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Top 100 Songs of 2018

The CountryBear has now changed it's weekly Spin report to make it more user friendly. The week's report is now sorted by artist's name followed by the song title, label and Spin Category.

Here is the Spin legend:

Power -----32 Spins

Medium----- 22 Spins

Light-----16 Spins

Indie/Extra----7 Spins

Americana-----7 Spins

     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Aaron Watson              Run Wild Horses                           Big                Power;Top 100 ...
     Aaron Williams            If I Can Stand                            SR                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Abby Anderson             Make Him Wait                             Black River        Medium;Top 10...
     Adam Hambrick             Rockin' All Night Long                    Capitol            Light
     Amanda Anne Platt         The Things We Call Home                   Organic            Americana
     Amanda Pruitt             I Can't Love You                          Melody Roundup     Americana
     Amilia K. Spicer          Fill Me Up                                Free Range         Americana
     Amilia K. Spicer          Wild Horses                               Don't Fence Me In  Americana
     Amy Jack                  Gotta Life To Catch                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Andrew Carter             The Weekend                               Dog Song           Medium;Top 10...
     Artia Tobia               Phonenix                                  SR                 Americana
     Ashley McBryde            Radioland                                 Atlantic           Light
     Baker Brothers            What You Don't Know                       Lamon              Light;Top 100 Si...
     Baker Brothers            Hold On                                   Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Baker Brothers            All I Need Is You                         Lamon              Light
     Barbara Fairchild         Family Ties                               Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Beau Byrd                 Right Back Home                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Beau Byrd                 Wanted Man                                HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Ben Danaher               Silver Screen                             SR                 Americana
     Big & Rich                Brand New Buzz                            New Revolution     Light
     Bill Hearne               Too Much Love Is Spoiling You             Howlin Dog         Americana
     Billy & Buzz              Look At Me                                Arena              Americana
     Billy Currington          Bring It On Over                          Mercury            Light;Top 100 Si...
     Bindley Hardware Company  The Good Ones                             BHC                Americana
     Bob Mauldin               Van Zandt County Line                     CDTex              Americana
     Bobby Bare                I Drink                                   Hypermedia         Medium;Top 10...
     Bobby G. Rice             A Place In Your Heart                     Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Bobby Mackey              I'll Go Down Swingin'                     Star One           Indies/Extra's
     Bobby Mackey              Drinkin' My Coffee Black                  Star1              Light;Top 100 Si...
     Bobby Shelton             GoodbyeTime                               SR                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Bobby Shelton             Fore Time Lays Me Down                    SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Bobby Sweet               Beneath The Sky                           Blue River         Americana
     Bobby Wills               Show Some Respect                         On Ramp            Power;Top 100 ...
     Brad Howard               Freedom                                   TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Brad Paisley              Bucked Off                                Arista             Light
     Brandi Carlile            The Joke                                  WB                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Brandon Michael           Train Wreck                               TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Brandon Rickman           One Step Two Step                         Voxhall            Americana
     Brantley Gilbert/Lindsay Ellat Happens In A Small Town              Valory             Light
     Brett Eldredge            Love Someone                              Atlantic           Light;Top 100 Si...
     Brian Collins             Nickel's Worth Of Heaven (2018)           CDTex              Power;Top 100 ...
     Brian Grilli              California                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Brian Wayne               Simplify                                  Rescued            Indies/Extra's
     Brothers Osborne          I Don't Remember Me                       EMI                Medium;Top 10...
     Bryce Dicus               Gyspy Soul                                SR                 Americana
     Buffalo Gospel            High Time To Hang Fire                    SR                 Americana
     Butch Castetter           Tiki Mama                                 Blue River         Americana
     Calamity Janes            Light It Up                               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Caleb Caudle              NYC in The Rain                           Cornelius Chapel   Americana
     Caleb Paul                These Tires Roll                          SSM                Light;Top 100 Si...
     Cameron Malloy            Blue Heart At Midnight                    TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Carly Pearce              Closer To You                             Big Machine        Medium;Top 10...
     Carrie Underwood          Love Wins                                 Capitol            Medium;Top 10...
     Carrington MacDuffie      Blue Moon                                 Indie Extreme      Americana
     Cassidy Huckabay          Things Left Undone                        Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Chase Rice                Eyes On You                               BBR                Light
     Chip Taylor               Little Bit Of Love                        Train Wreck        Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Chloe Collins             Downpour                                  SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Chloe Collins             When I Saw You Tonight                    Collins House      Medium
     Chris Bellamy             80 Degree Christmas                       SR                 Light
     Chris Britt/Kenny Cooper  Christmas Angel                           SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Chris Hillman             Walk Right Back                           Rounder            Americana
     Chris Janson              Drunk Girl                                Capitol            Medium;Top 10...
