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Top 100 Songs of 2019

The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     3 Pairs Of Boots          He Lost My Number                         Dark Country Music Americana
     A Thousand Horses         Drinking Song                             Elektra            Light
     Adam Doleac               Famous                                    Arista             Medium
     Adam Hembreck             Forever Ain't Long Enough                 Capitol            Light
     Allen Osborne             Dancing In The Headlights                 Silver Buckle      Indies/Extra's
     Aly Cook                  Red Dirt Road Road Trip                   Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Alyson Greene             Picture On The Wall                       Silver Buckle      Indies/Extra's
     Amber Cole                I Love You I'm Leaving You                SR                 Americana
     Andrew Hopson             Stronger Than That                        Tower Rd           Indies/Extra's
     Andrew Hopson             Paint This Town Redneck                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Andy Renkow               Chasing The Sun                           Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Ann Kristin Dordal        He'll Be Leaving In The Morning           AK                 Indies/Extra's
     Annie Rost                Horseshoes & Hand Grenades                CDTex              Americana
     Arlene                    Apartment # 9                             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Arthur Stulien            Play It Again                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Ashley McBryde            Never Will                                Warner             Medium
     Austin Hopkins            Right Now                                 Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Baker Brothers            All I Need Is You                         Lamon              Light
     Barbara Fairchild         The Other Side Of That Hill               Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Barry L. White            Look At The Pictures                      Sqaure 1           Medium
     Ben Wasson                Footsteps Thru My Mind                    Caper              Indies/Extra's
     Beth Bombara              I Only Cry When I'm Alone                 SR                 Americana
     Beth Noble                Out Of The Blue                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Big Riggs Band            She's A Small Town                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Bill Abernathy            Changes                                   Ennegram           Americana
     Bill Miles Band           The Bottom                                Tidewater          Medium
     Billy Currington          Details                                   Mercury            Light
     Blake Shelton             Nobody But You                            WB                 Medium
     Blane Howard              Promise To Love Her                       SR                 Americana
     Bobby Bare                Time                                      BFD                Americana
     Bobby Bare                Snowflakes In The Wind                    SR                 Medium
     Bobby Bare                Someone To Talk To                        BFD                Americana
     Bobby McClendon           Maybe Tonight                             Star Farm          Indies/Extra's
     Brad Paisley              No. 1 In Beer                             Arista             Light
     Brad Paisley              Alive Right Now                           Arista             Medium
     Bradley & Adair           Apartment # 9                             Pinecastle         Americana
     Brandon Lay               For My Money                              EMI                Medium
     Brandy Clark              Bigger Boat                               WB                 Americana
     Brantley Gilbert          Fire't Up                                 Valory             Light
     Brendan Dugan             Honky Tonk Heroes                         Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Brent Cobb                The World Is Ending                       Nettwerk           Light
     Brett Eldredge            Gabrielle                                 Waner              Americana
     Brett Young               Lady                                      BMLG               Light
     Brothers Osborne          All Night                                 EMI                Light
     Brushfire Stankgrass      Two Hearts                                SR                 Americana
     Bryan Haraway             Rise & Shine                              Paint The Criminal Americana
     Bryce Dicus               Left Mee Behind                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Burnett Sisters Band      My Kind Of Woman                          Bee Hive           Americana
     Buzz Cason                Let Me Be                                 Arena              Americana
     Byron Hill                Guarded Heart                             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Byron Hill                Could Have Stayed                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Cade Foehner              Baby Let's Do This                        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Caleb Caudle              NYC in The Rain                           Cornelius Chapel   Americana
     Canaan Smith              Colder Than You                           RoundHere          Medium
     Carissa Biele             Strong Like The Whiskey                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Carter & Carter           Stand Tall                                HotDisc            Americana
     Carvin Wallis             Sometimes I Lie                           CWM                Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Casey Baker               We Don't Care                             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Casi Joy                  Single Key                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Catherine Altomare        Fields of Gold                            SR                 Light
     Caylee Hammack            Small Town Hypocrite                      Capitol            Light
     Chakra Bleu               Trick And Treats                          SR                 Americana
     Chase Rice                Lonely If You Are                         BBR                Light
     Chase Rice                Down Home Runs Deep                       BBR                Medium
     Cheryl Cawood             Fool's Moon                               CCM                Americana
     Cheryl K. Warner          Nashville                                 CKW                Light
     Chloe Collins             Didn't Want You                           Collins House      Power;Top 100 ...
