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Top 100 Songs of 2016

The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

    Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Aaron Copeland            Here She Comes                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Aaron Crawford            Can't Afford                              AC                 Americana
     Aaron Watson              Bluebonnets                               Big Label          Power;Top 100 ...
     Adam Capps                Memories On The Road                      SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Adam Capps                Memories On The Road                      SR                 Medium
     Aj Hobbs                  Waylon & Merle                            Booker             Americana
     Alan James                Goodbye Tulsa                             Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Alan Turner               Windows & Mirrors                         MC1                Medium
     Alison Krauss             Losing You                                Capitol            Light
     Amanda Anne Platt         The Things We Call Home                   Organic            Americana
     Ana Egge                  Promises To Break                         Grace              Americana
     Andrew Combs              Dirty Rain                                New West           Americana
     Andy May                  My Small Town                             SR                 Americana
     Ann J. Morton             It Ain't Workin'                          Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Ann J. Morton             I'm Not In The Mood For Love              Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Arne Benoni               Big Hand                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Band Of Heathens          Green Grass Of California                 BOH                Americana
     Bap Kennedy               Good As Gold                              Last Chance        Americana
     Bart Alan Woytek          You Can't Leave Here With My Heart        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Bellamy Brothers          After The Storm                           CDTex              Medium
     Bellamy Brothers          Old Love Song                             Heart Of Texas     Indies/Extra's
     Ben McPeak                Fix You Up                                BMM                Indies/Extra's
     Bernadette                Gysy Boots                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Bernadette                Nickes & Dimes                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Big & Rich                California                                New Revolution     Light
     Bill Fredrick             Crazy Man                                 Prairie Dust       Americana
     Bill Wence                California Callin'                        615                Americana
     Billy Currington          Baby Do You Wanna                         Mercury            Medium
     Billy Douglas             Don't Tell Mama                           Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Billy Yates               MFC                                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Blackbeard's Truck        Three                                     SR                 Americana
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings     High Wire                                 FUM                Americana
     Blake Shelton             Every Time I Hear That Song               WB                 Power
     Blake Torrey              Last Night                                Watterson          Indies/Extra's
     Blue Highway              Water From The Stone                      Rounder            Americana
     Bobby Bare                Things Change                             Hypermedia         Power
     Brad Paisley              Last Time For Everything                  Arista             Medium
     Brad Tucker               Who Am I                                  Airplay Express    Indies/Extra's
     Bradley Walker            Call Me Old-Fashioned                     Gaither            Indies/Extra's
     Bradley Winfield Parker   Tribute To Merle                          SR                 Americana
     Brandon Bailey            Close                                     LCE                Light
     Brantley Gilbert          The Ones That Like Me                     Valory             Light
     Brenda Burch              Take Me Back                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Brett Young               In Case You Didn't Know                   BMLG               Light
     Brian Collins             What Am I Living For                      CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Brian Lee Bender          Girlfriend #2                             Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Brian Milson              I'd Have To Kiss You                      First Short Road   Power
     Brooke Woods              God Bless The World                       Brooketastik       Indies/Extra's
     Bruce Robison             The Years                                 Motel Time         Americana
     Bryan Adam Joyner         Cried When He Died                        CDTex              Americana
     Buddy Jewell              I'm There                                 Lamon              Americana
     Buffalo Ruckus            Hills And Valleys                         Smith              Americana
     Buzz Cason                Just As Gone                              Arena              Americana
     Calamity Janes            Pullin' Weeds                             CDTex              Americana
     Caleb Klauder             Just A Little                             West Sound         Americana
     Cameron Malloy            Tennessee Moon                            TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Candi Carpenter           Burn The Bed                              Sony               Light
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Carrington MacDuffie      Rock Me To Mars                           IE                 Americana
     Chakra Bleu               Be My Love                                Chakra Bleu        Americana
     Cheri Brennan             Life Is Fun                               SR                 Light
     Cheri Brennan             Mystery                                   CBM                Indies/Extra's