     Chris Young               Hangin' On                                RCA                Light;Top 100 Si...
     Christine Rosander        That's How The Story Goes                 Devcal             Americana
     Christine Van Hoy         Everyday Hero                             Big 7              Medium;Top 10...
     Christy Hays              Those Who Wait                            NMR                Americana
     Chuck Berry               Big Boys                                  Dualtone           Americana
     Chuck Brodsky             Stand Up Guy                              SR                 Americana
     Chuck Day                 He No Longer Signs My Paycheck            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Chuck Hancock             I'd Settle For A Dirt Road                Gospel Jukebox     Indies/Extra's
     CJ Solar                  American Girls                            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     CJ Teffner                Please Forgive Me                         SR                 Americana
     Clay Parker/Jodi James    Every New Sky                             EWM                Americana
     Coco  O'Connor            This Ol ' War                             SR                 Americana
     Cody Jinks                Must Be The Whisky                        Rounder            Medium;Top 10...
     Cody Johnson              On My Way To You                          Cojo               Medium;Top 10...
     Cole Swindell             Break Up In The End                       WB                 Medium;Top 10...
     Cole Swindell             Love You Too Late                         WB                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Cooper Wade               High Time                                 CDTex              Americana
     Craig Cummings            The Last 20 Years                         Azalea City        Americana
     Craig Marshall            Before The Days Have Gone                 Big Ticket         Americana
     Curtis McPeake/Andy May   The Good Things                           Swift River        Americana
     Daisy Shipley             We're Not Together Anymore                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dale Watson               Dumb Song                                 Red House          Americana
     Dallas Moore              Home Is Where The Highway Is              SOL                Americana
     Dan + Shay                Speechless                                WB                 Medium;Top 10...
     Dan Johnson               Bloom                                     State Fair         Indies/Extra's
     Dan Whitaker              Deeper In Your Love                       SR                 Americana
     Daniel Smith              This Side Of The Dirt                     DLS                Americana
     Danielle Bradbery/Thomas Rhettbye Summer                            Valory             Medium
     Darius Rucker             Straight To Hell                          Capitol            Medium;Top 10...
     Darrin Morris             Never Knew Texas                          CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Daryle Singletary         Call Colorado                             SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Dave & Kara               Tell Me Boy                               SR                 Americana
     Dave Caley                If I Were A Carpenter                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Caley                You Were Mine                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Dave Caley                Stand By Me                               SR                 Medium
     Dave Sheriff              I Couldnt Find The Words                  HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     David Haerle              Finding Natalie                           CMH                Americana
     David Lee                 John Wayne                                CDTex              Americana
     David Lee Murphy          I Won't Be Sorry                          Reviver            Light
     David Massey              Just Remain                               Poetic Debris      Americana
     David Starr               Nothing Short                             Cedaredge          Americana
     Day Drunk                 Morgan Evans                              WB                 Light
     Dean Gitter               I Ride An Old Paint                       SR                 Americana
     Debbie Anthony            Faithful                                  SSM                Medium;Top 10...
     Dennis Ledbetter          It Might Be The Whiskey                   Saint & Sinner     Power;Top 100 ...
     Dennis Thompson           Old Time Religion                         Gospel Jukebox     Indies/Extra's
     Denny Strickland          Don't You Wanna                           HotDisc            Light
     Derek Hoke                Love Don't Live Around Here               Little Hollywood   Americana
     Derryl Perry              No Country For A Broken Heart             CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Devin Dawson              Asking For A Friend                       Atlantic           Power;Top 100 ...
     Devin Dawson              Dark Horse                                Atlantic           Power
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Diana Hope                Here I Am                                 Danal              Indies/Extra's
     Dierks Bentley            Burning Man                               Atlantic           Medium;Top 10...
     Diff & Dudley             Could We Fall In Love Again               TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Dillon Carmichael         Dancing Away With My Heart                Roser House        Americana
     DK Davis                  Love Me Again                             Rt. 66             Power;Top 100 ...
     Dori Freeman              Turtle Dove                               Blue Hens          Americana
     Doug Adkins               Not Enough Whiskey                        TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Dustin Lynch              Good Girl                                 BBR                Light
     Dusty Rust                Misery                                    SR                 Americana
     Dylan Gerard              Golden                                    SSM                Light
     Eileen Carey              That Town                                 SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Eileen Carey              Anything That Reminds Me Of You           SR                 Light;Top 100 Si...