     Chris Bellamy             To Always Be Like This                    SR                 Medium
     Chris Golden              Thank You Lord For This Day               Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Chris Janson              Done                                      WB                 Medium
     Chris Lane                Big Big Plans`                            Big Loud           Indies/Extra's
     Christine Van Hoy         Everyday Hero                             Big 7              Medium;Top 10...
     Chuck Hancock             Rosie                                     Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Chuck Mead                I'm Not The Man For The Job               Plowboy            Americana
     CJ Solar                  Watered Down Whiskey                      SR                 Power
     Clayton Smalley           Happy Place                               Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Clint Black               This Old House                            Blacktop           Medium
     Coco  O'Connor            When I Was Your World                     Bonfire            Indies/Extra's
     Cody Jenks                Same Kind Of Crazy Like Me                Late August        Americana
     Cody Purvis               Drinkin' Terms                            EWC                Indies/Extra's
     Conner Sweet              Times Like These                          Given              Indies/Extra's
     Cooper Alan               15 to 12                                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Cooper Wade               You Gotta Swim                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Craig Morgan              Going Out Like This                       BBR                Medium
     Craig Morgan              The Father My Son & The Holy Ghost        BBR                Power;Top 100 ...
     Crandall Creek            Drivin' Me Insane                         Bell Buckle        Americana
     Cumberland River Project  Rock On The Road                          Dr. Music          Americana
     Curtis Grimes             Little Bit                                CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Curtis Lee Putman         Tall in The Saddle                        SSM                Light
     Dallas Burrow             It's About Time                           Subliminal Hymnal  Americana
     Dan Whitaker              Don't Blame Me                            SR                 Americana
     Danny Kensy               Neon Glow                                 RAD                Indies/Extra's
     Danny Ray Harris          Watching You Be You                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Darlinghurst              Picture Frame                             Helium             Americana
     Darrell Goldman           Missing You                               CDTex              Americana
     Darrell Scott             Lost Highway                              Soundly            Americana
     Darren Morris             Country To The Bone                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Daryl Mosley              A Few Years Ago                           Pinecastle         Americana
     Dave Caley                Boogie Grass Band                         SR                 Light
     Dave Caley                20 Years Ago                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Caley                Livin' It Up Backstage                    SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Sheriff              Hearts And Flowers                        HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     David Allen Cranfill      Real Girls                                DE                 Indies/Extra's
     David Gelman              Far Away                                  Incremental        Americana
     David Haerle              The Free Show                             CMH                Americana
     David Martin Moore        By The Beams                              SofaBurn           Americana
     David Vaters              That Was Then                             V Group            Americana
     Dawn Anita                My Oklahoma Cowboy                        TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Dean Miller               1965                                      Eupea              Power
     Della Mae                 The Long Game                             Rounder            Americana
     Dennis Ledbetter          Face Down In The Mud                      Saint & Sinner     Medium
     Derryl Perry              A Little Less Alone                       CDTex              Light
     Dick Lemasters            All Living Things                         DLMM               Americana
     Dixie Chicks              Gaslighter                                Columbia           Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     DK Davis                  Waitin On The Weekend                     Rt. 66             Power
     Doc Holiday/Becky Hobbs   Don't Cry For Me                          Mega Int'l         Indies/Extra's
     DocFell & Co              Fragile                                   CDTex              Americana
     Don Amero                 Wouldn't Be Home                          MDM                Indies/Extra's
     Don Mealer                Texas Style                               Catdaddy           Americana
     Don Williams              I'm The One Who's Supposed To Say Goodbye HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Donice Morace             Through The Jukebox                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Donna Beckham             In The Meantime                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Donny Richmond            Statue Of A Fool                          TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Donny Richmond            I Believe                                 HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Doug Hamilton             I'm Thinking                              SR                 Medium
     Doug Hamilton             Canadian Soldier                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Drew Baldridge            Senior Year                               Patoka             Indies/Extra's
     Drew Baldridge            Middle Of Nowhere Kids                    Cold River         Light
     Dustin Lynch              Momma's House                             BBR                Light
     Dylan Scott               Nobody                                    Curb               Light
     Eddie Montgomey           Crazies Welcome                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Eileen Carey              Finally                                   RolleyCstr         Medium;Top 10...