     Cherie Brennan            Life Is Fun                               HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Cheryl K. Warner          Looking Glass                             Western Heart      Medium
     Chip Taylor               Until It Hurts                            Trainwreck         Americana
     Chip Taylor               Let Me Fall My Own Way                    Trainwreck         Americana
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguezo's Gonna Build That Wall               SR                 Americana
     Chloe Collins             That Girl                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Chris Gardner             Crystal Visions                           Split Dog          Americana
     Chris James               The Old Man Spoke To Me                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Chris Loid                If Only They Knew                         WHP                Indies/Extra's
     Chris Stapleton           Either Way                                Mercury            Medium
     Chris Stapleton           Up To No Good Livin'                      Mercury            Americana
     Chris Webb                Hey Cowboy                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Chris Young               Losing Sleep                              RCA                Light
     Chuck Berry               Big Boys                                  Dualtone           Americana
     CJ Solar                  Just Another Day In The Country           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Claude Gray               Storms Never Last                         Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Cody Johnson              Wild As You                               Cojo               Medium
     Coffey Anderson           Bud Light Blue                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Cole Swindell             Flatliner                                 WB                 Light
     Collin Mills              Long Time Coming                          Lamon              Light
     Cort Carpenter            What Were We Drinking                     HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Cortni Bird               Whiskey On My Breath                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Courtney Grainger         Baby That's Cold                          Valcour            Americana
     Dale & Ray                Feelin' Haggard                           Ameripolitan       Light
     Dale Boyle                Gasoline                                  SR                 Americana
     Dan & Karla               You & Me Just Need To Be                  Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Dan Johnson               Troubador's Prayer                        CDTex              Americana
     Dan Layus                 Let Me Lose You                           Plated             Americana
     Dan Washburn              We Were Almost Love                       Northumberland     Indies/Extra's
     Dan Washburn              We Were Almost Love                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Danny Worsnop             Anyone But Me                             Earache            Light
     Dave Caley                If I Were A Carpenter                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     David Frizzell/Gene WatsonLong Black Veil                           Nashville America  Light
     David Lee                 John Wayne                                CDTex              Americana
     David Lee Jones           Brandy On My Mind                         LCE                Indies/Extra's
     David Starr               California Dreamin'                       SR                 Americana
     David Wood                We Can Make This A Better World           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     David Wood                Sense Of Humor                            DewNote            Light
     DeLon                     Raised Watchin' Football                  SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dennis Ledbetter          Open A Vein                               Saint And Sinner   Light;Top 100 Si...
     Dennis Ledbetter          My Life Is A Country Song                 Mallory            Power
     Denny Strickland          We Don't Sleep                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Derek Anthony             What's Love Supposed To                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Devin Dawson              All On Me                                 Atlantic           Light
     Dierks Bentley            Black                                     Capitol            Medium
     DK Davis                  Born To Be Blue                           Rt. 66             Power
     Don Allen                 How Can I Believe In You                  SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Donica Knight             Acting Like A Lady                        SR                 Light
     Doug Briney               Touch One Life                            PSM                Indies/Extra's
     Drake White               Makin' Me Look Good Again                 Dot                Indies/Extra's
     Drew Holcomb              Sometimes                                 Magnolia           Americana
     Dustin Lynch              Small Town Boy                            Broken Bow         Medium
     Dwight Yoakam             Sad Sad Music                             Sugar Hill         Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Earls Of Leicester        All I Want Is You                         Rounder            Americana
     Easton Corbin             A Girl Like You                           Mercury            Medium
     Eileen Carey              Good Bad Girl                             Rolley Coaster     Medium
     Eric Church               Round Here Buzz                           EMI                Medium
     Erik Stucky               If The Storm Never Ends                   ESM                Americana
     Evan Michaels             Bet On A Backroad                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Felix Trivere             Movie Night                               CDTex              Americana
     Felix Trivere             Middle Of The Bed                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ferlin Husky              It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'               Pretty World       Indies/Extra's