     Eli Young Band            Love Ain't                                Valory             Light
     Elijah Ocean              Barricade                                 New Wheel          Americana
     Eric Church               Desperate Man                             EMI                Indies/Extra's
     Eric Corne                History Repeats                           SR                 Americana
     Eugene Chrysler           I Cannot Forget                           Carclo             Americana
     Fairbanks                 Alright                                   SR                 Americana
     Flatland Tourists         No Work No Pay                            Little King        Americana
     Florida Georgia Line      Simply                                    BMLG               Medium;Top 10...
     Florida Georgia Line      Take You Out Of It                        BMLG               Medium;Top 10...
     Folk Soul Revival         Horrible Girl                             FSR                Americana
     Frank Ray                 The Drive                                 CDTex              Americana
     Frank Ray                 Tequila Mockingbird                       CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Front Country             Undone                                    Organic            Americana
     Gal Holiday               The Bottle And The Booze                  GH                 Americana
     Garth Brooks              Stronger Than Me                          Pearl              Power
     Garth Brooks              All Day Long                              Pearl              Power;Recurren...
     Gene Reasoner             Daddy I'm Home                            Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Gene Watson               Build My Mansion                          Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Gerry Spehar              Bitch Heaven                              SR                 Americana
     Gibson Brothers           My Quiet Mind                             Rounder            Americana
     Grand Old Grizzly         Brokedown                                 GOG                Americana
     Grant Maloy Smith         Pushing Back The Wind                     Suburban Cowboy    Americana
     Grayson                   Margarita                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Grayson Smith             You're In It                              Wheelhouse         Medium;Top 10...
     Gregg Welty               Simple Life                               SR                 Americana
     Gunner Carr               Take My Hand                              Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Haley & Michaels          Taking Off                                Reviver            Indies/Extra's
     Hayes Carll               None 'Ya                                  Dualtone           Americana
     Honkytonk Special         Just Go Crazy With My Heart               CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     I See Hawks in L.A.       Pour Me                                   WSR                Americana
     I'm With Her              Game To Lose                              Rounder            Americana
     Irish Bernadette          Love With A Broken Heart                  CDX                Indies/Extra's
     Irlene Mandrell           Ain't Nothin' But A Heartache             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jack Gafford              Sinner To Sinner                          Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Jacki Stone               Wishful Drinking                          El Hefe            Americana
     Jackson Dean              Saturday Night                            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jade Marie Patek/Jade Marie Patek                                   CDTex              Americana
     Jake Bush                 If These Walls Could Talk                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jake Owen                 Down To The Honkytonk                     Big Loud           Medium;Top 10...
     James Payne               The Old Man is Dead                       Gospel Jukebox     Indies/Extra's
     Jamie Kindleyside         Heaven Called                             JK                 Americana
     Jason Aldean              Drowns The Whiskey                        BBR                Power;Top 100 ...
     Jason Aldean              You Make It Easy                          BBR                Light;Top 100 Si...
     Jason Aldean              You Make It Easy                          BBR                Medium
     Jason Allen               Smooth Talkin' Lady                       Saint & Sinner     Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Jason Eady                The Climb                                 Old Guitar         Americana
     Jayhawks                  Everybody Knows                           Legacy             Americana
     Jeff Clayburn             Last Ones To Leave                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jeff Crosby               Cold Summer                               SR                 Americana
     Jeff Dugan                Bad Time To Be A Good Old Boy             CDTex              Medium;Top 10...
     Jeff Mamett               Bing Bang Boom                            SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Jeff Mix                  Hiway's Lonely Side                       SR                 Americana
     Jeff Mix                  Hiways Lonely Side                        SR                 Americana
     Jenni Dale Lord           I Think He Still Loves Me                 CDTex              Light
     Jenny Van West            Never Alone                               JVW                Americana
     Jerrod Niemann            I Got This                                Curb               Medium;Top 10...
     Jerry Day                 Visiting Hours Are Over                   Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Jesse & Noah              Gambler's Heart                           CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Jessie Lynn               Diggin' It                                SR                 Medium
     Jim Bohn                  Treacherous Heart                         TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Jim Chesnut               Just In The Nick Of Time                  JCM                Americana
     Jim Mundy                 If She Calls                              Prairie Dust       Indies/Extra's
     Jim Stanard               Law Of Love                               Manatee            Americana
     Joe Schmidt               Audience Of One                           JSM                Indies/Extra's
     Joe Triplett              Cold Cold Beer                            Dee Dee            Americana
     John Penney               I Know The End Of The Story               PSM                Indies/Extra's
     John Schneider            Angels Like Her                           Maven              Medium;Top 10...
