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     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     1 Reason                       God Wants To                                        HMG   
     10 City Run                    Congratulations                                     Universal South
     100 Mile House                 Wait With Me                                        Chronograph
     100 Mile House                 Last Call                                           Chronograph
     1000 Things                    Analise Malick                                      SR
     16 Frames                      Close Range                                         Verve
     16 Frames                      Back Again                                          Verve
     16 Frames                      These Four Walls                                    Verve
     2 Bit Palomino                 Good Morning Teardrops                              Songdog
     2 Bit Palomino                 My Own Backyard                                     Songdog
     2 Bit Palomino                 Tonight You Belong To Me                            Songdog
     2 Bit Palomino                 Home Is Where My Heart Aches                        Howlin Dog
     2 Bit Palomino                 Church Of The Underground                           Songdog
     2 Days Later                   Jesse                                               HMG
     2 Ton Bridge                   Pennies On The Shore                                SR
     23 String Band                 Leave Everything To Me                              SR
     2-ZZ-Nuff                      Have You Ever Felt The Pain                         Dixiana
     3 Fox Drive                    Here Comes That Feeling Again                       Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Between Me & Jolene                                 Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Some Old Side Road                                  Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Red Rose Boquet                                     Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    I'll Be Home For Xmas                               Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    White Christmas                                     Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Watching Over The Soldies At Xmas                   Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    This Little House Of Mine                           Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Cold At The Bottom Of Your Heart                    Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    Man Behind The Wall                                 Koch
     3 Fox Drive                    The Christmas Song                                  Koch
     3 of Hearts                    The Christmas Shoes                                 RCA
     3 of Hearts                    Arizona Rain                                        RCA
     3 of Hearts                    Love Is Enough                                      RCA
     3 Pairs Of Boots               He Lost My Number                                   Dark Country Music
     3 Ring Rodeo                   I Don't Drink About You Anymore                     CDTex
     30DB                           Always Up                                           SciFidelity
     324556                         I'll Keep On Lovin' You                             Lost Highway
     38 Special                     Help Somebody                                       CT
     4 Guys                         Mama Rocked Us To SLeep With Country Music          Collage
     4 Guys                         Ruby Red
     4 Runner                       What Child Is This                                  Fresh
     4 Runner                       We Will Hope With You                               MTM
     4 Runner                       Home Alone
     4 Runner                       That Was Him (This Is Now)                          A&M
     4 Runner                       Ripples
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           The Bath                                            Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           White Xmas                                          Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           White Xmas                                          Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           If Every Day Could Be Like Xmas                     Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           I Love How You Love Me                              Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           California Dreamin'                                 Nashville America
     4 Sisters & A Cousin           Tell Me I'm Wrong                                   Nashville America
     40 Watt Dreams                 Sometimes I Cry                                     SK West
     40 Watt Dreams                 My Somehow                                          SK West
     6 East                         It's Been A Long Time                               SR
     6 East                         Caroline                                            SR
     6 East                         Be The One                                          SR
     6 East                         Lovin' You                                          Mega
     77 El Deora                    Rain                                                SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
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     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     77 El Deora                    I Just Dodged A Bullet                              SR    
     77 El Deora                    Dancing With Devils                                 SR
     77 El Deora                    Cryin' Over You                                     WIR
     77 El Deora                    Green-Brown                                         SR
     77 El Deora                    My Old Address Book                                 WIR
     77 El Deora                    Id This Gonna Hurt?                                 WIR
     77 El Deora                    Gonna Hurt                                          SR
     77 El Deora                    Color Me Gone                                       WIR
     77 El Deora                    The Same                                            WIR
     80 Proof Band                  One Senorita                                        BGM
     9 Station Drive                Black Train                                         CDTex
     A Strings                      Jingle Bells
     A Thousand Horses              Drunk Dial                                          Republic
     A.D.Payne                      Press On
     A.D.Payne                      Road Less Traveled
     A.D.Payne                      If Pride Went Down
     A.D.Payne                      Ain't The Fall
     A.D.Payne                      Today
     Aaron & Amanda Crabb           I'm Learning                                        Difference
     Aaron & Amanda Crabb           If I'm Guilty                                       Difference
     Aaron Barker                   Three Nickels & A Dime
     Aaron Barker                   Taste Of Freedom
     Aaron Copeland                 Here She Comes                                      CDTex
     Aaron Copeland                 Rain                                                CDTex
     Aaron Crawford                 Can't Afford                                        AC
     Aaron Crawford                 Leaving                                             AC
     Aaron Einhouse                 Good To Be Home                                     CDTex
     Aaron Flinn                    Mama Tried                                          SR
     Aaron Flinn                    Angel Angel                                         SR
     Aaron Goodvin                  Bars & Churches                                     1608
     Aaron Goodvin                  Woman In Love                                       AJG
     Aaron Kantor                   Vicariously                                         CDTex
     Aaron Kelly                    Hey Baby                                            MTM
     Aaron Kothmann                 Long Night Alone                                    CDTex
     Aaron Lewis                    Forever                                             WBN
     Aaron Lewis                    Country Boy                                         Stroudavarius
     Aaron Lewis                    Country Boy                                         Pirate Vinyl
     Aaron Lewis                    Granddaddy's Gun                                    Blaster
     Aaron Lewis                    Endless Summer                                      Rand J
     Aaron Lewis                    That Ain't Country                                  Dot
     Aaron Lines                    Waitin' On The Wondeful                             BNA
     Aaron Lines                    Loves Changes Everything                            RCA
     Aaron Lines                    Sand                                                On Ramp
     Aaron Lines                    You Can't Hide Beautiful                            RCA
     Aaron Lines                    It Takes A Man                                      BNA
     Aaron Neville                  Be My Baby                                          Blue Note
     Aaron Neville                  Tears On My Pillow                                  Blue Note
     Aaron Neville                  The Grand Tour
     Aaron Newman                   1892                                                SR
     Aaron Noble                    I Learned About Love In A Haymow                    Cricket Power
     Aaron Noble                    Becky Shot Her Man                                  Western Heart
     Aaron Noble                    I'm A Drinker & I'm A Dreamer                       Cricket Power
     Aaron Noble                    Don't Play With Guns                                Cricket Power
     Aaron Noble                    Thank God It's Only Money                           Cricket Power
     Aaron Noble                    I'm A Drinker & a Dreamer                           Cricket Power
     Aaron Noble                    Country Music Is A Little Like You                  Hilltopper
     Aaron Noble                    Goodtime Longhorn Charlie                           Cricket Power
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 3
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Aaron Noble                    There's No Goin' Home Again                         Cricket Power
     Aaron Pritchett                Suntan City                                         On Ramp
     Aaron Russell                  You Won't Be Lonely Long                            Outback
     Aaron Russell                  Silent Movie                                        Outback
     Aaron Russell                  Let Ol' Sleeping Memories Lie                       Outback
     Aaron Russell                  For Just Who I Am
     Aaron Tippin                   Big Boy Toys                                        Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Lost                                                Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   People Like Us                                      Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   And I Love You So                                   Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Kiss This                                           Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   I'd Be Afraid of Losing You                         Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   The Night Shift                                     Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Every Now & Then                                    Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   The Best Love We Ever Made                          Lyeic Street
     Aaron Tippin                   The Call Of The Wild
     Aaron Tippin                   I'll Take Love Over Money                           Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Her
     Aaron Tippin                   The Man That Came Between Us (Was Me)
     Aaron Tippin                   Twenty Nine & Holding                               Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Mighty Good God                                     MCM
     Aaron Tippin                   I Was Born With A Broken Heart
     Aaron Tippin                   There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio
     Aaron Tippin                   Love Like There's No Tomorrow                       Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   I'm Leavin'
     Aaron Tippin                   Free To Be Me                                       Seasong
     Aaron Tippin                   All I Have To Offer You Is Me
     Aaron Tippin                   It's Wat Too Close To Xmas To Be This Far From You  Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Cold Chill
     Aaron Tippin                   How's The Radio Know
     Aaron Tippin                   Whole Lotta Love On The Line                        RCA
     Aaron Tippin                   Without Your Love                                   RCA
     Aaron Tippin                   Ready To Rock                                       Nippit
     Aaron Tippin                   You've Got To Stand For Something
     Aaron Tippin                   Many,Many,Many Beers Ago
     Aaron Tippin                   Working Man's PHD
     Aaron Tippin                   Come Friday                                         Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Mama's Gettin' Ready For Xmas                       Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   I Got It Honest
     Aaron Tippin                   For You I Will
     Aaron Tippin                   East Bound & Down                                   GR
     Aaron Tippin                   Where The Stars & Stripes And The Eagle Fly         Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   Could Not Stop Myself                               Nippit
     Aaron Tippin                   Jingle Bell Rock                                    Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   What This Country Needs                             Lyric Street
     Aaron Tippin                   That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You
     Aaron Tippin                   She Feels Like A Brand New Man
     Aaron Tippin                   He Believed                                         Nippit
     Aaron Tippin                   Honky Tonk Superman                                 RCA
     Aaron Tippin                   My Blue Angel
     Aaron Tippin                   I Wanna Play                                        Play MPE
     Aaron Tippin                   Mission From Hank
     Aaron Tippin                   A Door                                              RCA
     Aaron Tippin                   You Are The Woman
     Aaron Tippin                   I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
     Aaron Tippin                   That's What Happens When I Hold You                 RCA
     Aaron Tippin                   Everything I Own
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 4
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Aaron Tracy                    Chillbilly                                          SR    
     Aaron Watson                   Outta Style                                         BIG
     Aaron Watson                   Lips                                                HTK
     Aaron Watson                   Outta Style                                         Big
     Aaron Watson                   Love Makin' Song                                    Big
     Aaron Watson                   Summertime Girl                                     HTK
     Aaron Watson                   Getaway Truck                                       30 Tigers
     Aaron Watson                   Rollercoaster Ride                                  BIG
     Aaron Watson                   Shut Up & Dance                                     Compendia
     Aaron Watson                   Getaway Truck                                       HotDisc
     Aaron Watson                   Honky Tonk Kid                                      Sonnett
     Aaron Watson                   Raise Your Bottle                                   HTK
     Aaron Watson                   Wish I Could Say I'd been Drinking                  Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   The Road                                            Big
     Aaron Watson                   I Don't Want You To Go                              Compendia
     Aaron Watson                   San Angelo                                          CDTex
     Aaron Watson                   Run Wild Horses                                     Big
     Aaron Watson                   Something With A Swing To It                        Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   Stuck Between A Rock & A Heartache                  Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   July In Cheyenne                                    HTK
     Aaron Watson                   Kiss That Girl Goodbye                              SR
     Aaron Watson                   Wrangler Butts                                      Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   Messing With A Man On A Mission                     Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   Some Never Will                                     Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   Bluebonnets                                         Big Label
     Aaron Watson                   Off The Record                                      Sonnet
     Aaron Watson                   True Love Ways                                      Ice House
     Aaron Williams                 If I Can Stand                                      SR
     Aaron Woods                    Feels Like Rain                                     CDTex
     Abbie Lynn                     Love 2 Burn                                         Platinum Plus
     Abbie Lynn                     Love To Burn                                        Platinum Plus
     Abby Anderson                  Make Him Wait                                       Black River
     Abby Anderson                  Good Lord                                           Black River
     Abi Tapia                      Hand Over Your Heart                                AT
     Abi Tapia                      Somewhere To Go                                     AT
     Abi Tapia                      Lone Star                                           AT
     Abi Tapia                      Big Front Porch                                     AT
     Abraham                        Kansas City                                         Wild Bill
     Abrams Brothers                Viva La Vida                                        UFO
     Abrams Brothers                Leaving Love Behind                                 UFO
     Abrams Brothers                Northern Redemption                                 UFO
     Abrams Brothers                Where I'm Bound                                     UFO
     Abrams Brothers                While You Sleep                                     UFO
     Ac Jones                       Busses & Trains                                     SSM
     Ace Crye                       It's About Time                                     Travler
     Ace Diamond                    Back To The 50's & 60's                             Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Ami Blue                                            Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Trucker's Boogie                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Workin' Overtime                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Rockabilly Man                                      Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Treat Me Right                                      Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Blue Suede Shoes                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Party Doll                                          HotDisc
     Ace Diamond                    She's Not There                                     Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    What A Way To Go                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At                 Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Great Balls Of Fire                                 Allagash
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 5
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Ace Diamond                    You Put The Love                                    Allagash Country
     Ace Diamond                    Trucker's Boogie                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Little Cabin By The Sea                             HotDisc
     Ace Diamond                    Unload That U-Haul                                  HotDisc
     Ace Diamond                    She Left Me On The 4th                              ACR
     Ace Diamond                    Me & Bobby McGee                                    Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    There She Was, Gone                                 Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Break It Easy,Easy To Me                            Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Hey Baby                                            Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Get Your Boogie Woogie                              Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Bad Ass Hillbilly Band                              Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Gimme That Rockabilly Music                         HotDisc
     Ace Diamond                    Rock My Baby Doll                                   Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Tennessee Hillbilly Man                             Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    I've Got The Gasoline Blues                         HotDisc
     Ace Diamond                    Eventually                                          Allagash Country
     Ace Diamond                    Little Cabin By The Sea                             Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    The Last Song                                       ACR
     Ace Diamond                    Baddest Gunslingin' Man                             Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Last Night I Drank So Hard                          Allagash
     Ace Diamond                    Elvis,Jerry Lee & Me                                ACR
     Acoustic Syndicate             Bound                                               Sugar Hill
     Acoustic Truth                 Just For You                                        SR
     Adam Baker                     In Love With Her
     Adam Baker                     I Can See Him In Your Eyes
     Adam Baker                     Weren't You Listening
     Adam Barbour                   I Won't Be Hurt By You
     Adam Brand                     Ready For Love                                      Arista
     Adam Capps                     One More Song                                       SR
     Adam Capps                     Memories On The Road                                SR
     Adam Capps                     Memories On The Road                                SR
     Adam Carroll                   Billy Gibbons' Beard                                SR
     Adam D. Tucker                 Only Heartaches Allowed In Here                     ADT
     Adam D. Tucker                 Come Noon On Judgement Day                          ADT
     Adam Ezra Group                14 Days                                             Royal Avenue
     Adam Fears                     There's A Girl Out There                            Flying Island
     Adam Fisher                    Freight Train                                       SR
     Adam Fisher                    Cotton Town                                         BLue Raven
     Adam Gregory                   What It Takes                                       Big Machine
     Adam Gregory                   High On You                                         SR
     Adam Gregory                   Crazy Days                                          Midas
     Adam Hambrick                  Rockin' All Night Long                              Capitol
     Adam Hood                      Buzzes Like Neon                                    SR
     Adam Hood                      Whole Town Talkin'                                  Hometown Americana
     Adam Hood                      22 Days Too Long                                    Little Dog
     Adam Hood                      Different Groove                                    Little Dog
     Adam Marshall                  Another Man                                         Rotan
     Adam Marshall                  Cowboy Hat                                          Rotan
     Adam Pope                      Fourth Man Walking                                  PSM
     Adam Steffey                   Warm Kentucky Sunshine                              Sugar Hill
     Adam Steffey                   One More For The Road                               Sugar Hill
     Adam Steffey                   Don't Lie To Me                                     Sugar Hill
     Adam Steffey                   A Broken Heart Keeps Beatin'                        Sugar Hill
     Adam Steffey                   Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends             Sugar Hill
     Adam Stone                     Country Sunshine                                    MTM
     Adam Wayde                     Long Way Back                                       MTM
     Adam Wayne                     Country Lullabye                                    IGO
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 6
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Adam Wayne                     Down Every Road                                     Madelin
     Adi Burgess                    Guilty                                              SR
     Adie Grey                      Like A Couple Of Kids In Love                       Hey Baby
     Adrian                         The River Run                                       Coast
     Adrian Duffy                   United We Fall                                      SR
     Adrian Duffy                   The Innonence Of Love                               SR
     Adrian Duffy                   Someone Like You                                    SR
     Adrian Duffy                   Having It All                                       SR
     Adrian Duffy & Mayo Bths.      Storm Breaking                                      SR
     Adrian Nye                     What I Was To You                                   Blue Dome
     Adrian Nye                     West With The Night                                 Blue Dome
     Adrian Nye                     Gotta Be Alone Sometime                             Blue Dome
     Adrian Nye                     Who Would You Be Like                               Blue Dome
     Adrianna Freeman               No More                                             APM
     Adrienne Young                 My Sin Is Pride                                     Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young                 Just Like Christmas                                 Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young                 Natural Bridge                                      AddieBelle
     Adrienne Young                 High Flyin' Dream                                   AddieBelle
     Adrienne Young                 Givin' Up The Fight                                 AddieBelle
     Adrienne Young                 My Love Will Keep                                   Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young                 Home Remedy                                         Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young                 It's All The Same                                   Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young                 Home Remedy                                         Addie Belle
     Adrienne Young/Tim O'Brien     Just Like Christmas                                 Addie Belle
     After Jack                     You Can't Sing A Sad Song                           Travianna
     Against The Grain              It's About Time                                     Gitterdid
     Aged In The Hills              Blue
     Aged In The Hills              Cafe Romance
     Aged In The Hills              Love Struck
     Aged In The Hills              Trail Of Broken Hearts
     Aged In The Hills              That's What I Like About You
     Aidan Quinn                    A Friend Of Mine                                    HotDisc
     Aimee Cutler                   Yesterday's News
     Aimee Cutler                   Why The Stars
     Aimee Pettersen                Can't Stop Me                                       MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                Love Happens                                        MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                I Want You                                          MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                You & Me                                            MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                Rockin' Round The Xmas Tree                         MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                Can't Stop Me                                       MTM
     Aimee Pettersen                I Want You To Fall                                  MTM
     Aj Downing                     Optuan River                                        Charkansas
     Aj Downing                     Your Memory                                         Charkansas
     Aj Downing                     Willie We Never Been High                           SR
     Aj Downing                     The Other Cheek                                     SR
     Aj Downing                     Facebook Song                                       SR
     Aj Hobbs                       Take It Slow                                        Booker
     Aj Hobbs                       Waylon & Merle                                      Booker
     AJ Masters                     I Don't Mean Maybe
     AJ Masters                     Do It On A Dare
     AJ Masters                     255 Harbor Drive
     Aj Masters                     Take A Little Bit Of It Home
     AJ Masters                     Back Home
     AJ Masters                     Lonely Together
     AJ Masters                     Love Keep Your Distance
     AJ Moretti                     Country Girl                                        AMI
     Akins                          Good To Know It's Not The End                       HMG
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
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     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Al & Brenda Hooper             In Our Senior Years                                 EHK   
     Al & Kathy Bain                Heartache For You                                   Darkhorse
     Al & Kathy Bain                Thinkin' About You                                  Darkhorse
     Al Anderson                    Someone To Give My Love To                          Sugar Hill
     Al Bain                        Heart Walking                                       RotoNoto
     Al Bain                        The Gal Don't Mean A Thing
     Al Dexter                      So Long Pal
     Al Dexter                      Pistol Packin' Mama
     Al Dexter                      Santa Is On His Way
     Al Hardy                       Through It All                                      DoorKnob
     Al Jardine                     California Girls                                    Nite Sky
     Al Rabalais                    I'm That Kind Of Man                                Corona
     Al Urban                       I'm Just The Mirror
     Alabama                        Roll On
     Alabama                        Song Of The South
     Alabama                        Take Me Down
     Alabama                        Carolina Mountain Dewe
     Alabama                        We Can't Love Like This Anymore
     Alabama                        Then Again
     Alabama                        The Closer You Get
     Alabama                        The Maker Said Take Her
     Alabama                        High Cotton
     Alabama                        I Wanna Be With You Tonite
     Alabama                        Falling Again
     Alabama                        Born Country
     Alabama                        Dixieland Delight
     Alabama                        In Pictures
     Alabama                        Lovin' You Is Killin' Me
     Alabama                        Patches
     Alabama                        Lady Down On Love
     Alabama                        It Works
     Alabama                        I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
     Alabama                        Touch Me When We're Dancin'
     Alabama                        Here We Are
     Alabama                        Small Stuff                                         RCA
     Alabama                        The Woman He Loves                                  RCA
     Alabama                        Sad Looking Moon                                    RCA
     Alabama                        Say I                                               RCA
     Alabama                        Jukebox In My Mind
     Alabama                        Love In The First Degree
     Alabama                        Wasn't Through Lovin' You Yet                       HotDisc
     Alabama                        How Do You Fall In Love
     Alabama                        Old Flame
     Alabama                        You've Got The Touch
     Alabama                        As Right Now
     Alabama                        Tar Top
     Alabama                        Food On The Table
     Alabama                        Hanging Up My Travelin' Shoes
     Alabama                        Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way                  Valory
     Alabama                        40 Hour Week
     Alabama                        Of Course I'm Alright
     Alabama                        There's No Way
     Alabama                        She's Got That Look In Her Eyes
     Alabama                        The Cheap Sheats                                    RCA
     Alabama                        The Fans
     Alabama                        I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)
     Alabama                        Forever's As Far As I'll Go
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 8
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alabama                        Barefootin'                                               
     Alabama                        Once Upon A Lifetime
     Alabama                        God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
     Alabama                        (There's A) Fire In The Night
     Alabama                        Give Me One More Shot                               RCA
     Alabama                        She And I
     Alabama                        Southern Star
     Alabama                        If I Had You
     Alabama                        Little Things                                       RCA
     Alabama                        Hometown Honeymoon
     Alabama                        Close Enough to Perfect
     Alabama                        Give Me One More Shot
     Alabama                        Will You Marry Me                                   RCA
     Alabama                        Sad Lookin' Moon
     Alabama                        We Made Love                                        RCA
     Alabama                        Life's To Short To Love Like This                   RCA
     Alabama                        Down Home
     Alabama                        Why Lady Why
     Alabama                        Twentieth Century                                   RCA
     Alabama                        If You're Gonna Play In Texas
     Alabama                        Feel So Right
     Alabama                        Christmas In Dixie
     Alabama                        Tennesse Xmas
     Alabama                        Angel Among Us
     Alabama                        Can't Keep A Good Man Down
     Alabama                        She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl
     Alabama                        Five O'Clock 500
     Alabama                        When We Make Love
     Alabama                        Reckless
     Alabama                        Come Find Me                                        BMG
     Alabama                        Mountain Music
     Alabama Crossmen               Just An Ordinary Man                                HMG
     Alabama/Lionel Ritchie         Deep River Woman
     Alan Bibey                     What I Am                                           Sugar Hill
     Alan Frizzell                  I'm Just A Nobody                                   Double E
     Alan Frizzell                  Man Of His Word                                     HMG
     Alan Frizzell                  Beer Joint Fever
     Alan Frizzell                  She's Livin' It Up (And I'm Drinkin
     Alan Frizzell                  Where Cheaters Go
     Alan Frizzell                  It'll Be Love By Morning
     Alan Jackson                   Once You've Had The Best                            Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Monday Morning Church                               Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Everything I Love                                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   It Must Be Love                                     Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Ring Of Fire                                        Arista
     Alan Jackson                   The Blues Man                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   It's Just That Way                                  Arista
     Alan Jackson                   When Somebody Loves You                             Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Mercury Blues
     Alan Jackson                   Where Were You                                      Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Where I Come From                                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Drive ( For Daddy Gene)                             Arista
     Alan Jackson                   You Go Your Way                                     EMI
     Alan Jackson                   Too Much Of A Good Thing                            Arista
     Alan Jackson                   So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore                SR
     Alan Jackson                   It's Alright To Be A Redneck
     Alan Jackson                   Farewell Party                                      Arista
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                           Page 9
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alan Jackson                   Revenooer Man                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   My Own Kind Of Hat                                  Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'                          Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Right In The Palm Of Your Hand                      Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Long Way To Go                                      EMI
     Alan Jackson                   Hard Hat & A Hammer                                 Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Here In The Real World
     Alan Jackson                   Pop A Top                                           Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Midnite In Montgomery
     Alan Jackson                   Who's Cheatin Who                                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs              Arista
     Alan Jackson                   You've Been Lonesome Too                            Columbia
     Alan Jackson                   The Way I Am                                        Arista
     Alan Jackson                   The One You're Waiting On                           EMI
     Alan Jackson                   The Older I Get                                     EMI
     Alan Jackson                   Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
     Alan Jackson                   Let It Be Christmas                                 Arista
     Alan Jackson                   The Firefly's Song                                  Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Buicks To The Moon
     Alan Jackson                   Dallas
     Alan Jackson                   Home
     Alan Jackson                   Don't Change On Me                                  Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Don't Rock The Jukebox
     Alan Jackson                   Between The Devil & Me                              Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Gone Country
     Alan Jackson                   Holly Jolly Xmas
     Alan Jackson                   Honky Tonk Xmas
     Alan Jackson                   Don't Ask Why                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   As Lovely As You                                    Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Where Do I Go From Here?                            Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Bluebird                                            Arista
     Alan Jackson                   That'd Be Alright                                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Chattahoochie                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Good Time                                           Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Song For The Life                                   Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Small Town Southern Man                             Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Tall Tall Trees
     Alan Jackson                   I'll Go On Loving You
     Alan Jackson                   I Don't Even Know Your Name
     Alan Jackson                   Someday
     Alan Jackson                   Right On The Money
     Alan Jackson                   Gone Crazy
     Alan Jackson                   Anywhere On Earth You Are                           Arista
     Alan Jackson                   WWW.Memory                                          Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Remember When                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Country Boy                                         Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Like Red On A Rose                                  Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Talkin' Song Repair Blues                           Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Jim & Jack & Hank                                   EMI
     Alan Jackson                   Sissy's Song                                        Arista
     Alan Jackson                   A Womans Love                                       Arista
     Alan Jackson                   I Still Like Bologna                                Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Good Imitation Of The Blues                         Arista
     Alan Jackson                   Livin' On Love
     Alan Jackson                   Love's Got A Hold Of You
     Alan Jackson                   She's Got The Rhythm
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 10
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alan Jackson                   A House With No Curtains                                  
     Alan Jackson                   I'll Try
     Alan Jackson                   Littly Bitty
     Alan Jackson                   Wanted
     Alan Jackson                   You Can't Have It All
     Alan Jackson                   Tonight I Climbed The Wall
     Alan Jackson                   Little Man
     Alan Jackson/Jeannie Kendall   Timeless & True Love                                Golden
     Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett     Margaritaville                                      Arista
     Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett     It's Five O'Clock Somewhere                         Arista
     Alan James                     Land Of The Free                                    Lamon
     Alan James                     Goodbye Tulsa                                       Lamon
     Alan James                     You And Me                                          Lamon
     Alan Langworthy                Teach Me How To Love Again                          ELM
     Alan Layman                    Listen To The Rain                                  MRR
     Alan McCulloch                 Going My Way                                        AMR
     Alan Rhody                     Stronger Too                                        Ashwood
     Alan Rhody                     Real Big Country                                    Ashwood
     Alan Turner                    Windows & Mirrors                                   MC1
     Alan Turner                    3 Nails                                             PSM
     Alan Turner                    Preacher Man & Me                                   HMG
     Alan West                      The Likes Of You                                    HotDisc
     Alana Levandoski               Moonshine                                           Rounder
     Alana Levandoski               I Ain't No Saint                                    Rounder
     Alana Levandoski               Don't You Remember                                  Rounder
     Alastair Moock                 I Got A Friend                                      Corazong
     Alastair Moock                 God Saw Fit TO Make Tears                           CoraZong
     Alayna                         So Far No Good                                      AM
     Alayna                         Top Of A Dream                                      AM
     Albert & Gage                  Comin' Home                                         MoonHouse
     Albert & Gage                  In The Mornin'                                      MoonHouse
     Albert & Gage                  Far As You Can See                                  MoonHouse
     Albert & Gage                  True Love Knows                                     Moon House
     Albert Coleman & Atlanta Pops  Just Hooked On Country Part III                     Epic
     Albert Hague                   You're A Mean One Mr. Grich
     Albert Lee                     Learning The Game                                   Sovereign
     Albert Lee                     I'll Stop Loving You                                Sugar Hill
     Albert Lee                     Rock Of Your Love                                   Sugar Hill
     Albert Lee                     In My Dreams                                        Sugar Hill
     Albert Lee                     Heartbreak Hill                                     Sugar Hill
     Albert Lee                     If I Needed You                                     Sugar Hill
     Aldo                           Open Road                                           Calaco
     Alecia Elliott                 Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas                   MCA
     Alecia Elliott                 If You Believe                                      MCA
     Alecia Nugent                  Somewhere Else To Fall                              Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Dyin' To Hold Her Again                             Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  You've Still Got It                                 Rounder5
     Alecia Nugent                  The Writing's All Over The Wall                     Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Already Home                                        Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Where His Wheels Left The Road                      Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  The Last Greyhound                                  Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Just Another Alice                                  Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  But I Do                                            Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Jealous Heart                                       Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Wishin' Hard                                        Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  Paper And Pen                                       Rounder
     Alecia Nugent                  If Your Heart Could Talk                            Rounder
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 11
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alecia Nugent                  For Love's Sake                                     Rounder
     Alecia Nugent/Bradley Walker   When It Comes Down To Us                            Rounder
     Alectro                        The Debt                                            BePop
     Alectro                        Whiskey Water                                       BePop
     Alejandro Escovedo             Sister Lost Soul                                    Back Porch
     Alejandro Escovedo             Hollywood Hills                                     Back Porch
     Alejandro Escovedo             Slow Down                                           Back Porch
     Alejandro Escovedo             Always A Friend                                     Back Porch
     Alex Culbreth                  Where Will My Troubles Go                           SR
     Alex Flanigan                  Diesel Guns & Rust                                  Gene Boy
     Alex Robards                   A Long Way From Abilene                             CDTex
     Alex Smith                     Load It Up                                          Lila
     Alex Whitmore                  Never Gonna Get Texas Out Of You                    Western Heart
     Alex Whitmore                  She Put The T & A in Texas                          WMP
     Alex Whitmore                  Eye Of The Beerholder                               WMP
     Alex Whitmore                  Love Can See                                        Two Capos
     Alex Whitmore                  Speed Trap                                          Western Heart
     Alex Whitmore                  Alien Spaceship                                     WMP
     Alex Whitmore                  Not At Home On The Range                            WMP
     Alexa Hamilton                 I Know That It's Wrong                              SR
     Alexa Hamilton                 Let's Get Otta Here                                 SR
     Alexa Hamilton                 I Know That It's Wrong                              SR
     Alexa Hamilton                 Let's Get Outta Here                                SR
     Alexandra Celano               Grandpa                                             Grace
     Alexandra DeMetree             Lay It On Me                                        SSM
     Alexandra DeMetree             Just Alone                                          SR
     Alexandra DeMetree             You Still Think I'm Beautiful                       SSM
     Alexandra DeMetree             Just Alone                                          SR
     Alf Degnebolig                 We All Get Lucky Sometimes                          CoDisc
     Ali Isabella                   What If                                             HotDisc
     Alibi                          It Only Hurts When I Cry
     Alibi                          Do You Have Any Doubts
     Alice Fay                      He Put It There                                     J.A.T
     Alice Peacock                  Trust The Rope                                      Network
     Alice Peacock                  I Hear You Say                                      Peacock Music
     Alice Wallace                  Perfectly Painful Life                              Smith
     Alice Wallace                  Leave                                               Smith
     Alicen                         Talk To Me                                          Hitpros
     Alicen                         Our Of Loneliness                                   Hitpros
     Alicen                         With Every Kiss                                     Hitpros
     Alicen                         Tell Me You Love Me                                 Hitpros
     Alicen                         It's Alright To Be Me                               Hitpros
     Alisa Rein                     Broken Promise                                      Ogle
     Alison Brown                   One Morning In May                                  Compass
     Alison Brown                   Homeward Bound                                      Compass
     Alison Brown/Beth Nielsen Chapmangel                                               Compass
     Alison Kraus                   If I Didn't Know Any Better                         Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Can't Find My Way Home                              Sony
     Alison Krauss                  Down To The River to Pray                           Mercury
     Alison Krauss                  I Never Cared For You                               Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  Windy City                                          Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  Dream Of Me                                         Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  River In The Rain                                   Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  When You Say Nothing At All                         BNA
     Alison Krauss                  New Favorite                                        Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  It's Goodbye & So Long To You                       Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  Losing You                                          Capitol
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 12
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alison Krauss                  Shimmy Down The Chimney                             Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  I've Got That Old Feeling
     Alison Krauss                  Lie Awake                                           Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Restless                                            Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  My Love Follows You                                 Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Forget About It
     Alison Krauss                  Paper Airplane                                      Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Blessed Be                                          Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  If I Didn't Know Any Better                         Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Good Love After Bad                                 LCP
     Alison Krauss                  Sinkiing Stone                                      Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Simple Love                                         Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Ghost In My House                                   Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Wouldn't Be So Bad                                  Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Poor Old Heart                                      Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Gravity                                             Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Goodbye Is All We Have                              Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Stars                                               Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Three Bells
     Alison Krauss                  Maybe                                               Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  You Will Be My Ain True Love                        Sony
     Alison Krauss                  Crazy Faith                                         Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Thru The Morning                                    Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  My Love Follows You Where You Go                    Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Forget About It (Live)                              Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  9 To 5                                              Sugar Hill
     Alison Krauss                  Let Me touch You For A While                        Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  The Lucky One                                       Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Poison Love                                         Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  You Don't Know Me                                   Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  I'm Gone                                            Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  Gentle On My Mind                                   Capitol
     Alison Krauss                  Everytime You Say Goodbye                           Rounder
     Alison Krauss                  All Alone Am I                                      Capitol
     Alison Krauss/John Waite       Missing You                                         Rounder
     Alive 'n Kickin'               You Don't Need to Knock                             Warner Bths.