     Eleven Hundred Springs    This Morning It Was Too Late              State Fair         Medium
     Eric Chesser              Date Night                                Big Big            Light
     Ernie Hendrickson         Something In The Water                    LoHi               Americana
     Felix Truvere             Learn To Be                               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Florida Georgia Line      I Love My Country                         BMLG               Light
     Fred Spencer              In Times Like These                       Nashtown           Indies/Extra's
     Fretland                  Long Haul Driver                          Tone Till          Indies/Extra's
     Gabby Barrett             I Hope                                    WB                 Light
     Garrett Ford              Repaint These Walls                       CDTex              Americana
     Gary Buck III             Like That                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Gene Reasoner             Til The Rivers All Run Dry                Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Gene Watson               Fit For A King                            Canyon Creek       Light
     Genevieve Allen           Boothill                                  CDTex              Americana
     George Navarro            When She's Drinkin'                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     George Strait             The Weight Of The Badge                   MCA                Power;Top 100 ...
     Gerry & Pacemakers        You'll Never Walk Alone                   PLG                Power
     Gordon Lightfoot          It's So Sweet                             SR                 Americana
     Grady Shawver             Out Of The Blue                           SR                 Americana
     Granger Smith             That's Why I Love Dirt Roads              Wheelhouse         Medium
     Grayson                   Beermuda Triangle                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Greg Day                  God Did It                                Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Hawthorns                 Broken Wings                              Forty Below        Americana
     Heather Smith             Case #87-13-10                            HSM                Power
     Heather Smith             Thats What I Was Thinking                 HSM                Indies/Extra's
     Henrietta Swan            Get Together                              SR                 Americana
     High Country              Grrew Up On That                          WB                 Medium
     Hill Country              Dixie Darlin'                             CDTex              Americana
     Hill Country Revival      Whiskey Runnin'                           CDTex              Americana
     Hillbilly Rock Starz      Feels Like Home                           SSM                Light
     Holdyn Barder             Like You Do                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Honkytonk Special         Home To Texas                             CDTex              Americana
     Hootie & Blowfish         Hold On                                   Capitol            Light
     Hot Country Knights       Pick Her Up                               Capitol            Medium
     I See Hawks in L.A.       Blue Heaven                               Western Seeds      Americana
     Indigo Girls              Look Long                                 Rounder            Americana
     Ingrid Andress            More Hearts Than Mine                     Atlantic           Light
     Ingrid Andress            The Stranger                              WB                 Light
     Irene Kelley              Anything To Help You Say Goodbye          Mountain Fever     Americana
     Irlene Mandrell           If This Turns In To Love                  SR                 Indies/Extra's
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     J. Gary Smith             We Had Love                               SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jack Blanchard/Misty Morganennessee Bird Walk (2020)                Velvet Saw         Indies/Extra's
     Jack Gafford              WhatI Did Today                           Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Jackson Browne            A Little Soon To Say                      ADA                Americana
     Jackson Michelson         One Day                                   Curb               Light
     Jackson Michelson         Stay Over                                 Curb               Indies/Extra's
     Jackson Rohan             Furlough                                  Grassroots         Light
     Jacob Melton              90 Proof & Smooth                         Chroma             Indies/Extra's
     Jake Blocker              Just Between You & Me                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jake Owen                 Made For You                              Big Loud           Medium
     James LeBlanc             Goodbyes                                  Winchester         Americana
     James Marvell             Virginia                                  Colt               Indies/Extra's
     James Robert Webb         Think About It                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     James Robert Webb         Tulsa Time                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jameson Rodgers           Some Girls                                Columbia           Light
     Jamie Wyatt               By Your Side                              SR                 Americana
     Jasmine Sean McDonald     One Black Rose                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Jason Aldean              Got What I Got                            BBR                Light