     Few Miles South           On Down The Road                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Florida Georgia Line      God Your Mama & Me                        BMLG               Light
     Frank Derek Douglas       Just Like That                            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Frank Derek Douglas       Last First Kiss                           LCE                Indies/Extra's
     Frank Smith               Picture Of My Love                        Smithville         Indies/Extra's
     Frankie Ballard           You'll Accomp'ny Me                       WB                 Indies/Extra's
     Front Country             Undone                                    Organic            Americana
     Garth Brooks              Ask Me How I Know                         Pearl              Light
     Gary Allan                Mess Me Up                                EMI                Medium
     George Strait             Kicked Out Of Country                     MCA                Power
     Gibson Brothers           My Quiet Mind                             Rounder            Americana
     Graham Nash               Myself At Last                            Blue Castle        Americana
     Granger Smith             If The Boot Fits                          Wheelhouse         Indies/Extra's
     Greg C. Morton            Don't Cry For Me                          Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Greg Hudek                Mama's Love                               Platinum           Indies/Extra's
     Hank Falcon               The Lone Rider                            TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Herrick                   Together                                  HMI                Americana
     Hicks                     Stomp A Little Louder                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Holly Norman              Moody Blue                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Holly Spears              Farm Girl                                 SR                 Medium
     J. Michael Laferty        Don't Come Around Much Anymore            Oasis              Americana
     Jackie Lee                Getting Over You                          BBR                Light
     Jacquie Appleberry        You Take Me For Granted                   Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Jaime Wyatt               Misery & Gin                              Forty Below        Americana
     Jake Owen                 Good Company                              RCA                Medium
     Jake Penrod               I'm Not There                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jake Penrod               Baby Steps                                SR                 Americana
     Jake Worthington          A Lot Of Room To Talk                     CDTex              Light
     James Robert Webb         Six Strings & The Truth                   Bison Creek        Americana
     James Talley              Tryin' Like The Devil                     Cimarron           Americana
     James Talley              She Tries Not To Cry                      Cimarron           Americana
     Jamie Kindleyside         Heaven Called                             JK                 Americana
     Jamie Lee Thurston        Givin' Up Breathin'                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jared Rogerson            Cowboy Singer Too                         Roughstock         Americana
     Jason Aldean              Any 'Ol Barstool                          Broken Bow         Medium
     Jason Aldean              They Don't Know                           BBR                Medium
     Jay Dirks                 Our Hearts Bleed Blue                     CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jeff Golden               My Mama' Song                             SR                 Medium
     Jerrod Niemann            God Made A Woman                          Curb               Power
     Jill Burke                I'm Only Singing Love Songs               Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Jill King                 Hurts Don't It                            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jim Lauderdale            Lonely Weekends                           Memphis InternationAmericana
     Jim Lauderdale            I'll Still Be Around                      Sky Crunch         Light
     Jim Mundy                 If She Calls                              Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Jim Sheldon               Old School                                PSM                Indies/Extra's
     Jimmy Windrow             Bigger Man's Shoes                        Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Joe Schmidt               Over Time                                 JSM                Indies/Extra's
     John Hord                 Blame It On The Whiskey                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     John McDonough            The Place Where I Belong                  SR                 Americana
     Johnny Bush               I'll Be There                             CDTex              Americana
     Johnny Orr                I Don't Speak Spanish                     J&J                Indies/Extra's
     Jon Pardi                 Heartache On The Dance Floor              Capitol            Light
     Jordan Davis              Single You Up                             MCA                Light
     Jordan Foster             Dancing In The Headlights                 Red 10             Light
     Jordan Mogey              Luke The Drifter                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jordi Baizan              Like The First Time                       JGB                Americana
     Josh Abbott Band          Amnesia                                   Reviver            Indies/Extra's
     Josh Turner               All About You                             MCA                Medium
     JP Vance                  This Is America                           615                Indies/Extra's
     Justin Moore              Somebody Else Will                        Valory             Medium
     Justin Townes Earle       What's She Crying For                     New West           Americana
     Justin Trevino            Sittin' & Thinkin'                        Heart Of Texas     Americana
     Justin West               Baby Lie                                  LCE                Indies/Extra's
     Kane Brown                What If's                                 RCA                Medium