     Allan Caswell                  On The Inside                                       Shoestring
     Allan Caswell                  Behind Bars                                         HotDisc
     Allan Craig Miller             Let's Get Gone                                      HotDisc
     Allan Craig Miller             Cornfields                                          HotDisc
     Allan Frank                    The Long Long Road                                  AFM
     Allan Hall                     The Light                                           Curb
     Allan Hall                     The Right Way                                       Curb
     Allan Harris                   Black Seminoles                                     Love
     Allan Harris                   Buffalo Soldiers                                    Love
     Allan Harris                   Blue Was Angry                                      Love
     Allan Harris                   Across That River                                   Love 2
     Allan Harris                   One More Notch                                      Love
     Allan Lopes                    Singing With You                                    Plaid Star
     Allan Lopes                    High School Days                                    Plaid Star
     Allan Mikusek                  You Will See                                        MTM
     Allan Taylor                   Banjoman                                            Rising Sun
     Allana Myrol                   Long & Restless Nights                              ATI
     Allana Myrol                   It's Too Late                                       Western Heart
     Allana Myrol                   Best Of Friends                                     Western Heart
     Allen Ball                     We Never Did Get Married
     Allen Brown                    Drawn To A Neon Light                               BBS
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 13
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Allen Brown                    Foolin' Myself                                      SR    
     Allen Dobb                     Big Wide Open                                       AD
     Allen Folse                    The Good Ole Days                                   CDTex
     Allen James                    Because Of Your Love                                Lamon
     Allen Karl                     Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy                       Century II
     Allen Karl                     An't Your Memory Find Somewhere Else To Go          Western Heart
     Allen Karl                     He Was There                                        Century II
     Allen Karl                     Help Me                                             Century II
     Allen Karl                     Can't Your Memory                                   SR
     Allen Karl                     That's All Behind Me Now                            Century II
     Allen Karl                     Oh Tennessee                                        Western Heart
     Allen Karl                     Oh Tennessee                                        Diamondback
     Allen Karl                     Nobody Wins                                         Diamondback
     Allen Karl                     As Sure As Im' Standing Here                        Century II
     Allen Karl                     The Jukebox Had A Mind Of It's Own                  Century II
     Allen Karl                     It's Too Early To Cry In My Beer                    SR
     Allen Karl                     Another Cowboy Who Thinks He Can Sing               Hanging Tree
     Allen Karl                     I Get So Lonesome                                   Century II
     Allen Karl/Amberley Beatty     Have You Ever Been Lonely                           Century II
     Allen Karl/Donna Cunningham    Storms Never Last                                   Diamondback
     Allen Karl/Donna Cunningham    Ain't That A Lovin' Shame                           Century II
     Allen Karl/Donna Cunningham    Ain't It The Truth                                  Century II
     Allen Karl/Donna Cunningham    Your Name is On My Lips                             Century II
     Allen Layman                   It's That Time Of The Year                          MTM
     Allen Layman                   Listen To The Rain                                  MTM
     Allen Osborne                  I'll Be Waiting There For You                       Western Heart
     Allen Phillips                 Your Memory Don't Matter
     Allen Sr & Jr /Roy Rogers      Silver Screen Cowboys
     Allen Thompson                 Forgive Me                                          Hometown Americana
     Allen Thompson/Larissa Maestro Break Me In Two                                     SR
     Allen Toussaint                The Day It Snows On Xmas                            Bayside
     Allen Tripp                    Love Is
     Allie Danielle                 Stay In This Moment                                 CDTex
     Allie Danielle                 Next Big Thing                                      CDTex
     Allie Danielle                 How Your Love Gets To Me                            CDTex
     Allie Danielle                 I Gotta Know                                        CDTex
     Allie Louise                   Stilettos                                           Sixth Beet
     Allie Louise                   Perfect Storm                                       SR
     Allison Janisse                O Holy Night                                        SR
     Allison Janisse                Give Me A Cowboy                                    Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Unchained Melody                                    Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Every Day I'm Hangin' On                            Catjan
     Allison Janisse                Open Up Your Eyes                                   Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Stop Cheatin' On Me                                 Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Don't Say Goodnight, Say Good Morning               Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Wine Women & Song                                   Comstock
     Allison Janisse                Who Do You Think You Are                            SR
     Allison Moorer                 When Will You Ever Come Down                        Sugar Hill
     Allison Moorer                 Pardon Me
     Allison Moorer                 Have You Ever Seen The Rain                         E One
     Allison Moorer                 Set You Free
     Allison Moorer                 Thunderstorm/Hurricane                              E One
     Allison Moorer                 Moonshiner                                          Vanguard
     Allison Moorer                 If I Were Stronger                                  E One
     Allison Moorer                 Blood                                               E One
     Allison Moorer                 A Soft Place To Fall
     Allison Moorer                 I Found A Letter
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 14
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Allison Moorer                 Down To Believing                                   E One 
     Allison Moorer                 Alabama Song
     Allison Moorer                 Where You Are                                       Sugar Hill
     Allison Moorer                 Hallelujah                                          Sugar Hill
     Allison Moorer                 Sorrow Don't Come Around                            Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Should I Be Concerned                               Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Is Heaven Good Enough For You                       Dualtone
     Allison Moorer                 Still This Side Of Gone                             Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 It's Gonna Feel Good When It Stops Hurting          Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Sorrow Don't Come Around                            Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 You'll Never Know                                   Sugar Hill
     Allison Moorer                 It's Gonna Feel Good When It Stops Hurting          Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Just Another Fool                                   Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Should I Be Concerned                               Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Still This Side Of Gone                             Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Just Another Fool                                   Ryko
     Allison Moorer                 Dancing Barefoot                                    New Line
     Allison Moorer                 The Hardest Part                                    MCA
     Allison Moorer                 Think It Over                                       MCA
     Allison Moorer                 Let Go                                              Universal South
     Allison Moorer                 Storms Never Last                                   Dualtone
     Allison Moorer                 Up This High                                        Univeral South
     Allison Moorer                 I'm Looking For Blue Eyes                           New Line
     Allison Moorer                 The Broken Girl                                     Sony
     Allison Moorer                 Mockingbird                                         New Line
     Allison Moorer                 I Want A Little Sugar                               New Line
     Allison Moorer                 Is It Worth It                                      MCA
     Allison Moorer                 Back Street Affair                                  Audium
     Allison Moorer                 Feeling That Feeling Again                          MCA
     Allison Paige                  Send A Message                                      Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  Together Like Never Before                          Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  All We Take With Us                                 Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  Where My Heart Lets Go                              Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  The End Of The World                                Capitol/H2E
     Allison Paige                  If Love Is A Weakness                               Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  Unkissed                                            Lofton Creek
     Allison Paige                  Shoe Me Heaven                                      Lofton Creek
     Ally Harron                    Walking In The Sun                                  HotDisc
     Ally Lindeen                   Teardrops Dry                                       HotDisc
     Alma Sibley                    Someday Baby                                        Mega
     Alma Sibley                    My Place In Nashville                               Mega
     Alma Sipley                    I Will Love You Forever                             Mega
     Alma Sipley                    My Place In Nashville                               Mega
     Almost Brothers                I Don't Love Her Anymore
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        Leavin' On Your Mind                                APCB
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        Past The Point Of Rescue                            APCB
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        Man Of Constant Sorrow                              APCB
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        Headed South                                        APCB
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        Sentimental Journey                                 APCB
     Almost Patsy Cline Band        You Belong To Me                                    APCB
     Alo                            Christmas Time                                      Brushfire
     Alpha Rev                      New Morning                                         Hollywood
     Alton Thrasher                 Matching White Circles
     Alyan                          Small Town Ways                                     SR
     Alyan                          Going Home                                          Canopy
     Alysha                         It Hurts                                            SA
     Alysha                         Nuthin' But A Chevy                                 SA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 15
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Alysha                         Leavin' Today                                       SA    
     Alyssa Jayson                  Anyway                                              My Mind
     Amanada Cevallos               Good For Nothing But Each Other                     SR
     Amanada Cevallos               Ready For The Times To Get Better                   AC
     Amanada Hunt-Taylor            Do I Like Loving You
     Amanada Hunt-Taylor            A Vacancy Of Love                                   Amandarick
     Amanda Anne Platt              The Guitar Case                                     Organic
     Amanda Anne Platt              Late Summer's Child                                 Organic
     Amanda Anne Platt              The Things We Call Home                             Organic
     Amanda Anne Platt              Learning How To Love Him                            Organic
     Amanda Cevallos                I'll Never Honky Tonk You                           AC
     Amanda Cevallos                Good For Nothin' But Each Other                     AC
     Amanda Fessant                 In Your Stillness                                   HMG
     Amanda Fessant                 You Make Me Happy                                   HMG
     Amanda Lynn                    Buckwild                                            Platinum Plus
     Amanda Lynn                    You'll See                                          AL
     Amanda Lynn                    Catch Me I'm Fallin'                                AL
     Amanda Pearcy                  Lackin' In Nothin'                                  AP
     Amanda Pearcy                  Royal Street                                        AP
     Amanda Pearcy                  Unbind                                              AP
     Amanda Pruitt                  I Can't Love You                                    Melody Roundup
     Amanda Shires                  Angels & Acrobats                                   SR
     Amanda Shires                  Swimmer                                             SR
     Amanda White                   A Good Woman To Love                                MTM
     Amanda White                   A Good Woman To Love                                MTM
     Amanda Wilkinson               No More Me & You                                    Universal South
     Amanda Wilkinson               Gone From Love Too Long                             Universal South
     Amarillo                       Somehow,Someday,Someway
     Amarillo                       Close All The Honky Tonks                           HotDisc
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Amazing Grace
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            We're In The Same Boat                              Sunshine
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            I Got A Real George Jones                           Sunshine
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Lipstick Traces                                     ABC
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Dancin' With The One You Love
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Third Rate Romance
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Midnight Communion                                  Sunshine
     Amazing Rhythm Aces            Sensual Woman                                       Real Aces
     Amber Dotson                   Blue Xmas                                           Capitol
     Amber Dotson                   I'll Try Anything                                   Capitol
     Amber Lane                     Up Against You                                      Evergreen
     Amber Rhodes                   So Long Goodbye                                     Stray Dog
     Amelia White                   Lonely Sound                                        SR
     Amelia White                   Tupelo Train                                        Funzalo
     American Ambulance             Fugitive                                            Rustic
     American Ambulance             First One Of A One Too Many Night                   Haydens Ferry
     American Babies                Swimming At Night                                   SciFidelity
     American Butterflys            Sweet Nothin's                                      HMG
     American Gun                   First Impressions                                   SR
     American Road                  I Dream In Country                                  SSM
     American Young                 Love Is War                                         Curb
     American Young                 Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight                          Curb
     Amie Comeaux                   How Hard Could It Be                                Misty
     Amie Comeaux                   All By Myself                                       Beaujo
     Amie Comeaux                   You Could Steal Me                                  Beaujo
     Amie Comeaux                   A Rose By Any Other Name                            Beaujo
     Amie Comeaux                   When You Smile At Me                                TexCdx
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 16
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Amie Stacy                     A Song For You                                      BGM   
     Amilia K. Spicer               Wild Horses                                         Don't Fence Me In
     Amilia K. Spicer               Fill Me Up                                          Free Range
     Amy & Adams                    Please Stop The Rain                                A&A
     Amy & Adams                    I Think It's Beautiful                              Okay Today
     Amy & Adams                    Dream                                               Okay Today
     Amy Allen                      Putting The Music Back In Me                        Wormwood
     Amy Allen                      Give Us One More Day                                Wormwood
     Amy Allen                      Someday Is Today                                    Wormwood
     Amy Ames                       Do Drop In                                          Grand Channel
     Amy Ames                       3 Boyfriends                                        HotDisc
     Amy Black                      Meet Me On The Dance Floor                          Reuben
     Amy Black                      You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man               Reuben
     Amy Black                      These Walls Are Falling Down                        Reuben
     Amy Black                      Hello                                               Reuben
     Amy Black                      I'm Home                                            Reuben
     Amy Bower                      Cards                                               Sonic
     Amy Cook                       Changing                                            Thirty Tigers
     Amy Dalley                     I Think You're Beautiful                            Curb
     Amy Dalley                     Everybody's Got A Vice                              Curb
     Amy Dalley                     Let's Try Goodbye                                   Curb
     Amy Dalley                     Living Together                                     Curb
     Amy Dalley                     I Would Cry                                         Curb
     Amy Dalley                     Good Kind Of Crazy                                  Curb
     Amy Dalley                     Men Don't Change                                    Curb
     Amy Farris                     Drivin' All Night                                   Yep Roc
     Amy Farris                     Let Go                                              Yep Roc
     Amy Farris                     Pretty Dresses                                      Yep Roc
     Amy Francis                    Apartment # 9                                       SR
     Amy Francis                    A Picture Of Me                                     SR
     Amy Francis                    Fool #1                                             SR
     Amy Francis                    Don't Touch Me                                      SR
     Amy Francis                    Stranger Things Have Happened                       SR
     Amy Francis                    Sweet Dreams                                        SR
     Amy Francis                    I'll Share My World                                 SR
     Amy Francis                    I'm Still Not Over You                              SR`
     Amy Holden                     Best Time                                           CDTex
     Amy Jack                       Jack Of All Trades                                  AJM
     Amy Jack                       If Not For Friends                                  CDTex
     Amy Jack                       Lay Me Down In Oklahoma                             SR
     Amy Jack                       Two Guys                                            HotDisc
     Amy Jack                       Gotta Life To Catch                                 CDTex
     Amy Jack                       Got Lonely Too Early                                CDTex
     Amy LaVere                     That Beat                                           Archer
     Amy Loftus                     Maybe It's A Sign                                   Appletree
     Amy Loftus                     Nashville Doesn't Sleep Here Tonight                Appletree
     Amy Loftus                     Artificial Glare                                    Appletree
     Amy Mitchell                   You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone                  Midland
     Amy Nelson                     In Case We Die                                      Will
     Amy Rigby                      All The Way To Heaven                               Signature
     Amy Rigby                      Angel After Hours                                   K och
     Amy Rose                       Sunday Morning After                                SR
     Amy Rose                       Put A  Lime In It                                   SR
     Amy Rose                       I Just Want You To                                  SR
     Amy Rose                       Sunshine                                            SR
     Amy Rose                       Bring Beer                                          SR
     Amy Rose                       One Of These Days                                   SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 17
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Amy Rose                       Party Lke A Redneck                                 SR    
     Amy Scipper                    Hard Baby To Rock                                   Song1
     Amy Scipper                    Can't Put The City In a Country Girl                Song1
     Amy Speace                     Better Than This                                    Windbone
     Amy Speace                     Trouble Looks Good On You                           Windbone
     Amy Speace                     Better                                              Wildflower
     Amy Speace                     Something More Than Rain                            Wildflower
     Amy Speace                     Dreaming                                            Grassy Hill
     Amy Speace                     The Real Thing                                      Grassy Hill
     Amy Speace                     Can't Find A Reason To Cry                          Grassy Hill
     An American Starlet            Half A Heart                                        Starlet's Web
     Ana Egge                       Fifth Of July                                       GP
     Ana Egge                       Promises To Break                                   Grace
     Ana Egge                       Cheaters & Deceivers                                Grace
     Ana Egge                       Quitting Early                                      Grace
     Andersonn's                    Angel Buddy                                         Slow Fox
     Andi & Browns                  Shows You What I Know
     Andi & Browns                  Lighter Shade Of Blue
     Andi & Browns                  Gently Hold Me
     Andi & Browns                  You Sure Picked A Good Day
     Andi & Browns                  Labor Of Love
     Andi Lee Smith                 Me Letting Go
     Andi Rosell                    Captive Of Your Love
     Andra                          Looks Like Love                                     Comstock
     Andra Townsend                 Hidden Heroes                                       HMG
     Andra Townsend                 Looks Like Love                                     Art
     Andrea Fairless                Love Like That                                      Pedernales
     Andrea Fairless                Down & Out In Dallas                                Pedernales
     Andrea Fairless                When Lonely Comes To You                            Pedernales
     Andrea Fairless                Two Brothers                                        Pedernales
     Andrea Fairless                How's The Other Half Of Me                          Pedernales
     Andrea Maybaum                 Get In, I'll Drive                                  DP
     Andrea Zonn                    Let Them Go                                         Compass
     Andrea Zonn                    Crazy If You Let It                                 Compass
     Andrew  &  Nancy Hunt          Band Of Gold                                        Haydens Ferry
     Andrew Barker                  I Can See You Lovin' Me                             HMG
     Andrew Carter                  The Weekend                                         Dog Song
     Andrew Carter                  Misssing Her                                        DogSong
     Andrew Carter                  Go Fishin'                                          DogSong
     Andrew Combs                   Heart Of Wonder                                     New West
     Andrew Combs                   What It Means To You                                New West
     Andrew Combs                   Dirty Rain                                          New West
     Andrew Dean                    Country Music                                       Nite Sky
     Andrew Dean                    She Don't Live Here Anymore                         Nite Sky
     Andrew Dean                    Goodbye Memory                                      Western Heart
     Andrew Dean                    Money Tree                                          Western Heart
     Andrew Dean                    Tear Stained Paper                                  TCMA
     Andrew Dean                    In My Memory                                        Western Heart
     Andrew Dean                    Swingtown                                           Nite Sky
     Andrew Dean                    She's Really Gone                                   Hot Disc
     Andrew Dean                    Everybody Loves A DJ                                Nite Sky
     Andrew Dean                    Robbing Peter To Pay Pauline                        Western Heart
     Andrew Dean                    Wide Open Dreams                                    Nite Sky
     Andrew Dean                    A Dozen Red Roses                                   Nite Sky
     Andrew Delaney                 You Drink Too Much                                  AD
     Andrew Gold                    Sorry To Let You Go                                 Dome
     Andrew Heller                  Scrap Piece Of Paper                                SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 18
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Andrew Heller                  The Great I Am                                      HMG   
     Andrew Heller                  Smokey Mountain Rain                                Diamond Dust
     Andrew Heller                  Roselita                                            Heller
     Andrew Heller                  Rosalita                                            SR
     Andrew Heller                  They Call The Wind Maria                            Heller
     Andrew Heller                  Houston Houston Houston                             SR
     Andrew Heller                  Smoky Mountain Rain                                 SR
     Andrew Heller                  Tom Dooley                                          Heller
     Andrew Heller                  I Believe                                           HMG
     Andrew Heller                  King Of The Road                                    Heller
     Andrew Heller                  El Paso                                             Heller
     Andrew Jessip                  United We Stand                                     General Rawl
     Andrew Marshall                Maybe This Time                                     PSM
     Andrew T. Hunt                 Band Of Gold                                        Haydesn Ferry
     Andrew T. Hunt                 You And I Alone                                     Haydens Ferry
     Andrew T. Hunt                 Honky Tonks                                         Haydens Ferry
     Andy Brown                     When The Rodeo Is Over                              Diamond Blue
     Andy Budd                      Godspeed                                            Red Bush
     Andy Budd                      If You Did That Today                               Red Bush
     Andy Budd                      Old Freight                                         Red Bush
     Andy Budd                      He's Still Missing Her                              Red Bush
     Andy Budd                      Ragtop Monterey                                     Red Bush
     Andy Budd                      Don't Bother Calling                                Red Bush
     Andy Childs                    Simple Life
     Andy Childs                    Walking Thru The Wilderness
     Andy Childs                    I Wouldn't Know
     Andy Fairweather Low           Hymn 4 My Soul                                      Proper
     Andy Gibson                    I Wanna Make You Love Me                            Rand J
     Andy Gibson                    Long Road                                           SR
     Andy Gibson                    Summer Back                                         Curb
     Andy Gibson                    I Wanna Make You Love Me                            RandJ
     Andy Gibson                    Best Thing                                          Curb
     Andy Gibson                    Wanna Make Love To You                              DMP
     Andy Griggs                    Please Come Home For Christmas                      Montage
     Andy Griggs                    Lady Down On Love                                   HotDisc
     Andy Griggs                    I Don't Know A Thing                                RCA
     Andy Griggs                    Waitin' On Sundown                                  RCA
     Andy Griggs                    This I gotta See                                    RCA
     Andy Griggs                    You Won't Ever Be Lonley
     Andy Griggs                    How Cool Is That                                    RCA
     Andy Griggs                    I Miss You Most                                     RCA
     Andy Griggs                    If Heaven                                           RCA
     Andy Griggs                    Tattoo Rose                                         Montage
     Andy Griggs                    Old Habits                                          Curb
     Andy Griggs                    What If It's Me                                     Montage
     Andy Griggs                    I Do Let Go                                         HotDisc
     Andy Griggs                    She Thinks She Needs Me                             RCA
     Andy Griggs                    Tonite I Wanna Be Your Man                          RCA
     Andy Griggs                    20 Little Angels                                    Double E
     Andy Griggs                    I Never Had A Chance                                RCA
     Andy Griggs                    You Made Me That Way                                RCA
     Andy Griggs                    I'll Go Crazy
     Andy Griggs                    She's More                                          RCA
     Andy Griggs                    Me On His Mind                                      HMG
     Andy Griggs                    Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way                  HotDisc
     Andy Griggs                    Ramblin' Man                                        HotDisc
     Andy Griggs/Martina McBride    Practice Life                                       RCA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 19
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Andy Griggs/Waylon Jennings    Shine On Me                                         RCA   
     Andy Hersey                    He's The Reason                                     HM
     Andy King                      I'll Keep Pretending
     Andy Leftwich                  Minor Swing                                         Skaggs Family
     Andy Martin                    You Give My Heart A Beatin'                         AMB
     Andy Martin                    Drop Everything                                     HotDisc
     Andy Martin                    Some Days It Takes All Night                        Hillcrest
     Andy May                       At The Fork In The Road                             SR
     Andy May                       My Small Town                                       SR
     Andy Rivers                    Back In The Saddle Again                            Western Heart
     Andy Ross                      Back On The Backroads                               Buck Shot
     Andy Scheinman                 Just Because                                        Tangible
     Andy Singer                    Faithful  And True                                  EHK
     Andy Stewart                   I Don't Want To Need You                            Tamara
     Andy Stewart                   Mercy Of You                                        Tamara
     Andy Tanas                     Damage                                              AT
     Andy Tanas                     Her Own Little World                                AT
     Andy Tanas                     Typical Male                                        AMP
     Andy Tanas                     Crying Angel                                        AT
     Andy Velo                      Hank it Up                                          LoozLip
     Ange Boxall                    Electric Blue                                       SR
     Ange Boxall                    Going Home On A Sunday                              SR
     Ange Boxall                    Fool For Now                                        SR
     Ange Boxall                    Loving Between The Lines                            SR
     Angel Band                     Don't Let Me Down                                   Appleseed
     Angel Brennan                  Desert Rain                                         Western Heart
     Angel Mary                     Ramblin'                                            SR
     Angel Nash                     I Love The Way If Feels                             Lanier
     Angela Baron                   Reaching Out                                        Song1
     Angela Baron                   Speak To Me                                         Song1
     Angela Dawn                    White House, TN                                     EHK
     Angela Easterling              Just Like Flying                                    Blacktop Road
     Angela Easterling              Maria My Friend                                     AE
     Angela Easterling              Never Got That Far                                  AE
     Angela Easterling              Stars Over The Prairie                              Blacktop Road
     Angela Easterling              Lay My Head                                         AEM
     Angela Hesse                   Hot Summertime                                      HMG
     Angela Lidin                   Hearts May Be Broken                                HotDisc
     Angela Lidin                   Sweet Love                                          Copyright Control
     Angela Peterson                Thank God For Beer                                  CDTex
     Angelena Arkansas              What's That Song Doing On The Radio                 Aaron
     Angelina Brennan               Daddy's Eyes                                        Gray
     Angie                          A Little At A Time                                  Midland
     Angie & Deserters              Don't Cry                                           Topanga
     Angie & Deserters              The Gift                                            Topanga
     Angie & Deserters              Smile                                               Topanga
     Angie & Deserters              Country Radio                                       SR
     Angie Brady                    Deeper Water                                        AB
     Angie Brady                    Cloud 10                                            CDTex
     Angie Brady                    You Don't Know Me                                   AB
     Angie Brady                    Unlock Me                                           AB
     Angie Brady                    Any Less A Man                                      AB
     Angie Brady                    Let's Have This Moment                              AB
     Angie Johnson                  Swagger                                             Sony
     Angie Raulerson                Wings Of Love                                       Comstock
     Angie Raulerson                I Know You Hear Me                                  Comstock
     Angie Raulerson                Love Is In The Details                              Comstock
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 20
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Angie Stevens                  The Current That Carries                            Boss Koala
     Angie Stevens                  Anything                                            Boss Koala
     Anita Carter                   Tulsa County
     Anita Carter                   Love's Ring Of Fire                                 Mercury
     Anita Carter                   To Be A Child Again
     Anita Cochran                  I Could Love A Man Like That                        Warner
     Anita Cochran                  For Crying Out Loud
     Anita Cochran                  A Cheatin' Song                                     WB
     Anita Cochran                  You With Me                                         Warner Bths.
     Anita Jayln Norris             Does She Love You As Much As I Do
     Anita Perras                   Think Again                                         PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   Crystal Teardrops                                   PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   You Should Dream                                    Comstock
     Anita Perras                   Cry                                                 PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   Little Devil                                        Comstock
     Anita Perras                   Tomorrow                                            PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   Rain Or Shine                                       PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   I'll Take Care Of You                               PineRidge
     Anita Perras                   Baby's First Christmas                              Pine Ridge
     Anita Stapleton                Back In My Babys Arms Again                         HotDisc
     Ann Brown                      If I Knew Then What I Know Now                      GBS
     Ann Brown                      Slow Country Dancing                                Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      I Guess I'm Good For Something After All            GBS
     Ann Brown                      Albuquerque                                         GBS
     Ann Brown                      I'd Run A Mile To You                               GBS
     Ann Brown                      When You're Caught With The Goods                   TGIC
     Ann Brown                      Don't Move Another Step Closer                      TGIC
     Ann Brown                      Record Breaking Heartache Of The Year               TGIC
     Ann Brown                      Constantly                                          Hal Kat
     Ann Brown                      You've Got Til Closing Time                         Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      I'm Gonna Miss You Every Chance I Can               Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      Give Me A Ring                                      Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      Mamma Can't Mend A Broken Heart                     TGIC
     Ann Brown                      I Don't Wanna Make Love To You                      Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      Had I Known What The Cards Held For Me              Western Heart
     Ann Brown                      Don't Touch Me                                      TGIC
     Ann Brown                      If You've Got To Have It Your Way                   Ready
     Ann J. Morton                  Poor Wilted Rose
     Ann J. Morton                  I'm Not In The Mood For Love                        Prairie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  It Ain't Workin'                                    Prairie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  Tainted Rose                                        Prarie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  Poor Wilted Rose                                    Prairie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  Cry Baby Cry                                        Prairie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  It's Written All Over Your Face                     Prarie Dust
     Ann J. Morton                  You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry                  Prarie Dust
     Ann J. Morton/Dennis Morgan    Mr. Magician                                        Prairie Dust
     Ann Pascoe                     Elvis + Jesus                                       Diamondback
     Ann Savoy                      The Very Thought Of You                             Memphis
     Ann Savoy                      If Dreams Come True                                 Memphis
     Ann Wilson                     Isolation                                           Zoe
     Ann Wilson                     Get Together                                        Zoe
     Anna Garrott                   What A Way To Go                                    Blue Steel
     Anna Nalick                    Breathe                                             Paste
     Anna Owens                     Fall Again
     Anna Zajac                     Come Back Elvis                                     Western Heart
     Anne Kristin                   I've Got Dreams                                     Stardust
     Anne Lord                      Endlessly
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 21
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Anne Lord                      Rainbow                                                   
     Anne McCue                     Blue Sky Thinkin'                                   Flying Machine
     Anne McCue                     Things You Left Out In The Rain                     Flying Machine
     Anne McCue                     Love's Not Passing Us By                            AM
     Anne Murray                    We Don't Have To Hold Out
     Anne Murray                    Feed The Fire
     Anne Murray                    Flying On Your Own
     Anne Murray                    I Can See Arkansas
     Anne Murray                    Nobody Loves Me Like You
     Anne Murray                    Hey Baby
     Anne Murray                    A Stranger In My Place
     Anne Murray                    Golden Oldie                                        Capitol
     Anne Murray                    He Thinks I Still Care
     Anne Murray                    Lucky Me
     Anne Murray                    Son Of A Rotten Gambler
     Anne Murray                    Another Sleepless Nite
     Anne Murray                    You Needed Me
     Anne Murray                    Anyone Can Do The Heartbreak
     Anne Murray                    I Don't Think I'm Ready Yet
     Anne Murray                    Sing High Sing Low                                  Capitol
     Anne Murray                    A Love Song
     Anne Murray                    Sunday School To Broadway                           Capitol
     Anne Murray                    Everyday
     Anne Murray                    Daydream Believer
     Anne Murray                    Just Another Woman In Love
     Anne Murray                    It's All I Can Do
     Anne Murray                    Blessed Are The Believers
     Anne Murray                    Yes I Do
     Anne Murray                    Cotton Jenny
     Anne Murray                    Bluebird
     Anne Murray                    What About Me
     Anne Murray                    Snowbird
     Anne Murray                    Somebody's Always Sayin' Goodbye
     Anne Murray                    Things
     Anne Murray                    Now & Forever (You And Me)
     Anne Murray                    Sunday School To Broadway
     Anne Murray                    A Little Good News                                  Capitol
     Anne Murray                    Time Don't Run Out On Me
     Anne Murray                    Who But You
     Anne Murray                    You Will
     Anne Murray                    You Won't See Me
     Anne Murray                    Walk Right Back
     Anne Murray                    Could I Have This Dance
     Anne Murray                    Are You Still In Love With Me
     Anne Murray                    Danny's Song
     Anne Murray                    Shadows In The Moonlight
     Anne Murray                    Lovin' You
     Anne Murray                    A Little Good News
     Anne Murray                    Slow Passin' Time
     Anne Murray                    I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
     Anne Murray                    I Just Fall In Love Again
     Anne Murray                    Put Your Hand In The Hand
     Anne Murray/Doug Mallory       Perfect Strangers
     Anne Murray/Glen Campbell      I Say A Little Prayer/By The Time I Get To Pheonix
     Anne Murray/Shania Twain       You Needed Me                                       SR
     Annelle                        The Night The Moon Turned Blue                      RRR
     Annelle                        Angel In Your Arms                                  RRR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 22
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Annelle                        If The Music's Any Faster                           RRR   
     Annelle                        Not Even Crying                                     RRR
     Annelle                        E-Mail Every Day                                    Rocky Road
     Annessa Fast                   More Than                                           AFP
     Annette                        Trying Not To Cry                                   Playback
     Annette                        A Chance I've Gotta Take                            Playback
     Annette                        Trying Not To Cry
     Anni Filt                      Looking For Santa                                   Western Heart
     Anni Filt/Charlie McCoy        Baby Ride Easy                                      Hot Disc
     Annie Keating                  Take The Wheel                                      Brown Bear
     Annie Keating                  All Gone                                            AK
     Annie Sims                     80 Acres Of Stars                                   Aspirion
     Annie's Crossing               Value Of A Woman                                    Amusiin
     Ann-Lesley Smith               Grandma                                             HMG
     Ann-Marita                     More Than Meets The Eye                             AM
     Ann-Marita                     Face In The Crowd                                   Comstock
     Ann-Marita                     You Said Forever                                    AM
     Ann-Marita                     The Hands Of Time                                   AM
     Ansel Brown                    Didn't We Shine                                     NMW
     Anthony Aaron Hodge            How Do You Sleep At Night                           Comstock
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        Lead Me Not in To Temptation                        Chart
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        Proud Mary                                          Chart
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        Breaking Point                                      Chart
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        Take A Letter Maria                                 Chart
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        Sugar In The Flowers                                Chart
     Anthony Armstrong Jones        New Orleans                                         Chart
     Anthony Carson                 That Easy To Forget                                 J.A.T
     Anthony Duke                   May You Be Loved                                    HotDisc
     Anthony Duke                   Stain                                               HotDisc
     Anthony Dukes                  Gold To Me                                          HotDisc
     Anthony Finney                 Dangerous                                           MTM
     Anthony Finney                 Take A Look At That Girl                            MTM
     Anthony Good                   Daddy's Little Angel                                Aaron
     Anthony Good                   Way Below The Bottom                                Aaron
     Anthony Michael James          First One To Leave                                  AMJ
     Anthony Michael James          Let Me                                              Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          After School                                        Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          Sweet Sarah                                         Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          Old Friends                                         Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          One More Goodbye                                    Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          Without You                                         Diamond
     Anthony Michael James          Heroes For Christmas                                Diamond
     Anthony Neff                   Only A Dream                                        Porch Glow
     Anthony Rivera                 Wish You Were Loving Me Like That                   Dreampath
     Anthony Rivera                 Beer Bottle Brown                                   STS
     Anthony Rivera                 You Kissed The Words Right Off My Lips              DreamPath
     Anthony Rivera                 What She Don't Know                                 Dream Path
     Anthony Rivera                 Dear One                                            Dream Path
     Anthony Rivera                 Heart Above Water                                   DreamPath
     Anthony Smith                  John J. Blanchard                                   Mercury
     Anthony Smith                  Half A Man                                          Mercury
     Antigone Rising                Breaking Me                                         Rising Shine
     Antigone Rising                No Remedy                                           Rising Shine
     Antigone Rising                Everywhere Is Home                                  Rising Shine
     Antonio Rosales                It Started Raining                                  Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales                Time's Running Out                                  Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales                Rumors  And Lies                                    Radio Jukebox
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 23
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Antonio Rosales                All I Think Of Is You                               Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales                Give It One More Try                                Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales                Luck Be A Lady                                      Radio Jukebox
     Antonio Rosales                It Started Raining                                  Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales                Luck Be A Lady                                      Stardust
     Antonio Rosales                It's My Guess                                       Western Heart
     Antonio Rosales/Ernioe AshworthOh Betty Lou                                        Western Heart
     Antsey McClain                 When Ruby Falls                                     AM
     Antsey McClain                 Falling In Love In America                          DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Santa Claus Finds A Way                             DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Drowning In You                                     Trinity
     Antsey McClain                 KoA Refugee                                         DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Ella May                                            Trinity
     Antsey McClain                 Right Through Me                                    Trinity
     Antsey McClain                 I  Wanna Live In A Billboard                        DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Field Trip                                          Trinity
     Antsey McClain                 Everything's A Dollar                               DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Christmas At The Trailer Park                       DPR
     Antsey McClain                 A Poor Man's Education                              DPR
     Antsey McClain                 I Might As Well Be Talking to The Wall              DPR
     Antsey McClain                 In Between The Goodbye & Getting Over You           DPR
     Antsey McClain                 She's under The Mistletoe Again                     DPR
     Antsey McClain                 The Elves' Strike                                   DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Mary Lou's Christmas List                           DPR
     Antsey McClain                 Frank The Xmas Turkey                               DPR
     Antsy McClain                  New Good Old Days                                   DPR
     Antsy McClain                  The Blah Blah Song                                  DPR
     Antsy McClain                  When You're Laughing                                DPR
     Aoife O'Donovan                Fire Engine                                         YepRoc
     Aoife O'Donovan                Red & White & Blue & Gold                           YepRoc
     Ap Mauro                       These Chains                                        Lamon
     Ap Mauro                       Tomorrow Walked Right Out The Door                  Lamon
     Ap Mauro                       Unfaithfully                                        HotDisc
     Apache Moon                    12 Year Old Whiskey                                 Mp3.Com
     Appalachian Trail              Can't Hold On To Much                               MMM
     Appalachian Trail              Pocket Knives & Fiddle Tunes                        MMM
     Appointed 2                    When Grandma Prayed                                 Danshell
     Appointed 2                    Up To You & I                                       Danshell
     April & Amicks                 Safe Deposit Box
     April Smith                    Colors                                              Paste
     April Taylor                   What It Takes                                       Plateau
     April Taylor                   Hero At Home                                        Plateau
     April Taylor                   I Wanna Live Like That                              Plateau
     April Taylor                   Let It Snow                                         Plateau
     April Taylor                   Just Another Hurt                                   Plateau
     April Taylor                   All My Love                                         Plateau
     April Taylor                   When You Come From Nothing                          Plateau
     April Taylor                   All My Love                                         Plateau
     April Trader                   You And Me Forever                                  CDN
     April Turpin                   Teardrops                                           Mega
     April Verch                    Let's Make A Fair Trade                             Slab Town
     April Verch                    You're Not Mine Anymore                             Slab Town
     April Verch                    A Fool Such As I                                    Slab Town
     April Verch                    The Lord Knows I'm Drinking                         Slab Town
     Arabella                       I Ain't Found Him Yet                               A.M.I
     Arabella Jones                 Let's Roll                                          SR
     Arabella Jones                 Blow It Up                                          Diamondback
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 24
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Archie Campbell                Xmas At The Oprey                                         
     Archie Campbell                Bedtime Story For Adults
     Archie Campbell                Xmas Eve In Heaven
     Archie Campbell                The Christ Before Nightmas
     Archie Campbell                Black Bantam
     Archie Campbell                Rindercella
     Archie Campbell                Tell It Like It Is
     Archie Campbell                That's Good                                         Starday
     Archie Campbell                The Joker Is Wild
     Archie Campbell                Three Little Pigs
     Ariana Hodes                   Beand New Key                                       Ocala
     Ariana Hodes                   If I Said I Needed You                              SR
     Ariana Hodes                   You Don't Have To Say You Love Me                   SR
     Aristocats                     I'm Alive Today                                     HotDisc
     Arkin Terrell                  If This Is All There Is                             Canyon Creek
     Arkin Terrell                  Clean Slate                                         HMG
     Arlen Roth                     Sleepwalk                                           Aquinnah
     Arlene                         Apartment # 9                                       HotDisc
     Arlene Harden                  Ruby Gentry's Daughter
     Arlene Harden                  Congratulations (You Sure Made A Man Out Of You)
     Arlene Harden                  Cryin
     Arlene Harden                  Lovin' Man (Oh Pretty Woman)
     Arlene Harden                  Southern Belle
     Arlene Harden                  My Friend
     Arlene Harden                  Who Loves Who
     Arlene Harden                  Coming Home Soldier
     Arlene Harden                  Would You Walk With Me Jimmy                        Columbia
     Arlene Harden                  Fair Weather Love
     Arlene Harden                  He's A Good Old Boy
     Arlo Guthrie                   Oklahoma Hills                                      Rising Son
     Arlos Smith                    Tropical Vacation                                   Waldoxy
     Arly Karlsen/Pat Roden         Please Don't Stop Loving Me                         Hot Disc
     Arly Karlsen/Red Lane          I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home                  Hot Disc
     Armadillo Road                 Take Me Back                                        CDTex
     Armadillo Road                 Good Times                                          CDTex
     Arne Benoni                    My Life Did Not Begin Until You                     Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    She Misses Him                                      Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    In The Arms Of Yesterday                            Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    He'll Have To Go                                    Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    I'm Gonna Change Everything                         Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    One Life Stand                                      Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    It's Just A Feeling                                 Western Heart
     Arne Benoni                    I've Lost All Of My Senses                          Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Welcome To My World                                 Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    10,000 Acres                                        Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Big Hand                                            HotDisc
     Arne Benoni                    Sentimental Girl                                    Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    I Guess I'm Crazy                                   Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Am I Losing You                                     Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Billy Bayou                                         Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Anna Marie                                          Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Distant Drums                                       Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    Four Walls                                          Round Robin
     Arne Benoni                    I Love You Because                                  Round Robin
     Arne Benoni/Dottie West        As For Me                                           Round Robin
     Arne Benoni/Lori Brooks        Even If I Do                                        Round Robin
     Arne Benoni/Ottar Johansen     Good Ol Boys                                        HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 25
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Arnie Benoni                   Broken Heartland                                    Western Heart
     Arnie Benoni                   One Life                                            Round Robin
     Arnie Benoni                   Xmas Time's A Comin'                                Western Heart
     Arnie Rue                      Spare A Little Lovin'
     Arnie Rue                      Rodle-Odeo-Home
     Aron Dees                      Scars                                               Western Heart
     Art Comperz Band               Love Is Just For Fools                              Artopia
     Art Essery                     Mandolin Man
     Art Essery                     Missouri Loves Company
     Art Essery                     I'll Be There To Catch You
     Art Garfunkel                  Why Worry                                           Columbia
     Art Gomperz Band               Love Is Just For Fools                              Artopia
     Art Hagen                      Range Riders Blues                                  Tatanka
     Arthur Alligood                Shouldn't Be That Hard                              Alleycat
     Arthur Lee Land                Into The Waters                                     Perfect Groove`
     Arthur Lee Land                Drum & A Chair                                      Perfect Groove
     Arthur Smith                   A Friend
     Arthur Smith                   Fueding Banjos
     Arthur Smith                   Guitar Boogie
     Artia Tobia                    Phonenix                                            SR
     Arty Hill                      Don's Bop                                           Cow Island
     Arty Hill                      I Can't Help It                                     Cow Island
     Arty Hill                      Church On Saturday Night                            Cow Island
     Arty Hill                      Montgomery On My Mind                               Cow Island
     Arvis Austin                   Another Man's Hands
     As Good As Gone                Brett Hauser                                        SR
     Asa Brebner                    Trouble In The Woods                                Hi n Dry
     Aselin Debison                 To Say Goodbye To You                               Sony
     Aselin Debison                 Driftwood                                           Sony
     Ash Bowers                     Ain't No Stopping Her Now                           Stoney Creek
     Ash Bowers                     I Still Believe In That                             Stoney Creek
     Ash Bowers                     Stuck                                               Stoney Creek
     Ash Breeze                     Without Love                                        Mountain Fever
     Ashleigh Lisset                Kill The Headlights                                 SR
     Ashleigh Rogers                My Sweetest Memory                                  GUM
     Ashley Clark                   Greyhound                                           IRS
     Ashley Culler                  At Last                                             ACE
     Ashley Culler                  Dream On                                            ACE
     Ashley Gearing                 Out The Window                                      Curb
     Ashley Gearing                 Boomerang                                           Curb
     Ashley Gearing                 What Do You Think About Us                          Curb
     Ashley Gearing                 Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You                  Lyric Street
     Ashley Gearing                 Five More Minutes                                   Curb
     Ashley Gearing                 I Found It In You                                   Dreamcatcher
     Ashley Gearing                 Me My Heart & I                                     Curb
     Ashley Helmuth                 Full Circle                                         PSM
     Ashley Jay                     Make It Hurt                                        Mad Dog
     Ashley Jay                     Only When                                           Mad Dog
     Ashley Jordan                  Trouble                                             AJM
     Ashley Lewis                   Another Place Another Time                          SR
     Ashley Little                  Tie Me Up                                           615
     Ashley Little                  We're Talkin' Tears                                 615
     Ashley McBryde                 Radioland                                           Atlantic
     Ashley McBryde                 Girl Goin' Nowhere                                  Atlantic
     Ashley McBryde                 A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega                      Atlantic
     Ashley Monical                 Trouble                                             AM
     Ashley Monical                 A Child I Was                                       AM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 26
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Ashley Monroe                  I'm Good At Leavin'                                 WB    
     Ashley Monroe                  The Morning After                                   WB
     Ashley Monroe                  If The Devil Don't Want Me                          WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Mayflowers                                          WB
     Ashley Monroe                  You Got Me                                          WB
     Ashley Monroe                  She's Driving Me Out Of Your Mind                   WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Used                                                WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Two Weeks Late                                      WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Has Anybody Ever Told You                           WB
     Ashley Monroe                  I Don't Want To                                     Columbia
     Ashley Monroe                  On To Something Good                                WB
     Ashley Monroe                  On To Someting Good                                 WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Satisfied                                           Columbia
     Ashley Monroe                  If Love Was Fair                                    WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Like A Rose                                         WB
     Ashley Monroe                  Bombshell                                           WB
     Ashley Monroe                  The Blade                                           WB
     Ashley Monroe/Blake Shelton    You Ain't Dolly                                     WB
     Ashley Ray                     Dirt Cheap                                          CDTex
     Ashley Robertson               Living In Misery                                    AR
     Ashley Robertson               Cold Enough To Burn                                 AR
     Ashley Robertson               I Will Never Tell                                   AR
     Ashley Robertson               Deep In The Night                                   AR
     Ashley Robertson               I Came Before Her                                   AR
     Ashley Robertson               Finished With You                                   AR
     Ashley Robertson               How Are You My Love                                 AR
     Ashley Robertson               You Decide                                          AR
     Ashley Robertson               Return To Me                                        SR
     Ashley Robertson               Make Me A Stone                                     AR
     Ashley Robertson               The Good Girl                                       AR
     Ashley Robertson               Woman In The White Dress                            AR
     Ashley Robertson               Wild & Free                                         AR
     Ashley Robertson               I Will Never Tell                                   Comstock
     Ashley Robertson               When You Do That                                    Comstock
     Ashlynn Vince                  Take Cover                                          HotDisc
     Ashton Dupre                   Last Call                                           CDTex
     Ashton Jackson                 Our World Stood Still                               Wynnesong
     Ashton Shepherd                Look It Up                                          Universal
     Ashton Shepherd                Takin' Off This Pain                                MCA
     Ashton Shepherd                Seventeen Again                                     PLA
     Ashton Shepherd                Sounds So Good                                      MCA
     Ashton Shepherd                Where Country Grows                                 MCA
     Ashton Shepherd                Sounds So Good                                      MCA
     Ashton Shepherd                Where Country Grows                                 HotDisc
     Ask The Woods                  Sierra                                              SR
     Ask The Woods                  Happy Hour                                          SR
     Asleep At The Wheel            House Of Blue Lights (2001)                         Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Miles & Miles Of Texas  (2001)                      Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Sugarfoot Rag (2001)                                Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Big Balls In Cowtown                                Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Dance With The One Who Brought You (2001)           Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Choo Choo Choo-Boogie (2001)                        Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Don't Get Caught Out In The Rain
     Asleep At The Wheel            My Baby Thinks He's A Train (2001)                  Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens                   Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            The Letter That Johnny Walker Read (2001)           Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Cherokee Maiden                                     Dreamworks
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 27
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Asleep At The Wheel            Albuquerque                                         Lazy SOB
     Asleep At The Wheel            Route 66 (2001)                                     Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Misery                                              Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel            Take Me Back To Tulsa (Live)                        Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Am I Right                                          Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel            This 'Ol Cowboy                                     Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel            Last Meal                                           Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Boogie Back To Texas                                Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Texas Me & You
     Asleep At The Wheel            Hot Like That                                       Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel            We've Gone As Far As We Can
     Asleep At The Wheel            You & Me Instead
     Asleep At The Wheel            The Trouble With Lovin' Today
     Asleep At The Wheel            Texas Me & You (2001)                               Relentless
     Asleep At The Wheel            Chattanooga Choo Choo
     Asleep At The Wheel            Hot Rod Lincoln
     Asleep At The Wheel            Letter That Johnny Walker Read
     Asleep At The Wheel            Roly Poly
     Asleep At The Wheel            Nothing Takes The Place Of You
     Asleep At The Wheel            Route 66
     Asleep At The Wheel            Miles & Miles Of Texas
     Asleep At The Wheel/Clint BlackBob Wills Is Still The King
     Asleep At The Wheel/Jason Sehornoogie Back To Texas                                Castle
     Asleep At The Wheel/Lee Ann Womackrt to Heart Talk
     Asleep At The Wheel/Leon RauschGet Your Kicks                                      Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel/Leon RauschIt's A Good Day                                     Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel/Leon RauschI Didn't Realize                                    Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel/Leon RauschSnap Your Fingers                                   Bismeaux
     Asleep At The Wheel/Lyle LovettBlues For Dixie
     Asleep At The Wheel/Reba Mcentireght Or Wrong
     Atchafalaya                    Leading Man
     Atlanta                        Can't You Hear The Whistle Blow
     Atlanta                        Grandpa Was A Fiddlin' Fool                         Fox Fire
     Atlanta                        Atlanta Burned Again Last Nite
     Atlanta                        Pictures
     Atlanta                        Sad Cliches
     Atlanta                        This Promise                                        HotDisc
     Atlanta                        Sweet Country Music
     Atlanta                        Missouri Man                                        HotDisc
     Atlanta                        My Sweet Eyed Georgia Girl
     Atlanta Pops                   Just Hooked On Country I
     Atlanta Pops                   Just Hooked On Country II
     Atlanta Pops                   Old Cowboys Never Die
     Atlanta Rhythm Section         Silver Eagle
     Atomic Deluxe                  Cryin' Waitin' Wishin'
     Atomic Duo                     Trickle Down                                        SR
     Aubree Bullock                 That's Life                                         HMG
     Aubree Bullock                 Three Wooden Crosses                                HMG
     Aubree Bullock                 In The Shadow Of My Steeple                         HMG
     Aubrey Haynie/Carl Jackson     Homesick & Lonesome                                 Sugar Hill
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 Why Don't You Spend The Night                       HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 Watchin' Robin Like A Hawk                          HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 Silence in The Wind                                 HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 The Cheating Kind                                   HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 All I Have To Offer You Is Me                       HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 It Was Almost Like A Song                           HotDisc
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 Neon Moon                                           HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 28
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Aubrey Lovejoy                 My Heart Is Not What It Used To Be                  HotDisc
     Audie Blaylock                 My Darling's Last Goodbye                           Rural Rhythm
     Audie Blaylock                 Two Lonely Hearts                                   Rural Rhythm
     Audie Blaylock                 My Blue Eyed Darling                                Rural Rhythm
     Audie Henry                    Being A Fool Again
     Audie Henry                    Heaven Knows
     Audra Mae                      Two Melodies                                        Side One Dummy
     Audra Mae                      Annie Get Your Gun                                  Side One Dummy
     Audrey Auld                    You Remind Me Of A Bad Memory                       Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Lonely Town                                         SR
     Audrey Auld                    Your Wife                                           SR
     Audrey Auld                    Fake Love With Me                                   Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Bury Me At Walmart                                  SR
     Audrey Auld                    Cry                                                 Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Drinkin' Problem                                    SR
     Audrey Auld                    Tree                                                AR
     Audrey Auld                    Looking For Luckenbach                              Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Just Love                                           Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Mountain Home                                       Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Alcohol & Pills                                     Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Next Big Nothing                                    Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Ball & Chain                                        Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Love You Like The Earth                             Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Drinking Problem                                    Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    I'd Leave Me Too                                    Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Shove It                                            Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Waltzing Matilda                                    Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Pub With No Beer                                    Reckless
     Audrey Auld                    Camooweal                                           Reckless
     Audrey Auld/Bill Chambers      Tex & Buddy                                         Reckless
     Audrey Kelly                   Something Funny Goin' On                            HotDisc
     Augusta Purvis                 Say You Love Me                                     EHK
     Austin & King                  Love Don't Live There Anymore                       Western Heart
     Austin & King                  Driving Me Out Of Her Mind                          Traveler
     Austin Church                  Another White Trash Xmas                            Western Heart
     Austin Collins                 Broken                                              Homegrown
     Austin Cunningham              Yankee Farm In Texas                                CDTex
     Austin Law                     Neon Halo                                           Hookup
     Austin Lounge Lizards          Stupid Texas Song