     Jason Allen               When Prayers Go Up                        Agape              Indies/Extra's
     Jason James               Seems Like Tears Ago                      Melodyville        Light
     Jeff Bates                If I Get Drunk Tonight                    Skydancer          Light
     Jeff Clayburn             Acres Of Sunshine                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jeff Dugan                That  'Ol Truck                           CDTex              Light
     Jennifer Belle            Ex                                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jeremy Dean               Drive Away Memories                       733944 Records     Indies/Extra's
     Jeremy Studdard           Your Heart Or Mine                        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jess Moskaluke            Halway Home                               MDM                Indies/Extra's
     Jim Chesnut               I Just Can't Get Enough of You            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jim H. Jacobs             The Road                                  Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Jim Patton & Sherry BrokusI'm Not Singin'                           Berkalin           Americana
     Jimmie Allen/Noah Cyrus   This Is Us                                Stoney Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Jimmy Bowen               Second Hand Smoke                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jimmy Buffett             Down At The La De Dah                     CGE                Americana
     JK Coltrain               West Virginia                             Colt               Indies/Extra's
     Jodi Vaughn               It's Not Always Love                      Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Jody Medford              Moonshine                                 HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Joe Hanson                Part Of Me                                JHM                Light
     John Anderson             Years                                     Easy Eye           Medium
     John Arthur Martinez      Old Songs                                 CDTex              Medium;Top 10...
     John Baumann              Next Ride Around The Sun                  Next Waltz         Americana
     John Conlee               Jesus Take A Hold                         Rose Colored GlasseLight
     John Maines Jr.           Social Pages                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     John Mayer                I Guess I Just Feel Like                  Columbia           Americana
     John Schneider            Stoned On The One                         Maven              Indies/Extra's
     Jon Langston              Now You Know                              EMI                Light
     Jon Pardi                 Ain't Always The Cowboy                   Capitol            Power
     Jon Spear                 Dusty Streets                             SR                 Americana
     Jonathan Len              I Want My Country Back                    SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jonathan Soucy            Wild Card                                 Soulymusic         Americana
     Jonell Mosser             One Thing I Know About Love               Siren              Americana
     Jordan Davis              Almost Maybes                             MCA                Light
     Jordan Mogey              I Watched The World Walk Away             HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Josh Vincent              So Much Junk                              CDTex              Americana
     JR Herrera                The Next Big Show                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Juan N Joey               Paperheart                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Julian Taylor             The Ridge                                 Howling Turtle     Americana
     Kacey Musgraves           Rainbow                                   Mercury            Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Kaitlyn Kohler            Missing You Like This                     CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kaleb McIntire            Stilll Some Kinda Crazy                   CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kane Brown                Cool Again                                RCA                Indies/Extra's
     Keith Urban               God Whispered Your Name                   Capitol            Light
     Kel-Anne Brandt           Let The Music Give You Wings              Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Kelsea Ballerini          The Other Girl                            Black River        Light
     Kelsi Mayne               As I Go                                   KMM                Indies/Extra's
     Ken Hamilton              Finally Made it Home                      CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kenni Dale Lord           A New Me                                  CDTex              Americana
     Kenny Chesney             Here And Now                              WB                 Light
     Kenny Rogers              Goodbye                                   Capitol            Power
     Kent Finlay               I've Written Some Life                    SR                 Americana
     Kimberly Dunn             Distance Between                          KDM                Indies/Extra's
     Kitchen Dwellers          Shadows                                   Mighty Fine        Americana