     KasCie Page               No Sugar                                  Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Kat Taylor                Shame On You                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Keith Urban               The Fighter                               Capitol            Light
     Kelly & Ellis             Tennessee Whiskey                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Kelly Ray King            I Miss Kentucky                           TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Kelsea Ballerini          Yeah Boy                                  Black River        Indies/Extra's
     Kenneth Cole              God Answers Prayers                       PSM                Indies/Extra's
     Kenny Chesney             All The Pretty Girls                      Columbia           Light
     Kenny Chesney             Bar At Th End Of The World                Columbia           Light
     Kenny Davin Fine          Gotta Be Good                             Higher Ground      Americana
     Kerry Fearon              Storms Never Last                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Kevin Moon                Good Whiskey                              Cheaha             Light
     Kevin Rowe                Heaven Above                              Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Kim McAbee                Journey On                                Soigne             Power
     Kip Moore                 More Girls Like You                       MCA                Medium
     Kirby Sisco               American Warriors                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Kylie Frey                Too Bad                                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     La Rivercatz              Totally Totalled My Car                   SR                 Americana
     Lady Antebellum           You Look Good                             Capitol            Medium
     Lanco                     Greatest Love Story                       Arista             Light
     Launnie Ginn              Pride                                     TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Lauren Alaina             Doin' Fine                                Mercury            Light
     Lawrence Morrill Glass    Believe                                   LMG                Americana
     Lee Brice                 Boy                                       Curb               Power
     Lee Sims                  Summer/Fall                               LSM                Power
     Leslie Tom                Didn't Think Twice                        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Levi Blom                 Rivers & Roads                            Platinum Planet    Indies/Extra's
     Little Big Town           Better Man                                Capitol            Medium
     Little Big Town           Happy People                              Capitol            Medium
     Logan Robinson            Ain't Me & You                            SSM                Indies/Extra's
     Loving Mary Band          Knock Knock                               LMB                Americana
     Luke Bryan                Fast                                      Capitol            Medium
     Luke Combs                Hurricane                                 30 Tigers          Light
     Lynn Easterly/Brian HarbinIt Might Get Loud                         TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Macy Martin               Broke Down                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Madelyn Victoria          Hold On                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Madison Monroe            Fool's Gold                               CDTex              Americana
     Malpass Brothers          Caught In The Middle                      Memphis InternationAmericana
     Marcum Stewart            Jesus In The Headlights                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Marcum Stewart            As Long As You Love It                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Marcus Lindsey            One Less Fool In Amarillo                 CDTex              Power;Top 100 ...
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Maren Morris              I Could Use A Love Song                   Columbia           Power
     Maria Rose/Danny Elswick  On My Father's Side                       Mada               Indies/Extra's
     Mario Flores              Lonestar Heaven                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Mark Carman               Get Out Of The Boat                       Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Mark Earl                 Out Of Tune Guitars                       Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Market Junction           All I Really Need                         CDTex              Americana
     Mary Beth Cross           Long Long Time                            MBC                Americana
     Mary Lou Turner           Cry                                       Heart Of Texas     Americana
     Matt Gary                 Back                                      Westend            Light
     Matt Stillwell            Hey Dad                                   723                Power;Top 100 ...
     Matt Urmy                 Time Moves On                             Tritone            Americana
     Matt Woods                Fireflies                                 Lonely Ones        Americana
     Mavericks                 Brand New Day                             SR                 Medium
     Michael Christopher       DNA                                       SR                 Medium
     Michael Lusk              Below The Poverty Line                    Trip Junction      Light
     Michael Lusk              We're Gonna Find The Cure                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Michael Lynne             Missing You                               HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Martin Murphey    The End Of The Road                       Kunaki             Americana
     Michael Stosic            Walk The Walk                             SR                 Light
     Michael Stosic            I Believe                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Midland                   Drinkin' Problem                          Big Machine        Power
     Mike Carlisle             Alicia                                    Cricket Power      Recurrent CD's;I...