     Austin Lounge Lizards          Too Big To Fail                                     Blue Corn
     Austin Lounge Lizards          Got A Big Stuipd On                                 Blue Corn
     Austin Lounge Lizards          I Lied                                              Blue Corn
     Austin Lounge Lizards          If I Saw You All The Time                           Blue Corn
     Austin Lounge Lizards          The Me I Used To Be                                 Sugar Hill
     Austin Lucas                   Stay Reckless                                       New West
     Austin Lucas                   Save It For Yourself                                New West
     Austin Lucas                   Small Town Heart                                    New West
     Austin Webb                    Raise 'em Up                                        Streamsound
     Australia's Tornadoes          Cowboy For A Night                                  Hillbilly Rick
     Autry Inman                    Ballad Of Two Brothers
     Autumn Zero                    Take Me Back                                        SR
     Avett Brothers                 Love Like The Movies                                Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Paranoia in B Major                                 Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Shame                                               King Easy
     Avett Brothers                 Sixteen In July                                     Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Left On Laura, Left On Lisa                         Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Pretend Love                                        Ramseur
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 29
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Avett Brothers                 A Lover Like You                                    Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Kick Drum Heart                                     Columbia
     Avett Brothers                 A Lot Of Movin'                                     Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 At The Beach                                        Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Swept Away                                          Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane                         Ramseur
     Avett Brothers                 Signs                                               Ramseur
     Avrio                          Take Your Time                                      HotDisc
     Avrio                          To Be Certain                                       HotDisc
     Avrio Simera                   Just A Dream                                        HotDisc
     Ayvonne Jones                  Each Time I Say It's The Last Time
     Aztec Two-Step                 Scotty Moore,Bill Black & Elvis                     Red Engine
     B J                            I'll Be Gone                                        EHK
     B Stagg                        Last Train To Cairo                                 SR
     B. Foley/D. Adkins             Pretty Girls                                        HotDisc
     B. Jeff & Patricia Stone       Sweet Thang                                         Western Heart
     B. Jeff & Patricia Stone       When It 's Xmas Time In Texas                       Diamondback
     B. Jeff & Patricia Stone       Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song                   Stardust
     B. Jeff & Patricia Stone       Mind Your Own Business                              Western Heart
     B. Jeff Stone                  Texas Tea                                           Western Heart
     B. Jeff Stone                  Luckenbach, Tx                                      Diamondback
     B. Jeff Stone                  Lost Hiighway Saloon                                Diamondback
     B. Jeff Stone                  Real Deal                                           Western Heart
     B. Jeff Stone                  He Sent Her To Me                                   Diamondback
     B. Jeff Stone                  Women Wild-Whiskey Strong                           Diamondback
     B. Jeff Stone                  The Blizzard                                        Hot Disc
     B. Jeff Stone                  Hello Mr. Heartache                                 Diamondback
     B. Jeff Stone                  Hello Mr. Heartache                                 Diamondback
     B. Sterling                    What We've Started Here                             SR
     B. Sterling                    Beginnings Of Things                                SR
     B. Thomas                      Did I Open My Eyes                                  Western Heart
     B.B. Cunningham                Cowboys Don't Carry Six Guns Anymore                Supreme
     B.B. Cunningham                Let It Al Hang Out                                  Supreme
     B.Bare/Liz Anderson/Norma Jean Game Of Triangles
     B.J. Kauk                      Baby With You                                       615
     B.J. Locklin                   Hogtied                                             Hotdisc
     B.J. Young                     Waiting On Your Love                                Stardust
     B.Jeff & Patricia Stone        Sweet Country W`                                    Hotdisc
     B.Jeff & Patricia Stone        Come A Little Bit Closer                            Western Heart
     B.Jeff & Patricia Stone        I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore                 HotDisc
     B.Jeff & Patricia Stone        It's Such A Pretty World                            Diamond Back
     B.Jeff Stone                   You're So Good When You're Bad                      Nashville Gold
     B.Jeff Stone                   Texas Country Boy                                   Nashville Gold
     B.Jeff Stone                   Just For The Love of It                             Nashville Gold
     B.Jeff Stone                   Lost Highway Saloon                                 Stardust
     B.Jeff Stone                   Everybody Loves Me                                  HotDisc
     B.Jeff Stone                   Whiskey-O                                           Western Heart
     B.Jeff Stone                   The Coldest July                                    Western Heart
     B.Jeff Stone                   Women Wild-Whiskey Strong                           Western Heart
     B.Jeff Stone                   Texas Country Boy                                   Diamondback
     B.Jeff Stone/Patricia Stone    Stay A Little Longer                                Western Heart
     B.Jeff Stone/Patricia Stone    Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone                      Hot Disc
     B.Jeff Stone/Patricia Stone    Down In Louisiana                                   Western Heart
     B.Jeff/Patricia Stone          Thinking Of A Rendezvous                            Stardust
     B235 Band                      Sayin' Goodbye                                      Chrome
     Babs Winn                      I'm In Love With The World                          Hillcrest
     Babs Winn                      Nothin' Doin'                                       Hillcrest
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 30
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Back Porch Mary                Daddy Don't Get Drunk For Xmas                      Smith 
     Back Porch Mary                Dry Here In This Town                               BPM
     Back Porch Mary                No Bad News Today                                   BPM
     Back Street Molly              Good Times & Hangovers                              CDTex
     Backsliders                    Cross Your Heart
     Backtrack                      I'm On The Outside
     Backwater                      Country Music Is #1
     Backwater                      Straight For Your Love
     Backwoods                      Till I Don't                                        CDTex
     Bacon Brothers                 It's A Rocky Road                                   Bluxo
     Bad Bob                        She Took A Blowtorch To My Workbench                Hilltopper
     Bad Bob/Dale Watson            Stars On The Sidewalk                               Cdtex
     Bad Nicholas                   Look Into His Eyes                                  Spare Oom
     Bad Nicholas                   Father In This House                                Spare Oom
     Bad Nicholas                   We Will Fly                                         Spare Oom
     Badbob & Jimmy                 Posted Places                                       SR
     Badge                          Otis Tibbs
     Badhorse                       I Still Love Them                                   HMG
     Badhorse                       It's All Good                                       Maximus
     Badhorse                       My Little Man                                       SR
     Badhorse                       Mississippi Rain                                    SR
     Badhorse                       Then Again                                          BH
     Bailen                         I Was Wrong                                         Fantasy
     Bailey                         Boots 'n Boys                                       Beg
     Bailey                         Let The Music Play                                  Lofton Creek
     Bailey                         Catch Me Falling                                    CDTex
     Bailey                         Space                                               BEG
     Bailey                         Rhiannon                                            SR
     Bailey                         She Can Fly                                         BEG
     Bailey                         How Do I Say Good Bye                               BEG
     Bailey                         Beach Weekend                                       Lofton Creek
     Bailey                         There's A Good Day Comin'                           BEG
     Bailey Jester                  The Music Box                                       Johnny Cut
     Bailey Jester                  Her Heart Ain't In It                               Johnny Cut
     Bailey Jester                  Miracles Or Magic                                   Johnny Cut
     Baillie & Boys                 The Only Lonely One
     Baillie & Boys                 Perfect
     Baillie & Boys                 She Deserves You
     Baillie & Boys                 Heart Of Stone
     Baillie & Boys                 I Can't Turn The Tide
     Baillie & Boys                 Fool Such As I
     Baillie & Boys                 Treat Me Like A Stranger
     Baillie & Boys                 Read Between The Lines
     Baillie & The Boys             Oh Heart                                            RCA
     Baillie & The Boys             Long Shot                                           RCA
     Baillie & The Boys             I Will Run                                          SR
     Baillie & The Boys             Some Kind Of Luck                                   Intersound
     Baillie & The Boys             Wilder Days                                         RCA
     Baillie & The Boys             Long Shot
     Baillie & The Boys             Even Then (Jay's Song)                              Synergy
     Baillie & The Boys             The Lights Of Home                                  Synergy
     Baillie & The Boys             Nobody Here To Love                                 Synergy
     Baillie & The Boys             The God's Honest Truth                              Intersound
     Baillie & The Boys             The Moment                                          Synergy
     Baillie & The Boys             A Far Cry From Him                                  Synergy Records
     Baillie & The Boys             I Can't Turn The Tide                               Synergy
     Baillie & The Boys             My Love Is Not Blind                                Synergy
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 31
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Baillie & The Boys             The Road That Led Me To You                         Synergy
     Baker                          IT's A Beautiful Life                               Homegrown Americana
     Baker                          What's Goin' On                                     SR
     Baker & Myers                  Years From Here
     Baker Brothers                 I See You                                           Lamon
     Baker Brothers                 Hold On                                             Lamon
     Baker Brothers                 All I Need Is You                                   Lamon
     Baker Brothers                 Medley: Hey Girl/Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You      Lamon
     Baker Brothers                 Alone                                               Lamon
     Baker Brothers                 What You Don't Know                                 Lamon
     Baker Knight                   Lonesome Town                                       Snug Harbor
     Baker Knight                   Those Songs Of Yesteryear                           Snug Harbor
     Baker Knight                   Redneck Riviera                                     Snug Harbor
     Baker Knight                   Those Songs Of Yesteryear
     Bakin' Brownies                Should've Known From The Get Go                     Homegrown Americana
     Balsam Range                   Stacking Up The Rocks                               Mountain Home
     Balsam Range                   Too High A Price To Pay                             Mountain Home
     Balsam Range                   Chasing Someone Else's Dreams                       Mountain Home
     Bama Band                      Boys Like Me
     Bama Band                      Real Old Fashioned Broken Heart
     Bama Band                      Suddenly Single
     Bama Band                      Tijuana Sunrise
     Band Of Heathens               One More Trip                                       BOH
     Band Of Heathens               The Same Picture                                    BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Deep Is Love                                        BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Shotgun                                             BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Polaroid                                            BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Green Grass Of California                           BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Since I've Been Home                                BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Had It All                                          BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Miss My Life                                        BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Cracking The Code                                   BOH
     Band Of Heathens               Nine Steps Down                                     BOH
     Band Of Ruhks                  All The Way                                         101 Ranch
     Band Of Ruhks                  Randezvous With Danger                              101 Ranch
     Band Of Ruhks                  Can't Get Over You                                  101 Ranch
     Band Of Ruhks                  All We Need                                         101 Ranch
     Band Of Ruhks                  Bootleg John                                        101 Ranch
     Band Of Ruhks                  Run With It                                         101 Ranch
     Band Perry                     Done                                                Republic
     Band Perry                     Comeback Kid                                        Mercury
     Band Perry                     Chainshaw                                           Curb
     Band Perry                     Postcard From Paris                                 Republic
     Bandana                        I Can't Get Over You (Getting Over Me)
     Bandana                        It's Just Another Heartache
     Bandana                        Outside Looking In
     Bandana                        All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)
     Bandana                        The Killin' Kind
     Bandana                        Better Our Hearts Should Bend
     Bandon Bolin                   In It                                               CDTex
     Bangles                        Ask Me No Questions                                 Koch
     Bangles                        Stealing Rosemary                                   Koch
     Bangles                        Something That You Said                             Koch
     Bangles                        I Will Take Care Of You                             Koch
     B'Ann                          Nothing Like You                                    CDTex
     Banta                          Fool For Love                                       E One
     Bap Kennedy                    I Should Have Said                                  Last Chance
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 32
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bap Kennedy                    Good Times On Franklin Road                         Dressed To Kill
     Bap Kennedy                    Good As Gold                                        Last Chance
     Bap Kennedy                    Lonely No More                                      Proper
     Bap Kennedy                    The Right Stuff                                     Proper
     Barb Marchuk                   He Ain't You                                        Western Heart
     Barb Marchuk                   Fine Tune                                           Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Save The Drama For Your Mama                        Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Don't You Come Crying To Me                         Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Let Him Go                                          Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   If You So Much As Touch Me                          Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Fine Tune                                           Western Heart
     Barb Marchuk                   Kassidy's Song                                      Western Heart
     Barb Marchuk                   Words                                               Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Nothing Has Changed                                 Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   Cross My Heart                                      Country Discovery
     Barb Marchuk                   This Is Now, That Was Yesterday                     Country Discovery
     Barb Paugh                     Shadow Of Me                                        Round Trax
     Barbara  Dunn                  Two Steppin' Texas                                  EHK
     Barbara  Dunn                  Luckenbach For Xmas                                 EHK
     Barbara Ann                    One More Time
     Barbara Ann                    Come In Out Of The Pain
     Barbara Dickson                Anytime
     Barbara Dickson                The Crying Game
     Barbara Dickson                January February
     Barbara Dunn                   End Of Music Row                                    EHK
     Barbara Dunn                   Two Steppin' Texas                                  EHK
     Barbara Fairchild              Standing In Your Line
     Barbara Fairchild              (Loving You Is) Sunshine
     Barbara Fairchild              Teddy Bear Song
     Barbara Fairchild              Under Your Spell Again
     Barbara Fairchild              You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
     Barbara Fairchild              I Just Love Being A Woman
     Barbara Fairchild              Let Me Love You Once Befor You Go
     Barbara Fairchild              Cheatin' Is
     Barbara Fairchild              Color My World
     Barbara Fairchild              Love's Old Song
     Barbara Fairchild              Mississippi
     Barbara Fairchild              Little Girl Feeling
     Barbara Fairchild              Baby Doll
     Barbara Fairchild              The Other Side Of That Hill                         Canyon Creek
     Barbara Fairchild              Love Is A Gentle Thing
     Barbara Fairchild              Hold Him In Heaven                                  Canyon Creek
     Barbara Fairchild              Let's Love While We Can
     Barbara Fairchild              A Girl Who'll Satisfy Her Man
     Barbara Fairchild              Kid Stuff
     Barbara Fairchild              The Biggest Hurt
     Barbara Fairchild              Family Ties                                         Canyon Creek
     Barbara Fairchild              Closer To Home                                      Daywind
     Barbara Fairchild              Thanks For The Mem'ries
     Barbara Fairchild/Buck Owens   Crazy Love
     Barbara Findlay                Snow Angels                                         SR
     Barbara Mandrell               Kiss The Hurt Away                                  Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Satisfied                                           Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Holdin' On To The Love I've Got                     Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               He'll Never Take The Place Of You                   Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Show Me                                             Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               No One Mends A Broken Heart Like You                MCA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 33
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Barbara Mandrell               Tonight My Baby's Coming Home                       Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Ain't It Good                                       Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               This Time I Almost Made It                          Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               My Train Of Thought
     Barbara Mandrell               Hold Me
     Barbara Mandrell               Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home                   Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Give A Little Take A Little                         Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               In The Name Of Love                                 Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Break My Mind                                       Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               The Midnight Oil                                    Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today
     Barbara Mandrell               Child Support
     Barbara Mandrell               Treat Him Right                                     Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Crackers
     Barbara Mandrell               Only A Lonley Heart Knows                           MCA
     Barbara Mandrell               Look What Love Has Done
     Barbara Mandrell               It Can Wait
     Barbara Mandrell               The Letter                                          Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Take Care Of You
     Barbara Mandrell               (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
     Barbara Mandrell               Til You're Gone
     Barbara Mandrell               Smile Somebody Loves You                            Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Angels Love Bad Men
     Barbara Mandrell               After The Lovin'
     Barbara Mandrell               Fooled By A Feeling
     Barbara Mandrell               Darlin'
     Barbara Mandrell               One Of A Kind Pair Of Fools
     Barbara Mandrell               From Our House To Yours
     Barbara Mandrell               Happy Birthday Dear Heartache
     Barbara Mandrell               Christmas At Our House
     Barbara Mandrell               Mirror,Mirror
     Barbara Mandrell               I've Been Loving You Too Long
     Barbara Mandrell               Married But Not To Each Other
     Barbara Mandrell               Treat Him Right
     Barbara Mandrell               Sure Feels Good
     Barbara Mandrell               Years
     Barbara Mandrell               Standing Room Only
     Barbara Mandrell               Someday Sometime Somewhere                          MCA
     Barbara Mandrell               Queen For A Day
     Barbara Mandrell               Woman To Woman
     Barbara Mandrell               In Times Like These
     Barbara Mandrell               Best Of Strangers
     Barbara Mandrell               I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool
     Barbara Mandrell               Fast Lanes & Country Roads                          MCA
     Barbara Mandrell               Midnight Angel
     Barbara Mandrell               Love Is Fair                                        MCA
     Barbara Mandrell               Wayward Wind
     Barbara Mandrell               Love Is Thin Ice
     Barbara Mandrell               If Loving You Is Wrong                              ABC
     Barbara Mandrell               I'm Glad I Married You                              EMI
     Barbara Mandrell               That's What Friends Are For
     Barbara Mandrell               Baby Come Home                                      Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Do Right Woman
     Barbara Mandrell               I've Been Loving You Too Long                       Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Do Right Woman--Do Right Man                        Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Tonight
     Barbara Mandrell               The Key's In The Mailbox
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 34
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Barbara Mandrell               Playing Around With Love                            Columbia
     Barbara Mandrell               Midnight Oil
     Barbara Mandrell               Show Me
     Barbara Mandrell               There's No Love In Tennessee
     Barbara Mandrell               Tonite My Baby's Comin' Home
     Barbara Mandrell               This Time I Almost Made It
     Barbara Mandrell               Sleepin' Single In A Double Bed
     Barbara Mandrell               Wish You Were Here
     Barbara Mandrell               Give A Little,Take A Little
     Barbara Mandrell               Playin' Around With Love
     Barbara Mandrell               Holdin' On (To The Love I Got)
     Barbara Morrison               Welcome Back Heartache                              Pharaoh
     Barbara Morrison               Silent Partners                                     Pharaoh
     Barbara Morrison               Wish I Could Say                                    EHK
     Barbara Morrison               You Can't Take It With You                          Pharoah
     Barbara Morrison               Better Off Lonely                                   Pharoah
     Barbara Sharp                  But You Will                                        MTM
     Barbary Coast                  It'll Be Her                                        HotDisc
     Barbi Benton                   Movie Magazine Stars In Her Eyes                    Playboy
     Barbi Benton                   Brass Buckles
     Barbi Benton                   Smile                                               Playboy
     Barbi Benton                   The Reverend Bob                                    Playboy
     Barbi Benton                   He Looks Just Like His Daddy                        Playboy
     Barefoot                       The Most Lonely                                     Glacier
     Barfields                      Grandma's Kitchen Table                             Barfield
     Barry & Holly Tashian          These Little Things                                 Copper Creek
     Barry & Holly Tashian          There Goes My Love                                  Copper Creek
     Barry & Holly Tashian          My Happiness                                        Copper Creek
     Barry Abernathy                Gonna Settle Down                                   Rural Rhythm
     Barry Berrier                  She's Holding these Lonely Hands
     Barry Cloyd                    Highway To Your Heart                               Rain
     Barry Kaye                     The Search Is Over
     Barry Kaye                     Randolf The Red Necked Reindeer
     Barry Lee White                Between You & Me                                    Square One
     Barry Manilow/Reba McEntire    Islands In The Stream                               RCA
     Barry Michael                  On My Island                                        Stockbridge
     Barry Rayburn                  Just One Song                                       Western Heart
     Barry Sadler                   The Ballad Of The Green Barets
     Bart Alan Woytek               The Last Love In This Town                          PVI
     Bart Alan Woytek               Honky Tonk Habit                                    TSP
     Bart Alan Woytek               You Can't Leave Here With My Heart                  CDTex
     Bart Cameron                   Do It For The Love Of It
     Bart Connell                   We're Just Not Us                                   T5
     Bart Connell                   Grass Ain't All That Blue                           HotDisc
     Bart Connell                   I'm Still Hanging On                                Hanging Tree
     Bart Connell                   Enough Ain't Enough                                 HotDisc
     Bart Connell                   What A Way To Go                                    HotDisc
     Bart Crow                      Wear My Ring                                        CDTex
     Bart Crow                      Hollywood                                           Smith
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Lonesome Sky                                        Ultimatum
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    No Honky Tonks                                      Randm
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Leave A Light On                                    Randm
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Well Worn Heart                                     Randm
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Truckstop In LaGrange                               Ultimatum
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Walk Alone                                          Ultimatum
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Poor Man's Son                                      Randm
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Where I Found You                                   Artemis
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 35
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Ain't No Tellin'                                    Randm 
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Leave A Light On                                    Randm
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Distance Between                                    Artemis
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Silver Wings                                        Ultimatum
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Long Black Veil                                     Artemis
     Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash    Well Worn Heart                                     Randm
     Battle Axe Broads              Ain't Nothin' Like It                               SR
     Battle Kry                     I Do                                                SR
     Baucom,Bibey &  BlueRidge      It's All My Fault                                   Sugar Hill
     BB Watson                      Drivin' Under The Influence Of Love                 SNA
     BB Watson                      Delta Dream                                         SNA
     BB Watson                      The Memory Is The Last Thing To Go                  SNA
     BB Watson                      Lover Not A Fighter
     BB Watson                      Light At The End Of The Tunnel
     BB Watson                      Mamma's Got A Tattoo                                SNA
     BB Watson                      Fool Proof                                          CBR
     BB Watson                      Foolproof
     Beadle Brothers                To The Moon And Back                                Lure
     Beadle Brothers                Back To The Country                                 SR
     Bearfoot                       Heaven                                              Compass
     Bearfoot                       Don't Let Me Down                                   Compass
     Bearfoot                       Come Get Your Lonesome                              Compass
     Bearfoot                       Good In The Kitchen                                 Compass
     Beatles                        While My Guitar Gently Weeps                        Capitol
     Beatles Without John           The Long And Short Of It                            Paladin
     Beau Brummels                  Laugh Laugh                                         K-Tel
     Beau Byrd                      Right Back Home                                     HotDisc
     Beau Byrd                      Wanted Man                                          HotDisc
     Beau Byrd                      You Make It So Easy                                 HotDisc
     Beau Byrd                      Bring Back My Honky Tonk                            HotDisc
     Beau Renfro                    I Go To The Rock                                    Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Four In The Morning                                 Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Slow Hand                                           Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Life Turned Her That Way                            Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Mama's Place                                        Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    If I'm Not Walking The Floor                        Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Mother Country Music                                Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    There's No More Gold In California                  Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Lonely Women                                        Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Ghost Story                                         Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Always Wanting You                                  Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    While I Was Dancin' The Tennessee Waltz             Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    I'll Always Be Here                                 Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Fear Of Flying                                      Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Softly & Tenderly                                   Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    I'll Leave This World Lovin' You                    Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    The Devil In You                                    Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Heartaches By The Number                            Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Devil Woman                                         Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    I Wanna Dance With You                              Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    I'll Always Be There                                Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Any Place In Texas                                  Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Yesterday Means Nothing                             Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Movin' Out,Movin' Up,Movin' On                      Stardust
     Beau Renfro                    Sunshine                                            Stardust
     Beau Renfro/Gene Melendez      Rose Of San Antone                                  Stardust
     Beau Renfro/Julie Taylor       Hands Across The Table                              Stardust
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 36
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Beaucoup Blue                  Bluer Than The Midnight Sky                         SR    
     Beautiful Loser Society        8 Second Ride                                       SR
     Beautiful Loser Society        A Bottle & A Bar Stool                              SR
     Beca Dalrymple                 No Man's Land                                       CDTex
     Becca                          Second Chance                                       Nari
     Becca                          Pieces Of My Heart                                  Nari
     Becca Dalrymple                Freedom Bound                                       BD
     Beccy Cole                     This Heart                                          ABC/EMI
     Beck                           Your Cheatin Heart                                  Lost Highway
     Beckey Burr                    Spiders                                             Rustic
     Beckey Burr                    Love Don't Even Know My Name                        Rustic
     Becky Baker                    Long Neck Lonestar
     Becky Bishop                   Bigger Than Us                                      NMW
     Becky Hobbs                    Do You Feel The Same Way Too?
     Becky Hobbs                    Are There Any More Like You
     Becky Hobbs                    Honky Tonk Saturday Night                           Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    She Broke Her Promise                               Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Talk Back Trembling Lips
     Becky Hobbs                    Hottest Ex In Texas
     Becky Hobbs                    Woman Gettin' Older                                 Little Hollow
     Becky Hobbs                    They Always Look Better When They're Leaving        Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Another Man in Black                                IGO
     Becky Hobbs                    Angels Among Us                                     Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    No More War                                         Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Mamas Green Eyes
     Becky Hobbs                    Heart                                               Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Kiss My Ashes                                       Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Yellow Pages Under Blue                             Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Mama Saw Paris                                      Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    From Oklahoma With Love                             Hotdisc
     Becky Hobbs                    Wheels In Emotion
     Becky Hobbs                    Pale Moon                                           Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    They Always Look Better When They're Leaving
     Becky Hobbs                    I Don't Dance With Strangers                        Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Let There Be Peace                                  Little Hollow
     Becky Hobbs                    Live Until You Die                                  Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Time Stands Still                                   Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    The Boots I Came To Town In                         Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Woman Gettin' Older                                 Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Boys In The Band                                    Little Hollow
     Becky Hobbs                    Nanyehi                                             Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Kiss My Ashes                                       Little Hollow
     Becky Hobbs                    I Can't Forget This Feeling                         Intersound
     Becky Hobbs                    Country Girls                                       Stardust
     Becky Hobbs                    Vienna                                              Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    What Are You Doin' In My Dreams                     Beckaroo
     Becky Hobbs                    Jones On The Jukebox
     Becky Hobbs                    Pardon Me (Haven't We Loved Somewhe
     Becky McLean                   Nobody Ever Said It Was Gonna Be Easy               Emily Brooke
     Becky Moore                    Lay It Down                                         HMG
     Becky Schlegel                 All The Tears                                       Lilly Ray
     Becky Schlegel                 Paper Roses                                         Lilly Ray
     Becky Schlegel                 Spotlight                                           IGO
     Becky Schlegel                 Together Again                                      Lilly Ray
     Becky Schlegel                 Colorado Line                                       HotDisc
     Becky Schlegel                 Reunion                                             SR
     Becky Schlegel                 Don't Be Angry                                      Lilly Ray
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 37
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Becky Schlegel                 Bound For Tennessee                                 IGO   
     Becky Schlegel                 Why Maybe                                           IGO
     Becky Schlegel                 So Embarassing                                      IGO
     Becky Schlegel                 Jenny                                               IGO
     Becky Schlegel/Randy Kohrs     If You Leave Me                                     Lilly Ray
     Beda Anne Caldwell             When Love Went Away
     Bedhed & Blondy                Hard Times & Headaches                              SR
     Bee's Knees                    Black & Blue Xmas                                   BM
     Bekka Bramlett                 What's On My Mind                                   Shongaloo
     Bekka Bramlett                 I Got News For You                                  Shongaloo
     Bel Airs                       Those Lonely Lonely Nights                          Hightone
     Bellamy Brothers               If You Ever Leave                                   CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Lord Help Me                                        Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Get In to Reggae Cowboy                             MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Kids Of The Baby Boom                               MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               They Could Put Me In Jail
     Bellamy Brothers               Too Much Is not Enough                              MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               She Don't Know She's Perfect                        Atlantic
     Bellamy Brothers               I Need More Of You                                  MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Old Love Song                                       Heart Of Texas
     Bellamy Brothers               Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
     Bellamy Brothers               Let Your Love Flow (2008)                           HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               For All The Wrong Reasons
     Bellamy Brothers               Crazy From The Heart                                MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Tough Love
     Bellamy Brothers               You're The World                                    CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Let Your Love Flow
     Bellamy Brothers               You Just Ain't Whistlin' Dixie
     Bellamy Brothers               If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
     Bellamy Brothers               Love By The Moon                                    CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               I'd Lie To You For Your Love                        MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               You're My Favorite Star                             MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Country Rap                                         MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Big Love                                            MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               You'll Never Be Sorry                               MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Rebels Without A Clue                               MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Hillbilly Hell                                      MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Do You Love As Good As You Look
     Bellamy Brothers               I Love Texas Girls                                  CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               The Center Of My Universe                           MCA
     Bellamy Brothers               Satin Sheets                                        HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               Over The Line                                       Bellamy Bths
     Bellamy Brothers               Let Her Go                                          CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Dyin' Breed                                         CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Come Back Gene And Roy                              Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               Forever Ain't Long Enough                           Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               Desperadoes In Love                                 DeltaDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               Heart Of My Heart                                   CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               The Ex-Files
     Bellamy Brothers               Jalapenos                                           CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Can I Come On Home To You                           Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               God Ain't Finished With Me Yet                      CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               What A Country                                      CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               Cowboy Beat
     Bellamy Brothers               Old Hippe Sequel                                    Bellamy Bths
     Bellamy Brothers               What'll I Do                                        DeltaDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               Santa Fe                                            Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 38
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bellamy Brothers               Love By The Moon                                    HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               After The Storm                                     CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers               When I'm Away From You                              Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Lie To You For Your Love                            Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Dancin' Cowboys
     Bellamy Brothers               If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body                  Q
     Bellamy Brothers               Highway Of Regret                                   Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               Feelin' The Feelin'
     Bellamy Brothers               Vertical Expression                                 Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               All In The Name Of Love
     Bellamy Brothers               Let Your Love Flow                                  Q
     Bellamy Brothers               Bubba
     Bellamy Brothers               Not                                                 Columbia
     Bellamy Brothers               Can I Come Home To You
     Bellamy Brothers               Forget About Me
     Bellamy Brothers               Strong Weakness
     Bellamy Brothers               On A Summer Night                                   BB
     Bellamy Brothers               World's Greatest Lover
     Bellamy Brothers               Tired Of Getting My Butt Kicked                     DeltaDisc
     Bellamy Brothers               Fountain Of Middle Age                              Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               I Love Her Mind
     Bellamy Brothers               Hard Way To Make An Easy Livin'
     Bellamy Brothers               Old Country/New Country                             Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               Shero                                               Blue Hat
     Bellamy Brothers               Old Hippie
     Bellamy Brothers               Redneck Girl
     Bellamy Brothers               Our Family                                          Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Passions Thunder                                    Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Crazy Old World                                     Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               The Andy Griffith Show                              Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               What I Used To Do All Night                         Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               It's So Close To Xmas
     Bellamy Brothers               Having A Tropical Xmas
     Bellamy Brothers               Blue Rodeo                                          Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Bubba                                               Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Drug Problem                                        HMG
     Bellamy Brothers               She's Awesome                                       Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Sugar Daddy
     Bellamy Brothers               Afterglow                                           Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Like She's Not Yours                                Curb
     Bellamy Brothers               Lovers Live Longer
     Bellamy Brothers/Alan Jackson  I Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie                        HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers/Bacon BrothersGuilty Of The Crime                                 CDTex
     Bellamy Brothers/Charlie Daniels/Bobby Ba...aby Boom                               Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Chris Hillman/Herb Peters... Heart                                Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Dolly Parton  If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body                  HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers/Forrester Sisters Much Is not Enough                              Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/George Jones  Sugar Daddy                                         Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Hal Ketchum/Lisa BrokopLove Flow                                  HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers/John Anderson Alligator Alley                                     Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Montgomery Gentry Hippie                                          HotDisc
     Bellamy Brothers/Tanya Tucker/DA Coee Cowboy                                       Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Trini Triggs  Dancin' Cowboys                                     Curb
     Bellamy Brothers/Willie Nelson Guardian Angel                                      Curb
     Belle Cannon                   Between Now & Forever                               HotDisc
     Belle Starr                    Nobody You'd Know                                   Hayden's Ferry
     Belleville Outfit              Two Days Of Darkness                                BO
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 39
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Belleville Outfit              She Went Away                                       BO    
     Belleville Outfit              Will This End In Tears                              BO
     Belleville Outfit              Let Me Go                                           BO
     Belleville Outfit              She Ain't Me                                        SR
     Belleville Outfit              Wonder Why                                          SR
     Belleville Outfit              Easy My Mind                                        SR
     Ben Atkins                     I Don't Want To Hide                                Hightone
     Ben Atkins                     The Same                                            Hightone
     Ben Colder                     Fifteen Beers Ago
     Ben Colder                     Satin Sheets #2
     Ben Colder                     Hello Walls # 2
     Ben Colder                     Rosie's Garden # 2
     Ben Colder                     Lucille #2
     Ben Danaher                    Jesus Can See You                                   SR
     Ben Danaher                    Silver Screen                                       SR
     Ben Danaher                    Fred & Jonell                                       SR
     Ben Folds/Nick Hornby          From Above                                          Nonesuch
     Ben Gregg                      Gifts                                               Cupit
     Ben Gregg                      Radio Waves                                         Cupit
     Ben Gregg                      From Lonely To Love                                 SR
     Ben Krahne                     Sweet Naomi                                         Western Heart
     Ben Kyle                       God Only Knows                                      BK
     Ben McPeak                     Fix You Up                                          BMM
     Ben McPeak                     Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line                    Electric Cactus
     Ben McPeak                     If I Haven't Said I Love You                        Electric Cactus
     Ben McPeak                     Shut It Down                                        MP
     Ben McPeak                     Cowboy's Heart Attack                               Electric Cactus
     Ben McPeak                     All Of The Above                                    Electric Cactus
     Ben Morris                     Man On The Mend                                     Big Red Drum
     Ben Peters                     I'm Leavin' You
     Ben Reece                      Mirror Mirror                                       20th Century
     Ben Reno                       More To Go                                          Mountain Row
     Ben Rue                        I Can't Wait                                        Arista
     Ben Rue                        I Can't Wait                                        Sony
     Ben Sanders                    Ring Them Bells
     Ben Treffer                    The Rain                                            Lunacy
     Ben Treffer                    I'm The One You Let Down                            Lunacy
     Ben Treffer                    Nothing Changes                                     Lunacy
     Ben Treffer                    What Would You Do                                   Lunacy
     Ben Wasson                     Call Me The Breeze                                  Caper
     Ben Wasson                     Just Another Misty Night                            Caper
     Ben Wasson                     Big Boss Man                                        Caper
     Ben Wasson                     Lady's Choice                                       Caper
     Ben Wasson                     Midnight Tailgate Party                             SR
     Ben Wasson                     Mystery Train                                       Caper
     Ben Wasson                     I Get The BLues When It Rains                       Caper
     Ben Wasson                     Just Another Misty Night                            Caper
     Bengt Petersen                 When These Days Are Through                         Western Heart
     Benita Hill                    Holidays At Our House                               Benitasongs
     Benjamin Cartel                No One                                              Molasses Man
     Bennett Jackson                Texana                                              SR
     Benny Barnes                   Go On, GO On                                        Mercury
     Benny Berry                    Country Music's King                                Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    What's Wrong With Being Treated Right               Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    Helen's Arms                                        CoDisc
     Benny Berry                    Little Old You                                      CoDisc
     Benny Berry                    Pain Pain Go Away                                   CoDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 40
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Benny Berry                    What's Wrong With Being Treated Right               CoDisc
     Benny Berry                    The Healing Has Happened                            CoDisc
     Benny Berry                    Jesus Take A Hold                                   Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    Give Me A Good Country Song                         Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    The Bad News Came Too Late                          Cuntry Discovery
     Benny Berry                    Family Man                                          Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    Was It Just A Dream                                 Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    I Can Play Your Memory By Heart                     Country Discovery
     Benny Berry                    I'll Get By                                         Country Discovery
     Benny Havens Band              When America Dreams                                 Warehouse
     Bente Boe'                     I Still Long For Yesterday                          Plaz
     Bente Boe'                     Lady Of The Evening                                 Mega
     Bente Boe'                     You Wouldn't Lie To An Angel                        Mega
     Bente Boe'                     Miss You                                            Western Heart
     Bente Boe'                     Memories Of You                                     Texas Twister
     Bente Boe'                     Where Were You                                      Mega
     Bente Boe'                     Satisfy Me                                          Mega
     Bente Boe'/Hermans Hermits     Clown                                               Mega
     Benton Blount                  Carolina                                            Golden
     Beoga                          Let You Go                                          Columbia
     Bering Strait                  You Make Loving Fun                                 Universal South
     Bering Strait                  Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart                       MCA
     Bernadette                     I'd Choose You Again                                Stardust
     Bernadette                     Gysy Boots                                          HotDisc
     Bernadette                     We Can't Love Well Enough Alone                     Rosebud
     Bernadette                     You Go Girl                                         Rosebud
     Bernadette                     Memphis On A Train                                  HotDisc
     Bernadette                     Until Forever's Gone                                Rosebud
     Bernadette                     Nickes & Dimes                                      HotDisc
     Bernadette                     Where Do I Stand Before I Fall                      Rosebud
     Bernadette                     Daddy Laid The Blues On Me                          Rosebud
     Bernadette                     I'll Be Faithful To You                             Rosebud
     Bernadette                     Down That Road                                      Rosebud
     Bernadette                     Don't Laught At Me                                  HotDisc
     Bernie Leadon                  Rich Life                                           Really Small
     Bernie Leadon                  Hey Now Now                                         Really Small
     Bernie Leadon                  Sears & Roebuck Catalog                             Really Small
     Bernie Nelson                  Scarecrow                                           SR
     Bernie Nelson                  Jessi & Her Outlaw                                  CDTex
     Bernie Nelson                  Lonelyville                                         HotDisc
     Bernie Nelson                  You Asked Me To                                     CDTex
     Bernie Underwood               Someone Loves You                                   Hot Disc
     Bertie Higgins                 Cowboys Of The Carribean                            HotDisc
     Bertie Higgins                 Key Largo
     Bertie Higgins                 Another Day In Paradise                             HotDisc
     Bertie Higgins                 Just Another Day In Paradise
     Bertie Higgins/Roy Orbison     Leah
     Best Of Friends                I'm A Mom                                           Spring Hill
     Beth Baldridge                 All American Boy                                    Doorknob
     Beth Baldridge                 Run With The Wind                                   Doorknob
     Beth Baldridge                 Candy Mints & Dreams                                Doorknob
     Beth Baldridge                 How Do I Let Go                                     Doorknob
     Beth Baldridge/Razzy Bailey    Lately                                              Doorknob
     Beth Bombara                   I Only Cry When I'm Alone                           SR
     Beth Davidson                  Better Left Unsaid                                  HMG
     Beth Hogan                     The Shoulder You Cry On                             Comstock
     Beth Hogan                     It All Adds Up To The Blues                         Comstock
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 41
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Beth Hunter                    Hangin' On By A Heart Thread                        Stardust
     Beth Jackson                   Dontcha Wanna Dance With Me                         Lamon
     Beth Noble                     My Darlin'                                          CDTex
     Beth Profitt                   One More Try                                        RotoNoto
     Beth Rowley                    So Sublime                                          Verve
     Beth Sass                      Rites of Spring                                     BS
     Beth Sass                      Bed Of Nails                                        BS
     Beth Wood                      Leaving                                             BWM
     Bettina                        She Is                                              TBD
     Bettman/Halpin                 We'll Miss You Mama                                 SR
     Betty Cody                     I Really Want You To Know                           RCA
     Betty Cody                     Please Throw Away The Glass                         RCA
     Betty Cody                     I Found out More Than You'll Ever Know              RXA
     Betty Jean Robinson            Another Football Year
     Betty Johnson                  Playboys Of The Southwestern World                  B&E
     Betty Lou Sammons              The Red Fern                                        Song1
     Betty Overstreet               I Know A Man Who Can                                SR
     Betty Wadkins                  RC Cola
     BettySoo                       Whisper My Name                                     SR
     BettySoo                       Never The Pretty Girl                               SR
     BettySoo/Doug Cox              Lie To Me                                           SR
     BettySoo/Doug Cox              Every Other Road                                    SR
     Beverley Mitchell              Walkin'                                             Quarterback
     Beverley Mitchell              Heaven On Earth Down Here                           Quarterback
     Beverley Mitchell              I Don't Have A Thing To Wear                        Equity
     Beverly Baker                  If Only I Could                                     Rain
     Beverly Ellis                  A Woman Might
     Beverly's Hillbilly Band       Texas Heartache # 1                                 Dark Horse
     Beverly's Hillbilly Band       Texas Tonkin'                                       Darkhorse
     Bibb City Ramblers             Drink Drank Drunk                                   Groove N
     Big & Rich                     Between Raisin Hell                                 WB
     Big & Rich                     Comin' To Your City                                 WB
     Big & Rich                     Wild West Show                                      WB
     Big & Rich                     Party Like Cowboyz                                  WB
     Big & Rich                     Loud                                                WB
     Big & Rich                     Look At You                                         B&R
     Big & Rich                     Lovin' Lately                                       B&R
     Big & Rich                     Never Mind Me                                       WB
     Big & Rich                     California                                          New Revolution
     Big & Rich                     Brand New Buzz                                      New Revolution
     Big & Rich                     That's Why I Pray                                   WB
     Big & Rich                     Holy Water                                          WB
     Big & Rich                     Big Time                                            WB
     Big & Rich                     Cheat On You                                        WB
     Big & Rich                     Save A Horse                                        WB
     Big & Rich                     8th Of November                                     WB
     Big & Rich                     Never Mind Me                                       WB
     Big & Rich                     Lost In This Moment                                 WB
     Big & Rich                     Loud                                                WB
     Big Al Downing                 Sneaky Freaky People                                Mega International
     Big Al Downing                 Payin' My Dues                                      Tugboat
     Big Al Downing                 Payin' My Dues (Live Version)                       Tugboat
     Big Al Downing                 Don't Mess With An Angel
     Big Al Downing                 Darlene
     Big Al Downing                 Beer Drinkin' People
     Big Al Downing                 A Cigarette, A Bottle & A Jukebox                   Paltinum Express
     Big Al Downing                 Please Help Me Mama                                 Mega
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 42
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Big Al Downing                 Midnite Lace                                              
     Big Al Downing                 Bring It On Home
     Big Al Downing                 If You're Leaving
     Big Al Downing                 We Can Only Say Goodbye
     Big Al Downing                 Does He Know About Me
     Big Al Downing                 You Don't Belong To Daddy
     Big Al Downing                 Countin' Highway Signs
     Big Al Downing                 Let's Sing About Love
     Big Al Downing                 The Best Of Families
     Big Al Downing                 Fool Of The Year
     Big Al Downing                 Love's Just A Suitcase                              Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Touch Me
     Big Al Downing                 It Takes Love
     Big Al Downing                 Love's Tragedy                                      Platinum Express
     Big Al Downing                 Mr. Jones (Single)                                  Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Mama Was A Preacher                                 Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Mr. Jones
     Big Al Downing                 Kid At The Bar
     Big Al Downing                 Jesus It's Only Me Johnny                           Platinum Express
     Big Al Downing                 Just Strangers
     Big Al Downing                 Song Of Home
     Big Al Downing                 Don't Even Think About It                           Mega
     Big Al Downing                 There'll Never Be A Better Night
     Big Al Downing                 Payin' Me Dues                                      Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Long Trucking Nite                                  Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Mr.Jones: The Final Chapter
     Big Al Downing                 Give A Hand To The Lady                             Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Be Bop Cat                                          Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Joe's Truck Stop                                    Platinum Express
     Big Al Downing                 I'll Be Loving You
     Big Al Downing                 I Always Come Back To Loving You                    Mega
     Big Al Downing                 Honky Tonk Country
     Big Al Downing                 I Ain't No Fool
     Big Al Downing                 The Story Behind The Story
     Big Al Downing/Bente Boe'      Hold Me                                             Mega
     Big Al Downing/Teresa Collier  What A Man Will Do                                  Platinum Express
     Big B                          That Woman's Got My Number                          SR
     Big B                          Edge Of Town                                        Western Heart
     Big Cheese Band                I Wanna Be Your Phone                               SR
     Big Country Bluegrass          I'm Puttin' On My Leaving Shoes                     Home Grown
     Big D                          A Picture In My Mind                                Mega
     Big Galoots                    Forget That I Love Her                              GIP
     Big House                      Losing My Angels                                    Big House
     Big House                      So Far Away From Now                                Big House
     Big House                      Faith
     Big House                      Cold Outside                                        MCA
     Big House                      You Ain't Lonely Yet                                MCA
     Big House                      Honky Tonk With You                                 Big House
     Big John Mills                 One Little Lie                                      BJM
     Big John Mills                 Only One Love In A Lifetime                         BJM
     Big John Mills                 I Got The Dog And He Got You                        BJM
     Big John Mills                 Hop Skip & A Jump Over You                          BJM
     Big John Mills                 Honky Tonk Memory                                   SR
     Big John Mills                 Until They close Every Honky Tonk in Texas          SR
     Big John Mills                 There's A New Outlaw In Heaven                      JWM
     Big John Mills                 Jim Beam & Jack Daniels                             BJM
     Big John Mills                 Till Death Do Us Part                               Roaddawg
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 43
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Big John Mills                 Here Comes The Heartache Again                      BJM   
     Big John Mills                 Lonliest Man In Town                                BJM
     Big John Mills                 Till Death Do Us Part                               Roaddawg
     Big John Mills                 Today Ain't Your Day                                BJM
     Big John Mills                 I'm Going Coastal                                   CDTex
     Big John Mills                 Until They close Every Honky Tonk in Texas          BJM
     Big John Mills                 Until They close Every Honky Tonk in Texas          Roaddawg
     Big John Mills/Clay Blaker     Texas Nights                                        BJM
     Big John Mills/Tommy Alverson  There's A New Outlaw In Heaven                      BJM
     Big Kenny                      Long After I'm Gone                                 Bigger Picture
     Big Kenny                      Long After I'm Gone                                 Bigger Picture
     Big Kettle Drum                Since I Was Young                                   Kettle Drum
     Big Rain                       December Night                                      Umbrella
     Big Rain                       Valley Of Towers                                    Oak
     Big Rain                       I'm Not Running                                     Oak
     Big Rain                       Moment Of Honesty                                   oak
     Big Rain                       Sweet Inspiration                                   Oak
     Big Rain                       Recipe For A Broken Heart                           Comstock
     Big Rain                       Can't Take That                                     Big 7
     Big River Bandits              You Took My World With You                          Hanging Tree
     Big Sam Frazier                Forty Acres Of Hillside Mountain Land               EHK
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Tequila Calling                                     Hightone
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Chalk It Up To The Blues                            YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  The Night Is For Dreamers                           YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  It's Time                                           Yep Roc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  How Did You Love Someone Like Me?                   YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Heaven Is The Other Way                             YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Honky Tonk Queen                                    Hightone
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  This Ain't A Good Time                              Cow Island
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Music To Her Ears                                   RCA Victor
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  In The Steel Of The Nite                            Hightone
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  A Man Like Me                                       Hightone
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  You Don't Know Me At All                            YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  I Know I've Loved You Before                        YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  The Great State Of Misery                           YepRoc
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Nothing To Lose                                     Cow Island
     Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys  Love That Man                                       YepRoc
     Big Smith                      What Has Happened
     Bigsbys                        Keep You Waiting                                    CDTex
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              Can't Compare to Lovin' You                         Electro
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              Thought You Were My Baby                            Electro
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              Ring Of Fire                                        Western Heart
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              You Ain't No Honky Tonk Woman                       Electro
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              Whiskey Castles                                     Comstock
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              25 Acres Of Love                                    Western Heart
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              It Takes All Kinds                                  Electro
     Bill "Dawg" Moore              Ten Dollar Songs                                    Electro
     Bill & Bonnie Hearne           Paint The Town Beige                                Backporch
     Bill & Bonnie Hearne           Walk Thru The Bottom                                Warner
     Bill Abernathy                 Changes                                             Ennegram
     Bill And The Belles            Moonlight Shadows And You                           Jalopy
     Bill Anderson                  Always Remember                                     Decca
     Bill Anderson                  Old Things New                                      SR
     Bill Anderson                  But You Know I Love You
     Bill Anderson                  A Lot Of Things Different                           ATI
     Bill Anderson                  No Ordinary Memory
     Bill Anderson                  Bright Lights & Country Music
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 44
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Anderson                  Country Music Lives                                       
     Bill Anderson                  Homebody
     Bill Anderson                  I Get The Fever
     Bill Anderson                  It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
     Bill Anderson                  Mr. Peepers
     Bill Anderson                  Happy State Of Mind
     Bill Anderson                  When Two Worlds Collide                             ATI
     Bill Anderson                  That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
     Bill Anderson                  Sheet Music
     Bill Anderson                  Too Country                                         TWI
     Bill Anderson                  Everybody Wants To Be 21                            SR
     Bill Anderson                  Pity Party
     Bill Anderson                  Po Folks Xmas
     Bill Anderson                  Blue Xmas
     Bill Anderson                  Quits
     Bill Anderson                  Fine Line                                           ATI
     Bill Anderson                  Way Too Much Time On My Hands
     Bill Anderson                  Back When He Was Hungry                             ATI
     Bill Anderson                  That's What Made Me Love You                        SR
     Bill Anderson                  Forgiveness
     Bill Anderson                  My Xmas List Grows Shorter
     Bill Anderson                  Twenty Years
     Bill Anderson                  Deck Of Cards
     Bill Anderson                  World Of Make Believe
     Bill Anderson                  Still
     Bill Anderson                  Liars 1, Believers 0
     Bill Anderson                  Where Have All Our Heroes Gone
     Bill Anderson                  Love Is A Fragile Thing                             TWI
     Bill Anderson                  Walk Out Backwards
     Bill Anderson                  When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind           ATI
     Bill Anderson                  8 x 10
     Bill Anderson                  If You Can Live With It (I Can't Li
     Bill Anderson                  Dead To You                                         SR
     Bill Anderson                  My Van
     Bill Anderson                  Something To Believe In                             SR
     Bill Anderson                  I Love You Drops
     Bill Anderson                  A Good Love And A Bottle Of Wine
     Bill Anderson                  The Paper
     Bill Anderson                  Still The One
     Bill Anderson                  When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back
     Bill Anderson                  Peanuts & Diamonds
     Bill Anderson                  My Life
     Bill Anderson                  I Can't Wait Any Longer
     Bill Anderson                  Thank You Darlin
     Bill Anderson                  This Is A Love Song
     Bill Anderson                  Wild Weekend
     Bill Anderson                  Unicorn
     Bill Anderson                  The Corner Of My Life
     Bill Anderson                  Head To Toe
     Bill Anderson                  One Solitary Life                                   Varese
     Bill Anderson                  Po Folks Xmas                                       Varese
     Bill Anderson                  Still Believbing In Xmas                            Seasong
     Bill Anderson                  Po Folks
     Bill Anderson                  Five Little Fingers
     Bill Anderson                  Whiskey Made Me Stumble (The Devil
     Bill Anderson                  Every Time I Turn The Radio On
     Bill Anderson                  Him And Me                                          TWI
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 45
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Anderson                  Country DJ                                                
     Bill Anderson                  Your Eyes
     Bill Anderson                  Southern Fried
     Bill Anderson                  I Can't Find An Angel                               ATI
     Bill Anderson                  The First Noel
     Bill Anderson                  Easy Come Easy Go
     Bill Anderson                  Don't She Look Good
     Bill Anderson                  Three A.M.