     Kristi Miller             I Do That All The Time                    Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Kylie Adams-Collier       Best Friends                              Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Kylie Frey                Spur Of The Moment                        Deep Frey'd        Americana
     Kylie Trout               Just You And I                            SR                 Medium
     L A Thompson              Remixed                                   Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Lady Antebellum           What  I'm Leagving For                    BMLG               Power
     Lady Antebellum           Champaign Night                           BMLG               Light
     Lainey Wilson             Dirty  Looks                              BBR                Light
     Laini Risto               Nature Boy                                SR                 Medium
     Laini Risto               The Dance                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Laini Risto               Angel In The Dark                         SR                 Power
     Lance Birrell             I Believe In Beer                         Key 2              Indies/Extra's
     Lanco                     What I See                                Arista             Light
     Leann Rimes/Bon Jovi      Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Lee Brice                 One Of Them Girls                         Curb               Medium
     Lee Sims                  Big Blue Moon                             SR                 Power
     Left Arm Tan              Pawn Shop Heart                           SR                 Americana
     Lena Paige                You Ain't No Match                        LP                 Medium
     Les Hatley                Say You Will                              Soul Stew          Americana
     Levi Riggs                Cash Black                                Windridge          Indies/Extra's
     Lindsay Ell               I Don't Love You                          Stoney Creek       Power
     Lindsay Waddington        Dingo                                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Little Big Town           Wine, Beer, Whiskey                       Capitol            Light
     Logan Ledger              Tell Me A Lie                             Rounder            Americana
     Logan Mize                Hometown                                  Yellow Dog         Indies/Extra's
     Luke Bryan                One Margarita                             Capitol            Medium
     Luke Combs                Six Feet Apart                            Columbia           Medium
     Luke Combs                Does To Me                                Columbia           Power
     Lyman Ellerman            World Of Song                             SR                 Americana
     Mandy Barnett             The End Of The World                      HotDisc            Medium
     Maren Morris              The Bones                                 Columbia           Light
     Maren Morris              To Hell & Back                            Columbia           Light
     Mark Chesnutt             I Found Another You                       Nada Dinero        Light
     Mark Erelli               Lost In Translation                       Soundly            Americana
     Mark Powell               Breaking Things                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Mark Rogers               Right Here                                MRM                Indies/Extra's
     Marsha Sue Mitchell       The Drifter's Song                        TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Marshall Chapman          Turn The Page                             Tall Girl          Americana
     Marty Rhone               Jealous Of The Sky                        Octavocal          Indies/Extra's
     Marty Rivers              February of '59                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Matrassa Lynn             Thr Cowgirl Rides                         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Matt Mercado              A Cowboy Like Me                          CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Matt Stell                Everywhere But On                         Arista             Light
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Matt Williams             Used                                      DJ                 Indies/Extra's
     Mavericks                 Swingin'                                  30 Tigers          Americana
     Max Flinn                 God's Been Laughin' At Me                 CDTex              Americana
     Michael Johnathon         The Coin                                  Poet Man           Light
     Michael Knight            Bible On My Dash                          Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Michael Lee               Keep On Livin'                            Private Label      Light
     Michael McMillan          We Don't Listen                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Petersen          A Boy Named Sue                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michaela Anne             Good Times                                Yep Roc            Americana
     Michelle Russell          One Man Party                             Key2               Indies/Extra's
     Mickey Lamantia           All By My Lonesome                        MLM                Indies/Extra's
     Micky And The Motorcars   Road To You                               30 Tigers          Americana
     Midland                   Cheatin' Songs                            Big Machine        Power
     Mikayla Lane              Diamonds                                  MLM                Indies/Extra's
     Mike Carlisle             Alicia                                    Cricket Power      Recurrent CD's;I...
