 Star Farm          Indies/Extra's
     Rachel Baiman             Joke's On Me                              Signature          Americana
     Radio Gunners             What I'd Do For You                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ramblin' Jake             Truck Sleep                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ramblin' Jake             Old Prince                                SR                 Medium
     Randall King              Record High                               WB                 Light
     Ray Fulcher               Girl In It                                Black River        Medium
     Ray Martin                The Miracle                               MTM                Light
     Ray Mussell               Still You Breathe                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ray Stevens               Gas                                       Curb               Light
     Ray Wyatt                 Home Away From Home                       SR                 Americana
     Rebel Hearts              Leavin' You Lovin'                        SR                 Light
     Renele                    Do The Right Thing                        Meg                Medium
     Requinn Nichollette       I Can Be Me                               SSM                Light
     Rex Robard                Free                                      Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Rich Carroll              Lifetime                                  Diamondback        Indies/Extra's
     Richard Burr              It's Never Over                           Kickin Dust        Medium
     Richard Lynch             Hurtin' Cheatin' Lyin' Country Song       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Richard Lynch             Supernaw                                  Fence Row          Medium
     Rick Shea                 Blues Stop Knockin' At My Door            SR                 Americana
     River Kittens             Trouble                                   Create             Americana
     Robbie Mangiardi          The People You Love                       SR                 Americana
     Robby Johnson             Nights Like This                          Nashville Record CoIndies/Extra's
     Rodney Crowell            Something Has To Change                   30 Tigers          Americana
     Rodney Rice               Free At Last                              Moody Spring       Americana
     Ron A. McNeil             Ain't Living Lonley                       Bow River          Americana
     Ron Gaddis/Buddy Jewell   Grandpa's Like Mine                       Arrow              Light
     Ronnie Milsap             Wild Honey                                Black River        Light
     Rosie Flores              So Sad                                    Mule Kick          Americana
     Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic ... Radio                          Monument           Light
     RT Johnson                Feel Good Again                           CCB                Indies/Extra's
     Runaway June              Forget About That                         Wheelhouse         Americana
     Rusty Gear                Gold on The Horizon                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ryan Dart                 Dance If You Want To                      SR                 Americana
     Ryan Griffin              Salt Lime & Tequila                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ryan Hurd/Maren Morris    Chasing After You                         Arista             Power
     Ryan Montgomery           These Are The Days                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ryan Montgomery           Nashville & Hawaiii                       SR                 Medium
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Sam Grow                  You Ain't Gone                            Average Joe's      Light
     Sam Hunt                  23                                        MCA                Medium
     Sam L. Smith              The Way You Make Me Feel                  Twang Thang        Indies/Extra's
     Sam L. Smith              Teach Me How To Love Again                Twang Thang        Indies/Extra's
     Sam Riddle                Bar Stool Church Pew Song                 SSM                Medium
     Sam Williams              Shuteye                                   Mercury            Medium
     Sammy Kershaw             Evangeline                                White Mustang      Light
     Sammy Sadler              She's Crazy For Leavin'                   SR                 Light
     Scott Fleetwood           Blaze Through The Change                  SR                 Americana
     Seaforth                  Breakups                                  Arista             Light
     Sean Della Croce          Break In The Rain                         Pasadena           Americana
     Shane Nicholson           Music Man                                 Amerimonte         Indies/Extra's
     Shantell Ogden            Trouble Road                              HotDisc            Americana
     Shawn Campbell            Can't Be Wrong                            Chance             Indies/Extra's
     Shawn Lee Stamps          Ciold Hard Truth                          CDTex              Americana
     Shelley Lynch             Make It To Memphis ( Acoustic)            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Shoebox Letters           Stand Clear & Disappear                   SR                 Light
     Shovels & Rope            In My Room                                Dualtone           Americana
     Shy Carter                Beer With My Friends                      WB                 Light
     Side Pony                 Lucky Break                               SR                 Americana
     Sierra Ferrell            In Dreams                                 Rounder            Americana
     Sierra Ferrell            Give It Time                              Rounder            Americana
     Son Volt                  Reverie                                   30 Tigers          Americana
     Sonny Morgan              John Deere Steering Wheel                 CDTex              Americana
     Stav McAllister           Blue Eyes                                 Love Conquered     Americana
     Steele River Band         Movin' On                                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Steve Anthony             Run Cowboy Run                            CDTex              Americana
     Steve Robinson            Middle Of Nowhere                         SSM                Light
     Steven Graves             All Alone                                 SR                 Light