     Bill Anderson                  Mama Sang A Song
     Bill Anderson & Friends        Tips Of My Fingers
     Bill Anderson & Mary Lou TurnerWhere Are You Going
     Bill Anderson/Jamey Johnson    The Guitar Song                                     Mercury
     Bill Anderson/Jan Howard       Who Is The Biggest Fool
     Bill Anderson/Jan Howard       Dis-Satisfied
     Bill Anderson/Jan Howard       Someday We'll Be Together
     Bill Anderson/Jan Howard       I Know You're Married
     Bill Anderson/Jan Howard       For Lovin' You
     Bill Anderson/Mary Lou Turner  That's What Made Me Love You
     Bill Anderson/Mary Lou Turner  Sometimes
     Bill Anderson/Mary Lou Turner  I'm Way Ahead Of You                                MCA
     Bill Anderson/MaryLou Turner   Can We Still Be Friends
     Bill Anderson/Michelle Nixon   We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds                  Pinecastle
     Bill Anderson/Roy Acuff        I Wonder If God Likes Country Music
     Bill Arwood                    Cheatin' Side Tonight
     Bill Arwood                    Ugly Women & PickUp Trucks
     Bill Baker                     George Jones
     Bill Barnes                    One Memory At A Time                                Western Heart
     Bill Barnes                    Dancing The Cowboy Way                              BB
     Bill Bodell                    Just Out Of Reach                                   Arrow
     Bill Bodell                    Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain                        Arrow
     Bill Bodell                    Are You Lonesome Tonight                            Arrow
     Bill Bodell                    If Tomorrow Never Comes                             Western Heart
     Bill Bodell                    Paper Roses                                         Western Heart
     Bill Bodell                    When I Dream                                        Arrow
     Bill Bodell                    My Shoes Keep Walking Back                          Arrow
     Bill Bodell                    Knock Three Times                                   Arrow
     Bill Brooks                    Call Home                                           Canyon Creek
     Bill Chambers                  Going Crazy Without You                             Reckless
     Bill Chambers                  The Last Thing I Expected                           Reckless
     Bill Chambers                  Hillbilly Daddy                                     Reckless
     Bill Chambers/Audrey Auld      The Whiskey Isn't Workin'                           Reckless
     Bill Chambers/Kasey Chambers   Stories We Could Tell                               Reckless
     Bill Chrastil                  You've Never Been This Far Before                   Midland
     Bill Chrastil                  I Surrender                                         Midland
     Bill Chrastil                  Lady Turn The Lights Out                            Midland
     Bill Conlon                    Love Me                                             Hotdisc
     Bill Crozier                   Somewhere Out In Texas
     Bill Dees                      Oh Pretty Woman                                     Stardust
     Bill Dees                      Hurting Game                                        HotDisc
     Bill Dees                      16 Tons                                             Stardust
     Bill Drake                     More Than Willing                                   NCM
     Bill Durham                    Southern Lady                                       HotDisc
     Bill Durham                    Teardrops In My Tequila                             HotDisc
     Bill Durham                    I'm Still Missing You                               Bull
     Bill Durham                    Teardrops In My Tequila                             BD
     Bill Durham                    Pink Cadillac                                       Hot Disc
     Bill Durham                    Folsom Prison Blues                                 Hot Disc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 46
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Durham                    Hey Good Lookin'                                    HotDisc
     Bill Durham                    Why I'm Leaving                                     Bull
     Bill Durham                    The Andy Griffith Show                              Bull
     Bill Durham                    I've Got The Song                                   BD
     Bill Durham                    I'm Still Missing You                               MTM
     Bill Durham                    You Ain't Foolin' Nobody                            MTM
     Bill Durham                    That's All She Wrote                                BD
     Bill Durham                    I'm Putting My Love Inside You                      BD
     Bill Durham                    My Own Sweet Time                                   BD
     Bill Durham                    That's All She Wrote                                Bull
     Bill Engvall                   Givin' Up
     Bill Engvall                   Skimpy Underwear                                    WB
     Bill Engvall                   No Dignity As A Parent
     Bill Engvall                   I Hate Stupid People
     Bill Engvall                   I Love Golf
     Bill Engvall                   Thanks For The Wedgie
     Bill Engvall                   I'm A Cheap Drunk                                   Warner
     Bill Engvall                   20 Years Of Marriage                                WB
     Bill Engvall                   Tell Me What I'm Thinkin'
     Bill Engvall                   Hemheroids & Fan Belts
     Bill Engvall                   There's Your Sign Xmas                              Warner Bths.
     Bill Engvall                   Here's Your Sign Xmas
     Bill Engvall                   How Many Boxes It Takes
     Bill Engvall                   Here's Your Sign Dad
     Bill Engvall/Neal McCoy        Here's Your Sign                                    WB
     Bill Foster                    My World Will Fall Apart                            Stardust
     Bill Foster                    My World Will Fall Apart                            Stardust
     Bill Foster                    Nothing Seems Right Anymore                         Stardust
     Bill Foster                    Run Johnny Run                                      Stardust
     Bill Foster                    Treasures From The Past                             Stardust
     Bill Foster                    Out In The Open                                     Stardust
     Bill Foster                    My World Will Fall Apart                            Stardust
     Bill Foster                    Your Old Used To Be                                 Stardust
     Bill Fredrick                  Crazy Man                                           Prairie Dust
     Bill Fredrick                  Crazy Man                                           SR
     Bill Fronefield                When I Was A Cowboy                                 Stardust
     Bill Garland                   If It Ain't,Don't Call It Country                   Door Knob
     Bill Garland                   No One Can Love Like Two Fools                      Door Knob
     Bill Garland                   Putting Out An Old Flame Tonight                    Door Knob
     Bill Gentry                    I Want What You Want                                Dalton
     Bill Green                     That's All That Matters To Me                       BGM
     Bill Green                     Let's Cheat Again                                   BGM
     Bill Green                     Sittin' & Drinkin'                                  BGM
     Bill Green                     He Palyed Every Honky Tonk In Texas                 BGM
     Bill Green                     Texas Fiddles                                       BGM
     Bill Green                     I Hang Around                                       BGM
     Bill Green                     Boogie My Baby Tonight                              BGM
     Bill Green                     Girl I Love What You're Doin' To Me                 BGM
     Bill Green                     Texas Cowboy Saturday Night                         BGM
     Bill Green                     She's The Only Honky Tonk I Need                    BGM
     Bill Green                     It's Written All Over Her Face                      BGM
     Bill Green                     Texas Greats                                        BGM
     Bill Green                     If I Haven't Said I Love You                        BGM
     Bill Green                     Texas Saturday Nite                                 BGM
     Bill Green                     Sad Old Country Song                                BGM
     Bill Green                     Unsung Hero Of The Hony Tonk                        BGM
     Bill Green                     Amazing Grace                                       BGM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 47
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Green                     No More Fair Maiden                                 BGM   
     Bill Green                     I Don't Know Why I Keep Loving You                  BGM
     Bill Green                     Cajun Baby                                          BGM
     Bill Green                     WSomewhere There's A Rainbow Over Texas             BGM
     Bill Green                     City Slicker Honey                                  BGM
     Bill Green                     If She Could See Me Now                             BGM
     Bill Green                     I'm Crying                                          BGM
     Bill Green                     Under Your Spell Again                              BGM
     Bill Green                     World Of Make Believe                               Amber
     Bill Green                     Texas Greats                                        BGM
     Bill Green                     I'll Go To A Stranger                               BGM
     Bill Green                     Not Made Of Stone                                   BGM
     Bill Green                     Business As Usual                                   BGM
     Bill Green                     Dang These Texas Honky Tonks                        BGM
     Bill Green                     Pecos Bill                                          BGM
     Bill Green                     Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)            BGM
     Bill Green                     Tonight I'm Going Home                              BGM
     Bill Green                     Under A Neon Halo                                   BGM
     Bill Green                     I'll Go To A Stranger                               BGM
     Bill Griese                    Zoom                                                SR
     Bill Hearne                    Too Much Love Is Spoiling You                       Howlin Dog
     Bill Hearne                    Second Fiddle                                       Howlin Dog
     Bill Hearne                    Old Faithful                                        Frogville
     Bill Hearne                    That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk                   Howlin Dog
     Bill Hearne                    Early Morning Rain                                  SR
     Bill Hendron                   Mama Played The Fiddle
     Bill Henry                     Red Sky                                             OMS
     Bill Hersh                     She Learned Everything She Knows
     Bill Hersh                     Heartache Remover
     Bill Hersh                     Hello Operator
     Bill Hersh                     Babysittin' With The Blues
     Bill Hersh                     Country Gold
     Bill Hersh                     Satisfied Mind
     Bill Kennedy                   Lonesome 7-7203                                     SR
     Bill Kirchen                   Truck Stop At THe End Of The World                  Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   Tied To The Wheel                                   Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   Dim Lights & Thick Stone                            Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   Hillbilly Truck Drivin' Man                         Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   One More Hour Of Thre Blues                         Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   Truck Stop At THe End Of The World                  Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   Quit Feelin' Sorry For You                          Hightone
     Bill Kirchen                   One More Day                                        Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Shelly's Winter Love                                Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Rocks Into Sand                                     Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Tell Me The Reason                                  Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Husbands & Wives                                    Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Talkin' About Chicken                               Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Mama Hated Diesels                                  Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Truck Stop At THe End Of The World                  Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Heart Of Gold                                       Proper
     Bill Kirchen                   Hammer Of The Honky Tonk Gods                       Proper
     Bill Kyerly                    My Baby's Comin' Home Again Today
     Bill Luther                    You Will Always Be Mine                             Dreamworks
     Bill Medley                    Till Your Memory's Gone
     Bill Medley                    I Still Do
     Bill Medley                    I've Always Got The Heart To Sing T
     Bill Medley                    Santa Please
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 48
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Middlebrooks              Romancing  At Home                                        
     Bill Middleton                 24 Hours At A Time                                  CDTex
     Bill Mizzell                   Double Dealin' Woman                                Country Discovery
     Bill Monroe                    Toy Heart                                           Columbia
     Bill Monroe                    Xmas Time's A Comin'
     Bill Monroe                    Footprints In The Snow                              Columbia
     Bill Monroe                    Kentucky Waltz                                      Columbia
     Bill Monroe                    Scotland                                            Decca
     Bill Morrissey                 Inside                                              Rounder
     Bill Murphree                  Pride Gets In The Way                               Country Discovery
     Bill Murray                    Blues Again Today                                   Starbuck
     Bill Murray                    Haunting Dreams                                     Starbuck
     Bill Nash                      Night Talk
     Bill Nash Family Trio          Hold Him Under                                      New Country
     Bill Nunley                    'Ol What's His Name
     Bill Pekar                     Dirt Poor                                           Hybner
     Bill Pekar                     The Way It Used To Be                               Hybner
     Bill Pekar                     First Five Years                                    Bill Pekar
     Bill Pekar                     One Way Ticket                                      Hybner
     Bill Pekar                     Last Of The Old Time Cowboys                        Hybner
     Bill Phillips                  The Words I'm Gonna Have To Eat
     Bill Phillips                  Put It Off Until Tomorrow
     Bill Phillips                  The Company You Keep
     Bill Phillips                  Love's Dead End
     Bill Rhoads                    Cut And Run                                         SR
     Bill Rhoads                    What The Hell Am I Doin' Here?                      SR
     Bill Rhoads                    Too Many California Memories                        SR
     Bill Rhoads                    Too Many California Memories                        MTM
     Bill Rhyne                     Texas Taoboy                                        Comstock
     Bill Rice                      Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy                          Capitol
     Bill Scull                     Down By The Water
     Bill Staines                   That's My Song                                      Red House
     Bill Thornbury                 Time & Time Alone
     Bill Toms                      Satan's On My Shouler                               Moondog
     Bill Townsend                  Four Wheel Drive Heart                              Hilltopper
     Bill Townsend                  Sometimes One Fool Turns Into Two                   Hilltopper
     Bill Turner                    Dream Of Me                                         Mansion
     Bill Turner                    Turn Around                                         Mansion
     Bill Wence                     Fortunate Man                                       615
     Bill Wence                     She's Leavin' For Dallas                            615
     Bill Wence                     The Coming Home Song                                615
     Bill Wence                     Forever Man                                         615
     Bill Wence                     Unchained Melody                                    615
     Bill Wence                     Thirty Years                                        615
     Bill Wence                     Angeline                                            615
     Bill Wence                     What Do You Think About Me And You                  Midland
     Bill Wence                     A Prayer From Montana                               615
     Bill Wence                     I Knew It All                                       615
     Bill Wence                     Borderline Crazy                                    615
     Bill Wence                     Songs That Make Me Think About You                  615
     Bill Wence                     Old Rock & Roller                                   615
     Bill Wence                     Hold On                                             615
     Bill Wence                     Break Away                                          615
     Bill Wence                     This Is A Hold Up                                   615
     Bill Wence                     I'll Send My Love                                   615
     Bill Wence                     You're The Best                                     615
     Bill Wence                     I Wanna Do It Again                                 615
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 49
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bill Wence                     California Callin'                                  615   
     Bill Wence                     Honky Tonk Heartache                                615
     Bill Wence                     The Coming Home Song                                615
     Bill Wence                     Quicksand                                           615
     Bill Wence                     I'm Still Lovin' You                                615
     Bill Wence                     Runaway Romance                                     615
     Bill Wence                     555-2109                                            615
     Bill Wence                     Whiskey Take Me Away                                615
     Bill Wence                     Rearview Mirror                                     615
     Bill Wence                     Break Away
     Bill Wence                     Night Lies
     Bill Wence                     Quicksand
     Bill Wilkerson Jr.             Friends                                             Stargem
     Bill Wilkerson Jr.             Love Me Like I Love You                             Stargem
     Bill Wilkerson Jr.             Honky Tonk Lifestyle                                Stargem
     Billie Hicklin/Ron Conner      Till Love Locked Us In                              EHK
     Billie Jo Spears               You Never Can Tell
     Billie Jo Spears               Rainy Days & Stormy Nights
     Billie Jo Spears               Marty Gray
     Billie Jo Spears               Mr. Walker It's All Over
     Billie Jo Spears               Misty Blue
     Billie Jo Spears               57 Chevrolet
     Billie Jo Spears               What I've Got In Mind
     Billie Jo Spears               Midnight Blue
     Billie Jo Spears               Love Ain't Gonna Wait For Us
     Billie Jo Spears               You're Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
     Billie Jo Spears               Livin' Our Love Together                            United Artists
     Billie Jo Spears               I'm Not Easy
     Billie Jo Spears               Never Did Like Whiskey
     Billie Jo Spears               Every Time I Close My Eyes                          Broadland
     Billie Jo Spears               Standing Tall
     Billie Jo Spears               If You Want Me
     Billie Jo Spears               Blanket On The Ground
     Billie Jo Spears               Stay Away From The Apple Tree
     Billie Jo Spears               Natural Attraction
     Billie Jo Spears               The Star
     Billie Jo Spears               It Makes No Difference Now
     Billie Jo Spears               I Will Survive
     Billie Jo Spears               Wisdom Of A Fool
     Billie Jo Spears               Too Much Is not Enough
     Billie Jo Spears               Ease The Want In Me
     Billie Jo Spears               Silver Wings & Golden Rings
     Billie Jo Spears               We Need to Walk
     Billie Joe + Norah             Lightning Express                                   Reprise
     Billie Joe + Norah             Long Gone                                           Reprise
     Billie Joe + Norah             I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail                 Reprise
     Billie Joe + Norah             Rockin' Alone                                       Reprise
     Billie Joe + Norah             Kentucky                                            Reprise
     Billy  Pierson                 Angel's Arms                                        Oak
     Billy "Bubba" King             Sara                                                Hot Disc
     Billy & Buzz                   Heartbeat                                           Arena
     Billy & Buzz                   Look At Me                                          Arena
     Billy & Buzz                   Well All Right                                      Arena
     Billy & Buzz                   Everyday                                            Arena
     Billy Adams                    With A Smile                                        JeffJenny
     Billy Adams                    Fool #1                                             JeffJenny
     Billy Adams                    Rooty Toot Toot                                     JeffJenny
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 50
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Allen                    Hell Or High Water                                  KMA   
     Billy Allen                    We Don't Live Here                                  KMA
     Billy Allen                    Angel Of Mercy                                      HMG
     Billy Allen                    We Don't Live Here                                  KMA
     Billy Anderson                 I'm In Love Again                                   Cricket Power
     Billy Anderson                 Cupcake Brown                                       Cricket Power
     Billy Anderson                 Cheap Red Wine                                      Cricket Power
     Billy Anderson                 Bullridin' Boogie                                   Cricket Power
     Billy Anderson                 Biker Chick Blues                                   Cricket Power
     Billy Anderson                 Red Wine & Whiskey                                  HotDisc
     Billy Arnold                   To Get To You                                       LAG
     Billy Bob Earl                 Hard Times On The Run                               SR
     Billy Bob Shane                I'm 99 Proof
     Billy Bob Shane                You're Drivin' Me Sane                              New Oldies
     Billy Bob Thornton             The Desperate One                                   Sanctuary
     Billy Bob Thornton             Hearts Like Mine                                    Universal
     Billy Bob Thornton             Smoking In Bed                                      Lost Highway
     Billy Bob Thornton             Lost Highway                                        UMB
     Billy Bob Thornton             Your Blue Shadow                                    Lost Highway
     Billy Bridge                   One More Chance                                     MTM
     Billy Bridge                   Little Bitty Kiss                                   Aust
     Billy Burnette                 Rock N Roll With It                                 HotDisc
     Billy Burnette                 Need You Baby
     Billy Burnette                 Only The River Knows                                DigiRetouch
     Billy Burnette                 What A Woman Feels                                  FFE
     Billy Byrom                    On Xmas Eve                                         Western Heart
     Billy C. Wirtz                 WWED (What Would Elvis Do)                          Hightone
     Billy Cate                     If Everyday Was Like Xmas                           Stardust
     Billy Cate                     Big Iron                                            Stardust
     Billy Chernoff                 A Better Way                                        Spotted Pony
     Billy Chernoff                 Rodeo Miles                                         Old Hippy
     Billy Chernoff                 My Old Compadres And Me                             Old Hippy
     Billy Chernoff                 Stopped Into A Small Town                           Old Hippy
     Billy Chernoff                 When You Find That Special Woman                    MTM
     Billy Chernoff                 Rodeo Cowboy                                        Spotted Pony
     Billy Chernoff                 Your Cowboy Loves You                               Old Hippy
     Billy Chernoff                 Stumble Stones                                      HotDisc
     Billy Chernoff                 Down At The Rodeo                                   Old Hippy
     Billy Chernoff                 Can't Sing Gospel Music In A Bar                    MTM
     Billy Chernoff                 Take This California Girl With Me                   Spotted Pony
     Billy Chernoff                 Through Hell With You                               MTM
     Billy Chernoff                 Startin' Over Again                                 Spotted Pony
     Billy Chernoff                 Sally In Dallas                                     Spotted Pony
     Billy Chernoff                 Can't Sing Gospel In A Bar                          Western Heart
     Billy Chernoff                 Like A Human Drum                                   TIMA
     Billy Chernoff                 Such A Fine Woman                                   SR
     Billy Chernoff                 A Better Way                                        MTM
     Billy Chernoff                 A Better Way                                        MTM
     Billy Chernoff                 My Sweet Love's Arms                                Spotted Pony
     Billy Craig                    Hometown USA                                        SR
     Billy Craig                    Millionaire                                         SR
     Billy Crain                    From Divorce To The Barrooms                        EHK
     Billy Crain                    From Divorce To The Barrooms                        Hanging Tree
     Billy Crash Craddock           Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry My
     Billy Crash Craddock           Tell Me When I'm Hot
     Billy Crash Craddock           Till I Stop Shakin'
     Billy Crash Craddock           Broken Down In Tiny Pieces
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 51
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Crash Craddock           A Real Cowboy (You Say You're)                            
     Billy Crash Craddock           Ruby Baby                                           ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           Still Thinkin' Bout You                             ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           If I Could Write You A Love Song
     Billy Crash Craddock           It Was You
     Billy Crash Craddock           My Mama Never Heard Me Sing
     Billy Crash Craddock           Hubba Hubba                                         Capitol
     Billy Crash Craddock           Another Woman
     Billy Crash Craddock           Rub It In
     Billy Crash Craddock           Just Another Miserable Day (Here In
     Billy Crash Craddock           I've Been Too Long Lonely Baby
     Billy Crash Craddock           I Just Need You For Tonite                          Capitol
     Billy Crash Craddock           Robinhood
     Billy Crash Craddock           The First Time
     Billy Crash Craddock           Easy As Pie
     Billy Crash Craddock           Sweet Magnolia Blossom                              ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           Love Busted                                         Capitol
     Billy Crash Craddock           Walk Softly
     Billy Crash Craddock           Ain't Nothin' Shakin'                               Cartwheel
     Billy Crash Craddock           You Rubbed It All Wrong                             ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           I Love The Blues And The Boogie Woogie              ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           Til The Water stops Running                         ABC
     Billy Crash Craddock           I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
     Billy Crash Craddock           I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love
     Billy Crash Craddock           You Better Move On
     Billy Crash Craddock           Sea Cruise                                          Capitol
     Billy Crash Craddock           Knock Three Times
     Billy Crash Craddock           A Tear Fell
     Billy Crash Craddock           Now that The Feelin's Gone                          Capitol
     Billy Currington               Baby Do You Wanna                                   Mercury
     Billy Currington               Good Directions                                     Mercury
     Billy Currington               Here I Am                                           Mercury
     Billy Currington               Love Done Gone                                      Mercury
     Billy Currington               She's Got A Way With Me                             Mercury
     Billy Currington               People Are Crazy                                    Mercury
     Billy Currington               Must Be Doin' Something Right                       Mercury
     Billy Currington               Walk A Little Straighter                            Mercury
     Billy Currington               That's How Country Boys Roll                        Mercury
     Billy Currington               Bring It On Over                                    Mercury
     Billy Currington               Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer                        Mercury
     Billy Currington               I Got A Feeling                                     Mercury
     Billy Currington               Wake Me Up                                          Mercury
     Billy Currington               Like My Dog                                         Mercury
     Billy Currington               We Are Tonight                                      Mercury
     Billy Currington               Let Me Down Easy                                    Mercury
     Billy Currington               Why Why Why                                         Mercury
     Billy Currington               Drinkin' Town With A Football Problem               Mercury
     Billy Currington               Tangled Up                                          Mercury
     Billy Currington               That Changes Everything                             Mercury
     Billy Currington               It Don't Hurt Like It Used To                       Mercury
     Billy Currington               Hey Girl                                            Mercury
     Billy Currington               Don't It                                            Mercury
     Billy Currington               I Wanna Be A Hillbilly                              Mercury
     Billy Currington               Don't                                               Mercury
     Billy D. Hunter                Liquid Salvation                                    Mosrite
     Billy D. Hunter                January April & Me                                  Mosrite
     Billy D. Hunter                I Have All I Need                                   Star Creek
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 52
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy D. Hunter                Wild Ones                                           SR    
     Billy D. Hunter                Aspirins By Morning
     Billy D. Hunter                I Gave Up Getting Over You Today                    SR
     Billy D. Hunter                After The Storm                                     SR
     Billy Davis Trio               White Xmas
     Billy Davis Trio               Winter Wonderland
     Billy Dean                     Once In A While                                     Liberty
     Billy Dean                     The Greatest Man I Nerver Knew                      PCL
     Billy Dean                     That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me                       Capitol
     Billy Dean                     Only Here For A Little While
     Billy Dean                     I Can't Leave A Good Thing                          Flying Island
     Billy Dean                     Wounded Warrior                                     SR
     Billy Dean                     I'm In Love With You                                View2
     Billy Dean                     Mary Did You Know
     Billy Dean                     Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark
     Billy Dean                     Let Them Be Little                                  Curb
     Billy Dean                     White Xmas
     Billy Dean                     Only The Wind
     Billy Dean                     Swing For The Fence                                 Curb
     Billy Dean                     You Don't Count The Cost
     Billy Dean                     In The Name Of Love                                 Capitol
     Billy Dean                     Somewhere In My Broken Heart
     Billy Dean                     If There Hadn't Been You
     Billy Dean                     It's What I Do                                      Capitol
     Billy Dean                     We Just Disagree                                    Liberty
     Billy Dean                     This Is The Life                                    Curb
     Billy Dean                     Billy The Kid
     Billy Dean                     Thank God I'm A Country Boy                         View 2
     Billy Dean                     I'm Not Built That Way                              Capitol
     Billy Dean                     Race You To The Bottom                              Curb
     Billy Dean/Suzy Boggus/Jillian Keep Mom & Dad In Love                              Dreamcatcher
     Billy Dee                      Don't Give Up On Love                               BD
     Billy Dee                      Back to Back                                        BD
     Billy Dee                      Heart, Don't Fail Me Now                            BD
     Billy Dee                      What I'll Do                                        BD
     Billy Dee                      Everybody's Got Someone But Me                      BD
     Billy Dee                      Loved On Look                                       BD
     Billy Dee                      Your Memory Wins                                    BD
     Billy Dee                      Billy The Kid                                       BD
     Billy Dee                      May Your Heart (Rest In Pieces)                     BD
     Billy Dee                      New Tune On An Old Fiddle                           BD
     Billy Dee                      Too Far Gone                                        BD
     Billy Dee                      When The Vow Breaks                                 SR
     Billy Dee                      Rockin' Country Band
     Billy Dee Lewis/Chris Noel     Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age                        EHK
     Billy Don Burns                Keith Whitley Blue                                  IndieMafia
     Billy Don Burns                Rock On                                             IndieMafia
     Billy Don Burns                It Would Kill Mama                                  SR
     Billy Don Burns                I Was There                                         New Country
     Billy Don Burns                Lonesome 7-7203 (Edit)                              CC
     Billy Don Burns                Lonesome 77203                                      BDB
     Billy Don Burns                Tired & Troubled Soldiers                           AMP
     Billy Don Burns                Down Her Memory Lane                                BDB
     Billy Don Burns                Can I Come                                          BDB
     Billy Don Burns                Stranger                                            Rusty Knuckles
     Billy Don Burns                No Man's Land                                       IndieMafia
     Billy Don Burns                Gaylor Creek Church                                 Rusty Knuckles
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 53
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Don Burns                Is He The Writer                                    Rusty Knuckles
     Billy Don Burns                Honky Tonk Singer                                   Rusty Knuckles
     Billy Don Burns                Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way                      Rusty Knuckles
     Billy Don Burns                Haggard & Hank                                      IndieMafia
     Billy Don Burns                Hank Williams' Woman                                BDB
     Billy Don Burns                Born To Ride                                        Rusty Knuckles
     Billy Don Burns/Willie Nelson/Hank Cochr...                                        IndieMafia
     Billy Douglas                  Don't Tell Mama                                     Canyon Creek
     Billy Droze                    Missing Pieces                                      EHK
     Billy Earl Smith               Poor Little Fool                                    Muleshoe
     Billy Earl Smith               It's A Good World                                   Muleshoe
     Billy Edd Wheeler              Ode To The Little Brown Shack
     Billy Garland                  The Lust In This Cheater Just Died                  Door Knob
     Billy Garland                  No One Can Love Like Two Fools                      dOORKNOB
     Billy Garland                  The Promise                                         Door Knob
     Billy Garland                  Don't Forget To Leave                               Door Knob
     Billy Garland                  Pride Wins                                          Doorknob
     Billy Gilman                   Warm & Fuzzy                                        Epic
     Billy Gilman                   Everything & More                                   Image
     Billy Gilman                   I'll Be Home For Xmas                               Image
     Billy Gilman                   Gonna Find Love                                     Image
     Billy Gilman                   It Happened Anyway                                  Sony
     Billy Gilman                   Hey Little Suzie                                    Image
     Billy Gilman                   One Voice                                           Epic
     Billy Gilman                   When You Come Home                                  Offensive Tie
     Billy Gilman                   The Choice                                          SR
     Billy Gilman                   There's A Hero                                      Epic
     Billy Gilman                   Southern Star                                       Image
     Billy Gilman                   Oklahoma                                            Epic
     Billy Gilman                   She's My Girl                                       Epic
     Billy Goats                    All In Vain                                         BGR
     Billy Grammar                  To See My Grandma                                   Stardust
     Billy Grammar                  Brown's Ferry Blues                                 Stardust
     Billy Grammar                  Blue Water                                          Stardust
     Billy Grammar                  Bonaparte's Retreat
     Billy Grammar                  I'm Letting You Go                                  Stardust
     Billy Grammer                  Gotta Travel On
     Billy Grammer                  Mom & Dad Waltz
     Billy Grammer                  Browns Ferry Blues                                  Stardust
     Billy Grammer                  Somebody Loves You
     Billy Gray/Mimi Roman          We're Takin' Chances
     Billy Halterman                Something I Dreamed                                 Midland
     Billy Hill                     I Can't Help Myself                                 Reprise
     Billy Hill                     Too Much Month At The End Of The Money
     Billy Hoffman                  You're The Ticket                                   Critter
     Billy Hoffman                  It Just Hurts A Little                              Critter
     Billy Hoffman                  All I Wanted Was You                                Critter
     Billy Hoffman                  I Go Crazy                                          Critter
     Billy Hoffman                  Perfect Night                                       Critter
     Billy Hoffman                  Crossing Fences                                     Critter
     Billy Jack                     I've Never Seen An Angel Fly                        Western Heart
     Billy Jack Davis               If Walls Could Talk
     Billy Jack Gafford             The Call                                            TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             Isn't That How Love Is                              TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             Look What You've Done to Me                         TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             I've Never Seen An Angel Fly                        TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             Bible And A Bus Ticket Home                         TMR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 54
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Jack Gafford             Why Can't Tomorrow Start Today?                     TMR   
     Billy Jack Gafford             Life Got In The Way                                 TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             If I Can't Have Your Love                           TMR
     Billy Jack Gafford             You Got The Best Of Me                              TMR
     Billy Joe Barnett              A Bottle Of Wine & Patsy Cline                      Badger
     Billy Joe Barnett              Hurt                                                Badger
     Billy Joe Barnett              Since I Fell For You                                Badger
     Billy Joe Burnette             It's Late                                           Chesky
     Billy Joe Burnette             Can't Wait To Get Back Home                         Chesky
     Billy Joe Burnette             A Bottle Of Wine                                    Pretty World
     Billy Joe Burnette             Behind Closed Doors                                 Midland
     Billy Joe French               Deep Water                                          HotDisc
     Billy Joe French               Too Many Memories                                   Armadillo
     Billy Joe Royal                If The Jukebox Took Teardrops
     Billy Joe Royal                Searchin' For Some Kind Of Clue
     Billy Joe Royal                Hard Rock To Roll                                   Gusto
     Billy Joe Royal                Cherry Hill Park                                    Atlantic
     Billy Joe Royal                I Miss You Already
     Billy Joe Royal                Funny How Time Slips Away
     Billy Joe Royal                Till I Cant Take It Anymore
     Billy Joe Royal                Down In The Boondocks                               Atlantic
     Billy Joe Royal                Burned Like A Rocket
     Billy Joe Royal                Love Has No Right
     Billy Joe Royal                Tell It Like It Is
     Billy Joe Royal                I'm Okay (And Gettin' Better)
     Billy Joe Royal                Old Bridges Burn Slow                               Atlantic
     Billy Joe Royal                Ring Where A Ring Used To Be
     Billy Joe Royal                I'll Pin A Note On Your Pillow                      Atlantic
     Billy Joe Shaver               Evergreen Fields                                    New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               When The Word Was Thunderbird
     Billy Joe Shaver               You're Too Much For Me                              New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               Melody                                              Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Star In My Heart                                    New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               Mother Trucker                                      Upstart
     Billy Joe Shaver               Step On Up                                          Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               That's Why The Man In Black Sings The Blues         Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Chicken On The Ground
     Billy Joe Shaver               Corsicana Daily Sun                                 Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               I Don't Seem To Fit Anywhere                        New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               Fame                                                Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               I've Been To Georgia On A Fast Train
     Billy Joe Shaver               Slim Chance & The Can't Hardly Playboys             Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Ride Me Down Easy
     Billy Joe Shaver               Heart's A Bustin'                                   New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               Drinkin' Back                                       Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Amtrack
     Billy Joe Shaver               Eagle On The Ground                                 Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Drown In Love                                       Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               There's No Fool Like An Old Fool                    Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Drinkin' Back                                       Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               It Just Ain't There For Me No More                  Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Livin' a Lovin' Lie                                 Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Restless Wind                                       New West
     Billy Joe Shaver               Live Forever
     Billy Joe Shaver               Merry Christmas To You                              Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver               Sweet Melody                                        Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver/Big & Rich    Live Forever                                        Compadre
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 55
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Joe Shaver/Flaco Jimenez Feliz Navidad                                       Compadre
     Billy Joe Shaver/Marty Stuart  Winning Again                                       Compadre
     Billy Keeble                   Dear Santa                                          Western Heart
     Billy Keeble                   Dear Santa                                          Western Heart
     Billy Keeble                   Please Play Silver Wings Again                      Diamond Back
     Billy Keeble                   He Will Stand Beside Me                             Western Heart
     Billy Keeble                   After You Have Gone                                 Western Heart
     Billy Keeble                   Shame On Me                                         MTM
     Billy Keeble                   The Whole World Must Be Color Blind                 Universal
     Billy Keeble/Leona Williams    I'm So Afraid Of Losing You                         MTM
     Billy Keeble/Leona Williams    I'm So Afraid Of Losing You                         MTM
     Billy Larkin                   20/20 Hindsight
     Billy Larkin                   Longing For The High
     Billy Larkin                   My Side Of Town                                     Mercury
     Billy Lee Davis                Summertime In Texas                                 CDTex
     Billy Lee Riley                Please Don't Play Anymore Hurtin' Songs             Reba
     Billy Lee Riley                Little Piece Of Bottom Land                         Reba
     Billy Lee Riley                Paradise Ballroom                                   Reba
     Billy Lee Riley                The Bottle                                          Reba
     Billy Lee Riley                Hillbilly Rockin' Man                               Hot Disc
     Billy Mata                     Tally Ho                                            BGM
     Billy Mata                     Stars Over San Antone                               TIMA
     Billy Mata                     Stay A Little Longer                                CDTex
     Billy Mata                     Across The Valley
     Billy Mata                     Take The Fall                                       BGM
     Billy Mata                     Don't You Believe Her
     Billy Mata                     Beer Drinking Music                                 CDTex
     Billy Mata                     Wishful Thinkin'                                    CDTex
     Billy Mata/Johnny Bush         From Tenessee To Texas                              CDtex
     Billy McCoy                    Cajun Fiddle Man                                    Great American Country
     Billy McCoy                    I Have To Hold The Ring (And Kiss The Bride)        Great American Country
     Billy McCoy                    Baby's Coming Home                                  Western Heart
     Billy McCoy                    Born Again                                          Western Heart
     Billy McCoy                    Born Again                                          Western Heart
     Billy McCoy                    This Ring                                           Western Heart
     Billy McCoy                    Alice Loves Ft. Worth                               Texas Twister
     Billy McCoy                    Dancing The Cowboy Way                              Great American Country
     Billy McCoy                    Ma Cher A Mio                                       Great American Country
     Billy McKnight                 You Wanna Make Something Of It                      Busy At Play
     Billy McKnight                 All American                                        Bust At Play
     Billy McKnight                 You're The Ticket                                   NC