     John Thibodeaux           Don't Want To Love Her Anymore            CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Johnny Anthony            Old Timer                                 Go                 Americana
     Johnny Bush/Dale Watson   I Gotta Get Drunk                         CDTex              Americana
     Johnny Rivers             Land Of Dreams                            Soul City          Americana
     Johnny Rowlett            If The Bottle Was A Bible                 Gospel Jukebox     Indies/Extra's
     Jon Langston              When It Comes To Loving                   EMI                Light
     Jon Pardi                 Night Shift                               Capitol            Light;Top 100 Si...
     Jonathan Byrd             It Don't Make Sense                       Waterbug           Americana
     Jordan Davis              Take It From Me                           MCA                Power;Top 100 ...
     Jordan Foster             White Bikini                              Red 10             Indies/Extra's
     Jordan Robert Kirk        Pine Box                                  CDTex              Americana
     Joseph Wayne Miller       Open Door                                 Pacey              Americana
     Josh Gracin               Good For You                              Reviver            Light
     Josh Vincent              So Much Junk                              CDTex              Americana
     JP Harris                 When I Quit Drinking                      Free Dirt          Americana
     Judy Nazemetz             The F Word                                SR                 Americana
     Justin Moore              The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home    Valory             Medium;Top 10...
     Kane Brown                Heaven                                    RCA                Medium;Top 10...
     Kane Brown                Good As You                               RCA                Medium
     Kane Brown                Lose It                                   RCA                Light;Top 100 Si...
     Kaz Murphy                Thunderhead                               SR                 Americana
     Keith Shaw                The Dog & The Cadillac                    HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Keith Urban               Never Comin' Down                         Capitol            Light
     Kelly Willis              If I Had A Rose                           Next Waltz         Americana
     Kelly Wolf                Sometimes You Just Can't Win              Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Kelsea Ballerini          Miss Me More                              Black River        Light;Top 100 Si...
     Ken Menks                 Not Lettin' In Another Heartache          SR                 Americana
     Kenne Cramer              Blue Tears                                Ribo               Americana
     Kenny Chesney             Get Along                                 WB                 Medium;Top 10...
     Kenny Chesney             Better Boat                               WB                 Medium;Top 10...
     Kevin Fisher              Better Beer                               HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Kevin Galloway            Don't It Feel Good To Smile               NMR                Americana
     Kristina Murray           Tell Me                                   Loud Magnolia      Americana
     Kuylie Frey               Ain't Enough Beer                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Kyle Mitchell             One In Georgia                            SR                 Light
     Country Bear Radio     Weekly Spin Report
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Laini Risto               The Dance                                 SR                 Power
     Lake Street Dive          Shame Shame Shame                         Nonesuch           Americana
     Lamont Dozier/ Jo Harman  Reach Out                                 Cleopatra          Americana
     Larry Stewart             What's That Cowgirl See In Me             5 West             Indies/Extra's
     Laural Mendes             The Enemy                                 TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Lauren DeMaio             In My Free Fall                           RCI                Americana
     Lee Brice                 Rumor                                     Curb               Light;Top 100 Si...
     Lee Sims                  Just A Few More Miles To Go               SR                 Power;Top 100 ...
     Left Arm Tan              Shortcut To Oblivion                      TSP                Americana
     Lisa Beck-Crawford        Don't Kiss Me Like That                   TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Lisa Bouchelle            If You Could Read My Mind                 Lamon              Indies/Extra's
     Little Big Town           Summer Fever                              Capitol            Light;Top 100 Si...
     Lloyd Green/ Jay Dee Manessou Ain't Goin' Nowhere                   Coastal Bend       Americana
     LoCash                    Don't Get Better Than That                Reviver            Medium;Top 10...
     LoCash                    Feels Like A Party                        Wheelhouse         Light
     Logan Robinson            Don't Give A Damn                         SSM                Indies/Extra's
     Lonnie Spiker             The First To Say Goodbye                  CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Lucas Hoge                To Go With The Whiskey                    SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Lucas Hoge                Dirty South                               HotDisc            Light
     Lukas Nelson              If I Started Over                         Fantasy            Americana
     Luke Bryan                Most People Are Good                      Capitol            Power;Top 100 ...