     Sturgill Simpson          Juanita                                   30 Tigers          Americana
     Sturgill Simpson          Oh Sarah                                  30 Tigers          Americana
     Sturgill Simpson          Juantia                                   30 Tigers          Americana
     Susan Hickman             A Dream                                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Susan Hickman             Save Me                                   CDTex              Medium
     Suzy Boggus               Sunday Birmingham                         Loyal Dutchess     Light
     Tenille Arts              Back Then Right Now                       19th & Grand       Light
     Tennessee Country Orchestrat's You                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tenth Mountain Divison    Highland Morning                          SR                 Americana
     Terry Bell                Find The Stars                            Clear As A Bell    Indies/Extra's
     Terry Cabtree             Livin' On Love                            Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Texas Hill                Four Roses                                CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     The Accidentals           Go Getter                                 SR                 Americana
     The Dillards              Always Gonna Be You                       Pinecatle          Americana
     The Farm Hands            Pride                                     Pinecastle         Americana
     The Furious Seasons       We Finally Get Fall                       SR                 Americana
     The Hawthorns             Time To Move On                           Mule Kick          Americana
     The Isaacs                The American Face                         Grassroots         Americana
     The Lone Bellow           Dried Up River                            Dualtone           Americana
     The Parson Red Heads      Turn Around                               Fluff & Gravy      Americana
     Thomas Rhett              Country Again                             Valory             Medium
     Thornton Creek            Tomorrow In The Day                       SR                 Americana
     Tia McGraff               Strong                                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tiffany Pollack           Baby Boys                                 Nola Blue          Americana
     Tiffany Woys              Do Ya                                     SR                 Americana
     Tim McGraw                7500 OBO                                  Big Machine        Light
     Timothy Baker/Clayton Smalleyse Boots Were Made To Dance            Grassroots         Light
     TJ Miller                 Sometimes I Do                            MDM                Medium
     Country Bear Radio     Weekly Spin Report
                                                                                           Page 9
     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Toby Keith                Old School                                Show Dog`          Light
     Tom Sexton                The Best Night                            Grassroots         Americana
     Tommy Alverson            Coastal Distancing                        CDTex              Americana
     Tommy Rice/Patricia Barrettou Are My Life                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Tony Mantor               Why Not Me                                Plateau            Indies/Extra's
     Toria Richings            Seeping Thru My Skin                      SR                 Americana
     Travis Linville           I'm Still Here                            Black Mesa         Americana
     Travis Triit              They Don't Make 'Em Like That No More     Big Loud           Light
     Trisha Yearwood           She's In Love With The Boy                Gwendolyn          Light
     Troy Cartwright           Hung Up On Lovin' You                     WB                 Indies/Extra's
     Tyler Farr                Soundtrack To A Small Town Sundown        Night Train        Medium
     Tyler Rich                Better Than You're Used To                Valory             Indies/Extra's
     Valerie Smith             I Found                                   Bell Buckle        Americana
     Vince Hatfield            Where Did My Friday Nites Go              Blue Moon          Indies/Extra's
     Walker Avenue Gang        Melody                                    SR                 Americana
     Walker County             Bits & Pieces                             WB                 Indies/Extra's
     Walker Hayes              Fancy Like                                Monument           Light
     Watchhouse                New Star Shining                          30 Tigers          Americana
     Wayne Warner              Welcome To My Dream                       SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Wesley Dennis             This Song's For You                       KDM                Medium
     Wild & Blue               Wedding Dress For Sale                    New Favorite       Indies/Extra's
     Wild & Blue               Without Love                              New Faorite        Americana
     Will Jackson              Catch The Wind                            Mile Marker 14     Americana
     Will Reid                 Albuquerque                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     William Elliot Whitmore   My Mind Can Be Cruel To Me                Bloodshot          Americana
     Willie Nelson             A Cottage For Sale                        Legacy             Americana
     Willie Nelson/Barbara Streisandant it To Be You                     Colunbia           Medium
     Willie Stratton           The Way She Holds Me                      Turtle             Americana
     Wilson Banjo Co.          Wrong Turn Led me To You                  Pinecastle         Americana
     Wyatt Massingille         It'll Die With You                        SR                 Power
     Wyatt Massingille         It'll Die With You                        SR                 Light
     Wyatt Zayne               Like A Melody                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Young Guns                Heartbreakin' Machine                     HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Zac Brown                 Same Boat                                 WB                 Light
     Zach Emery                Burnin' A Memory                          CDTex              Americana
      Total: 491

































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