     Miles Pike                Don't Unpack Your Bags                    Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Miranda Lambert           Tin Man                                   RCA                Light
     Miss Sophie Lee           You And Me                                SR                 Americana
     MJ Bishop                 She's Gone                                SR                 Americana
     Mo Pitney                 Everywhere                                Curb               Power
     Modern Mal                You Don't Hear Me Crying                  Mal                Americana
     Molly Adele Brown         Chug                                      SSM                Indies/Extra's
     Mondo                     Time To Wine                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Moonshine Band            Grandpa's Farm                            LCE                Indies/Extra's
     Moore & Moore/Billy Yates Sand In Our Shoes                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Moore & Moore/Helen Corneliuse & Whine                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Moore & Moore/Marty Haggardollow The Star                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Morgan Alexander          Breaking My Heart                         Coast              Indies/Extra's
     Nancy Cassidy             You Know It Ain't True                    Twitter Twatter    Americana
     Nancy McCallion           When I Die                                NM                 Americana
     Nikki Lane                Jackpot                                   New West           Americana
     No Good Sister            Reckless                                  NGS                Americana
     Noel Flynn                Picture In A Frame                        HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Noel McKeary              One Way Train                             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Old Dominion              No Such Thing As A Broken Heart           RCA                Medium
     Osborne Brothers          It Ain't My Fault                         EMI                Medium
     Paco                      Captivated                                WHP                Light
     Parmalee                  Sunday Morning                            Stoney Creek       Light
     Pat Waters                Heart Broke                               CDTex              Light
     Perley Curtis             Too Many Honky Tonks                      Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Pete Schlegel             I Don't Drink Anymore                     SR                 Medium
     Peyton Parrish            Country Girl                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ponderosa Aces            Honky Tonkin' My Life Away                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Rachael Turner            Hurts Don't It                            Rustic             Power
     Raintown                  Writing On The Wall                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Randall Lee Richards      A Paradise Life                           SR                 Light
     Randy Barlow              When You Were In My Arms                  SR                 Light
     Randy Moore               Paw                                       Highway 59         Indies/Extra's
     Randy Thompson            Forever On My Mind                        RT                 Americana
     Rascal Flatts             Yours If You Want It                      Big Machine        Light
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Ray Davies                Americana                                 Legacy             Americana
     Ray Martin                The Miracle                               MTM                Light
     Ray Scott                 Livin' This Way                           Jethropolitan      Power
     Ray Stevens               Dear America                              Cabaray            Indies/Extra's
     Rayburn Anthony           No Painless Way                           SR                 Light
     Reba McEntire             Back To God                               Valory             Light
     Reed Brothers             The Creek                                 Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Reid Farris               Don't Want To Want You                    CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Rich Price                There's A Table                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Richard Lynch             Cut & Paste                               SR                 Medium
     Richard Lynch             We're American Proud                      SR                 Light
     Richard Lynch/Ronnie McDowelle Tattoo                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Richie Allbright          I Lived To Tell It All                    CDTex              Americana
     Rick Boyett               I Want To Feel You                        Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Rick Monroe               This Side Of You                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Rick Street               Waitin' For The Next Big Thing            Swinging Gypsies   Power
     Riders Ford               Me & Hank                                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     RJ Daniel                 98.6 Degrees And Falling                  Red Mesa           Indies/Extra's
     Robbie Robinson           This Is The Life                          Gim                Indies/Extra's
     Robby Johnson             Together                                  Contrast           Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ray                Dream Of You                              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ray                Can't Play Strait                         CDTex              Light
     Rodney Crowell            Forty Miles From Nowhere                  New West           Americana
     Romantica                 Lonely Star                               Last Chance        Americana
     Ron Christopher           Thank You Roy                             SR                 Americana
     Ron Emmet                 I'm Not Over Lovin' You                   Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Ron Sowell                I Thought His Name Was Coach              SR                 Light
     Ruby Lovett               Don't Settle For Less                     Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Rune Rudberg              What'll I Do                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ryan Hurd                 Love In A Bar                             RCA                Light
     Ryan Kinder               Close                                     WB                 Light
     SaintsEleven              The Same                                  mcCool             Americana
     Sam Hunt                  Body Like A Back Road                     MCA                Indies/Extra's
     Sammy Sadler              In America                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Sara Petite               It Was Just A Kiss                        Sweet P.           Americana