     Luke Bryan                What Makes You Country                    Capitol            Light;Top 100 Si...
     Luke Combs                Beautiful Crazy                           Columbia           Medium
     Luke Combs                She Got The Best Of Me                    Columbia           Medium;Top 10...
     Madelyn Victoria          Right Here With You                       SR                 Light
     Mags                      Bump                                      HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Mark Heyes                What Can I Do                             McZar              Americana
     Mark Rogers               No Bigger Fool                            TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Mark Rogers               You Can Lead Me On                        SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mark Rogers               No Bigger Fool                            HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Marty Raybon              Here To Eternity                          Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Marty Rivers              Why Don't You                             SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Mary Battiata             Things You Say And Don't Say              Little Pink        Americana
     Mary Lou Turner           Cry                                       Heart Of Texas     Americana
     Mason Ramsey              Famous                                    Atlantic           Medium;Top 10...
     Matthew Huff              Tonight                                   TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Melissa Carper & Rebecca Patekmost Forgot About You                 SR                 Americana
     Merlin Gene               Just Another Stupid Modern Country Song   Dum Boy            Americana
     Michael Martin Murphy/Randy Rog...er's Wine                         Horsefly           Americana
     Michael McMillan          Three's A Cloud                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Peterson          Wichita Lineman                           HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Michael Ray               One That Got Away                         Atlantic           Medium;Top 10...
     Michael Tyler             Remember These Words                      Reviver            Light
     Mike Amabile              Helping Hand                              Stormy Cooper      Americana
     Mike And The Moonpies     Wedding Band                              SR                 Americana
     Mike Carlisle             Alicia                                    Cricket Power      Recurrent CD's;I...
     Mike Donnell              With You                                  CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Mike Freeman              It's Time To Go Back Home                 Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Mike Manuel               The One Who Holds The Pen                 Gospel Jukebox     Indies/Extra's
     Mike Watkins              The Party's Over Here                     Radioactive        Indies/Extra's
     Miranda Lambert           Keeper of The Flame                       RCA                Medium;Top 10...
     MJ Bishop                 She's Gone                                SR                 Americana
     Morgan Ashley             Your Girl                                 CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Morgan McKay              Dark Before The Dawn                      CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Morgan Wallen             Whiskey Glasses                           Big Loud           Light
     Mulligan Brothers         The Deal                                  Southern Routes    Americana
     Nancy Cassidy             When I Get Home                           Twitter Twatter    Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Ned Hill                  Marry A Waitress                          DSF                Americana
     Nes Cora                  Buy U A Mini Coop                         SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Night Owl Country Band    Cool Gentle Wind                          Stanley            Americana
     Noveaux Honkies           Heart Can't Live Here                     SR                 Americana
     Old Dominion              Make It Sweet                             RCA                Medium;Top 10...
     Oliver James              Swimming Horses                           Wire Wood          Americana
     Parmalee                  Hotdamalama                               Stoney Creek       Medium;Top 10...
     Pat Reedy                 You Don't Have To Tell Me Again           Muddy Roots        Americana
     Penny Jayne Black         Steel Horse                               SSM                Americana
     Perfectly Broken          If You Could Love Me Anyway               Canyon Creek       Indies/Extra's
     Rachel Wammack            Damage                                    RCA                Light
     Radio Romance             Weekend                                   Big Machine        Light
     Randy Houser              What Whiskey Does                         Stoney Creek       Power;Top 100 ...
     Rascal Flatts             Back To Life                              Big Machine        Power;Top 100 ...
     Raven And Red             Another Empty Bottle                      SR                 Americana
     Ray Martin                The Miracle                               MTM                Light
     Rebel Hearts              60 Years Ago                              SR                 Light
     Red Marlow                The Good Ones                             Capitol            Light
     Renfree Isaacs            Smile Smile Smile                         Puff Bunny         Americana
     Rich Krueger              Elizabeth                                 Rockink            Americana
     Richard Lynch             Pray On The Radio                         SR                 Indies/Extra's;T...