     Miles Williams            Material Things                           CDTex              Americana
     Mira Goto                 Nobody Warned Me                          Copperline         Indies/Extra's
     Miranda Lambert           Bluebird                                  RCA                Medium
     Miss Ness                 These Blues                               Rights             Americana
     Mitchell Tenpenny         Anything She Says                         Columbia           Light
     Morgan Evans              Diamonds                                  WB                 Medium
     Nathaniel Rateliff        Time Stands                               Concord            Americana
     Ned Ledoux                Dance With Your Spurs On                  30 Tigers          Americana
     Neil Young                Try                                       Reprise            Americana
     Nick Hedden               Wish You Could Be My Girl                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Nick Hedden               All I See Is You                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Nick Lowe                 Lay It On Me Baby                         30 Tigers          Americana
     Niko Moon                 Good Time                                 RCA                Power
     Nora Jane Struthers       A Good Thing                              Blue Pig           Americana
     Old Dominion              Some People Do                            RCA                Power
     Pam Tillis                Looking For A Feeling                     Stellar Cat        Americana
     Parker McCollum           Pretty Heart                              MCA                Light
     Parmalee                  Be Alright                                Stoney Creek       Light
     Parmalee                  Just The Way                              Stoney Creek       Light
     Paul Burch                Joe Must Love Someone                     Plowboy            Americana
     Payton Smith              Like I Knew You Would                     Big Machine        Light
     Pink                      Love Me Anyway                            RCA                Light
     Pint & A Half             Low Pass                                  Howlin Dog         Americana
     Popoff Brothers           Sons & Daughters Of Summer                Dirty Martini      Americana
     Proud Country             I Just Need To Hold You Tonight           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Quebe Sisters             The Waltz You Saved For Me                SR                 Americana
     Rachel Reinert            Secret                                    Green Iris         Americana
     Radio Gunners             Talk ToMe With Your Eyes                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Randy Beal                Old Scar                                  CDTex              Americana
     Randy Moore               Broken                                    Highway 59         Indies/Extra's
     Randy Rogers/Wade Bowen   Rodeo Clown                               Lil Buddy          Medium
     Raven And Red             Another Empty Bottle                      SR                 Americana
     Ray Martin                The Miracle                               MTM                Light
     Reagan Hudson             Sober This Morning                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Rebel Hearts              When Will I Be Loved                      SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Red Jenkins/Amber Rigby   A Violin That has Never Been Played       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Renele                    Someone Else Is Gonna Love You            Meg                Medium
     Richard Hall              1968                                      SR                 Power;Recurren...
     Richard Lynch             Starting Now                              SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Richard Lynch             Back In 1953                              TwangTown          Medium
     Richie Allbright          Reefer Road                               CDTex              Americana
     Rick Street               Carved In Stone                           SR                 Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Rick Trevino              Cinco de Mayo                             Campo Negro        Light
     Riley Green               I Wish Grandpa's Never Die                Big Machine        Power;Top 100 ...
     Rivershine                Like That                                 SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Robert Ray                Think About You                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ray                I Found You                               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Ron Pope                  Practice What I Preach                    Brooklyn Basement  Americana
     Ronnie McDowell           Country Heaven                            SR                 Light
     Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic ... Radio                          Monument           Light
     Runnin' Shine             The Way You Need Me                       Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Russell Boyd              Wash It All Away                          CDTex              Americana
     Russell Dickerson         Love You Like I Used To                   Triple Tigers      Light
     Rusty Gear                Won't Forget                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ry Cavanaugh              Carillon                                  Two Roads          Americana
     Ryan Broshear             Mama Should Have Named You Moonshine      Painted Horse      Indies/Extra's
     Ryan Hurd                 Every Other Memory                        RCA                Power
     Ryan Montgomery           Mexico Memories                           RMM                Light
     SaintsEleven              Love In Hell                              CDTex              Americana
     Sam Hunt                  Hard To Forget                            MCA                Light
     Sam Hunt                  Kinfolks                                  MCA                Indies/Extra's
     Sam Shupak                Her Own Kind Of Beautiful                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Sami Jo                   Two Thruths And A Lie                     Cyber              Indies/Extra's
     Sammy Kershaw             My Friend Fred                            Big Hit            Power
     Scotty Alexander          Go Away                                   CDTex              Americana
     Scotty Alexander          Damn You Whiskey                          CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Seth Ward                 Loving Alone                              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Shane Owens               Love Me To Death                          Amerimonte         Medium