     Billy McKnight                 All American                                        CdTex
     Billy McKnight/Mindy McCready  Sweeter                                             Lofton Creek
     Billy Michael Davis            Honky Tonk                                          Western Heart
     Billy Mize                     Make It Rain
     Billy Mize                     Beer Drinkin' Honky Tonkin' BLues
     Billy Mize                     The Lights Of Albuqurque
     Billy Mize                     While I'm Thinkin' About It
     Billy Montana                  Rain Through The Roof                               Magnatone
     Billy Montana                  Baby I Was Leavin' Anyhow
     Billy Montana                  No Yesterday                                        Magnatone
     Billy Montana                  Crazy Blue
     Billy Musick                   Right In The Way Of Our Hearts
     Billy O'Rourke                 What Do I Do With Me Now                            Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 If You Could See You Through My Eyes                Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 Country As A Girl Can Be                            BGM
     Billy O'Rourke                 Tomorrow's Another Nite                             BGM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 56
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy O'Rourke                 It Don't Matter To Love                             Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 It Don't Matter To Love                             CDTex
     Billy O'Rourke                 Buster                                              Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 All I Have To Be Is Me                              CDTex
     Billy O'Rourke                 She's The Only Honky Tonk I Need                    Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 Somebody's Someone                                  Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 All I Have To Be Is Me                              Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 Buster                                              CDTex
     Billy O'Rourke                 All I Have To Be Is Me                              CDTex
     Billy O'Rourke                 Guitars                                             Electric Cactus
     Billy O'Rourke                 I'll Forgive You                                    Electric Cactus
     Billy Parker                   I See An Angel Everyday
     Billy Parker                   I Found A Miracle In You
     Billy Parker                   Can I Have What's Left
     Billy Parker                   It's Not Me
     Billy Parker                   If There's One Angel Missing (She's
     Billy Parker                   Too Many Irons In The Fire
     Billy Parker                   The Last Country Song
     Billy Parker                   If I Ever Need A Lady
     Billy Parker                   Love Don't Know A Lady From A Honky Tonk Girl
     Billy Parker                   What's A Nice Girl Like You
     Billy Parker                   Why Do You Keep Calling You Honey
     Billy Parker                   She's Sittin' Pretty
     Billy Parker                   Who Said Love Was Fair
     Billy Parker                   Hello Out There
     Billy Parker                   One More Last Time
     Billy Parker                   I'll Drink To That
     Billy Parker                   When I Need Love Bad
     Billy Parker/Bill Carlisle     I Believe I'm Entitled To You
     Billy Parker/Cal Smith         Honky Tonk Girl
     Billy Parker/Ernest Tubb       Tomorrow Never Comes
     Billy Parker/Jack Greene       Something Old Something New
     Billy Parker/Johnny Lee Wills  Milk Cow Blues
     Billy Parker/Johnny Lee Wills  Take Me Back To Tulsa (Live)
     Billy Parker/Webb Pierce       Memory Number One
     Billy Payne                    No Limit On Love                                    Aaron
     Billy Payne                    She Got Away With Goodbye                           Aaron
     Billy Pierson                  You Can't Keep A Redneck Blue                       Oak
     Billy Pierson                  It's Just A hole In The Wall                        Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Anytime You Wanna Fool Around                       Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Need To Know Basis                                  Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Let's Go Home                                       Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Too Hot To Handle                                   Oak
     Billy Pierson                  She Left Me Holding The Bottle                      Primoris
     Billy Pierson                  Country Cruise                                      Oak
     Billy Pierson                  I Worship The Woman You Walk On                     Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Don't Get No Sand In It                             Oak
     Billy Pierson                  Eternally Broke                                     LLI
     Billy Pierson                  Angel's Arms                                        Oak
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Back To Tennessee                                   Lyric Street
     Billy Ray Cyrus                I Wanna Be Your Joe                                 New Door
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Busy Man
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Time For Letting Go
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Crazy Bout You Baby                                 Monument
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Face Of God                                         WB
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Southern Rain                                       Monument
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Could've Been Me
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 57
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Ready, Set, Don't Go                                CO5   
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Hill Billy Heart                                    Blue Cadillac
     Billy Ray Cyrus                It's All The Same To Me                             Mercury
     Billy Ray Cyrus                You Won't Be Lonely Now                             Monument
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Always Sixteen                                      WB
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Give My Heart To You
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Where'm I Gonna Live
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Back to Memphis                                     Sony
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Words By Heart                                      Mercury
     Billy Ray Cyrus                She's Not Crying Anymore
     Billy Ray Cyrus                In The Heart Of A Woman                             Mercury
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Trail Of Tears                                      Mercury
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Some Gave All (2001)                                Monument
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Some Gave All
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Somebody Said A Prayer                              Lyric Street
     Billy Ray Cyrus                Like A Country Song                                 Melody Roundup
     Billy Ray Hatley               Cold Hard Truth                                     Shut Eye
     Billy Ray Reynolds             Cleaning The House                                  Compadre
     Billy Ray Reynolds             Made Of Stone                                       Compadre
     Billy Ray Reynolds             Saratoga                                            Compadre
     Billy Ray Reynolds             The Nite Before Xmas With You
     Billy Ray Reynolds             Each Season Changes You                             Compadre
     Billy Ray Reynolds             Whatever Turns You On                               Compadre
     Billy Ray Reynolds/Merle Haggardwo Step Me                                         Compadre
     Billy Ryan                     Simpleville                                         MTM
     Billy Ryan                     'Less I'm Lovin' You                                MTM
     Billy Ryan                     When Daddy Drank                                    MTM
     Billy Ryan/Marty Raybon        Going Thru Hell                                     MTM
     Billy Swan                     Heartbreak Hotel                                    Audium
     Billy Swan                     You Must Be Looking For Me
     Billy Swan                     Your Picture Still Loves Me (And I
     Billy Swan                     Viva Las Vegas                                      Audium
     Billy Swan                     Wooden Heart                                        Audium
     Billy Swan                     Too Much                                            Audium
     Billy Swan                     Suspicious Minds                                    Audium
     Billy Swan                     When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold                     Stardust
     Billy Swan                     Lover Please                                        Monument
     Billy Swan                     Stuck Right In The Middle Of Your Love
     Billy Swan                     Love Me Tender                                      Audium
     Billy Swan                     When The Lord Closes The Door
     Billy Swan                     Rainbows & Butterflys
     Billy Swan                     I'd Rather Be Dancing With You                      Stardust
     Billy Swan                     I Can Help
     Billy Swan                     Blue Moon Of Kentucky                               Audium
     Billy T. Mignight              Whoever Made Those Rules                            Promise
     Billy T. Mignight              That Loved In Look                                  Promise
     Billy T. Mignight              The Way You Loved Me Then                           Promise
     Billy T. Mignight              Any Single Solitary Hear                            Promise
     Billy T. Mignight              Fall Reaching                                       Promise
     Billy Thundercloud             What Time Of Day
     Billy Vera                     She Ain't Johnnie
     Billy W. Chernoff              Thanks For Remembering Me, Lord                     Revelation
     Billy Walker                   Detour                                              Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Louisiana Waters                                    Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   From The Bottle To The Bottom
     Billy Walker                   And The Angels Sing                                 Western Heart
     Billy Walker                   Come A Little Bit Closer                            Columbia
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 58
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Walker                   I Saw Elvis At Wal-Mart                             Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Rhumba Boogie                                       Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   My Mind Hangs On To You
     Billy Walker                   A Million & One
     Billy Walker                   If It Pleases You                                   Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Sorrow                                              Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Oh Yes There Will                                   Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Two Tickets To Texas Tonight                        Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   On My Mind Again                                    Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Don't Stop In My World (If You Don't Plan To Stay)
     Billy Walker                   The Old French Quarter
     Billy Walker                   Thank You For Calling                               Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Love You All To Pieces
     Billy Walker                   I Wish You Love                                     Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Heart Be Careful                                    Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Instead Of Giving Up (I'm Givin' In)
     Billy Walker                   If I'm Losing You
     Billy Walker                   Whose Shoes Are These                               Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   I Don't Care                                        Audium
     Billy Walker                   Please Break My Heart Again                         Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Faded Lights & Lonesome People                      Tal Texan
     Billy Walker                   Bad Things About A Good Memory                      Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   Anything Your Heart Desires
     Billy Walker                   Jesse                                               Tall Texan
     Billy Walker                   I Taught Her Everything She Knows
     Billy Walker                   Funny How Time Slips Away
     Billy Walker                   Thinkin' Bout You Babe
     Billy Walker                   Bear With Me A Little Longer
     Billy Walker                   The Morning Paper                                   Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Curtains On The Windows
     Billy Walker                   Darling Days
     Billy Walker                   (Here I Am) Alone Again
     Billy Walker                   Matamoros                                           Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Down To My Last Cigarette                           ColumbiA
     Billy Walker                   Ramona
     Billy Walker                   Sundown Mary
     Billy Walker                   It's Lonesome                                       Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Circumstances                                       Columbia
     Billy Walker                   Silver Bells
     Billy Walker                   Word Games
     Billy Walker                   Nobody But A Fool                                   Columbia
     Billy Walker                   In Del Rio                                          Monument
     Billy Walker                   Charlie's Shoes
     Billy Walker                   Smokey Places
     Billy Walker                   I Spend A Lot Of Lonely Nites
     Billy Walker                   Age Of Worry
     Billy Walker                   The Storm Within My Heart                           Columbia
     Billy Walker                   The Lawman                                          Columbia
     Billy Walker                   She Goes Walkin' Thru My Mind
     Billy Walker                   Adam's Side                                         Rejoice
     Billy Walker                   Cross The Brazos At Waco
     Billy Walker                   Better Homes & Gardens
     Billy Walker                   Willie The Weeper                                   Columbia
     Billy Walker                   I'm So Miserable Without You                        Columbia
     Billy White Jr.                A Little Hitch                                      SR
     Billy White Jr.                Don't Leave Me Standing Here                        CDTex
     Billy White Jr.                Another Day In Love                                 SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 59
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Windup                   Baboon Soup                                         Hot Disc
     Billy Wyatt                    Bar Room Singer                                     Western Heart
     Billy Wyatt                    Cowboy Hat Do Not A Cowboy Make                     Western Heart
     Billy Wyatt                    When The Whiskey Takes Control                      Western Heart
     Billy Y. Friday                All My Days End In Why                              Gag Order
     Billy Yates                    If I Could Go Back                                  MOD
     Billy Yates                    Down At The Station                                 MOD
     Billy Yates                    I Think I Like It                                   MOD
     Billy Yates                    In The Light Of Day                                 MOD
     Billy Yates                    The Circus Is Over                                  HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Roxanne's Bayou                                     MTM
     Billy Yates                    That's Why I Run                                    HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Like A Radio                                        HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Her Old Stompin Grounds                             HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    What Do You Want From Me Now                        Columbia
     Billy Yates                    Turn For The Worse
     Billy Yates                    Lovin' Machine                                      Sugar Hill
     Billy Yates                    Anywhere But Nashville                              HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Let's Go                                            MOD
     Billy Yates                    I Pray                                              MOD
     Billy Yates                    That's Just Me                                      MOD
     Billy Yates                    Mama's Fried Chicken                                MTM
     Billy Yates                    As I Kiss My World                                  HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Flowers                                             Almo
     Billy Yates                    One Beer A Day                                      HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    A Better Place                                      MOD
     Billy Yates                    Take Me Back & Keep Me There                        MTM
     Billy Yates                    On My Way                                           HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    I Don't Think You're Pretty                         MOD
     Billy Yates                    Daddy's Radio                                       MOD
     Billy Yates                    A Day I Never Will Forget                           MOD
     Billy Yates                    MFC                                                 HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Me. Marie                                           MOD
     Billy Yates                    Shadows                                             Columbia
     Billy Yates                    What We Don't Have                                  MOD
     Billy Yates                    I Just Can't Trust Myself With You                  MOD
     Billy Yates                    Hold Me                                             MOD
     Billy Yates                    Country                                             MOD
     Billy Yates                    Wrong Side Of The Bed                               MOD
     Billy Yates                    Dreaming Out Loud                                   MOD
     Billy Yates                    Only One George Jones                               HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Zeros                                               HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Three Tequila, Floor                                HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    She's My Country Girl                               HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Happy                                               MTM
     Billy Yates                    You'll Never See Me Crawl                           MOD
     Billy Yates                    This Song Doesn't Rock                              MTM
     Billy Yates                    She Ain't Got Nobody                                HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Harmony Man                                         MOD
     Billy Yates                    I Smell Smoke                                       Almo
     Billy Yates                    Smokin' Grass                                       MOD
     Billy Yates                    Too Country & Proud Of It                           MOD
     Billy Yates                    If I Ever Get Her Back                              MOD
     Billy Yates                    House That Jack Built                               HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Little Annie's Xmas Wish                            MTM
     Billy Yates                    Famous For Being Your Fool                          HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    As The Crow Flies                                   MOD
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 60
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Billy Yates                    All By My Lonesome                                  MOD   
     Billy Yates                    Daddy Had A Cardiac & Mamma's Got A Cadillac        MOD
     Billy Yates                    My Infinite Love                                    MOD
     Billy Yates                    The Man I Used To Be                                HotDisc
     Billy Yates                    Better Every Beer                                   MTM
     Billy Yates                    Alcohol Abuse                                       MOD
     Billy Yates                    The Perfect Woman                                   MOD
     Billy Yates                    They Don't Make Us Like They Used To                MOD
     Billy Yates/George Jones       Choices                                             MOD
     Billy Yates/Nicole Broussard   I'd Do It For You                                   HotDisc
     Bindley Hardware Company       The Good Ones                                       BHC
     Bing Crosby                    The Xmas Song
     Biscuit Buners                 Come On Darlin'                                     Indidog
     Biscuit Burners                Sweet Red Wine                                      Kurenza
     Biscuit Burners                Don't Leave Me Feelin' Blue                         Indidog
     Biscuit Burners                Sweet Whiskey                                       Indidog
     BJ Blue                        Blues For Xmas                                      CCR
     BJ Blue                        Cowboys Will be Cowboys                             CCR
     BJ Blue                        Redneck Thing                                       CCR
     BJ Blue                        Honeymoon Tonight                                   CCR
     BJ Blue                        Play Together Again,Again                           CCR
     BJ Blue                        Legendary Lovers                                    CCR
     BJ Blue                        She Don't Give Love                                 CCR
     BJ Blue                        Drivin' Naills In My Coffin                         CCR
     BJ Blue                        Drinkin' Coffee Blues                               CCR
     BJ Blue                        Before We Were Lovers                               CCR
     BJ Blue                        When It Comes To Cowgirls                           CCR
     BJ Blue                        Someboy Must've Been Cheatin' On Hank               Country Mansion
     BJ Blue                        Cowgirl Up                                          CCR
     BJ Blue                        The Toughest Cowboy                                 CCR
     BJ Blue                        Nelson Haggard & Jones                              CCR
     BJ Blue                        The Cowboy Twist                                    CCR
     BJ Blue                        Made In The Shade In Texas                          CCR
     BJ Blue                        Lookin' For Love                                    CCR
     BJ Blue                        Honky Tonk Hearts                                   CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         The Door Is Always Open                             CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Let's Go All The Way                                CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Never Ending Song Of Love                           CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Spiders & Snakes                                    Sniffinpup
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Something To Brag About                             The Readhead
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         We've Never Been This Far Before                    CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Someone I Used To Know                              CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         So Into You                                         CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Goin' To The Chapel                                 CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Let's Fall To Pieces Together                       CCR
     BJ Blue/Brittany Allyn         Mr. Man In The Moon                                 CCR
     BJ Kyle                        Put Your Head On My Shoulder                        Midland
     BJ Kyle                        No Matter What I Do                                 BJK
     BJ Thomas                      May The Child Stay In Us
     BJ Thomas                      Don't Worry Baby                                    Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      The Whole World's In Love When You'
     BJ Thomas                      It Came Upon A Midnite Clear
     BJ Thomas                      Somebody's Gonna Lose                               Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      Most Of All                                         Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry                         Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      What's Forever For                                  Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      New Looks From An Old Lover
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 61
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     BJ Thomas                      Whatever Happened To Old Fashion Love               Cleveland Int'l
     BJ Thomas                      Some Love Songs Never Die
     BJ Thomas                      Hooked On A Feeling                                 Q
     BJ Thomas                      But Love Me
     BJ Thomas                      Christmas Song
     BJ Thomas                      Two Car Garage                                      Cleveland Int'l
     BJ Thomas                      Home Where I Belong                                 Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      You Call That A Mountain                            Kardina
     BJ Thomas                      Nashville Rain                                      Little Dog
     BJ Thomas                      Old Fashioned Love                                  Kardina
     BJ Young                       Blue Is The Color Of Your Love                      Stardust
     BJ Young                       Blue Is The Color Of Love
     BJarnie Andersen               One Step Ahead Of My Past                           Hanging Tree
     Black Cats                     Heaven Into Hell                                    Rooby
     Black Lillies                  The Arrow                                           Attack Monkey
     Black Lillies                  Gold & Roses                                        SR
     Black Prairie                  How Do You Ruin Me                                  Sugar Hill
     Black Prairie                  Nowhere, MA                                         Sugar Hill
     Black Tie                      Learning The Game
     Blackbeard's Truck             Three                                               SR
     Blackberry Smoke               Let It Burn                                         3 Legged
     Blackberry Smoke               Living In The Song                                  Rounder
     Blackberry Smoke               Good One Comin' On                                  Bamajam
     Blackhawk                      I Will                                              Columbia
     Blackhawk                      Postmarked Birmingham                               Arista
     Blackhawk                      That's Just About Right                             Arista
     Blackhawk                      I Need You All The Time                             Arista
     Blackhawk                      I Sure Can Smell The Rain
     Blackhawk                      Goodbye Says It All                                 Arista
     Blackhawk                      One Night In New Orleans                            Columbia
     Blackhawk                      Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart
     Blackhawk                      Momma Who's Gonna Rock                              Rust
     Blackhawk                      Like There Ain't No Yesterday                       Arista
     Blackhawk                      Days Of America                                     Columbia
     Blackhawk                      Love Like This                                      Airline
     Blackhawk                      Brothers Of The Southland                           Loud & Proud
     Blackhawk                      Almost A Memory Now                                 Arista
     Blackhawk                      Every Once In A While                               Arista
     Blackhawk                      Hole In My Heart                                    Arista
     Blackhawk Walters              Open Road                                           WSI
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          Song On The Radio                                   True North
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          Gotta Stay Young                                    FUM
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          Reinventing The Wheel Of Love                       FUM
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          High Wire                                           FUM
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          Try Try Try Again                                   FUM
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          Silver Dreams                                       True North
     Blackie & Rodeo Kings          House Of Soul                                       True North
     Blackwater                     If You Get Tired Of Bein' Alone                     Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     Don't Come Cryin' To Me
     Blackwater                     Times Have Changed                                  Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     Reason To Leave                                     Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     Downtown Saturday Night                             Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     Times Have Changed
     Blackwater                     Don't Come Cryin' To Me                             Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     Statue Of A Fool                                    Snowtiger
     Blackwater                     If You Get Tired Of Bein' Alone
     Blaine Bowman                  A Daddy Like That                                   Glory Train
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 62
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Blaine Gray                    Dis-Engaged                                         BG    
     Blaine Johnson                 Give Then Hope                                      TIMA
     Blaine Larsen                  In My High School                                   Giantslayer
     Blaine Larsen                  It Did                                              Treehouse
     Blaine Larsen                  The Best Man                                        BNA
     Blaine Larsen                  Spoken Like A Man                                   BNA
     Blaine Larsen                  I Don't Know What She Said                          BNA
     Blaine Larsen                  How Do You Get That Lonely                          BNA
     Blaine Larsen                  Leavin'                                             Tree House
     Blaine Larsen                  Chillin'                                            Treehouse
     Blaine Long                    Me & Preacher                                       SR
     Blair Mathews                  It's About Us                                       Stoneyhill
     Blair Mathews                  Ride                                                Stoneyhill
     Blair Mathews                  Ride                                                HotDisc
     Blair Mathews                  Fabulous Day                                        Stoneyhill
     Blake & Brian                  Another Perfect Day                                 Curb
     Blake & Brian                  Shut Up Heart                                       Curb
     Blake Berglund                 Where I've Been                                     Oceanman
     Blake Berglund                 Love's Never Made Man A Living                      Oceanman
     Blake Berglund                 I Think About Savanna                               Oceanman
     Blake Berglund                 Where Have All My Horses Gone                       Oceanman
     Blake Fowler                   Last Seen On I-35                                   HMG
     Blake John                     Country Song                                        CDTex
     Blake Shelton                  Savior's Shadow                                     WB
     Blake Shelton                  Heavy Liftin'                                       WB
     Blake Shelton                  Goodbye Time                                        WB
     Blake Shelton                  I Lived It                                          WB
     Blake Shelton                  My Eyes                                             WB
     Blake Shelton                  Honey Bee                                           WB
     Blake Shelton                  Home                                                WB
     Blake Shelton                  All About Tonight                                   WB
     Blake Shelton                  When Somebody Knows You That Well                   WB
     Blake Shelton                  Don't Make Me                                       WB
     Blake Shelton                  The More I Drink                                    WB
     Blake Shelton                  'Ol Red                                             Warner
     Blake Shelton                  Sure Be Cool If You Did                             WB
     Blake Shelton                  Every Time I Hear That Song                         WB
     Blake Shelton                  Neon Light                                          WB
     Blake Shelton                  She's Got A Way With Words                          WB
     Blake Shelton                  She Wouldn't Be Gone                                WB
     Blake Shelton                  Turnin' Me On                                       WB
     Blake Shelton                  God Gave Me You                                     WB
     Blake Shelton                  Austin                                              Giant
     Blake Shelton                  All Over Me                                         Warner Brothers
     Blake Shelton                  Someday                                             WB
     Blake Shelton                  Playboys Of The Southwestern World                  WB
     Blake Shelton                  Came Here To Forget                                 WB
     Blake Shelton                  Drink On It                                         WB
     Blake Shelton                  Georgia In A Jug                                    WB
     Blake Shelton                  I'll Name The Dogs                                  WB
     Blake Shelton                  Sangria                                             WB
     Blake Shelton                  A Guy With A Girl                                   WB
     Blake Shelton                  I'll Just Hold On                                   WB
     Blake Shelton                  Who Are You                                         WB
     Blake Shelton                  Over                                                WB
     Blake Shelton                  Footloose                                           Atlantic
     Blake Shelton                  When Somebody Knows You That Well                   WB
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 63
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Blake Shelton                  Mine Would Be You                                   WB    
     Blake Shelton                  Doin' What She Likes                                WB
     Blake Shelton                  Boys Round Here                                     WB
     Blake Shelton                  The Baby                                            WB
     Blake Shelton                  God's Country                                       WB
     Blake Shelton                  Some Beach                                          WB
     Blake Shelton                  The Dreamer                                         WB
     Blake Shelton/Ashley Monroe    Lonely Tonight                                      WB
     Blake Shelton/Michael Buble    Home                                                WB
     Blake Shelton/Trace Adkins     Hillbilly Bone                                      WB
     Blake Stamper                  Disgustingly Domesticated                           HBM
     Blake Stamper                  Christmas Things                                    HBM
     Blake Stamper                  Rich Man                                            HBM
     Blake Stamper                  This Side Of Heartache                              HBM
     Blake Stamper                  The Way Back To Texas                               HBM
     Blake Stamper                  Christmas Things                                    HBM
     Blake Stamper                  Wet Crazy & Alone                                   HBM
     Blake Torrey                   Last Night                                          Watterson
     Blake Wise                     I've Got This Feeling                               BBR
     Blake Wise                     Cornfields                                          BBR
     Blake Wise                     Can't Live Without                                  BBR
     Blame Sally                    Take Me There                                       Ninth Street Opus
     Blanche Tate                   Merry Xmas My Friend                                Western Heart
     Blanche Tate                   Merry Christmas My Friend                           HMG
     Blayne Mayard                  The One Ring                                        CBMayard
     Blazers                        Dreamin' A Dream                                    Little Dog
     Bleu Edmonson                  Blood Red Lincoln                                   CDTex
     Blind Corn Liquor Pickers      Bad Tom Smith                                       Blind Corn
     Blue Cactus Choir              It's Your Move                                      Porgy
     Blue Country                   You Don't Really Love Me
     Blue Country                   Firecrackers & Ferris Wheels                        Curb
     Blue County                    I Get To                                            Curb
     Blue County                    That Summer Song                                    Curb
     Blue County                    That's Cool                                         Curb
     Blue County                    Nothin' But Cowboy Boots                            Curb
     Blue County                    Good Little Girls                                   Curb
     Blue Diamond Shine             Strong Wine & Strong Women                          Entwine
     Blue Hearts                    Be The One                                          CDTex
     Blue Highway                   Water From The Stone                                Rounder
     Blue Highway                   What You Wanted                                     Rounder
     Blue Highway                   The Story Of My Life                                Rounder
     Blue Highway                   That Could Be You                                   Ceili Music
     Blue Highway                   All The Things You Do                               Rounder
     Blue Highway                   That Could Be You
     Blue Highway                   I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine
     Blue Highway                   Goodbye For A While                                 Rounder
     Blue Highway                   No Home To Go Home To                               Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Still Climbing Mountains                            Rounder
     Blue Highway                   I Used To Love Parades                              Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Don't Weep For Me                                   Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Tears Fell On Missouri                              Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Only A Thought Away                                 Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Remind Me Of You                                    Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Life Without You                                    Rounder
     Blue Highway                   Talk Is Cheap                                       Rounder
     Blue Highway                   A Change Of Faith In Tennessee                      Rounder
     Blue Horizon                   Part Of You                                         Blue Diamond
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 64
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Blue Horizon                   Only Find The TIme                                  Diamond Blue
     Blue Horizon                   Neon Shines                                         Diamond Blue
     Blue Horizon                   Fallin' Apart                                       Diamond Blue
     Blue Horizon                   Champagne Taste                                     Diamond Blue
     Blue Horizon                   4 Letter Word                                       Diamond Blue
     Blue Merle                     Burning In The Sun                                  Island
     Blue Merle                     Every Ship Must Sail Away                           Island
     Blue Miller                    Sometime Tomorrow
     Blue Moon Harem                I Will Wait                                         WHP
     Blue Moon Rising               I Will Come Back Again                              Lonesome Day
     Blue Moon Rising               I Grew Up Today                                     Lonesome Day
     Blue Moon Rising               The Hanging Tree                                    Lonesopme Day
     Blue Moon Rising               Time To Be Moving On                                Rural Rhythm
     Blue Moon Rising               Good Time For Going Home                            Lonesome Day
     Blue Muse                      A Name In The Sand                                  SR
     Blue Muse                      Swept Away                                          SR
     Blue Orchid                    Rose Of My Heart                                    Cobweb
     Blue Orchid                    Does He Love You                                    HotDisc
     Blue Rodeo                     I Will                                              Rounder
     Blue Rodeo                     Gossip                                              TeleSoul
     Blue Rodeo                     Finger Lakes                                        Rounder
     Blue Rodeo                     3 Hours Away                                        TeleSoul
     Blue Rodeo                     Summer Girls                                        TeleSoul
     Blue Rodeo                     Four Strong Winds                                   Stony Plain
     Blue Rodeo                     Can't Help Wondering Why                            Rounder
     Blue Shadows                   A Little Bit Lonesome                               Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   Is Anybody Here                                     Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   Learn To Forget                                     Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   Hell Stays Open All Night                           Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   If We Make It Thru December                         Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   The Embers                                          Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   The Fool Is The Last One To Know                    Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   When Will This Heartache End                        Sony
     Blue Shadows                   Deliver Me                                          Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   On The Floor Of Heaven                              Bumstead
     Blue Shadows                   A Thousand Times                                    Bumstead
     Blue Sky Riders                Feelin' Brave                                       3 Dream
     Blue Sky Riders                Feelin' Brave                                       3 Dream
     Bluefield                      Ready To Love You Now                               Country Thunder
     Bluefield                      Drive Away                                          Country Thunder
     Bluefield                      Butterfly                                           Country Thunder
     Bluegrass Cardinals            The Carpenter Shop
     Blueground Undergrass          Feel At Home                                        Landslide
     Bluehearts                     Everyone Wants To Dance With My Girl                Hot Disc
     BlueMountain                   70's Song                                           Broadmoor
     BlueRidge                      Country Girl                                        Holdings Ltd
     BlueRidge                      Side By Side                                        Sugar Hill
     BlueRidge                      Hickory Wind                                        Holdings Ltd
     BlueRidge                      UK Country                                          Blueridge
     BlueRidge                      Let's Fall To Pieces Together Again                 Holdings ltd
     BlueRidge                      Speed Of The Sound Of Lonliness                     Holdings Ltd
     BlueRidge                      You Better Get                                      Sugar Hill
     Blushin' Roulettes             Coffee Black Night                                  Cinnamon Bones
     Blushin' Roulettes             Let It Roll                                         Cinnamon Bones
     Blushin' Roulettes             Sadness Thief                                       Cinnamon Bones
     Bo Bice                        You Take Yourself With You                          Sugarmoney
     Bo Bice                        Wild Roses                                          Sugar Honey
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 65
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bo Bice                        Lonely Broke & Wasted                               Sugar Money
     Bo Billy                       Low Maintenance Girl                                Boots Road
     Bo Billy                       Borderline Crazy                                    Boots Road
     Bo Billy                       Tell Me Again                                       Boots Road
     Bo Billy                       When I See You Smile                                Boots Road
     Bo Edwards                     Old Stiff Knee                                      SR
     Bo Goran Svensson/Pauline ReeseHe Drinks Tequila                                   SR
     Bo Harrison                    Head Over Heels
     Bo Harrison                    Shoulda Known Better
     Bo Harrison                    Lord Knows I'm Tryin'
     Bo Harrison                    Anything But Blue                                   Doorknob
     Bo Harrison                    Walkin' In My Shoes                                 Doorknob
     Bo Harrison                    Party Of One                                        Doorknob
     Bo Harrison                    The Last Teardop                                    Doorknob
     Bo Harrison                    Give Our Love Another Try                           Doorknob
     Bo Harrison                    Dancin' With An Angel                               Doorknob
     Bo Jack                        Dim Lights, Thick Smoke                             American Image
     Bo Porter                      Drinkin' Money                                      SR
     Bo Porter                      Mama Came To Texas                                  SR
     Bo Riddle                      Camouflage Santa Claus                              Dream Cat
     Bo T.                          The Cutting Edge Of Love                            Mercury
     Bob & Sheila Everhart          Dear Grand Ole Oprey                                Prarie Music
     Bob Amos                       Two Parts Sweat
     Bob August                     Over My Shoulder                                    Fluid
     Bob August                     Xmas Here/Xmas There                                Fluid
     Bob Black                      Waiting At The End of The Road                      Fire Creek
     Bob Bradshaw                   2 Step To The 12 Step                               Fluke
     Bob Bryan                      Down The Line                                       Round
     Bob Bryan                      Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow                         Western Heart
     Bob Carlisle/Patsy Cline       That Wonderful Someone
     Bob Cheevers                   I Don't Need A Thing                                Private Angel
     Bob Cheevers                   Fiona's Moon                                        Berkalin
     Bob Cheevers                   The Sound Of A Door                                 Private Angel
     Bob Cheevers                   Grown Up People                                     SR
     Bob Cheevers                   Pictures Of Strangers                               Berkalin
     Bob Cheevers                   Backwoods Hillbilly Fool                            Back 9
     Bob Cheevers                   Drivin' That Mercury                                Back 9
     Bob Cheevers                   Rag And Bone Man                                    Back 9
     Bob Cheevers                   Falling Hard On Easy Street                         Private Angel
     Bob Cheevers                   Your Whole Life                                     Berkalin
     Bob Cheevers                   Free Now                                            Back 9`
     Bob Cheevers                   Pearls Of Ivy Road                                  Back 9
     Bob Cheevers                   Me & Dan & The Spoonman                             Back 9
     Bob Cheevers                   Rose Hips                                           Hayden's Ferry
     Bob Corley                     She's Got My Dog                                    CoDisc
     Bob Delevante                  Texarkana State Of Mind                             Relay
     Bob Delevante                  Penny Black                                         Relay
     Bob Delevante                  The Things I Long To Hear                           Relay
     Bob Edgar                      Don't Forget The Tip                                Comstock
     Bob Evans                      Ragged But I'm Right                                Darkhorse
     Bob Gallion                    Sweethearts Again
     Bob Gallion                    Wall To Wall Love
     Bob Gallion                    Ain't Got Time For Nothin'
     Bob Hayes                      Pain Free
     Bob Hayes                      El Paso?