     Richie Allbright          Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk               CDTex              Americana
     Ricky Cook                It's All In The Kiss                      Imperator          Indies/Extra's
     Riley Green               There Was This Girl                       BMLG               Light
     River Shine               The Lover                                 Wyndriver          Indies/Extra's
     RJ Comer                  If ICould Be Water                        Growling Moon      Americana
     Rob Dixon                 Country Music's Gone To Sh*t              CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ray                Run Away With You                         CDTex              Indies/Extra's
     Robert Ray                Drunk Enough                              CDTex              Americana
     Rod MacDonald             One More Minute Of Moonlight              Blue Flute         Americana
     Roger Len Smith           Raining On A Sunny Day                    SR                 Americana
     Ronnie Dye                Stone Cold Dead                           TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Ronnie Dye                Skin                                      TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Rosanne Cash              The Only Thing Worth Fighting For         Blue Note          Americana
     Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic ... Radio                          Monument           Light
     Runaway June              Buy My Own Drinks                         Wheelhouse         Indies/Extra's
     Rusty Rierson             Life's Too Short                          Record Ranch       Indies/Extra's
     Scott Brown               Mountain Top                              PSM                Indies/Extra's
     Season Ammons             Jim Beam & Nicotine                       CDTex              Americana
     Seth Ennis                Call Your Mama                            Arista             Medium;Top 10...
     Shake Russell             You Don't Need Me Now                     Howlin Dog         Americana
     Shoebox Letters           Bender                                    SR                 Medium
     Shoebox Letters           This Is It                                SR                 Medium;Top 10...
     Shoebox Letters           All I Want                                SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Shoebox Letters           Make Me Feel Better                       SR                 Americana
     Skin & Bones              Northern Lights                           SR                 Americana
     Smoke Wagon               Brooks                                    CDTex              Americana
     Smoking Flowers           One Friend                                Bandaloop          Americana
     Songs From The Road Band  Misery's Embrace                          SFTRB              Americana
     Sonny Morgan              It's A Beautiful World                    SR                 Americana
     Stan Martin               What Made You Think                       SR                 Americana
     Steffen Jakobsen          Music Man                                 SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Steve Coughlin            Have You Ever Been In Love Before         Feed The Cat       Americana
     Steve Roberson            The Drinkers Hall Of Fame                 TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Steven Graves             Fool For You                              SGM                Americana
     Stoll Vaughan             Further Down The Line                     Commonwealth       Americana
     String Cheese Incident    Down A River                              SciFidelity        Americana
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     Artist                    Title                                     Record Co.         Folder
     Sugarcane Jane            Campfire                                  Arena              Americana
     Sugarland                 Still The Same                            Big Machine        Medium;Top 10...
     Surrender Hill            Ghosts That Fill The Room                 Blue Betty         Americana
     T. Jae Christian          All Her Love's Gone                       Universal Sound    Indies/Extra's
     Taylor Hatchel            What Would Waylon Say                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Tenille Townes            Somebody's Daughter                       Columbia           Indies/Extra's
     Terry Tanner              As Good As It Gets                        TTM                Indies/Extra's
     The Wild Reeds            Capable                                   Dualtone           Americana
     Tim Culpepper             Under The Influence                       HotDisc            Indies/Extra's
     Tim McGraw                Neon Church                               Columbia           Light;Top 100 Si...
     Tish Hinojosa             Can't Say It Matters Anymore              Tish               Light;Top 100 Si...
     TJ Sparks                 Margarita Monday                          SR                 Medium
     TJ Sparks                 Hold On                                   SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Toby Keith                Don't Let The Old Man In                  WB                 Power
     Todd Barrow               Just Like The Whiskey                     SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Todd Burge                Your Reflection Will Kill You             SR                 Americana
     Tom Cole                  Life Without You                          SR                 Indies/Extra's
     Tom McElvain              Damn I Love You                           Smith              Americana
     Tom Taylor                Without You                               TSP                Indies/Extra's
     Tommy Brandt              Sermon On The Mount                       New Dominion       Indies/Extra's
     Tracksuit Wedding         Make Me Feel                              SR                 Americana
     Truckstop Confidential    Binge Watching                            SR                 Americana
     Tyler Rich                The Difference                            Valory             Indies/Extra's
     Vince Hatfield            Rattlesnakes & Tornadoes                  Blue Moon          Medium
     Waterloo Revival          Wonder Woman                              Showdog            Light
     Western Centuries         Wild You Run                              Free Dirt          Americana
     White Owl Red             Alcoholic Stepmom                         SR                 Americana
     Will Gunnell              Ain't No Whiskey Worth That               PSM                Indies/Extra's
     Will Stewart              Mine Is A Lonely Life                     Corelius Chapel    Americana
     Willie Carver             Life Without You                          Century II         Indies/Extra's
     Willie Nelson             Me & You                                  TruTone            Americana
     Wood & Wire               North Of Despair                          Blue Corn          Americana
     Ynana Rose                Leave Me Lonely                           YRM                Americana
      Total: 375


















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