     Sara Watkins              The Truth Won't Set Us Free               New West           Americana
     Sarah Jarosz              Take Me Back                              Sugar Hill         Americana
     Sean McConnell            Holy Days                                 Rounder            Americana
     Sean O'Brien              Fall Of The Season                        Western Heart      Light
     Sean O'Brien              Mend It Or End It                         WHP                Americana
     Seth Ennis                Woke Up In Nashville                      Arista             Light
     Shane Owens               Chicken Truck                             Amerimonte         Indies/Extra's
     Shane Owens               All The Beer In Alabama                   Amerimonte         Indies/Extra's
     Shantell Ogden            Love Knew Better                          HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Shantell Ogden            Different Sides Of The Mississippi        HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Shari Rowe                Southern Spells                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Shasha McVeigh            When I'm Over You                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Shavonne Aliphon          All I've Got Is Yours                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Shawn Campbell            Think About You                           SR                 Light
     Shaye Zadravec            I'll Carry For You                        Trainwreck         Americana
     Shenandoah                Like Every Day's A Sunday                 Double E           Light
     Shoebox Letters           Alone Not Lonely                          SR                 Americana
     Shotgun Wedding           South Of Somewhere                        Swag               Indies/Extra's
     Simba Jordan              Those Goodbye Eyes                        Kinfolk            Indies/Extra's
     Slim Andrews              This Mirror And Me                        TSP                Americana
     Smith & Wesley            The Little Things                         Garage Door        Indies/Extra's
     Stephen Foster            Beautiful Dreams                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Steve Black               Drivin'                                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Steve Free                Part Of Me                                Free Star          Light
     Steve Young               Home For The Summer                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Steve Zuwala              Me Myself & I                             TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Steven Blane              Crying                                    SB                 Americana
     Steven Graves             Light Turns To Day                        SGM                Light
     String Cheese Incident    Down A River                              SciFidelity        Americana
     Surrender Hill            It Don't Feel Like Leaving                Blue Betty         Americana
     Susan Anderson Bell       When The Lights Are Low                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     T. Jae Christian          I Can't Give My Heart Again               Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Tanner Fenoglio           This Ain't The Movies                     CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     The Flying A's            The Other Side Of Lonely                  FLying A           Americana
     The Good Intentions       Hard Times Have Come Again                Drumfire           Americana
     The Murphys               The Empty Room                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     The Revelers              Lonely Women Make Good lovers             Revelers           Americana
     The Time Jumpers          My San Antonio Rose                       Rounder            Americana
     The Western Flyers        Heart Over Mind                           Versa Tone         Americana
     The Whiskey Gentry        Dead Ringer                               Pitch A Tent       Americana
     Thomas Rhett              Craving You                               Valory             Light
     Tim Hassler               Dirt Road                                 615                Americana
     Tim McGraw/Faith Hill     Speak To A Girl                           Arista             Light
     Tom Cunningham            Take Me Back                              Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Tom Cunningham            Don't Look Back                           Western Heart      Indies/Extra's
     Tommy Roe                 Just Your Kind Of Song                    SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Tony Jackson              The Grand Tour                            DDS                Indies/Extra's
     Tony Jackson              Nashville Cats                            DDS                Indies/Extra's
     Tony Stampley             Daily Bread                               Lit Path           Indies/Extra's
     Trace Adkins              Watered Down                              Wheelhouse         Medium
     Travis Linville           Two Times The Fool                        TLM                Americana
     Truckstop Honeymoon       L.P.                                      TH                 Americana
     Tyler Farr                I Should Go To Church Sometime            Columbia           Light
     Tyller Gummersall         I'm Not Dead                              SR                 Americana
     Wade Hayes                Go Live Your Life                         SR                 Power
     Warren H. Williams & Dani Younghips                                 HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Wayland Hicks             What Some Call A Weakness                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Wayne Toups               A Good One                                Malaco             Power;Top 100 ...
     Wesley Orbison            Spread Your Wings                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Wesley Orbison            Cryin' Shame                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Wheeler Bryson            Pour Me Out Of This Town                  Universal          Light
     Whitewater Band           You'll Never Win The World                TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Will Stark                And I Want To Be Gone                     IDT                Americana
     William Michael Morgan    Missing                                   WB                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Willie Carver             You Comb Her Hair                         SR                 Light
     Willie Nelson             He Won't Ever Be Gone                     SR                 Americana
     Zac Brown                 My Old Man                                Elektra            Medium
     Zephaniah Ohora           This Highway                              SR                 Americana
      Total: 388



















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