     Bob Jenkins                    The Cube
     Bob Kirkpatrick                Strange Little Angel
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 66
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bob Livingston                 Til Death Do Us Part                                New Wilderness
     Bob Livingston                 Love Cannot Be Broken                               Vireo
     Bob Livingston                 On A Dream With You                                 Vireo
     Bob Luman                      Ain't Got Time To Be Unhappy
     Bob Luman                      Proud Of You Baby
     Bob Luman                      Honky Tonk Man
     Bob Luman                      Neither One Of Us
     Bob Luman                      Come On Home & Sing The Blues
     Bob Luman                      It Takes You
     Bob Luman                      Poor Boy Blues
     Bob Luman                      He's Got A Way With Women
     Bob Luman                      Labor Of Love
     Bob Luman                      Let's Think about Livin'
     Bob Luman                      When You Say Love
     Bob Luman                      I Can't Remember To Forget                          Epic
     Bob Luman                      Some Day You'll Call My Name                        Epic
     Bob Luman                      Satisfied Mind
     Bob Luman                      World Of Unhappiness                                Epic
     Bob Luman                      Still Lovin' You
     Bob Luman                      Say It's Not You                                    Epic
     Bob Luman                      Have A Little Faith                                 Epic
     Bob Luman                      Every Day I Have To Cry Some
     Bob Luman                      Tomorrow's Gonna Be Better                          Epic
     Bob Luman                      Lonely Women Make Good lovers
     Bob Luman                      Just Enough To Make Me Stay
     Bob Luman                      Women Without Love                                  Epic
     Bob Luman                      I'm In This Town For Good                           Epic
     Bob Luman                      Pay Phone
     Bob Mabe                       Mama Was My Biggest Critic
     Bob Mackey                     Town Where You Live
     Bob Mauldin                    Van Zandt County Line                               CDTex
     Bob Michael                    My Broken Heart Never Mends
     Bob Mitchell                   The Vegetable Song                                  Badger
     Bob Nierstedt                  Crazy Over You                                      SR
     Bob Nierstedt                  Anything Your Heart Desires                         SR
     Bob Norman                     Jeannie                                             Legato
     Bob Norman                     Thanks Again                                        Legato
     Bob Norman                     Footprints At The Jukebox                           Stardust
     Bob Norman                     What A Shape
     Bob Norman                     I'm A Good Man                                      Stardust
     Bob Norman                     You've Got Everything it Takes                      Stardust
     Bob Norman                     My Last Glimpse Of You                              Stardust
     Bob Norman                     Let's Put It Back Together                          Legato
     Bob Norman                     Before The Country Went Away                        Stardust
     Bob Norman                     You Didn't Say                                      Stardust
     Bob Norman                     What I Want For Xmas                                Stardust
     Bob Norman                     I'd Rather Always Wonder                            Legato
     Bob Norman                     When The Grass Is High                              Stardust
     Bob Norman                     An Ex-Wife Hangs Around Forever                     Stardust
     Bob Norman                     Til You've Done Somebody Wrong                      Stardust
     Bob Norman                     100% Guarantee                                      Stardust
     Bob Peters                     The Long Road Home                                  Sonic
     Bob Pickering                  I'm My Own Grandpa
     Bob Pigott                     Back Verandah                                       HotDisc
     Bob Pyle                       When They Close The Golden Arches                   Apple Tree
     Bob Rea                        On A Trailways Bus                                  Shiny Dime
     Bob Rea                        Church Street                                       Shiny Dime
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 67
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bob Rea                        Blue Eyed Girl                                      BRM   
     Bob Seeger                     California Stars                                    Capitol
     Bob Seger                      Blind Love
     Bob Seger                      Wait For Me                                         Capitol
     Bob Sinclair                   Rainy Day Blues                                     Merlefest
     Bob Whitelock                  You're My Rock                                      RGW
     Bob Whitelock                  You're My Rock                                      Texas Twister
     Bob Wills                      Bubbles In My Beer
     Bob Wills                      New San Antonio Rose
     Bob Wills                      I Ain't Got Nobody                                  Mercury
     Bob Wills                      Stay A Little Longer
     Bob Woodruff                   Hard Liquor,Cold Women,Warm Beer                    Asylum
     Bob Young                      Best Of A Bad Situation                             Little Hollow
     Bobbe Seymour                  There'll  No Be No Teardrops Tonite                 Horserock
     Bobbi Cryner                   He Feels Guilty
     Bobbi Cryner                   He Feels Guilty                                     Epic
     Bobbi Cryner                   Didn't Know My own Strength                         MCA
     Bobbi Cryner                   You Could Steal Me
     Bobbi Lace                     If Hearts Could Talk
     Bobbi Leder                    I Don't                                             BL
     Bobbi Martin                   It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
     Bobbi Martin                   Oh Lonesome Me
     Bobbi Martin                   Don't Forget I Still Love You                       Coral
     Bobbie Cryner                  Daddy Laid The Blues On Me                          Epic
     Bobbie Cryner                  You'd Think He'd Know Me Better                     MCA
     Bobbie Gentry                  Mississippi Delta
     Bobbie Gentry                  Ode To Billie Joe
     Bobbie Gentry                  Louisiana Man
     Bobbie Gentry                  Mornin' Glory
     Bobbie Lynn                    Long Stemmed Rose                                   Comstock
     Bobbie Lynn                    They Didn't Know They Couldn't Make It              Comstock
     Bobby & Carol Stephenson       I Know You're Going Away                            Aaron
     Bobby & Lisa                   I Dedicate All My Love To You                       Darkhorse
     Bobby & Mark Atkins            Thunder Road                                        Thunderbolt
     Bobby Arnold                   Heart Of A Clown                                    Texas World
     Bobby Atkins                   A Day Over Lovin' You                               Country Discovery
     Bobby Atkins                   Uncle Sam,Mr Jukebox                                Country Discovery
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneeer And A Day                                   Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneen' On Your Mind                                Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneeber Me I'm The One Who Loves You               Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeOf Fire                                        Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Sensuous Woman                                Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneey                                              Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeMe On                                          Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeYou Visit Me On Sunday                         Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Have To Do Is Dream                           Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeMy Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers              Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Have To Go                                    Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeCheatin Heart                                  Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee The Fire Is Gone                              Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneee Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends             Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeLovin'                                         Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Raised On The Grand ole Oprey                 Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneey Bible                                        Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Darlin'                                       Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renees A Lot                                        Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneeye Love                                        Thunderbolt
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 68
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Dreams                                        Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Reneeindow Up Above                                 Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin ReneeBlue Day                                       Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Goes My Everything                            Thunderbolt
     Bobby Atkins/Mark Atkins/Robin Renee Let Me Cross Over                             Thunderbolt
     Bobby Austin                   Apartment # 9
     Bobby Bare                     Tequila Sheila
     Bobby Bare                     Miller's Cave
     Bobby Bare                     The Living Legend                                   Sugar Hill
     Bobby Bare                     Piney Wood Hills                                    RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Homesick
     Bobby Bare                     Sandy's Crying Again                                RCA
     Bobby Bare                     The Winner
     Bobby Bare                     Come Sundown
     Bobby Bare                     What Am I Gonna Do
     Bobby Bare                     If You Ain't Got Nothin'(You Ain't
     Bobby Bare                     The End                                             Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare                     Yesterday When I Was Young                          Dualtone
     Bobby Bare                     Learning To Live Again
     Bobby Bare                     Vincennes                                           RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Back Home In Huntsville Again
     Bobby Bare                     Find Out What's Happening
     Bobby Bare                     Jeannie's Last Kiss                                 RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Take Me Home                                        RCA
     Bobby Bare                     500 Miles From Home
     Bobby Bare                     Am I That Easy To Forget                            Dualtone
     Bobby Bare                     Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn                    RCA
     Bobby Bare                     How I Got To Memphis
     Bobby Bare                     Don't Go To Sleep On The Road                       Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     Praise The Lord & Send Me The Money
     Bobby Bare                     It's All In The Game                                Dualtone
     Bobby Bare                     Big Dupree
     Bobby Bare                     Sylvia's Mother
     Bobby Bare                     It All Depends On Linda                             RCA
     Bobby Bare                     In The Same Old Way
     Bobby Bare                     Above & Beyond                                      RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Sleep Tight Good Night Man
     Bobby Bare                     Heart Of Ice                                        RCA
     Bobby Bare                     More Than A Poor Boy Can Give                       RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Talk Me Some Sense                                  RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Long Black Veil                                     RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Til I Gain Control
     Bobby Bare                     Streets Of Baltimore
     Bobby Bare                     Delia's Gone                                        RCA
     Bobby Bare                     The Jogger
     Bobby Bare                     Chicken Every Sunday                                RCA
     Bobby Bare                     One Day At A Time                                   RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Charleston Railroad Tavern
     Bobby Bare                     Times Are Gettin' Hard                              RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Four Strong Winds/500 Miles From Home               Q
     Bobby Bare                     When I Get Home
     Bobby Bare                     Detroit City
     Bobby Bare                     She Picked A Perfect Day                            RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Memories                                            RCA
     Bobby Bare                     My Frame Of Mind                                    RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Houston                                             RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Where Did It Go                                     Hypermedia
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 69
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Bare                     If You Think I'm Crazy Now                                
     Bobby Bare                     Come Kiss Me Love
     Bobby Bare                     Six Days Back Home                                  Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     Baby What Else Can I Do                             RCA
     Bobby Bare                     I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman           Columbia
     Bobby Bare                     Momma Take The Road Off Me                          Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     Going Down The Road                                 Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     When The Wind Blows In Chicago                      RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Let Him Roll
     Bobby Bare                     I Care                                              Red Beet
     Bobby Bare                     God Bless America Again
     Bobby Bare                     World's Last Truck Drivin' Man                      Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     Diet Song
     Bobby Bare                     There's An 18 Wheeler                               Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     The Trouble With Angels                             Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare                     New Cut Road
     Bobby Bare                     This Is As Far As I Go                              Scena Records
     Bobby Bare                     Long Black Limousine                                RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Ride Me Down Easy
     Bobby Bare                     A Little Bit Later On Down The Line
     Bobby Bare                     It's All Right
     Bobby Bare                     Dropping Out Of Sight
     Bobby Bare                     Xmas Time At Grandma's House                        Western Heart
     Bobby Bare                     I Drink                                             Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare                     Four Strong Winds
     Bobby Bare                     Put A Little Lovin' On Me
     Bobby Bare                     Things Change                                       Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare                     All American Boy
     Bobby Bare                     Reno & Me
     Bobby Bare                     (I'm Not) A Candle In The Wind
     Bobby Bare                     Singin' In The Kitchen
     Bobby Bare                     Tom Dooley                                          Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     Marie Leveau
     Bobby Bare                     A Little Bit Later Down The Line                    RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Drop Kick Me Jesus
     Bobby Bare                     I Was A Young Man Once                              Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     Which One Will  It Be                               RCA
     Bobby Bare                     When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down                    RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
     Bobby Bare                     Greasy Grit Gravy
     Bobby Bare                     My Baby                                             RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Don't Do Like I Done Son                            RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Rainy Day In Richmond                               RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Town That Broke My Heart                            RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Are You Sincere                                     Dualtone
     Bobby Bare                     Detroit City                                        Q
     Bobby Bare                     Shame On Me
     Bobby Bare                     Lookout Mountain                                    Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     House Of The Rising Sun                             Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     Have I Stayed Away Too Long                         RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Food Blues
     Bobby Bare                     Ballad Of Lucy Jordan                               Dualtone
     Bobby Bare                     Just To Satisfy You                                 RCA
     Bobby Bare                     She Took My Sunshine Away                           RCA
     Bobby Bare                     Mercy Now                                           Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare                     I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For          Plowboy
     Bobby Bare                     Numbers                                             Columbia
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 70
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Bare                     Numbers                                                   
     Bobby Bare                     Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
     Bobby Bare                     They Covered Up The Old Swimming Hole               RCA
     Bobby Bare & Friends           Take This Job & Shove It                            Sugar Hill
     Bobby Bare & Kids              I Made A Promise To Santa Claus
     Bobby Bare & Kids              I Love An Old Fashin Xmas
     Bobby Bare & Kids              Let's Hold Hands
     Bobby Bare & Kids              It's Fun To Go To Grandma's House
     Bobby Bare & Kids              Christmas In The Eyes Of A Kid
     Bobby Bare & Kids              We Went To Visit Santa Claus
     Bobby Bare & Kids              Christmas Train
     Bobby Bare & Kids              Xmas In My Smokey Mountain Home
     Bobby Bare & Kids              Under The Mistletoe
     Bobby Bare & Kids              In Bethlehem
     Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis     A Dear John Letter
     Bobby Bare & Son               Daddy What If
     Bobby Bare Jr.                 Motel Time Again                                    Sugar Hill
     Bobby Bare Jr.                 Undefeated                                          BLoodshot
     Bobby Bare Jr.                 If She Cared                                        Bloodshot
     Bobby Bare Jr.                 Daddy What If                                       Sugar Hill
     Bobby Bare Jr.                 Make The World Go Away                              Plowboy
     Bobby Bare& Jeannie Bare       Vegas
     Bobby Bare/Charlie Daniels     Willy Jones
     Bobby Bare/Chris Stapleton     Detroit City                                        Hypermedia
     Bobby Bare/Lacy J. Dalton      It's A Dirty Job
     Bobby Bare/Mel Tillis/Roy ClarkI Will                                              MP3
     Bobby Bare/Rosanne Cash        No Memories Hangin' Round
     Bobby Bare/Skeeter Davis       Your Husband My Wife
     Bobby Barnett                  Old Frank                                           MTM
     Bobby Blue                     Once Upon A Time
     Bobby Borchers                 Someone's With Your Wife Tonight,Mi
     Bobby Borchers                 Cheap Perfume & Candellight
     Bobby Borchers                 It Was Love What It Was
     Bobby Borchers                 Sheets Of Fire
     Bobby Borchers                 Promised Her A Rainbow
     Bobby Borchers                 What A Way To Go
     Bobby Borchers                 They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore
     Bobby Borchers                 I Like Ladies In Long Black Dresses
     Bobby Borchers                 Wishing I Had Listened To Your Song
     Bobby Borchers                 Just For A Minute
     Bobby Borchers                 Whispers
     Bobby Borchers                 Whiskey Was A River
     Bobby Boyd                     The Honky Tonk Tree                                 BB
     Bobby Boyd                     The Ghost Of The Alamo                              CDTex
     Bobby Boyd                     I Would Still Have You                              BB
     Bobby Boyd                     Fine Line                                           BB
     Bobby Braddock                 Nag Nag Nag
     Bobby Braddock                 Dolly Parton Hits
     Bobby Cage                     Coming Home To You                                  Stardust
     Bobby Cage                     Have A Good Cry Over Me                             Stardust
     Bobby Cage                     Days Gone By                                        Blue Cajun
     Bobby Cage                     I'll Find You                                       Blue Cajun
     Bobby Cage                     So Lonely                                           Twisted Pyramid
     Bobby Cage                     You Can Always Come Back Home                       Blue Cajun
     Bobby Cage/Katy Gilda          Lost On Love                                        Blue Cajun
     Bobby Cargill                  Falling                                             Patriot
     Bobby Carlson                  As Long As Forever Takes                            Red Horse
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 71
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Carlson                  Not A Brick Out Of Place                            Red Horse
     Bobby Carlson                  Paper Plates & Dixie Cups                           Red Horse
     Bobby Carlson                  I Want To Be The String                             RowPro
     Bobby Carlson                  She Didn't Leave Blue                               Red Horse
     Bobby Carlson                  It Wouldn't Hurt To Ask                             Red Horse
     Bobby Carlson                  I've Been Hurt By The Best                          Red Horse
     Bobby Carlson                  She's Got My Heart                                  Red Horse
     Bobby Cash                     I Didn't See You Leaving                            Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     Country Feeling                                     Stardust
     Bobby Cash                     Man Out On The Road                                 Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     Daddy Sold  The Cadillac                            Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     Losing You Again                                    Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     In '92                                              Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     Baby So Are You                                     Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     I Only Miss You Now And Then                        Gobsmacked
     Bobby Cash                     What Would You Do                                   Stardust
     Bobby Chitwood                 Why We Drink                                        CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 Women Ain't So Hard To Understand                   CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 My Name's Ronnie                                    CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 What Love Is                                        RCI
     Bobby Chitwood                 Centerline                                          RCI
     Bobby Chitwood                 Get Your Head Out Of Your Past                      CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 Priceless                                           RCI
     Bobby Chitwood                 How Things Are                                      RCI
     Bobby Chitwood                 Beer Toast                                          CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 Johnny Came Home Today                              CDTex
     Bobby Chitwood                 Live For The Moment                                 CDTex
     Bobby Dale                     My Country Ways                                     Comstock
     Bobby Dale                     Do Angels Have Heartaches                           Comstock
     Bobby Darin                    Our Day Will Come                                   Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Here I Am                                           Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    I Heard That Lonesome Whistle                       Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Please Help Me I'm Fallin'                          Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    You're The Reason                                   Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Now You're Gone                                     Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Release Me                                          Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'                         Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    18 Yellow Roses                                     Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Be Honest With Me                                   Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    Reverend Mr. Black                                  Capitol
     Bobby Darin                    The End Of The World                                Capitol
     Bobby Dean                     Hank On The Radio                                   Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Rebound                                             Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Me & George Strait                                  Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Holdin' On To Hank                                  Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     I'll Catch You On The Rebound                       Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     The Grand Tour                                      Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Holding On To Something                             Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me                   Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     You Can't Drink Them All                            Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Honky Tonk With Me                                  HotDisc
     Bobby Dean                     White Lightning Or Pink Champaign                   Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Country Country                                     Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Kiss My Doublewide                                  Lamon
     Bobby Dean                     Enough To Leave                                     MTM
     Bobby Don Bloodworth           Blue Ridge Moonshine Flyer                          DMG
     Bobby Durham                   My Past Is Present
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 72
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Durham                   Playboy                                             Hightone
     Bobby Earl Smith               Place In My Heart                                   Muleshoe
     Bobby Earl Smith/Jimmie Dale GilmoreWind                                           Muleshoe
     Bobby Edwards                  You're The Reason                                   Crest
     Bobby Edwards                  You're The Reason                                   Crest
     Bobby Edwards                  I'm Sorry To See Me Go                              Chart
     Bobby Fingeroth                Separate Ways                                       RLF
     Bobby Fletcher                 No Smoke                                            HMG
     Bobby Fletcher                 Back Of The Book                                    Circuit Rider
     Bobby Flores                   Too Much Love                                       Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Big Shoes                                           CDTex
     Bobby Flores                   Your Old Love Letters                               Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   One More Time                                       CdTex
     Bobby Flores                   The Same Two Lips                                   Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Jealous Heart                                       CDTex
     Bobby Flores                   I'd Fight The World                                 Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   I'm Still Not Over You                              Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   I've Got A New Heartache                            Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Meanest Jukebox In Town                             CDTex
     Bobby Flores                   I'll Find A Way                                     Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Just For The Record                                 Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Curtain In The Window                               Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Oh Lonesome Me                                      Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Soft Rain                                           Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   Be A Good Girl                                      Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   I Lie A Lot                                         Yellow Rose
     Bobby Flores                   I Don't Know Why                                    Yellow Rose
     Bobby G. Cargill               Falling                                             CDTex
     Bobby G. Rice                  Sometimes Late At Night                             Hero
     Bobby G. Rice                  Freda Comes Freda Goes
     Bobby G. Rice                  A Place In Your Heart                               Century II
     Bobby G. Rice                  Who Changed The Feeling                             Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Is This The Way You Say Goodbye                     Century II
     Bobby G. Rice                  Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Lay So Easy On My Mind (2005)                   Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Bluest Brown Eyes In Town                           Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  You're Always Here                                  Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  I Broke Down & Cried
     Bobby G. Rice                  Mountain Of Love
     Bobby G. Rice                  Back To Love
     Bobby G. Rice                  Sugar Shack                                         Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  I Miss You Already                                  Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Pardon My French                                    Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  A Nite Of Love Forgotten
     Bobby G. Rice                  I Think I Rode The Bull                             Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  I Can't Stop
     Bobby G. Rice                  I'm Gonna Hold You To It
     Bobby G. Rice                  I Don't Wanna Think About It                        Mid Land
     Bobby G. Rice                  By My Side                                          Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Love To Love
     Bobby G. Rice                  I May Never Be Your Lover (But I'll
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Give Me You
     Bobby G. Rice                  My Marie                                            Diamondback
     Bobby G. Rice                  Sometimes Late At Night                             Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  The Whole World's Makin' Love Tonight               Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  Juanita's Guitar                                    Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Unwelcomed Guest
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 73
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby G. Rice                  Those Words I Never Heard                                 
     Bobby G. Rice                  Holidays Are Happy Days                             Century II
     Bobby G. Rice                  Make It Feel Like Love Again
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Won't Let Me Go                                 Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Lay So Easy On My Mind
     Bobby G. Rice                  State Of The Union
     Bobby G. Rice                  Let's Just Do That                                  Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  Suspicion                                           Royal American
     Bobby G. Rice                  Happy Anniversary
     Bobby G. Rice                  All I Want Is Your Love                             Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  Full Glasses & Empty Hearts                         Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  To Bad I've Got A Good Memory                       Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  Million Dollar Man                                  Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  The Wole World's Making Love Again
     Bobby G. Rice                  Down In Texas                                       Century II`
     Bobby G. Rice                  Hey Baby                                            Royal American
     Bobby G. Rice                  Mountain Of Love                                    Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  Stop & Think It Over
     Bobby G. Rice                  Write Me A Letter
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Give Me You                                     Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  That's Saying A Lot                                 Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  She's Breakin' Up, I'm Breakin' Down                Midland
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Took Her Off My Hands
     Bobby G. Rice                  You Lay So Easy On My Mind                          Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  It's Just A Feeling That I Get                      Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice                  I've Got More To Go To Heaven For                   ROA
     Bobby G. Rice                  Everybody Wants A Piece Of Her Hear
     Bobby G. Rice                  New Tradition
     Bobby G. Rice                  In Case Of Fire                                     Midland
     Bobby G. Rice/Dottsy           I Think We're On To Something Good                  Heart Of Texas
     Bobby G. Rice/PJ Gilly         Then There Was You                                  Midland
     Bobby G. Rice/Wayne Kemp       Red Neck & Over 30
     Bobby Goldsboro                Watching Scotty Grow
     Bobby Goldsboro                I'm A Drifter
     Bobby Goldsboro                Glad She's A Woman
     Bobby Goldsboro                Honey                                               Q
     Bobby Goldsboro                Me & The Elephants                                  Epic
     Bobby Goldsboro                Butterfly For Bucky
     Bobby Goldsboro                Me & The Elephants
     Bobby Goldsboro                Muddy Mississippi Line
     Bobby Goldsboro                See The Funny Little Clown
     Bobby Goldsboro                The Cowboy & The Lady                               Epic
     Bobby Goldsboro                Watchin' Scotty Grow                                Q
     Bobby Goldsboro                Alice Doesn't love Here Anymore
     Bobby Goldsboro                Funny Little Clown
     Bobby Goldsboro                Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody
     Bobby Goldsboro                The Straight Life
     Bobby Goldsboro                Lucy & The Stranger
     Bobby Goldsboro                Honey
     Bobby Goldsboro                Honey                                               Bear
     Bobby Goldsboro                Autumn Of My Life
     Bobby Goldsboro                And I Love You So
     Bobby Goldsboro                Summer ( The First Time)
     Bobby Goldsboro                With Pen In Hand                                    United Artists
     Bobby Harden                   White Silver Sands
     Bobby Helms                    Xmas In My Home Twon
     Bobby Helms                    Beneath The Sky
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 74
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Helms                    Jingle Bell Rock                                          
     Bobby Helms                    Most Of The Time                                    Decca
     Bobby Helms                    I Wanna go To Santa Claus Land
     Bobby Helms                    The Day You Stopped Loving Me
     Bobby Helms                    He Thought He'd Die Laughing
     Bobby Helms                    Just A Little Lonesome                              Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Jacqueline                                          Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Fraulein
     Bobby Helms                    Work Things Out With Annie
     Bobby Helms                    I'm Drinkin' It Over
     Bobby Helms                    My Special Angel
     Bobby Helms                    Apartment #9
     Bobby Helms                    I Wish I Could Say
     Bobby Helms                    I'm The Man
     Bobby Helms                    Jingle Bell Rock (2004)                             Koch
     Bobby Helms                    Jingle Bell Rock                                    Koch
     Bobby Helms                    I Wish I Could Say                                  MTM
     Bobby Helms                    Captain Santa Claus
     Bobby Helms                    A Hundred Hearts                                    Decca
     Bobby Helms                    To My Sorrow                                        Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Sowin' Teardrops                                    Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Standing At The End Of The World                    Decca
     Bobby Helms                    I Can't Take It Like You Can                        Decca
     Bobby Helms                    I Feel You I Love You So Much
     Bobby Helms                    Somebody Wrong Is Lookin' Right
     Bobby Helms                    The Old Year Is Gone
     Bobby Helms                    Yesterday's Champaign                               Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Someone For Everyone                                Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Lonely River Rhine                                  Decca
     Bobby Helms                    The Fool & The Angel                                Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Miss Memory                                         Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Soon It Can Be Told                                 Decca
     Bobby Helms                    I Don't Owe You Nothin'                             Decca
     Bobby Helms                    You're No Longer Mine                               Decca
     Bobby Helms                    Borrowed Dreams                                     Decca
     Bobby Helms                    You're The One                                      Decca
     Bobby Hitt                     Makin' Love Don't Make it Right                     Comstock
     Bobby Hodge                    Dark Horse                                          BH
     Bobby Hodge                    Scarlet Water                                       BH
     Bobby Hodge                    Close Up The Honky Tonks                            BH
     Bobby Hodge                    When                                                BH
     Bobby Hodge                    Another Broken Heart                                BH
     Bobby Hodge                    So Easy To Love                                     BH
     Bobby Hodge                    You Took Her Off My Hands                           BH
     Bobby Hodge                    You've Broken Another Heart                         BH
     Bobby Hodge                    It's Almost Tomorrow                                BH
     Bobby Hodge                    Scarlet Water                                       Midland
     Bobby Hodge                    You Asked For What You Got                          BH
     Bobby Hodge                    Taxi Cab Driver                                     BH
     Bobby Hood                     Lost In The Neon Lights
     Bobby Hood                     Love Me All Over                                    Belltune
     Bobby Huckaby                  Over You                                            Western Heart
     Bobby Jenkins                  Louisiana Heatwave
     Bobby Jenkins                  Blackjack Whiskey                                   BGM
     Bobby Lee                      Xmas Bells
     Bobby Lee Keeling              Santa I' m Counting On You                          Corona
     Bobby Lee Keeling              Stumble & Fall                                      Corona
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 75
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Lee Springfield          Chain Gang                                                
     Bobby Lee Springfield          Hank Drank
     Bobby Lewis                    How Long Has It Been
     Bobby Lewis                    I Never Get Thru Missing You
     Bobby Lewis                    I'm Gettin' High Remembering
     Bobby Lewis                    Doggone This Heartache                              SR
     Bobby Lewis                    Doggone This Heartache                              Pretty World
     Bobby Lewis                    Alice In Wonderland                                 SR
     Bobby Lewis                    From Heaven To Heartache
     Bobby Lewis                    I Doubt It
     Bobby Lewis                    Each & Every Part Of Me
     Bobby Lewis                    I'm Goin' Home
     Bobby Lewis                    Too Many Memories
     Bobby Lewis                    Ordinary Miracle
     Bobby Lewis                    Mr. President                                       Midland
     Bobby Lewis                    I May Never Be Free
     Bobby Lewis                    Lady Lover
     Bobby Lewis                    Hello Mary Lou (2012)
     Bobby Lewis                    Love Is An Overload
     Bobby Lewis                    Till Something Better Comes Along
     Bobby Lewis                    Doggone This Heartache                              SR
     Bobby Lewis                    Hello Mary Lou (2012)                               Heart Of Texas
     Bobby Lewis                    There's Nothing Better                              Heart Of Texas
     Bobby Lewis                    How Long Has It Been (2012)                         Heart Of Texas
     Bobby Lewis                    Love Me & Make It All Better (2012)                 Heart Of Texas
     Bobby Lewis                    Things For You & I
     Bobby Lewis                    From Heaven To Heartache (2012)                     SR
     Bobby Lewis                    Everything's Good In Texas                          SR
     Bobby Lewis                    Love Me & Make It All Better
     Bobby Lewis                    All The Time
     Bobby Lewis                    Talk Back Trembling Lips
     Bobby Lewis                    Two Of The Usual
     Bobby Lewis                    Already Gone To My Heart                            SR
     Bobby Long                     Who Have You Been Loving                            ATO
     Bobby Long                     I Won't Be Sleeping Alone                           Stardust
     Bobby Long                     Woman With A Cold Cold Heart                        Stardust
     Bobby Lord                     Hawk-Eye
     Bobby Lord                     Hello Wine
     Bobby Lord                     Live Your Life Out Loud                             Decca
     Bobby Lord                     Rainbow Girl
     Bobby Lynn                     Kiss Me Where I Stand                               Western Heart
     Bobby Mackey                   The Other Side Of Me
     Bobby Mackey                   Merle Haggard Blues                                 SR
     Bobby Mackey                   Pepsi Man
     Bobby Mackey                   The Great Haggard Songs                             Shaunita
     Bobby Mackey                   You Ought To Hear Me Cry                            Shaunita
     Bobby Mackey                   I'll Go Down Swingin'                               Star One
     Bobby Mackey                   The Barnyard Song                                   Shaunita
     Bobby Mackey                   Drinkin' My Coffee Black                            Star1
     Bobby Mackey                   Lucille                                             Shaunita
     Bobby Mackey                   What They Call Country                              Shaunita
     Bobby Mackey                   A Couple More Years                                 Shaunita
     Bobby McDowell                 Too Close To Call                                   Little Hollow
     Bobby McGee                    Kentucky Grass                                      Dark Horse
     Bobby Moore                    Mexico
     Bobby Osborne                  Borrowed Angel                                      OMS
     Bobby Osborne                  High Weeds & Rust                                   OMS
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 76
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Osborne                  If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It                      OMS   
     Bobby Osborne                  The Great Pretender                                 OMS
     Bobby Osborne                  South Pa                                            OMS
     Bobby Osborne                  Watch Old Memories Burn                             OMS
     Bobby Osborne                  Say Hello To Heaven                                 OMS
     Bobby Osbourne                 The Selfishness In Man                              OMS
     Bobby Palermo                  Make America Great Again                            SR
     Bobby Pinson                   Past Coming Back                                    Cash Daddy
     Bobby Pinson                   Don't Ask Me How I Know                             RCA
     Bobby Pizazz                   Roll The Windows Down                               Universal Sound
     Bobby Rodgers                  All The Good Ones Aren't Taken                      Stardust
     Bobby Rodgers                  All The Good Ones Weren't Taken                     Stardust
     Bobby Rogers                   She Wears My Love With Pride                        Country Discovery
     Bobby Russell                  Saturday Morning Confusion
     Bobby Russell                  Confidential                                        United Artists
     Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker    Jingle Bell Rock                                    Cameo
     Bobby Sanders                  Do What You Want                                    Song1
     Bobby Sawyer                   Rain Check                                          HotDisc
     Bobby Seals                    Corvette Jet                                        Cupit
     Bobby Seals                    The Time Machine                                    Cupit
     Bobby Seals                    Who's Gonna Play Piano                              Cupit
     Bobby Shelton                  Tuff Enuff                                          SR
     Bobby Shelton                  Fore Time Lays Me Down                              SR
     Bobby Shelton                  GoodbyeTime                                         SR
     Bobby Shelton                  Hole In The Sky                                     SR
     Bobby Smith                    Too Many Hearts In The Fire
     Bobby Stephenson               You're The One                                      Aaron
     Bobby Sweet                    Better Off Gone                                     BSweet
     Bobby Sweet                    Anyway                                              BSweet
     Bobby Sweet                    Love On The Border                                  BSweet
     Bobby Sweet                    Learning To Live                                    Blue River
     Bobby Sweet                    Beneath The Sky                                     Blue River
     Bobby Sykes                    An Old Fashioned Xmas
     Bobby Vee                      Come Back When You Grow Up Girl                     Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Maybe Just Today                                    Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Devil Or Angel
     Bobby Vee                      How Many Tears
     Bobby Vee                      Blue Days, Black Nights                             Sovereign
     Bobby Vee                      It Doesn't Matter Anymore                           Finer Arts
     Bobby Vee                      Come Back When You Grow Up Girl
     Bobby Vee                      The Nite Has a 1000 Eyes
     Bobby Vee                      Suzie Baby                                          Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Run To Him (Unreleased Studio Cut)                  Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Sharing You                                         Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Stayin' In                                          Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Punish Her
     Bobby Vee                      Please Don't Ask About Barbara
     Bobby Vee                      Take Good Care Of My Baby                           Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Suzie Baby
     Bobby Vee                      Charms                                              Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      I'll Make You Mine                                  Liberty
     Bobby Vee                      Yesterday & You                                     Liberty
     Bobby Vinton                   To Know You Is To Love You                          Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   What Did You Do With Your 45's
     Bobby Vinton                   Just As Much As Ever                                Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   There I've Said It Again                            Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Take Good Care Of Her                               Epic
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 77
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bobby Vinton                   Tell Me Why                                         Epic  
     Bobby Vinton                   L-O-N-E-L-Y                                         Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Blue On Blue                                        Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Roses Are Red                                       Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Take Good Care Of My Baby                           Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   I Love How You Love Me                              Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Coming Home Soldier                                 Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   It's Been One Of Those Days
     Bobby Vinton                   Please Love Me Forever                              Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Please Tell Her I Said Hello
     Bobby Vinton                   The Last Rose
     Bobby Vinton                   My Heart Belongs To Only You                        Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Blue Velvet                                         Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Mr. Lonely                                          Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   I Know A Goodbye
     Bobby Vinton                   Halfway To Paradise                                 Epic
     Bobby Vinton                   Fool Such As I
     Bobby Wills                    Won't You Be Mine                                   SR
     Bobby Wills                    Raise The Bar                                       On Ramp
     Bobby Wills                    Won't You Be Mine                                   SR
     Bobby Wills                    Down By The River                                   SR
     Bobby Wills                    Show Some Respect                                   On Ramp
     Bobby Wills                    In Comes The Night                                  SR
     Bobby Wills                    Crazy Enough                                        SR
     Bobby Wills                    Never Didn't Love You                               SR
     Bobby Wills                    If It Was That Easy                                 On Ramp
     Bobby Wills                    Be Mine                                             SR
     Bobby Wooten                   Deer Huntin' Widow
     Bobby Wright                   Search Your Heart
     Bobby Wright                   Here I Go Again
     Boca Chica                     Workboots                                           HP
     BoDeans                        Absolutely                                          MRi
     BoDeans                        How Can We                                          SR
     BoDeans                        All Over Me                                         MRi
     BoDeans                        Everything You Wanted                               MRi
     BoDeans                        Wonder Wonder                                       Shy Songs
     BoDeans                        Waste A Lifetime                                    Shy Songs
     BoDeans                        Back Then                                           429
     BoDeans                        Say Goodbye                                         429
     BoDeans                        Shine                                               429
     BoDeans                        Everyday                                            Shy Songs
     BoDeans                        The First Time                                      Shy Songs
     Boggy Branch Band              She Likes My Dog                                    Stardust
     Boggy Branch Band              Tears In My Pillow                                  Stardust
     Boggy Branch Band              Get It On                                           Stardust
     Boggy Branch Band              Mamma's Song                                        Stardust
     Boggy Branch Band              Simply Classic                                      Stardust
     Boggy Branch Band              Simply Classic                                      Western Heart
     Boggy Branch Band              Dirt Farm                                           Stardust
     Bogtrotters                    Past The Point Of Rescue                            Bog
     Bogtrotters                    I Wanna Hear It From You                            Bog
     Bogtrotters                    I Wanna Hear It From You                            Bog
     Bogtrotters                    Better Man                                          Bog
     Bomshel                        Ain't My Day To Care                                Curb
     Bomshel                        19 And Crazy                                        Curb
     Bomshel                        Finger Lickin' Country Music Love Song              Curb
     Bomshel                        Halleluyall                                         Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 78
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bomshel                        Power Of One                                        Curb  
     Bomshel                        Just Fine                                           Curb
     Bomshel                        Bomshel Stomp                                       HotDisc
     Bomshel                        Calling All The Angels                              Curb
     Bomshel                        Fight Like A Girl                                   Curb
     Bon Jovi                       Make A Memory                                       Mercury
     Bon Jovi/Jennifer Nettles      Who Says You Can't go Home                          In
     Bon Jovi/LeAnn Rimes           Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore                     Island
     Bonepony                       Waiting On A Train                                  SuperDuper
     Bonita Mercer                  The Key's In The Mailbox                            Comstock
     Bonita Mercer                  The Lyin' Gets Easy                                 Comstock
     Bonita Mercer                  Who's Your Baby Now                                 Comstock
     Bonnie & The Clydes            Dark Side Of The Road                               BSM
     Bonnie & The Clydes            Eye to Eye                                          BSM
     Bonnie Bishop                  Trains                                              Smith
     Bonnie Guitar                  Dark Moon
     Bonnie Guitar                  I Believe in Love
     Bonnie Guitar                  That See Me Later Look
     Bonnie Leigh                   That's When (You Can Call Me Your O
     Bonnie Nelson                  You Belong To Me
     Bonnie Owens                   Somewhere Between
     Bonnie Owens                   Number One Heel                                     Capitol
     Bonnie Owens                   Why Don't Daddy Live Here Anymore                   Tally
     Bonnie Owens                   Don't Take Advantage Of Me                          Tally
     Bonnie Owens                   Consider The Children                               Capitol
     Bonnie Paul                    A Home                                              CDTex
     Bonnie Paul                    Calm Before The Storm                               HotDisc
     Bonnie Paul                    Childhood Sweethearts                               HotDisc
     Bonnie Paul                    It Was Love, Now It's War                           HotDisc
     Bonnie Paul                    A Home                                              HotDisc
     Bonnie Raitt                   I Will Not Be Broken                                Capitol
     Bonnie Raitt                   I Don't Want Anything To Change                     Capitol
     Bonnie Raitt                   The Bed I Made                                      Capitol
     Bonnie Raitt                   I Don't Want Anything To Change                     Capitol
     Bonnie Tyler                   It's A Heartache
     Bonnie Whitmore                Please Take The Words Back                          SR
     Boo Ray                        Six Weeks In A Motel                                Fe
     Boo Ray                        Constantina                                         BR
     Boo Ray                        Boots & BLue Jeans                                  Fe
     Boo Ray                        Bad News Travels Fast                               BR
     Boo Ray/Jodi James             Let The Cards Fall                                  Fe
     Boomer McLennan                Home In My Heart                                    BMC
     Boomer McLennan                All I Have To Do                                    BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Rhythm Of The Wind                                  BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Almost Over You                                     BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Just Across The Border                              BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Something In Your Kiss                              BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Every Beat Of My Heart                              HotDisc
     Boomer McLennan                It Doesn't Feel Like Xmas Anymore                   BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Ride, Cowboy,Ride                                   Song1
     Boomer McLennan                Keeper of The Key                                   BMC
     Boomer McLennan                Xmas All Over The World                             BMC
     Boomer McLennan                All She Wants For Xmas                              BMC
     Boone & Girls                  I Must Have Made A Mistake
     Boone Creek                    One Way Track                                       Sugar Hill
     Boots Randolf                  I'll Be Home
     Boots Randolf                  Yakety Sax
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 79
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Boots Randolf                  Sleigh Ride                                               
     Boots Randolf                  Xmas Medley
     Border Blasters                In The Next Life                                    Boquillas
     Border Blasters                Riding Down The Canyon                              Boquillas
     Border Raiders                 Flight Of The Rooster
     Border Raiders                 Tappin' That Thing                                  Stardust
     Boris Garcia                   She's Still Laughing                                Porchwerk
     Boris Garcia                   Holiday                                             Ryko
     Boris Karloff                  You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch                        Mercury
     Borrowed Blue                  Porch People                                        Red Buck
     Borthers Osborne               Let's Go There                                      EMI
     Bottle Rockets                 Done It All Before                                  Bloodshot
     Bottle Rockets                 The Last Time                                       Sanctuary
     Bottle Rockets                 Shame On Me                                         Bloodshot
     Bottle Rockets                 One Of You                                          Bloodshot
     Bottle Rockets                 Men & Women                                         Sanctuary
     Bottle Rockets                 Smokin' 100's Alone                                 Bloodshot
     Bottle Rockets                 Baggage Claim                                       Sanctuary
     Bottle Rockets                 Kid Next Door                                       Bloodshot
     Boulder Acoustic Society       Now Is The Hour                                     BAS
     Bourbon and Bliss              Like You Do                                         SR
     Bow Thayer                     Get Lost Again                                      Crooked Root
     Boxcar Willie                  Country Music Nightmare
     Boxcar Willie                  Hobo's Lament
     Boxcar Willie                  Not On The Bottom Yet
     Boxcar Willie                  Luther
     Boxcar Willie                  The Man I Used To Be
     Boxcar Willie                  Hank You Still Make Me Cry
     Boxcar Willie                  Whine Whistle Whine
     Boxcar Willie                  Last Train To Heaven                                Main Street
     Boxcar Willie                  Freight Train Blues                                 Mainstreet
     Boxcar Willie                  Thank You Old Flag                                  Main Street
     Boxcar Willie                  Train Melody                                        Main Street`
     Boxcar Willie                  The Day Elvis Died                                  Main Street
     Boxmasters                     I Never Let You Cry                                 Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     As Tears Go By                                      Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Sylvia's Mother                                     Sugar Hill
     Boxmasters                     Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'                             Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     A Dime At A Time                                    Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Half A Mind                                         Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Joanne                                              Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Elenore                                             Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Reasons For Livin'                                  Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Goin' Home                                          Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Don't Follow Me Down                                101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Who Can I Tell                                      101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Young Man's Game                                    101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Love Is Real Tonight                                101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Somewhere Down The Road                             101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Yesterday's Gone                                    Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     No Whiskey In Heaven                                Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     I Wanna Hold Your Hand                              Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Gentle On My Mind                                   Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     Propinquity                                         Vanguard
     Boxmasters                     This Game Is Over                                   101 Ranch