     Shantel Adams             In My Bible                               HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Shantell Ogden            The Heart That Breaks Me                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Shawn Campbell            Can't Be Wrong                            Chance             Indies/Extra's
     Shoebox Letters           Please You                                SR                 Medium
     Sofia Talvik              Broken                                    SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Sonny Morgan              Spend It With You                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Sonny Morgan              It's A Beautiful World                    SR                 Americana
     Sonny Morgan              Hopelessly Blue                           CDTex              Light
     Stan Martin               Running Away                              SR                 Americana
     Stan Martin               What Made You Think                       SR                 Americana
     Steel Blossoms            You're The Reason I Drink                 Billy Jam          Americana
     Steeldrivers              When A Heart Breaks                       Rounder            Americana
     Steve Forbert             Early Morning Rain                        Blue Rose          Americana
     Steve Helms               Friday Night Fever                        CDTex              Americana
     Steve Helms               Imperfection                              CDTex              Americana
     Steve Roberson            Between Those 2 Doors                     SRM                Medium
     Stoney LaRue              Message In A Bottle                       CDTex              Americana
     Stu Stevens               Call My Name                              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Stu Stevens               If You Caan Touch her At All              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Sundance Head             Not Give A Damn                           CDTex              Light
     Sunny Sweeney             Poet's Prayer                             30 Tigers          Americana
     Tara Shannon              Freedom                                   Grassroots         Indies/Extra's
     Teddy Robb                Really Shouldn't Drink Around You         Monument           Light
     Teddy Thompson            Heartbreaker Please                       30 Tigers          Americana
     Tedeschi Trucks Band      Strengthen What Remains                   Fantasy            Americana
     Tenille Arts              Somebody Like That                        Reviver            Light
     The Buckleys              Breathe                                   UME                Americana
     The Flames                Night Call                                MPM                Americana
     The Golden Roses          Smell The Roses                           GRM                Americana
     The Mastersons            Eyes Wide Open                            Red House          Americana
     The Panhandlers           This Is My Life                           SR                 Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     The Reed Brothers         I Turn To You                             Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     The Sweeplings            Running                                   Nettwerk           Americana
     Thomas Michael Riley      Carryin' A Cross                          Agape              Indies/Extra's
     Thomas Rhett              Be A Light                                Valory             Light
     Thomas Rhett              Beer Can't Fix                            Big Machine        Medium
     Tim McGraw                I Called Mama                             Big Machine        Medium
     TJ Hernandez              Destination Unknown                       SR                 Medium
     Toby Keith                What's Up Cuz                             Show Dog           Light
     Todd Fritsch              First Date (For The Last Time)            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tony Clarke               Fight This Friday Night                   HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tracy Lawrence            When The Cowboy's Gone                    LMG                Medium
     Travis Denning            Beer's Better Cold                        Mercury            Light
     Travis Denning            After A Few                               Mercury            Power
     Tucker Beathard           You Would Think                           WB                 Light
     Twangtown Paramours       The Two Of Us                             SR                 Americana
     Tyler Childers            All Your'n                                RCA                Americana
     Tyler Farr                Only Truck In Town                        BBR                Light
     Tyler Ramsey              Breaking A Heart                          Fantasy            Americana
     Tyller Gummersall         You Pay For It                            TM                 Americana
     Tyller Gummersall         Love Me When I'm Down                     SR                 Americana
     Vanessa Lavoie            Worth A Shot                              SR                 Americana
     Venice                    Stepping On That Bridge                   Notorious          Americana
     Victoria Shaw             There's A Song In There Somewhere         HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Von Kiss                  Struggle                                  SR                 Americana
     Walker Hayes              Trash Mt Heart                            Monument           Indies/Extra's
     Wendy Martin              Eyes Of The Children                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Wendy Moten               Walk Thru This World With Me              HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Western Centuries         The Sentinel                              Free Dirt          Americana
     White Owl Red             Breaking Away                             All Righrt         Americana
     Wild Rabbit Salad         Lying                                     REGI               Americana
     Will Carter               You Feel Like Home                        CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Willie Nelson             Nobody's Listening                        Legacy             Americana
     Willie Nelson             I'll Break Out Again Tonight              Legacy             Americana
     Wyatt Massingille         No Jones On The Jukebox                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Xavier Joseph             Never Been To Texas                       CDTex              Americana
     Zac Brown                 Leaving Love Behind                       Wheelhouse         Medium
     Zach Blair                Candle To You                             ZBM                Indies/Extra's
      Total: 436

































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