     Boxmasters                     Turn It Over                                        SR
     Boy Howdy                      Field Of Dreams                                     Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 80
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Boy Howdy                      She'd Give Anything                                 Curb  
     Boyd Brown                     Nothing Left To Hold On To                          American Image
     Boyd Chisum                    Till Dawn Do Us Part
     Boys Of The Fort               Family Reunion                                      Lunacy
     BR549                          Hey Honey I'm Home                                  LCP
     BR5-49                         After The Hurricane                                 Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Little Good News                                    Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         Bottom Of Priority                                  Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Let's See How Far You Get                           Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         Fool Of The Century                                 Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         Different Drum                                      Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         You Are The Queen                                   Dualtone
     BR5-49                         A-1 On The Jukebox                                  Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Even If It's Wrong
     BR5-49                         The Devil & Me                                      Dualtone
     BR5-49                         You're A Hum-Dinger                                 Arista
     BR5-49                         Way Too Late                                        Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Look Me Up                                          Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         There Stands The Glass                              Audium
     BR5-49                         Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle                             Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Honky Tonk Song                                     Arista
     BR5-49                         When I Come Home                                    Dualtone
     BR5-49                         I'm Allright For The Shape I'm In                   Dualtone
     BR5-49                         She's Talkin' To Someone                            Dualtone
     BR5-49                         Tangled In The Pines                                Dualtone
     BR5-49                         The Christmas Song                                  Western Beat
     BR5-49                         Play That Fast Thing One More Time                  Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         Psychic Lady                                        Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         While You Were Gone                                 Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         A Little Good News                                  Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         That's What I Get                                   Dualtone
     BR5-49                         To Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal               Lucky Dog
     BR5-49                         The Game                                            Lucky Dog
     Brad & Shelly                  Don't Make Me                                       Koch
     Brad & Shelly                  Legally                                             Cupit
     Brad & Shelly                  He Only Talks About Her                             Cupit
     Brad Alan                      Old Memories New Heartaches
     Brad Alan                      Questions                                           B.A.J. Enterprises
     Brad Boyer                     Long Cold December                                  Thunderbird
     Brad Boyer                     Five Stones & A Sling                               Thunderbird
     Brad Boyer                     Tonight I'm Gonna Lose                              Thunderbird
     Brad Brinkley                  Table For Two                                       CDTex
     Brad Broussard                 Let's Bring Back The Country                        TSP
     Brad Cole                      Something About Goodbye                             BCM
     Brad Colerick                  Cottonwood                                          Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Eve Ate The Apple                                   Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Every Single Day                                    Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  We're Gonna Laugh                                   Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Let Her Fall In Love                                Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Remember Me                                         Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Paperboy                                            Back 9
     Brad Colerick                  Fifty Miles                                         Back 9
     Brad Cotter                    Can't Tell Me Nothin'                               Epic
     Brad Cotter                    Miss Me                                             Epic
     Brad Cotter                    God's Fingerprints                                  Adobe Road
     Brad Cotter                    I Meant To                                          Epic
     Brad Cotter                    I Miss Me                                           Epic
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 81
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brad Davis                     Feet Of Clay                                        CDTex 
     Brad Dunn Band                 Barstool                                            CDTex
     Brad Hawkins                   We Lose                                             Curb
     Brad Hines                     Hooked On The Bottle                                Blue Boot
     Brad Howard                    Freedom                                             TSP
     Brad Jackson                   On The Prowl                                        Comstock
     Brad Johner                    You Can't Beat An Original                          306
     Brad Johner                    Ho Ho Hold Me                                       306
     Brad Johner                    Lookin' At You                                      On Ramp
     Brad Johner                    Other Side Of The Radio                             306
     Brad Johner                    I Want It                                           On Ramp
     Brad Johner                    Now That's Xmas                                     SR
     Brad Johner                    Your Love Is My Luck                                306
     Brad Johner                    I'd Rather Be Lucky                                 306
     Brad Johner                    What A Girl Wants                                   306
     Brad Kepler                    Joyful Noises                                       Cafe
     Brad Kepler                    Mama's Goin' Dancin'                                Hillcrest
     Brad Lee                       What Took You So Long                               BSW
     Brad Long                      Looking Like Love                                   SR
     Brad Long                      Evey Heart Has A DIfferent Road                     Blackwater
     Brad Long                      Long Lost Smile                                     SR
     Brad Loveall                   Rio Grande                                          Small Nail
     Brad Martin                    One Of Those Days                                   Epic
     Brad Martin                    Rub Me The Right Way                                Epic
     Brad Miller                    First Time Outta The Chute                          Song1
     Brad Morgan                    Grain Of Salt                                       SR
     Brad Paisley                   Anything Like Me                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Souther Comfort Zone                                Arista
     Brad Paisley                   It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway                   Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Without A Fight                                     Arista
     Brad Paisley                   She's Everything                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Famous People                                       Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Riverbank                                           Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Cloud Of Dust                                       Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Online                                              Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Today                                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Out In The Parking Lot                              Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Rainin' You                                         Arista
     Brad Paisley                   You Need A Man Around Here                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Waitin' On A Woman                                  Arista
     Brad Paisley                   She's Everything                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Celebrity                                           Arista
     Brad Paisley                   When I Get Where I'm Going                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Perfect Storm                                       Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Flowers                                             Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Time Well Wasted                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   I Wish You'd Stay                                   Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Camouflage                                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Alcohol                                             Arista
     Brad Paisley                   I Can't Change The World                            Arista
     Brad Paisley                   This Is Country Music                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Who Needs Pictures
     Brad Paisley                   The Nervous Breakdown                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Water                                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Then                                                Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Don't Breathe                                       Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Born On Christmas Day                               Arista
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 82
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brad Paisley                   He Didn't Have To Be                                Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Me Neither                                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   The Mona Lisa                                       Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Ticks                                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   That's Love                                         Arista
     Brad Paisley                   I'm Still A Guy                                     Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Ain't Nothing Like                                  Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Is It Raining At Your House                         Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Country Nation                                      Arista
     Brad Paisley                   I'm Gonna Miss Her                                  Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Waitin' On A Woman                                  Arista
     Brad Paisley                   I've Been Better                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Somebody Knows You Now                              Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Mud On The Tires                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Bucked Off                                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Welcome To The Future                               Arista
     Brad Paisley                   My Miracle                                          Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Sleepin' On The Foldout                             Arista
     Brad Paisley                   The World                                           Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Hold Me In Your Arms                                Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Holdin' On To You                                   Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Little Moments                                      Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Heaven South                                        Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Last Time For Everything                            Arista
     Brad Paisley                   American Saturday Night                             Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Wrapped Around                                      Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Beat This Summer                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Crushin' In                                         CDTex
     Brad Paisley                   Two People Fell In Love                             Arista
     Brad Paisley                   Mud On The Tires                                    Arista
     Brad Paisley                   We Danced                                           Arista
     Brad Paisley & Friends         Cornography                                         Arista
     Brad Paisley/Alabama           Old Alabama                                         Arista
     Brad Paisley/Allison Krauss    Whiskey Lullaby                                     Arista
     Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood  Remind Me                                           Arista
     Brad Paisley/Friends           Spaghetti Western Swing                             Arista
     Brad Paisley/Keith Urban       Start A Band                                        RCA
     Brad Puckett                   Waitin' On Thunder                                  SMG
     Brad Puckett                   At Least I'm Feeling Again                          BPM
     Brad Russell                   Lose Control                                        CDTex
     Brad Stubbs                    If Heartaches Were Like Dollars                     SR
     Brad Stubbs                    Someone Else Is On Your Mind                        SR
     Brad Tucker                    Who Am I                                            Airplay Express
     Brad Tyler                     Fridaynititis                                       HotDisc
     Brad Wolf                      I Make A Difference                                 Evergreen
     Brad Wolf                      Strictly Business                                   WB
     Brad Wolf                      Too Many Mondays                                    Evergreen
     Brad Wolf Carson               Tan Lines                                           Evergreen
     Brad Wolfe                     Mary Turn Around                                    SR
     Brad Wolfe                     Bus Ride To Nashville                               Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     It Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home             Stardust
     Brad Wolfe                     We Walked This World Before                         Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     We Walked This Road Before                          SR
     Brad Wolfe                     So Glad To Have You Back                            Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     It's My Home And God Knows I Love It                Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home                Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     Don't It Look Like Georgia                          Velvet Saw
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 83
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brad Wolfe                     Monkey See Monkey Do                                Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     Red Clay Road                                       Velvet Saw
     Brad Wolfe                     Mary Turn Around                                    Velvet Saw
     Braden Gray                    I'm Not Hungover                                    Cupit
     Braden Gray                    It Won't Be Over You                                SR
     Braden Gray                    A Little Less Lonley                                SR
     Bradley Earle                  When Friends Leave                                  JTO
     Bradley Gaskin                 Diamonds Make Babies                                Columbia
     Bradley Gaskin                 Mr. Bartender                                       Sony
     Bradley Jaye Williams          Only The Rose                                       SOB
     Bradley Lofton                 The Hard Part                                       Mega
     Bradley Matthew                Common Man                                          BM
     Bradley Walker                 He Carried Her Memory                               Rounder
     Bradley Walker                 Life Or Love                                        Rounder
     Bradley Walker                 When I'm Hurtin'                                    Rounder
     Bradley Walker                 Love's Tombstone                                    Rounder
     Bradley Walker                 If I Hadn't Reached For The Stars                   Rounder
     Bradley Walker                 Call Me Old-Fashioned                               Gaither
     Bradley West                   Slow Train                                          MTM
     Bradley Winfield Parker        Sometimes                                           615
     Bradley Winfield Parker        Baby I Do                                           Albeit
     Bradley Winfield Parker        Work                                                SR
     Bradley Winfield Parker        Tribute To Merle                                    SR
     Bradley Winfield Parker        Work                                                HotDisc
     Brady Redding                  Image Of You                                        CDTex
     Brady Redding                  Image Of You                                        USOFT
     Brady Seals                    Been There Drunk That                               9North
     Brady Seals                    Another You, Another Me                             Reprise
     Brady Seals                    Ho Down                                             9 North
     Brady Seals                    She                                                 Reprise
     Brady Seals                    The Best Is Yet To Come
     Brady Seals                    Still Standing Tall                                 Reprise
     Brady,Stewart,Green & Young    Too Deep Of Water                                   HotDisc
     Branch & Dean                  The Dash                                            SR
     Branch & Dean                  The Forgetter                                       HotDisc
     Branch & Dean                  Your Ol Lady's Gone                                 SSM
     Branch & Dean                  Glad She's Not An Angel                             HotDisc
     Branch & Dean                  Glad She's Not An Angel                             CDTex
     Branch & Dean                  The Dash ( Xmas Version)                            SSM
     Branch & Dean                  Glad She's Not An Angel                             SSM
     Brand New Strings              Law Of The Land                                     SR
     Branded                        Freight Train                                       HMG
     Brandi Carlile                 The Things I Regret                                 BCB
     Brandi Carlile                 The Stranger At My Door                             BCB
     Brandi Carlile                 Beginning To Feel The Years                         BCB
     Brandi Carlile                 The Joke                                            WB
     Brandi Carlile                 Dreams                                              Sony
     Brandi Carlile                 Dying Day                                           Columbia
     Brandi Carlile                 The Eye                                             BCB
     Brandi Carlile                 Dying Day                                           Columbia
     Brandi Carlisle                Dreams                                              Sony
     Brandi Frampton                Day By Day                                          D&F
     Brandi Frampton                Colours                                             NMW
     Brandi Frampton                Dream                                               NMW
     Brandi Thornton                Real                                                HotDisc
     Brandi Valentine               She Got A Way With Men                              Alive
     Brandi Valentine               Mrs. Santa Claus                                    Dream Cat
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 84
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brandi Valentine               Burnin' Bridges                                     Winweir
     Brandi Valentine               You're Talkin' Real Loud                            Alive
     Brandi Ward                    I'm Knockin' Wood                                   Stardust
     Brandi Ward                    She Knows
     Brandon Bailey                 Close                                               LCE
     Brandon Bolin                  Don't Lie                                           CDTex
     Brandon Bolin                  Angel Missin'                                       SR
     Brandon Caserta                Have You To Hold                                    HMG
     Brandon Chase                  One                                                 AE
     Brandon Holland                Man In The Moon                                     TVR
     Brandon Jenkins                Probably Die Alone                                  BJ
     Brandon Jenkins                All I Ever Wanted                                   Smith
     Brandon Jenkins                Stay Here With Me                                   Smith
     Brandon Jenkins                The Whole Wotld's Gone Crazy                        Western Soul
     Brandon Jenkins                No More                                             Smith
     Brandon Jenkins                Christmas Mornin'                                   CDTex
     Brandon Jenkins                Down In Flames                                      CDTex
     Brandon Jenkins                Why Did We Ever Say Goodbye                         Smith
     Brandon Jenkins                My Feet Don't Touch The Ground                      Little Dog
     Brandon Jenkins                Got To Be                                           BJ
     Brandon Kinney                 Don't Tell Me                                       Modern
     Brandon Kinney                 Redneck, Black Bra, White T-Shirt                   Modern
     Brandon Kinney                 When She Drinks Too Much                            Modern
     Brandon Kinney                 Rough Crowd                                         Modern
     Brandon Kinney                 Hicks                                               CDTex
     Brandon Lay                    Speakers Bleachers & Speakers                       EMI
     Brandon Lay                    Yada Yada Yada                                      BBR
     Brandon McPhee                 The Wall                                            Hillcrest
     Brandon Michael                Train Wreck                                         TSP
     Brandon Ratcliffe              Rules Of Breaking Up                                Monument
     Brandon Rhyder                 Freeze Frame Time                                   CDTex
     Brandon Rhyder                 Mr. Soldier                                         Icehouse
     Brandon Rickman                Dime Store Rings                                    Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                Here Comes That Feeling Again                       Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                Wide Spot In The Road                               Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                Always Have Always Will                             Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                What I Know Now                                     Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                I Bought Her A Dog                                  Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                I Take The Backroads                                Rural Rhythm
     Brandon Rickman                One Step Two Step                                   Voxhall
     Brandon Sandefur               The Bull                                            Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               Rancho BeBop                                        Country Underground
     Brandon Sandefur               Walking Backward                                    Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               Now You're Tonkin'                                  Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               For All I Know                                      Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               Marguerita                                          Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               Same Old Tear                                       Underground Country
     Brandon Sandefur               Right Between The Lines                             Underground Country
     Brandon Silveira               Heaven Needs Angels                                 BSM
     Brandon Silveira               Life Don't get Much Better Than This                BS
     Brandon Silveira               Now And Then                                        BS
     Brandy Clark                   In Some Corner                                      Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   Hold My Hand                                        Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   Just Like Him                                       Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   Hungover                                            Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   Pray To Jesus                                       Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   What'll Keep Me Out Of Heaven                       Slate Creek
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 85
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brandy Clark                   The Day She Got Divorced                            Slate Creek
     Brandy Clark                   Love Can Go To Hell                                 WB
     Brandy Clark                   Girl Next Door                                      WB
     Brandy Lindsey                 White Lies                                          ADC
     Brandyn Cross                  If Money Talks                                      HotDisc
     Brandywine                     I'll Be Thinking It Over                            DoorKnob
     Brandywine                     One Of Us                                           DoorKnob
     Brandywine                     One Of Us                                           DoorKnob
     Brandywine                     Never Like This                                     Door Knob
     Brandywine                     The Rose And The Tumbleweed                         Doorknob
     Brant Croucher                 84 Boxes                                            White Cat
     Brant Croucher                 Free Will                                           White Cat
     Brant Miller                   Cowboy Xmas                                         Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Big Black Hole                                      Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Cowboy Christmas                                    Stardust
     Brant Miller                   I Left Those Things                                 Wizard
     Brant Miller                   These Songs From Paradise                           Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Carry On                                            Wizard
     Brant Miller                   My True Friend                                      Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Impeachment Blues                                   Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Songs From Paradise                                 Wizard
     Brant Miller                   Country As I'm Ever Gonna Get                       Stardust
     Brant Miller                   This Train                                          Wizard
     Brant Miller                   Shame On Me                                         Stardust
     Brant Miller                   A Childs Xmas Prayer                                Stardust
     Brant Miller                   New American Dream                                  Stardust
     Brant Miller                   Country Jazz                                        Stardust
     Brantley Gilbert               The Weekend                                         Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               Kick It In The Sticks                               Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               My Kind Of Crazy                                    Average Joe
     Brantley Gilbert               Small Town Throwdown                                Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               Bottom's Up                                         Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               More Than Miles                                     Big Machine
     Brantley Gilbert               The Ones That Like Me                               Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               Country Music Must Be Country Wide                  Valory
     Brantley Gilbert               You Don't Know Her Like I Do                        Valory
     Brantley Gilbert/Lindsay Ell   What Happens In A Small Town                        Valory
     Bray Vista                     Still Haunting Me                                   Sombrero
     Bray Vista                     Keep On Keepin' On                                  Sombrero
     Bray Vista                     Slim Pickings                                       Sombrero
     Bray Vista                     You'll Always Stray                                 Sombrero
     Bray Vista                     Home                                                Sombrero
     Breanne Urban                  The Biggest Pain                                    Western Heart
     Breelan Angel                  She Made Your Bed                                   CDTex
     Brenda Beck                    Why Bother
     Brenda Burch                   Nowhere Else                                        HotDisc
     Brenda Burch                   Take Me Back                                        HotDisc
     Brenda Burch                   Old Things                                          HotDisc
     Brenda Cole                    Gone Gone Gone
     Brenda Jean                    You'll Be Leaving Me                                Butch Bunny
     Brenda Jean                    All I Ever Got From You                             Butch Bunny
     Brenda Lee                     If You Love Me                                      Decca
     Brenda Lee                     You Can Depend On Me                                Decca
     Brenda Lee                     Losing You
     Brenda Lee                     Sunday Sunrise
     Brenda Lee                     Ruby's Lounge
     Brenda Lee                     A Sweeter Love (I'll Never Know)                    MCA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 86
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brenda Lee                     That's Al You Gotta Do                                    
     Brenda Lee                     All Alone Am I
     Brenda Lee                     A Little Unfair
     Brenda Lee                     Fool #1                                             Decca
     Brenda Lee                     Tell Me What It's Like
     Brenda Lee                     From Levi's to Calvin Klein Jeans
     Brenda Lee                     Why've You Been Gone So Long                        MCA
     Brenda Lee                     I'm Takin' My Time
     Brenda Lee                     Emotions                                            Decca
     Brenda Lee                     Big Four Poster Bed
     Brenda Lee                     Rock On Baby
     Brenda Lee                     Just Another Lonely Day
     Brenda Lee                     Just For The Moment
     Brenda Lee                     Wrong Ideas
     Brenda Lee                     Rockin' Round The Xmas Tree
     Brenda Lee                     Enough For You
     Brenda Lee                     A Sweeter Love (I'll Never Know)
     Brenda Lee                     I'm Sorry
     Brenda Lee                     As Usual
     Brenda Lee                     Bringing It Back
     Brenda Lee                     You're Used To Be                                   MCA
     Brenda Lee                     Your One & Only
     Brenda Lee                     Keeping Me Warm For You
     Brenda Lee                     Every Now & Then
     Brenda Lee                     Broken Trust
     Brenda Lee                     Johnny One Time
     Brenda Lee                     Brother Shelton
     Brenda Lee                     The Angel & The Blue Bell
     Brenda Lee                     Everybody's Had The Blues
     Brenda Lee                     He's My Rock
     Brenda Lee                     Fool,Fool
     Brenda Lee                     I'm Takin' My Time                                  MCA
     Brenda Lee                     Nobody Wins
     Brenda Lee                     Sweet Nothin's                                      Decca
     Brenda Lee                     When He Leaves You
     Brenda Lee                     Cowgirl & The Dandy
     Brenda Lee                     Didn't We Do It Good
     Brenda Morehouse               It's Over Now
     Brenda Mulgew/TJ Stuart        Time                                                HotDisc
     Brenda Mulgrew                 Oh Mama                                             HotDisc
     Brenda Mulgrew                 A Bible & a Bus Ticket Home                         HotDisc
     Brenda Pepper                  You Bring Out The Best In Me
     Brenda Riddle                  The Feelings Back Again                             Evergreen
     Brenda Taylor                  Sleepless                                           Stardust
     Brenda Taylor                  Somewhere Over You                                  Stardust
     Brendan Kelley                 You Make It Easy                                    SR
     Brendan Kelley                 Pass Me By                                          SR
     Brendan Kelley                 Live My Dreams                                      SR
     Brendan Kelley                 Don't Pass Me By                                    SR
     Brenn Hill                     Mirror Of Your Eyes                                 RCP
     Brenn Hill                     Buckaroo Tattoo                                     CdTex
     Brenn Hill                     Pickup Truck Cafe                                   RCP
     Brenn Hill                     Dance Like The Fire                                 RCP
     Brenn Hill                     Last Of The Red Rock Riders                         RCP
     Brennen Leigh                  The Box                                             SR
     Brennen Leigh                  Something Borrowed                                  SR
     Brennen Leigh                  Sleeping With The Devil                             SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 87
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brennen Leigh                  What'll I Do                                        SR    
     Brennen Leigh                  Distracted                                          SR
     Brennen Leigh/Noel Mckay       Please Reconsider                                   Rootball
     Brennen Leigh/Noel McKay       The Only Other Person In The Room                   Rootball
     Brennen Leigh/Noel Mckay       Breaking Up & Making Up Again                       Rootball
     Brent Anderson                 Amy's Song                                          Arista
     Brent Bingham                  Full Moon, Empty Heart                              Japres
     Brent Bingham                  One Nation Under God                                Japres
     Brent Bingham                  They Don't Know Nothing                             Japres
     Brent Boogie                   Stand Me Up Call Me Stupid                          Midland
     Brent Burns                    If It's Snowbird Season Why Can't We Shoot 'Em      Sand Spur
     Brent Burns                    Forget The French                                   Sand Spur
     Brent Burns                    Livin' The Life
     Brent Cobb                     Country Bound                                       Elektra
     Brent Cobb                     Solving Problems                                    Elektra
     Brent Cobb                     Love On Me                                          Carnival
     Brent Cobb                     Love On Me                                          HotDisc
     Brent Cobb                     Diggin' Holes                                       Carnival
     Brent Giddens                  Texas Wildfire                                      CDTex
     Brent Hickson                  The Past                                            HotDisc
     Brent Keith                    Looking For A Road                                  Nine North
     Brent Lamb                     Smoke & Mirrors                                     Word
     Brent Lonker                   Tuff                                                Song Valley
     Brent Mason                    Bring Back The Sun                                  SR
     Brent McAthey                  You Changed The Locks                               Western Heart
     Brent McAthey                  Did I Open My Eyes                                  Arial
     Brent McAthey                  Did I Open My Eyes                                  Western Heart
     Brent Mitchell                 Sunlight
     Brent Moyer                    Drinkin' My Thinkin'                                Western Heart
     Brent Rader                    Hard To Hurt                                        TSP
     Brent Woodall                  Louisiana Give Back My Heart                        Barracuda
     Brent Woodall                  Bright Side Of The Road                             Baracuda
     Bret Michaels                  Open Road                                           Poor Boy
     Bret Mullins                   What A Little Lonely Can Do                         CDTex
     Brett Buckland                 Patiently Waiting                                   HotDisc
     Brett Buckland                 Sign Your Name                                      Hotdisc
     Brett Buckland/Dalia Garcia    When She Gets Drunk                                 HotDisc
     Brett Daniels                  What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted                  B&B
     Brett Daniels                  If I Was Gonna Leave Someone                        B&B
     Brett Daniels                  I Wanna Live Like That                              B&B
     Brett Daniels                  Her Last Goodbye                                    B&B
     Brett Eldredge                 Love Someone                                        Atlantic
     Brett Eldredge                 The Long Way                                        Atlantic
     Brett Eldredge                 Glow                                                WB
     Brett Eldredge                 Wanna Be That Song                                  Atlantic
     Brett Eldridge                 Don't Ya                                            Atlantic
     Brett Eldridge                 Mean To Me                                          Atlantic
     Brett Eldridge                 Drunk On Your Love                                  Atlantic
     Brett Eldridge                 Lose My Mind                                        Warner
     Brett Eldridge                 Beat Of The Music                                   Atlantic
     Brett Eldridge                 Raymond                                             WB
     Brett Eldridge                 It Ain't Gonna Be Love                              Atlantic
     Brett Hill                     This Old Guitar                                     Double E
     Brett Hill                     Lodt And Found                                      Double E
     Brett Hill                     April                                               HMG
     Brett Hill                     Hear My Cry                                         HMG
     Brett Hill                     He's Still The Same                                 HMG
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 88
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brett Hill                     This Old Guitar                                     HMG   
     Brett Hill                     Boots & The Bible                                   HMG
     Brett Hill                     Boots And The Bible                                 Double E
     Brett Hill                     Hear Me Cry                                         Double E
     Brett Hill                     Woman In Love                                       Double E
     Brett James                    Chasin' Amy                                         Arista
     Brett James                    After All                                           Arista
     Brett Kissel                   Tough People Do                                     On Ramp
     Brett Kissel                   3-2-1                                               On Ramp
     Brett McNaul                   For Loving You                                      Darkhorse
     Brett Mullins                  Bar Too High                                        CDTex
     Brett Vasey                    Big Bad 4 Wheel Drive                               Western Heart
     Brett Williams                 Another Paycheck Blown                              Realm
     Brett Williams                 What About Her                                      Mega
     Brett Williams                 A Thinking Man                                      Realm
     Brett Williams                 Cigarettes & Beer Tonight                           Mega
     Brett Williams                 Nothing Left To Say                                 Realm
     Brett Williams                 Shadow On Your Shoulder                             Mega Int'l
     Brett Williams                 I Understand                                        Realm
     Brett Williams/Matt Williams   She Says                                            Mega International
     Brett Young                    Mercy                                               BMLG
     Brett Young                    Catch                                               Big Machine
     Brett Young                    In Case You Didn't Know                             BMLG
     Brett Young                    Like I Loved You                                    BMLGR
     Brett Young                    Sleep Without You                                   Republic
     Brian Ashley Jones             A Song To Move Me                                   SR
     Brian Ashley Jones             You Have Set You Free                               SR
     Brian Ashley Jones             You Have Set You Free                               SR
     Brian Ashley Jones             Let's Get Blazed For The Holidaze                   SR
     Brian Ashley Jones             Johnny Appleweed                                    SR
     Brian Ashley Jones             Maybe Then                                          SR
     Brian Baggs/Ashley Beck        Your Leaving                                        SR
     Brian Bender                   Drive Forever                                       Lamon
     Brian Bennett                  Say A Prayer                                        Cedar River
     Brian Bunnell                  Twang Thang                                         SR
     Brian Burns                    Man Walks Among Us                                  Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    The Last Living Cowboy                              Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    Evangelina                                          Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    A Cowboys Prayer                                    Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    I've Been Everywhere                                Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    The Prettiest Girls In Texas                        TSP
     Brian Burns                    Bicycling In a Border Town                          Palo Duro
     Brian Burns                    Del Rio                                             Patriot
     Brian Burns                    Rattlesnake Tequila                                 CDTex
     Brian Bush                     Heart At The Checkered Flag                         BlueBox
     Brian Bush                     You've Got A Memory That Just Won't Quit            Blue Box
     Brian Capps                    I Wouldn't Say That's Living                        Hightone
     Brian Clayton                  She Let Me Go                                       Westwood
     Brian Clayton                  Between Now & Then                                  Westwood
     Brian Clayton                  Asphault In Arkansas                                Westwood
     Brian Collins                  Healing Highway                                     Blue Light
     Brian Collins                  The Joneses                                         SR
     Brian Collins                  Farewell To Mr. Guitar Man                          CDTex
     Brian Collins                  I Wish You Had Stayed                               Dot
     Brian Collins                  What Am I Living For                                CDTex
     Brian Collins                  Statue Of A Fool
     Brian Collins                  Wake Up Dancin'                                     CDTex
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 89
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brian Collins                  Before I Got To Know Her                                  
     Brian Collins                  Never Really Left                                   HotDisc
     Brian Collins                  I Wish (You Had Stayed)
     Brian Collins                  If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
     Brian Collins                  That's The Way Love Should Be
     Brian Collins                  I'd Still Be In Love With You
     Brian Collins                  I Don't Plan On Losing You
     Brian Collins                  Country Doctors                                     CDTex
     Brian Collins                  WWJD                                                CDTex
     Brian Collins                  Queen Of Temptation                                 SR
     Brian Collins                  Toke 'er Two                                        CDTex
     Brian Collins                  Too Much Blue Rainbow                               SR
     Brian Collins                  Country Doctors                                     SR
     Brian Collins                  Shine A little Love                                 Blue Light
     Brian Collins                  Enjoy The Ride                                      HotDisc
     Brian Collins                  Nickel's Worth Of Heaven (2018)                     CDTex
     Brian Collins                  Nickel's Worth Of Heaven
     Brian Collins                  Times Like These                                    CDTex
     Brian Dolf                     One Day BLue                                        SR
     Brian Dolf                     Cedric The Christmas Elf                            Hillcrestq
     Brian Dolf                     He Died For Love                                    HotDisc
     Brian Dolph                    Christmas In My Mind                                HotDisc
     Brian Dolph                    Christmas In My Mind                                Cafe
     Brian Glenn                    You'll Remember Me                                  Diamondback
     Brian Glenn                    It Takes A Child                                    Diamond Back
     Brian Glenn                    My Dreams                                           Diamond Back
     Brian Glenn                    A Soldier's Christmas                               Oceanic
     Brian Gowan                    Just A Little Bit                                   CDTex
     Brian Greenwood                All You've Got Left Is A Song                       Rainsong
     Brian Grilli                   Damn Good Day                                       SR
     Brian Grilli                   My Hometown                                         SR
     Brian Grilli                   California                                          SR
     Brian Hebert                   Eleanor Rigby                                       Poet Man
     Brian Hughes                   41 Gong On 17                                       HotDisc
     Brian Hughes                   Home By 10                                          HotDisc
     Brian Hyland                   Sealed With A Kiss                                  WB
     Brian Hyland                   Gypsy Woman                                         Uni
     Brian Hyland                   Tragedy                                             Dot
     Brian Hyland                   The Joker Went Wild                                 Phillips
     Brian Hyland                   Let Me Belong To You                                Kapp
     Brian Hyland                   Run Run Look & See                                  Phillips
     Brian Hyland                   Holiday For Clowns                                  Phillips
     Brian Hyland                   If Mary's There                                     ABC
     Brian Hyland                   Ginny Come Lately                                   ABC
     Brian Hyland                   Save Your Heart For Me                              ABC
     Brian Hyland                   I'm Afraid To Go Home                               ABC
     Brian Hyland                   Let Me Belong To You                                ABC
     Brian Hyland                   Rosemary                                            Kapp
     Brian James                    One Single Night                                    WB
     Brian Jay Cline                Sweethearts Moon                                    Exodus
     Brian Kalinec                  Stranger In This Line                               Berkalin
     Brian Kalinec                  Two Days Time                                       Oasis
     Brian Keane                    I Miss You                                          Mix O Rama
     Brian Keane                    Your Whining Will Be Gone                           Mix O Rama
     Brian Keane                    It's Been A Long Day                                Mix O Rama
     Brian Lamley                   Still Living The Dream                              CDTex
     Brian Ledford                  On A Limb                                           SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 90
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brian Lee                      Love To Me                                          Knugu 
     Brian Lee Bender               Girlfriend #2                                       Lamon
     Brian Lopez                    She's Not There                                     Funzalo
     Brian Lopez                    Static Noise                                        Funzalo
     Brian Lopez                    Wrong Or Right                                      Funzalo
     Brian Lowe                     The Hurting You Could Do                            Stardust
     Brian Lumley                   You & Me                                            CDTex
     Brian Lumley                   Love Has Found A Home                               CDTex
     Brian Lumley/Colby Yates       Cadillac Cowboy                                     CDTex
     Brian McComas                  I Could Never Love You Enough                       Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  Straight To You                                     Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  All Comes FLooding Down                             Katapult
     Brian McComas                  You'd Have Never Said Goodbye                       Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  The Middle Of Nowhere                               Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  Sixteen Again                                       Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  I'll Always Be There                                Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  Come With Me                                        Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  You're In My Head                                   Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  I Could Never Love You Enough                       Lyric Street
     Brian McComas                  Good Good Lovin'                                    Katapult
     Brian Milson                   Texas In Me                                         CDTex
     Brian Milson                   I'd Have To Kiss You                                First Short Road
     Brian Milson                   The Man I'm Not                                     9 North
     Brian Molnar                   What I Left Behind                                  Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   Some Dreams                                         Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   I Knew I'd See You Again                            Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   When It's Time To Go                                Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   When It's Time To Go                                Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   It Ain't Easy                                       Avenue A
     Brian Molnar                   Movin' Down The Road                                Avenue A
     Brian Pichulo                  The Redneck Way                                     ELM
     Brian Sacco                    Leave Me Mama Out Of This                           PVI
     Brian Sauer                    A Soldiers Xmas                                     Velocity
     Brian Setzer                   Dreamsville                                         Surfdog
     Brian Setzer                   Don't  Say You Love Me                              Surfdog
     Brian Setzer                   Mini Bar Blues                                      Surfdog
     Brian Stace                    Honey Get Your Clothes Off                          LRR
     Brian Stace                    I Don't Wanna Wish I Had                            Texdog
     Brian Wayne                    Simplify                                            Rescued
     Brian Welch                    Trail At The End Of Lonely                          MTM
     Brian Wilson                   I've Got A Crush On You                             Disney
     Brian Wilson                   Someone To Watch Over Me                            Disney
     Brian Wilson                   Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl                    Capitol
     Brianie                        Daddy's School                                      HotDisc
     Brianie                        Western Women                                       HotDisc
     Briar Hill Band                Goin' Home Again                                    MFA
     Brice Henderson                Lovers Again
     Brice Henderson                Lonely Eyes
     Brice Henderson                Welcome Home                                        Rosebud
     Brice Henderson                Welcome Home                                        Rosebud
     Brice Long                     Meat & Potatoe Man                                  Columbia
     Brice Long                     Anywhere But Here                                   Epic
     Brice Long                     It's Only Monday                                    Columbia
     Brick Daniels                  Hillbilly Homestead                                 SR
     Bridgette Tatum                I Like My Cowboys Dirty                             49
     Brigid Kaelin                  Oner More Last Kiss                                 Red Accordion
     Brigitte Demeyer               More Than I Can Do                                  BD
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 91
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brigitte Demeyer               An Old Song                                         BD    
     Brigitte London                Faith In You                                        GypsyWing
     Brigitte London                On My Lips                                          BLM
     Brigitte London                Nothing To Say                                      GypsyWing
     Brigitte London                I Want To Love Again                                GypsyWing
     Bristol Crossing               Ring Of Fire                                        Lofton Creek
     Britni Hendrickson             Plug My Heart Into The Jukebox                      Axbar
     Britni Hendrickson             Killin' Me With Those Love Songs                    Western Heart
     Britni Hendrickson             Gonna Find Me A Bluebird                            Axbar
     Britni Hendrickson             Dreaming Out Loud                                   Axbar
     Britni Hendrickson             Don't Worry About Me                                Axbar
     Britt & Blair                  Dirty Dancing                                       Platinum Plus
     Britt & Blaire                 Young Summer                                        Mount Juliet
     Britt Lloyd                    That Kind                                           BGM
     Brittany Clark                 It's Gonna Turn                                     Foremost
     Brittany Clarke                If Only                                             Outback
     Brittany Clarke                Good Old Fashion Romance                            MFP
     Brittany Clarke                If This Chair Could Talk                            HMG
     Brittany Morris                Flying Over Boulder                                 Thrill Street
     Brittany Morris                Grandpa's Pockets                                   Thrill Street
     Brittany Reilly                Bar Room Blues                                      BR
     Brittany Reilly                Places I Call Home                                  BR
     Brittany Reilly                Ghosts Of The Opry                                  BR
     Brittany Wells                 From Harms Way                                      Spindletop
     Brittany Wells                 Too Long                                            Spindletop
     Brittany Wells                 Somebody's Somebody                                 Spindletop
     Brittney Elizabeth             Hang On To                                          Two Day Reign
     Brittney Reed                  Redneck Town                                        SR
     Brittney Reed                  911                                                 Western Heart
     BrittonJack                    Fallin'                                             Lofton Creek
     Broadcaster                    Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms                     Phantom Ranch
     Brock Hawkins                  Country Side                                        Rama
     Brock Hawkins                  Both Sides Of The Door                              Baha
     Brock Zeman                    End Of The Tunnel                                   Mud
     Brock Zeman                    Light In The Attic                                  Busted Flat
     Brody Ray                      You're Only One                                     Mega
     Broken Road                    Thinkin' Outside The Box                            6Tone
     Brooke Chandler                Cheatin' Hall Of Fame
     Brooke Hogan                   Girlfriend                                          Molly Dog
     Brooke Woods                   God Bless The World                                 Brooketastik
     Brooke Woods                   Honky Tonk Heaven                                   Spirit Sound
     Brooklyn Cowboys               Waycross Stables                                    HotDisc
     Brooklyn Cowboys               My Heart's In Denial                                SR
     Brooklyn Cowboys               The Other Man In Black                              Leap
     Brooklyn Cowboys               Learn How To Love Me                                Leap
     Brooklyn Cowboys               I Stand Accused                                     Leap
     Brooklyn Cowboys               Someone You Can Live With                           Leap
     Brooklyn Cowboys               Presence Of God                                     Leap
     Brooklyn Cowboys               Californ'                                           Leaps
     Brooklyn Cowboys               My Heart's In Denial                                Leap
     Brooklyn McKenzie              Tonight                                             Lamon
     Brooks & Dunn                  Red Dirt Road                                       Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Rockin' Little Xmas                                 Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  That's What It's All About                          Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Texas And Norma Jean                                Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Don't Look Back Now                                 Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Too Far This Time                                   Arista
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 92
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brooks & Dunn                  I Love You More                                     Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Hard Workin' Man
     Brooks & Dunn                  It Won't Be Xmas Without You                        Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Building Bridges                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Winter Wonderland                                   Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Lost & Found
     Brooks & Dunn                  All Out Of Love                                     Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Hangin' Round The Mistletoe                         Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  It's Getting Better All The Time                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Why Would I Say Goodbye                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  The Trouble With Angels                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  That's What She Gets For Loving Me                  Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  That Ain't No Way To Go                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  God Must Be Busy                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Honky Tonk Truth                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Indian Summer                                       Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Neon Moon
     Brooks & Dunn                  Whiskey Under The Bridge
     Brooks & Dunn                  You Can't Take The Honky TOnk Out Of The Girl       Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  You'll Always Be Loved By Me                        Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Missing You
     Brooks & Dunn                  A Man This Lonely                                   Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  South Of Santa Fe
     Brooks & Dunn                  Proud Of The House We Built                         Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  We'll Burn That Bridge                              Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  My Next Broken Heart
     Brooks & Dunn                  She Used To Be Mine
     Brooks & Dunn                  Only In America                                     Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Play Something Country                              Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Cowgirls Don't Cry                                  Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Brand New Man
     Brooks & Dunn                  Hillbilly Deluxe                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Husbands & Wives
     Brooks & Dunn                  Little Miss Honky Tonk                              Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  The Long Goodbye                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  My Maria                                            Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  I Am That Man                                       Aristsa
     Brooks & Dunn                  I'll Never Forgive My Heart
     Brooks & Dunn                  Believe                                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
     Brooks & Dunn                  Put A Girl In It                                    Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  Every River                                         Arista
     Brooks & Dunn                  He's Got You
     Brooks & Dunn                  Ain't Nothin' 'Bout You                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn/Kane Brown       Believe                                             Arista
     Brooks & Dunn/Luke Combs       Brand New Man                                       Arista
     Brooks & Dunn/Reba McEntire    I You See Him/Her
     Brooks Atwood                  Gone To Pieces                                      Saddle House
     Brooks Atwood                  Treat Me Like A Dog                                 Saddle Horse
     Brooks Bths.                   A Woman Needs Love
     Brooks Forsyth                 Cast My Dreams To The Wind                          Arena
     Brooks/Yearwood                In Another's Eyes
     Brother Boys                   I'll Be Home For Xmas
     Brother Slade                  Matthew James                                       Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Bone Dry                                            SR
     Brother Slade                  True Blue                                           Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Tom Petty Song                                      Sully Boy
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 93
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brother Slade                  Girl With A Mobile Home                             Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Look What The Trailer Park Drug In                  Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Covers                                              Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Scars                                               Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Time Well Wasted                                    Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Stuck In Ohio                                       Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  Motorcycle                                          MTM
     Brother Slade                  Bone Dry                                            Sully Boy
     Brother Slade                  I Know How                                          Sully Boy
     Brother Sun                    Mighty Long Way                                     BS
     Brother Sun                    When I'm Gone                                       BS
     Brother Trouble                Summer's Little Angel                               Blaster
     Brothers Cosmoline             We Didn't Feel A Thing                              Slewfoot
     Brothers Cosmoline             Oh Caroline                                         Slewfoot
     Brothers Cosmoline             I Know I'm In Love                                  Slewfoot
     Brothers Osborne               21 Summer                                           EMI
     Brothers Osborne               Stay A Little Longer                                EMI
     Brothers Osborne               Rum                                                 EMI
     Brothers Osborne               Shoot Me Straight                                   EMI
     Brothers Osborne               I Don't Remember Me                                 EMI
     Brothers Phelps                Eagle Over Angel                                    Asylum
     Brothers Phelps                Let Go
     Brothers Phelps                Not So Different After All                          Asylum
     Brothers Phelps                Anyway The Wind Blows                               Asylum
     Brothers Phelps                Were You Really Livin'
     Brothers Phelps                Ever Changing Woman                                 Asylum
     Browns                         They Call The Wind Maria
     Browns                         I Take The Chance
     Browns                         Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
     Browns                         Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
     Browns                         Greenwillow Xmas
     Browns                         The Old Lamplighter
     Browns                         I Hear The Bluebirds
     Browns                         Here Today,Gone Tomorrow
     Browns                         Looking Back To See
     Browns                         Three Bells
     Bruce David                    Head Over Heels                                     Laredo
     Bruce David/Ruth Ann Greaves   A Friend, A Love                                    CCR
     Bruce Greaves                  Dim Lights & Candles                                Diamondback
     Bruce Greaves                  One Night At A Time                                 BG
     Bruce Greaves                  Only A Fool                                         Diamondback
     Bruce Greaves                  Wonder Of You                                       BG
     Bruce Greaves                  My Heart Don't Have A Leg To Stand On               BG
     Bruce Greaves                  Engine Engine # 9                                   BG
     Bruce Greaves                  Show Me The Way                                     Diamondback
     Bruce Greaves                  You Know How To Get To Heaven                       Diamondback
     Bruce Greaves                  It's All Over Now                                   Diamondback
     Bruce Greaves                  Dim Lights & Candles                                BG
     Bruce Greaves                  Pretty Thing                                        Western Heart
     Bruce Greaves                  Invisible Man                                       Western Heart
     Bruce Greaves/Judy Johnson     Take My Hand                                        CP
     Bruce Greaves/Karen Davry      Impossible Dreams                                   Cricket Power
     Bruce Greaves/Raewyn Hinton    Run Away Little Tears                               Diamondback
     Bruce Hedrick                  I'll Take It From Here                              PSM
     Bruce Hedrick                  Roses From God                                      HMG
     Bruce Hedrick                  A Better Man                                        HMG
     Bruce Hedrick                  Wingin' It                                          PSM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 94
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bruce Hedrick                  Say A Little Prayer                                 New Dominion
     Bruce Hedrick                  Wingin' It                                          PSM
     Bruce Larson                   Dialing While Drinking                              SR
     Bruce Larson                   Spilled Perfume                                     Bust At Play
     Bruce Larson                   All Because Of You                                  SR
     Bruce Larson                   Would I Lie To You                                  Busy At Play
     Bruce Larson                   Two Friends One Night                               Busy At Play
     Bruce Robison                  What Makes You Say                                  Premium
     Bruce Robison                  Beautiful Day                                       Dualtone
     Bruce Robison                  If The Rain Don't Stop                              Dualtone
     Bruce Robison                  Blame It On Me                                      Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  California 85                                       Premium
     Bruce Robison                  Sweet Dreams                                        Motel Time
     Bruce Robison                  Angry All The Time
     Bruce Robison                  Bed Of Ashes                                        Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  Travelin' Soldier                                   Lucky Dog
     Bruce Robison                  Anyone But Me                                       Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  The New Me                                          SR
     Bruce Robison                  What Did You Think                                  Lucky Dog
     Bruce Robison                  Valentine                                           Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  Devil May Care                                      Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  Sixteen                                             Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  The New One                                         Premium
     Bruce Robison                  She Don't Care                                      Premium
     Bruce Robison                  Still Doin' Time                                    Motel Time
     Bruce Robison                  L A Freeway                                         SR
     Bruce Robison                  Just Married                                        Lucky Dog
     Bruce Robison                  Anywhere But Here                                   Premium
     Bruce Robison                  The Good Life
     Bruce Robison                  My Baby Now                                         Premium
     Bruce Robison                  What Would Willie Do                                Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  Reconsider                                          Dualtone
     Bruce Robison                  The Good Life                                       Lucky Dog
     Bruce Robison                  Can't Get There From Here                           Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison                  The Years                                           Motel Time
     Bruce Robison                  Born To Roll                                        Jackalope
     Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis     Friendless Marriage                                 Boars Nest
     Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis     Today I Started Loving You Again                    SR
     Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis     Pack Up Your Sorrows                                Dualtone
     Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis     Ride Me Down Easy                                   Compadre
     Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis     Nobody's Perfect                                    SR
     Bruce Springsteen              Jessee James                                        Columbia
     Bruce Stephens                 I'll Always Love You                                HotDisc
     Bruce Stephens                 Country Lovin' Body                                 ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 This Redneck Of The Woods                           ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 I'll Always Love You                                ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 Love Without You                                    ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 Simple Man                                          ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 In Another's Arms                                   ELM
     Bruce Stephens                 Where Did I Go Wrong                                ELM
     Brush Arbor                    Alone Again (Naturally)
     Brush Arbor                    Get Down Country Music
     Brushfire Stankgrass           Moonlight On The Camp                               SR
     Brushville                     Baby's Got Her Boots On                             BV
     Brushwood                      Living In The Moment                                Silver Heart
     Brushwood                      I'll Be There                                       CBM
     Brushwood                      I Miss You                                          CBM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 95
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Brutherz                       Hello Honky Tonk                                    CDTex 
     Bryan Adam Joyner              Cried When He Died                                  CDTex
     Bryan Austin                   Radio Active
     Bryan Clark                    Midnight Kisses                                     BCM
     Bryan Cline                    Preachers & Bartenders                              BC
     Bryan Cline                    Don't Wait Till It's Gone                           BC
     Bryan Cline                    Me Without You                                      BC
     Bryan Cline                    Who Gave You The Keys                               BC
     Bryan Cline                    Take A Little Time                                  BC
     Bryan Cole                     Talkin' Dirty                                       Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Talkin' Dirty                                       Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Pride & The Passion                                 Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     If Only                                             Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Mercy Of You                                        Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     It All Comes Back To Me                             Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Savin' It Up                                        Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Mobile Home                                         Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Love Don't Live Here                                SR
     Bryan Cole                     You Know Why                                        Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     Caught In The Undertow                              Perfect Vision
     Bryan Cole                     I'm Comin' Home                                     SR
     Bryan Cole                     Talkin' Dirty                                       Perfect Vision
     Bryan Fontenot                 Who I Ain't                                         CDTex
     Bryan Fontenot                 Too Drunk To Be Drinkin'                            CDTex
     Bryan Fontenot                 Trailer Park Pulp Fiction                           Aspirion
     Bryan Frasher                  Drive On                                            Little Edison
     Bryan Hayes                    Just A Man                                          Retriever
     Bryan Hayes                    Leave My Heart                                      Retriever
     Bryan Hayes                    Greatest Generation                                 Retriever
     Bryan Hayes                    Southern Rain                                       BH
     Bryan James                    Gotta Get there                                     SR
     Bryan Mayer                    This Is Me                                          Sound Check
     Bryan Ragsdale                 Modern Day Mountain Man                             RCI
     Bryan Shayne                   Everything I Need                                   CDTex
     Bryan Shayne                   Country Off My Mind                                 CDTex
     Bryan Sutton                   That's Where I Belong                               Sugar Hill
     Bryan Sutton                   Anyhow I Love You                                   Sugar Hill
     Bryan Sutton/Dolly Parton      Smoky Mountain Memories                             Sugar Hill
     Bryan West                     When I Said                                         Atomik
     Bryan White                    I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore                Asylum
     Bryan White                    The Little Things                                   Covenant
     Bryan White                    Dustbowl Dreams                                     ME
     Bryan White                    How Long                                            Asylum
     Bryan White                    The Little Things                                   Just A Pup
     Bryan White                    That's Another Song
     Bryan White                    One Small Miracle
     Bryan White                    Love Is The Right Place
     Bryan White                    You're Still Beautiful To Me
     Bryan White                    Eugene ( You Genius)                                Asylum
     Bryan White/Rebecca Lynn HowardLight At The End Of The Tunnel                      MCA
     Bryce Dicus                    Gyspy Soul                                          SR
     Brynn Marie                    Start Now                                           Rhythm House
     Bub Felts                      Ruby's Red Lips                                     HotDisc
     Bubba                          Bubba & Minnie Pearl
     Bubba                          Bobba's Poem
     Bubba Bartosh                  California Shaky Ground                             FTHOI
     Bubba Bartosh                  John Deere Letter                                   SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 96
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Bubba Brown                    You're Gonna Pay                                    Diamondback
     Bubba Brown                    That's My Baby                                      ELM
     Bubba Brown                    The Son I Used To Be                                NC
     Bubba T/Bri Bagwell            Like A New Man                                      CDTex
     Bubba Talbert                  Love Will Do That Sometimes
     Buck & Duke                    Women Keep Driving Me Crazy                         Round Pond
     Buck Cody                      The Cheatin' Or The Ache
     Buck Cody                      Daddy's Little Girl                                 Stardust
     Buck Cody                      Lying Again                                         Stardust
     Buck Cody                      They Don't Make Up Those Cheatin'
     Buck Edwards                   Thank God For Beer                                  Sweet Gunn
     Buck Edwards                   If You Don't Get It By Midnight                     Sweet Gunn
     Buck Ford                      I'll Show You Mine                                  Western Heart
     Buck Howdy                     Cow Pies For Xmas                                   MCA
     Buck Johnson                   Dixie USA
     Buck Jones                     Houston Town                                        Western Beat
     Buck Jones                     Everything's Cool                                   Western Beat
     Buck Jones                     I Always Get Lucky With You                         Western Beat
     Buck Jones                     Kentucky Fried                                      Western Beat
     Buck Jones                     Jack Daniels Turns To Tears                         Western Beat
     Buck Jones                     You Only Call Me When You're Drunk                  BJ
     Buck Martin                    The Look Of Love
     Buck McCoy                     18 Years                                            Caption
     Buck McCoy                     New Day Dawning                                     SR
     Buck McCoy                     Man Of The Law                                      SR
     Buck McCoy                     My Moment With Sheryl Crow                          Caption
     Buck McCoy                     I Don't Know The World Anymore                      SR
     Buck McCoy                     18 Years                                            Caption
     Buck McCoy                     What Might Have Been                                Caption
     Buck McCoy                     Got It All With You                                 Caption
     Buck McCoy                     Starting Then                                       Caption
     Buck McCoy                     A Few Steps Away                                    Caption
     Buck McCoy/Kim McAbee          We Belong Together                                  Caption
     Buck Owens                     Second Fiddle
     Buck Owens                     In The Palm Of Your Hand
     Buck Owens                     Only You
     Buck Owens                     Forever Yours
     Buck Owens                     It's Been A Long Long Time
     Buck Owens                     Our Old Mansion                                     Warner Brothers
     Buck Owens                     Our Old Mansion                                     Warner Brothers
     Buck Owens                     Think Of Me
     Buck Owens                     Monster's Holiday
     Buck Owens                     On The Cover Of Music City News
     Buck Owens                     You Ain't Gonna Have Ol Buck Around
     Buck Owens                     My Heart Skips A Beat
     Buck Owens                     Made In Japan
     Buck Owens                     Under Your Spell Again
     Buck Owens                     Together Again
     Buck Owens                     Will There Be Big Rigs In Heaven                    Upstart
     Buck Owens                     Your Tender Loving Care
     Buck Owens                     Without You
     Buck Owens                     Open Up Your Heart
     Buck Owens                     Hot Dog
     Buck Owens                     Hollywood Waltz
     Buck Owens                     California Oakie
     Buck Owens                     I Wouldn't Live In NYC
     Buck Owens                     Above & Beyond
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 97
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Buck Owens                     Arms Full Of Empty                                        
     Buck Owens                     Waitin' In Your Welfare Line
     Buck Owens                     Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
     Buck Owens                     Ain't It Amzing Gracie
     Buck Owens                     Hello Trouble                                       New West
     Buck Owens                     Ruby Are You Mad                                    Capitol
     Buck Owens                     It's Xmas Time For Everyone
     Buck Owens                     How Long Will My Baby Be Gone                       Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Big Game Hunter
     Buck Owens                     Blue Xmas Tree
     Buck Owens                     Act Naturally
     Buck Owens                     Second Fiddle                                       Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Rollin' In Sweet Baby's Arms                        Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Foolin' Around
     Buck Owens                     I'll Still Be Waiting For You
     Buck Owens                     Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
     Buck Owens                     Bridge Over Troubled Water                          Capitol
     Buck Owens                     You're For Me                                       Capitol
     Buck Owens                     The Kansas City Song                                Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Christmas Morning
     Buck Owens                     Let The World Keep On A Turnin'
     Buck Owens                     Nobody's Fool But Yours                             Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Christmas Shopping
     Buck Owens                     Here Comes Santa Claus Again
     Buck Owens                     Kickin' Our Hearts Around                           Capitol
     Buck Owens                     I Don't Care
     Buck Owens                     Before You Go
     Buck Owens                     Save The Last Dance For Me                          Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Tall Dark Stranger                                  Capitol
     Buck Owens                     All I Want For Xmas Dear Is You
     Buck Owens                     Streets Of Bakersfield
     Buck Owens                     I've Got You On My Mind                             Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Under The Influence Of Love
     Buck Owens                     Jingle Bells
     Buck Owens                     Sweet Rosie Jones                                   Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Xmas Ain't Xmas
     Buck Owens                     I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
     Buck Owens                     Early This Morning
     Buck Owens                     Gonna Have Love                                     Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Sam's Place                                         Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Excuse Me
     Buck Owens                     Big In Vegas
     Buck Owens                     Johnny B. Goode                                     Capitol
     Buck Owens                     Xmas Time's A Comin'
     Buck Owens                     Blue Xmas Lights
     Buck Owens                     Because It's Xmas Time
     Buck Owens                     Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach
     Buck Owens                     Love's Gonna Live Here
     Buck Owens                     It Takes People Like You
     Buck Owens/Dwight Yoakam       Streets Of Bakersfield
     Buck Owens/Emmylou Harris      Play Together Again,Again
     Buck Owens/Ringo Starr         Act Naturally
     Buck Owens/Rose Maddox         Mental Cruelty                                      Capitol
     Buck Owens/rose Maddox         Loose Talk                                          Capitol
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          The Great White Horse                               Capitol
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          One Of Everything
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          Cryin' Time
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 98
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          Sweethearts In Heaven                                     
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          Love Is Strange
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          We're Gonna Get Together                            Capitol
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          Togetherness
     Buck Owens/Susan Raye          Looking Back To See
     Buckaroos                      Applejack
     Buckeroos                      Rollin' Back To Tennessee
     Buckeye                        One Woman To Love Me
     Buckeye                        Papermates
     Bucktown Kickback              Mr. Hinton                                          Lower Forty
     Bucktown Kickback              What You've Got I Need                              Lower Forty
     Bucktown Kickback              Three Weeks                                         WWM
     Bucky Allred                   He's Steppin' Out
     Bucky Covington                I'll Walk                                           Lyric Street
     Bucky Covington                Buzzin'                                             Black River
     Bucky Covington                I Want My Life Back                                 Lyric Street
     Bucky Covington                It's Good To Be Us                                  Lyric Street
     Bucky Covington                A Different World                                   Lyric Street
     Bucky Covington                I Feel YA                                           SR
     Bucky Covington                Gotta Be Somebody                                   Lyric Street
     Bucky Covington                A Father's Love                                     Lyric Street
     Bucky Thomas                   Life Of A Cowboy                                    HMG
     Bud Brewer                     John Deere Tractor
     Bud Harmon                     Stay Here & Drink                                   SR
     Bud Harmon                     It Had To Be You                                    SR
     Buddy & Jim                    Lonely One In This Town                             New Est
     Buddy & Jim                    Forever And A Day                                   New West
     Buddy & Jim                    It Hurts Me                                         New West
     Buddy & Jim                    The Train That Carried My Gal From Town             New West
     Buddy & Jim                    I Lost My Job                                       New West
     Buddy & Jim                    That's Not Even Why I Love You                      New West
     Buddy & Julie Miller           In Memory Of My Heart                               Hightone
     Buddy & Julie Miller           Paper Thin                                          Vanguard
     Buddy & Julie Miller           Forever Has Come To An End                          Hightone
     Buddy & Julie Miller           Love Snuck Up                                       Hightone
     Buddy & Julie Miller           Ellis County                                        New West
     Buddy & Julie Miller           Forever Has Come To An End                          Hightone
     Buddy & Julie Miller           You're Running Wild                                 Hightone
     Buddy & Julie Miller           That's Just How She Cries                           Hightone
     Buddy Alan                     I'm In Love                                         Capitol
     Buddy Alan                     Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
     Buddy Alan/Don Rich            Cowboy Convention
     Buddy Allan                    Lodi
     Buddy Bowles                   Talking To Walls                                    Song 1
     Buddy Davis                    Living With A Loaded Gun                            Wester Heart
     Buddy Davis                    Livin' With A Loaded Gun                            Westwood
     Buddy Davis                    Mammoth Cave                                        HMG
     Buddy Emmons                   Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas
     Buddy J.                       Branded Country                                     Diamondback
     Buddy Jewell                   I Am Every Man                                      BAM
     Buddy Jewell                   On An Ordinary Tuesday                              Frog & Scorpion
     Buddy Jewell                   Why We Said Goodbye                                 Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   Help Pour Out The Rain                              Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   O'Reilley's Luck                                    Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   Just Enough To Get To Memphis                       BAM
     Buddy Jewell                   If She Were Any Other Woman                         Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   Wes Tyrell                                          Lofton Creek
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 99
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Buddy Jewell                   Jesus Elvis & Me                                    Diamond Dust
     Buddy Jewell                   Smoky Mountain Memories                             Lamon
     Buddy Jewell                   So Gone                                             Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   Someone Who Would Die For You                       SR
     Buddy Jewell                   Diesel Destiny                                      BAM
     Buddy Jewell                   One In A Row                                        Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   Why I'm Leaving                                     Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   One Step At A Time                                  Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   I'm There                                           BAM
     Buddy Jewell                   Behind Closed Doors                                 Lamon
     Buddy Jewell                   Sweet Southern Comfort                              Columbia
     Buddy Jewell                   This Ain't Mexico                                   Diamond Dust
     Buddy Jewell                   Sweet Southern Comfort                              Columbia
     Buddy Jewell/Miranda Lambert   Today I Started Loving You Again                    Columbia
     Buddy Lewis                    Down In Dallas                                      Ozark
     Buddy Lewis                    Just To See Me Crawl                                Ozark
     Buddy Lewis                    I Did I Will I Do                                   Ozark
     Buddy Lewis                    My Last Drink Tonight                               BL
     Buddy Lewis                    Mirror On The Wall                                  Ozark
     Buddy Lewis                    It's Been Raining In Houston                        BL
     Buddy Lewis                    Jeanie                                              BL
     Buddy Lewis                    Adios My Compadre                                   BL
     Buddy Lewis                    When I Pulled Into Nashville                        BL
     Buddy Melton                   Light Just One Candle                               Coyote Ridge
     Buddy Miller                   Looking For A Heartache Like You                    Hightone
     Buddy Miller                   I Can't Get Over You                                Hightone
     Buddy Miller                   The Price Of Love                                   Hightone
     Buddy Miller                   Wild Card                                           Hightone
     Buddy Miller                   Feels Like I'm Falling In Love                      Hightone
     Buddy Miller                   Fire & Water                                        New West
     Buddy Miller                   This Old World                                      New West
     Buddy Miller                   Sneaky Snake                                        Red Beet
     Buddy Miller/Emmylou Harris    Wide River To Cross                                 New West
     Buddy Miller/Kacey Musgraves   Love's Gonna Live Here                              New West
     Buddy Miller/Lee Ann Womack    After The Fire Is Gone                              New West
     Buddy Miller/Nikki Lane        Just Someone I Used To Know                         New West
     Buddy Miller/Richard Thompson  Wedding Bells                                       New West
     Buddy Mondluck                 Stay Up All Night                                   Sparking Gap
     Buddy Mondluck                 The Ugly One                                        Sparking Gap
     Buddy R. Kelly Jr.             Wild Imagination                                    BRK
     Buddy Starcher                 History Repeats Itself                              Boone
     Buffalo C. Wayne               California Lady                                     Black Bison
     Buffalo Club                   If She Don't Love You                               Rising Tide
     Buffalo Gospel                 18 Wheeler                                          SR
     Buffalo Gospel                 High Time To Hang Fire                              SR
     Buffalo Gospel                 Lonestar                                            SR
     Buffalo Nickel                 Out Of The Picture                                  Plow Handle
     Buffalo Nickel                 Just Had A Feeling                                  Plow Handle
     Buffalo Ruckus                 Don't Think We Were Fooled                          Smith
     Buffalo Ruckus                 Hills And Valleys                                   Smith
     Buffy Lawson                   I'm Leaving You For Me                              Wrinkled
     Buford Pope                    Faces Don't Smile                                   Unchained
     Buford Pope                    Brothers Of Mine                                    Unchained
     Buford Pope                    Somebody Like You                                   Unchained
     Buford Pope                    She's Gotta Country Mouth                           Unchained
     Buick Audra                    Happy Loser                                         Trimming The Shield
     Buick Audra                    The Streets Of My Town                              Trimming The Shield
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 100
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Built 4 Comfort                Moondancer                                          Midland
     Built 4 Comfort                Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound                           Tulug II
     Built 4 Comfort                Drift Away                                          Midland
     Built 4 Comfort                I Wanna Thank You Baby                              Midland
     Bulleon                        You Gotta Dance                                     Hotdisc
     Bulleon                        You Were The One                                    Bulleon
     Bulleon                        Long Long Way                                       Bulleon
     Bulls Gap                      It Doesn't Get Any Countrier                        Hoot
     Bulls Gap                      Country Kind Of Cowboy                              Hoot
     Bulls Gap                      Country Boy's Xmas                                  Intuit
     Bulls Gap                      Keep On Believing                                   Hoot
     Bullseye                       The Highway                                         Comstock
     Bunco Kelly                    Best Of Times                                       Nationally Famous
     Burbank Station                Divided
     Burbank Station                In Love
     Burch Sisters                  Old Flame New Fire
     Burch Sisters                  Open Arms
     Burch Sisters                  I Don't Want To Mention Any Names
     Burch Sisters                  The Way I Want To Go
     Burch Sisters                  What Do Lonely People Do
     Burch Sisters                  Everytime You Go Outside I Hope It Rains
     Burgess Bths.                  Wizard Of Oz
     Burgess Bths.                  Singin' Shakespeare
     Burl Ives                      A Mixed Up Xmas
     Burl Ives                      Holly Jolly Xmas ( Remastered)                      MCA
     Burl Ives                      Evil Off My Mind
     Burl Ives                      Holly Jolly Xmas
     Burl Ives                      My funny Way Of Laughin'
     Burl Ives                      Mary Ann Regrets                                    Decca
     Burl Ives                      Little Bitty Tear
     Burly Cruz                     Just You And Me                                     BSW
     Burnett Jones                  Adios                                               CDTex
     Burns & Poe                    I Need A Job                                        Blue Steel
     Burns & Poe                    Second Chance                                       Blue Steel
     Burns & Poe                    How Long Is Long Enough                             SR
     Burns Sisters                  God Made Woman                                      Philo
     Burns Sisters                  I Would                                             SR
     Burns Sisters                  Wish I Never Met You                                Philo
     Burns Sisters                  Gas Man                                             Sisters Music
     Burns Sisters                  Never Loved At All                                  Ithaca
     Burns Sisters                  Wild Flower Honey                                   Ithaca
     Burnt Taters                   Slow Poke                                           Planetary
     Burnt Water                    Here I Am Again                                     Hot Disc
     Burnt Water                    Lucky Old Colorado                                  BWR
     Burrito Brothers               She's A Friend Of A Friend                          Curb
     Burrito Brothers               I'm Drinkin' Canada Dry                             Curb
     Burrito Brothers               Early This Morning                                  Terrace
     Burrito Brothers               Almost Saturday Nite                                Curb
     Burrito Brothers               Sons Of The Golden West
     Burrito Brothers               Oh Lonesome Me                                      Curb
     Burrito Brothers               Blue & Broken Hearted Me                            Curb
     Burrito Brothers               Closer To You
     Burrito Brothers               If Something Should Come Between Us
     Burrito Brothers               She Belongs To Everyone But Me                      Curb
     Burrito Brothers               Our Roots Are Country Music                         Curb
     Burrito Brothers               My Kind Of Lady
     Burrito Brothers               Does She Whish She Was Single Again                 Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 101
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Burrito Bths./Alison Krause    Anyone Else But You                                       
     Burrito Bths./Merle Haggard    Mama's Hungry Eyes
     Burrito Bths./Oak Ridge Boys   When I Was A Cowboy
     Burrito Deluxe                 Wheels                                              Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 The Letter                                          Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Midnight At A Red Light                             HotDisc
     Burrito Deluxe                 Encino                                              HotDisc
     Burrito Deluxe                 All I Had Left                                      Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 When It Comes Down On You                           Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Midnight At A Red Light                             Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Cash On The Barrelhead                              Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 Sister`                                             Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Midnight At A Red Light                             HotDisc
     Burrito Deluxe                 When The Summer's Over                              Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Disciples Of The Truth                              Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Old Memories                                        Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 Secret Of Life                                      Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 Everywhere I Go                                     Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Feels Like A Heartache                              Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 G.P.                                                Lamon
     Burrito Deluxe                 Way Back In The Mountains                           Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Rex Bob Lowenstein                                  Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Out Of The Wilderness                               HotDisc
     Burrito Deluxe                 Wichita                                             Luna Chica
     Burrito Deluxe                 Front Row Seats To Heaven                           Luna Chica
     Burt Reynolds                  Something Cheap & Superficial
     Burton Cummings                Takes A Fool To Love A Fool                         Portrait
     Bus Stop                       Station To Station                                  Comstock
     Bush Hawg                      Crushin'                                            RCA
     Bush/McCall                    There'll Always Be A Honky Tonk
     Bush/McCall                    Wait Till The Sun Shines
     Buster Doss                    You Walk By                                         Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Messin' Around                                      Stardust
     Buster Doss                    You Walk By                                         Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Packin' Up Old Memories                             Stardust
     Buster Doss                    She's My Arkie                                      Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Daddy's Little Girl                                 Stardust
     Buster Doss                    What The Big Boys Do                                Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Let's Go Fishin'                                    Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Lying Again                                         Stardust
     Buster Doss                    You Can't Take The Texas Out Of Me                  Stardust
     Buster Doss                    I Hardly Miss You At All                            Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Graveyard Boogie                                    Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Messing Around                                      Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Legend Of Thunderhawk                               Stardust
     Buster Doss                    Looks Like We're Gonna Fight Again                  Stardust
     Buster Doss                    This Ol Bear                                        Stardust
     Buster Doss                    You Done It                                         Stardust
     Butch Baker                    That's What Her Memory Is For
     Butch Baker                    Our Little Corner
     Butch Baker                    Party People
     Butch Baker                    Your Loving Side
     Butch Baker                    The Lady Loves Her Job
     Butch Baker                    Wonderful Tonite
     Butch Baker/Daniele Alexander  It Wasn't You It Wasn't Me
     Butch Carie                    I Love You From A-Z                                 Western Heart
     Butch Carie                    Hello Darlin'                                       Western Heart
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 102
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Butch Carie                    It's Only Make Believe                              Western Heart
     Butch Carie                    Who,What,Where,When,Why,How                         Western Heart
     Butch Castetter                Tiki Mama                                           Blue River
     Butch Hancock                  The Master Game                                     Two Roads
     Butch Ryan                     Over You                                            CMN
     Butch Ryan                     Unknown                                             Golden Archives
     Butch Walker                   The Battle vs. The War                              Dangerbird
     Butcher Holler                 I'm A Honky Tonk Girl                               Signature
     Butcher Holler                 Fist City                                           Signature
     Butcher Holler                 You Wanna Give Me A Lift                            Signature
     Butcher Holler                 Another Man Loved Me Last Night                     Signature
     Buzz Cason                     Working Without A Net                               Arena
     Buzz Cason                     If I'd Known You Were Back In Town                  Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     Love On A Blue Rainy Day
     Buzz Cason                     Settin' The Woods On Fire
     Buzz Cason                     Tryin' Not To Think About Me                        Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     She Falls For Singers                               Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     Song Man                                            Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     Pretend                                             Plowboy
     Buzz Cason                     Wondering                                           Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     Somebody Told Me                                    Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     Climb Up On A Good Ol Song                          Arena
     Buzz Cason                     Just As Gone                                        Arena
     Buzz Cason                     Barbeque                                            Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     I Don't Do Lonely                                   Arena
     Buzz Cason                     This Ol Gal                                         Arena
     Buzz Cason                     Troubadour Heart                                    Plowboy
     Buzz Cason                     Hats Off To Hank                                    Palo Duro
     Buzz Cason                     That's What I Love About The South                  Plowboy
     Buzz Cason                     Memphis Friday Night                                Plowboy
     Buzz Cason                     The Last Time I Saw Kentucky                        Arena
     Byrd Burton                    Crying                                              ADF
     Byrd Burton                    Vincent                                             ADF
     Byrd Burton                    The End Is Not In Sight                             ADF
     Byrd Burton                    If                                                  ADF
     Byrd Burton                    Blue Bayou                                          ADF
     Byrd Burton                    Third Rate Romance                                  ADF
     Byrds                          You're Still On My Mind                             Columbia
     Byrds                          Truck Drivin' Man                                   Columbia
     Byrds                          Strong Boy                                          Columbia
     Byron Dowd Band                Six Feet Above                                      Panther Creek
     Byron Dowd Band                Footsteps                                           Panther Creek
     Byron Hill                     Now & Then                                          HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Once You've Been To The Moon                        HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Stay A While                                        BHP
     Byron Hill                     The Photograph                                      BHP
     Byron Hill                     That Old Car                                        BHP
     Byron Hill                     Good News                                           HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Way Too Long                                        BHP
     Byron Hill                     Waitin' On The Weekend                              SR
     Byron Hill                     Take A Picture                                      SR
     Byron Hill                     You Ain't Chet Yet                                  BHP
     Byron Hill                     Love Is Not A Crime                                 BHP
     Byron Hill                     Like A Country Song                                 BHP
     Byron Hill                     Politics Religion And Her                           BHM
     Byron Hill                     The Pages Of My Mind                                HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Cobbtown                                            BHP
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 103
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Byron Hill                     My Daughter's Father                                SR    
     Byron Hill                     It's Just A Song                                    BHP
     Byron Hill                     Two Tenty-Five Maple Street                         BHP
     Byron Hill                     First Fool In Line                                  BHP
     Byron Hill                     Way Too Long                                        HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Now And Then                                        BHP
     Byron Hill                     Blame It On Kristofferson                           HotDisc
     Byron Hill                     Alright Already                                     BHM
     Byron Hill                     If I Was A Drinkin' Man                             BHM
     Byron Hill                     I Knew I Loved You                                  BHP
     Byron Hill                     Fool Hearted Memory                                 BHM
     Byron Hill                     After You're Gone                                   BHP
     Byron Hill                     Took Her To The Moon                                BHP
     Byron Hill                     Fool Hearted Memory                                 Compadre
     C West                         West                                                MBE
     C.B. Wilson                    Don't Send Me No Angels                             Door Knob
     C.B. Wilson                    Mercy,Mercy,Mercy                                   Door Knob
     C.B. Wilson                    Merry Xmas Darling                                  Doorknob
     C.D. Morris                    One Little Teardrop                                 Calf Creek
     C.D. Morris                    You Win Again                                       American Entertainment
     C.D. Morris                    Good Time Charlie                                   American Entertainment
     C.D. Morris                    Country Rhythm Rock                                 New Country
     C.D. Morris                    Sixteen Tons                                        Calf Creek
     C.D. Morris                    Lover & Friend                                      Song1
     C.D. Morris                    Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues                    Airplay Int'l
     C.D. Morris                    Talk Back Trembling Lips                            Song1
     C.D. Morris                    Singin'  The Blues                                  American Entertainment
     C.D. Morris                    Big Blue Diamond                                    American Entertainment
     C.D. Morris                    Don't Mind If I Do                                  Calf Creek
     C.D. Morris                    Your Love Is  A  Precious Thing                     Calf Creek
     C.D. Morris                    You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry                  American Entertainment
     C.D. Morris                    I Ain't Never                                       American Entertainment
     C.Daniel Boling                Growing Old In New Mexico                           Berkalin
     C.J. Spears                    You're Giving Me Sweet Misery                       CJS
     C.McClain/W.Massey             You Are My Music,You Are My Song
     Caballero                      I Got Everything
     Cactus Blossums                Stoplight Kisses                                    SR
     Cactus Choir                   Hark The Heral Angels Sing
     Cactus Choir                   It's Your Move
     Cactus Hunters                 I Got The Bait                                      Rustic
     Cactus Hunters                 Halfway To Texas                                    Rustic
     Cactus Hunters                 Rain Rain Rain                                      Rustic
     Cadillac Sky                   You Again                                           Skaggs Family
     Cadillac Sky                   Everybody's Favorite                                Fontana
     Cadillac Sky                   Carousel                                            Fontana
     Cadillac Sky                   Part Of My Heart                                    Dualtone
     Cadillac Sky                   Inside Joke                                         Fontana
     Cadillac Sky                   Motel Morning                                       Skaggs Family
     Cadillac Three                 Party Like You                                      Big Machine
     Cadillac Three                 Drunk Like Me                                       Big Machine
     Cadillac Three                 Dang If We Didn't                                   Big Machine
     Cahalen Morrison               Sorrow Lines The Highway Of Regret                  Free Dirt
     Cahalen Morrison               Through Your Window                                 Free Dirt
     Cairo Jones                    All I Want For Xmas                                 Songlife
     Caitlan Cary                   Hold On To Me                                       YepRoc
     Caitlan Cary                   Sorry                                               Yep Roc
     Caitlan Cary                   You Didn't Have To Hide                             Yep Roc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 104
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Caitlan Cary                   Please Break My Heart                               Yep Roc
     Caitlan Cary                   Empty Rooms                                         Yep Roc
     Caitlin & Will                 Address In The Stars                                Columbia
     Caitlin & Will                 Even Now                                            Columbia
     Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell     Please Break My Heart                               Yep Roc
     Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell     Whatever You Want                                   Yep Roc
     Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell     Don't Make It Better                                Yep Roc
     Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell     Party Time                                          Yep Roc
     Caitlin Rose                   Waitin'                                             ATO
     Caitlin Rose                   When I'm Gone                                       ATO
     Caitlin Rose                   Pink Champaigne                                     ATO
     Caitlin' Sinness               It's Workin'                                        Playback
     Cal                            A Single Kiss                                       HotDisc
     Cal Smith                      The Show's Almost Over
     Cal Smith                      I Overlooked An Orchid
     Cal Smith                      I Just Came Home To Count The Memories
     Cal Smith                      MacArthur's Hand
     Cal Smith                      I've Loved You All Over The World
     Cal Smith                      I Can Feel The Leavin' Coming On
     Cal Smith                      Green Door
     Cal Smith                      North Alabama
     Cal Smith                      Helen
     Cal Smith                      Heaven Is Just A Touch Away
     Cal Smith                      Nobody Will Ever Take your Place
     Cal Smith                      That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
     Cal Smith                      Love Is The Foundation                              MCA
     Cal Smith                      Lorene
     Cal Smith                      Thunderstorms
     Cal Smith                      Tabernacle Tom
     Cal Smith                      Lucy Needs A Friend
     Cal Smith                      Mobile Bay
     Cal Smith                      Room At The Top Of The Stairs
     Cal Smith                      Rise & Fall Of The Roman Empire
     Cal Smith                      Bein' Gone
     Cal Smith                      She Talked A Lot About Texas
     Cal Smith                      Between Lust & Watchin' TV
     Cal Smith                      For My Baby
     Cal Smith                      Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'                             MCA
     Cal Smith                      Birds & Children Fly Away
     Cal Smith                      Someone Of My Own
     Cal Smith                      Country Bumpkin
     Cal Smith                      It's Time To Pay The Fiddler
     Cal Smith                      Bleep You
     Cal Smith                      Can't Keep My Hands Off You
     Cal Smith                      Empty Arms
     Cal Smith                      Drinkin' Champaign
     Cal Smith                      Come See About Me
     Cal Smith                      Country Bumpkin (90's Version)
     Cal Smith                      Destination Atlanta G.A.
     Cal Smith                      Jason' Farm
     Cal Smith                      One Little Skinny Rib                               MCA
     Cal Smith                      Woman Don't Try To Sing My Song
     Cal Smith                      Ghost Of Jim Bob Wilson
     Cal Smith                      Bits & Pieces Of Life
     Cal Smith                      An Hour & A Six Pack
     Cal Smith                      I Think That I'd Be Better Off
     Cal Smith                      I Know It's Not Over
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 105
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cal Smith                      You Slip Into My Mind                                     
     Cal Smith                      Santa In The Middle Of July
     Cal Smith                      Feeling The Weight Of My Chains                     MCA
     Cal Smith                      King Lear
     Calamity Jane                  Gypsy                                               CDTex
     Calamity Jane                  I've Just Seen A Face
     Calamity Janes                 One Of Those Nights                                 CDTex
     Calamity Janes                 Pullin' Weeds                                       CDTex
     Calamity Janes                 Light It Up                                         CDTex
     Calaveras                      Driving Him Away                                    Small Treasure
     Calaveras                      Sins Of Your Fathers                                Small Treaure
     Calaveras                      I've Been Looking For You                           Small Treasure
     Cale Dodds                     Take You Back                                       WB
     Cale Dodds                     I Like Where This Is Going                          WB
     Caleb Caudle                   NYC in The Rain                                     Cornelius Chapel
     Caleb Caudle                   Headlights                                          Cornelius Chapel
     Caleb Caudle                   Way You Otta Be Seen                                Cornelius Chapel
     Caleb Caudle                   Crused Coins                                        Cornelius Chapel
     Caleb Daugherty                Burnt The Sawmill Down                              SR
     Caleb Klauder                  Just A Little                                       West Sound
     Caleb Klauder                  Last Time I Say You                                 West Sound
     Caleb Klauder                  There Goes My Love                                  West Sound
     Caleb Klauder                  Hole In My Heart                                    Quicksilver
     Caleb Paul                     These Tires Roll                                    SSM
     Caleb Sweazy                   Tattoo Teardrop Streaks                             Company Store
     Caleb's Crossing               Someday                                             Danshell
     Calhoun Twins                  I'm Not Crazy Yet                                   Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  I Couldn't Care Less                                Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Pretty Words                                        Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Summer Comes On Sunday                              Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Steal Your Shoes                                    Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Wake Me Early In The Morning                        Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Bring Me The Memories In Person                     Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  Starting New Memories                               Ready
     Calhoun Twins                  A Dallas Rainy Night                                Ready
     Calico The Band                Runaway Cowgirl                                     California Country
     Calico The Band                Lone Ranger                                         California Country
     Callaways                      Song Of The Mountains                               Twila
     Callaways                      Just For Old Time's Sake                            Corona
     Calre Bowen/Sam Palladio       When The Right One Comes Along                      Big Machine
     Calvin Lee                     Ain't No Shame In My Game                           DoorKnob
     Calvin Oatsvall                One Nation Under God                                SR
     Calvin Ray                     Should Have Been Singing Rock Of Ages               BSW
     Cam                            My Mistake                                          Arista
     Cam                            Mayday                                              Arista
     Cam                            Diane                                               Arista
     Cam                            Burning House                                       Arista
     Cam Penner                     Ghost Car                                           CP
     Cameron Malloy                 The Older I Get                                     TSP
     Cameron Malloy                 Tennessee Moon                                      TSP
     Cameron Malloy                 Blue Heart At Midnight                              TSP
     Cameron Milford                Hiding In Tennessee                                 Stonybridge
     Cameron Nelson                 Run Both Ways                                       CDTex
     Cameron Troy                   Just Kiss Me                                        HotDisc
     Cameron-Troy                   With Your Hands                                     HotDisc
     Camille Te Nahu/Audrey Auld    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry                         Reckless
     Campbell Station               Already Gone                                        HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 106
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Campbell/Pearl                 As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone                            
     Canaan Smith                   Love You Like That                                  Mercury
     Canaan Smith                   Hole In A Bottle                                    Mercury
     Canaan Smith                   We Got Us                                           Mercury
     Canadian Suite                 A Letter From Home                                  CanUK
     Candace Asher                  One Tender Tear                                     CWM
     Candace Asher                  Every Time Your Heart Breaks                        CWM
     Candace Asher                  Slow Dancing                                        Crazy Wisdom
     Candee Land                    Cowboy
     Candi Carpenter                Burn The Bed                                        Sony
     Candi Staton                   Commitment                                          Fame
     Candi Staton                   Where Were You?                                     Fame
     Candi Staton                   Even The Bad Times Are Good                         Fame
     Candlewyck                     Things I've Got To Pay                              Votive
     Candlewyck                     Find Me                                             Votive
     Candlewyck                     Whatcha Gonna Say                                   Votive
     Candy Sue                      You Know Now                                        KMA
     Candy Sue                      Kiss Up Time                                        KMA
     Candy Sue/Allie C.             What All Men Want                                   KMA
     Cannon Brand                   My Kind Of Place                                    CDTex
     Cannons                        Love'll Come Looking For You
     Cannons                        Do You Mind If I Step Into Your Dreams
     Cannons                        One Step Closer
     Cantrells                      Autumn  Leaves                                      Sombrero
     Canyon                         Radio Romance
     Canyon                         Hot Nights
     Canyon                         Right Track Wrong Train
     Capital City Boys              Turn The Sheets Down
     Capital City Boys              You Took Everything
     Captain's Crew                 Christmas Guest                                     Lamon
     Caravan Of Theives             Billy                                               SR
     Carburetors                    Y'all Don't Tell My Mama I Was Here                 Chicken Fried
     Carburetors                    Gimme A Chance                                      Chicken Fried
     Carburetors                    Huntsville                                          Chicken Fried
     Carey Appel                    New Favorite                                        HeatherRoad
     Carey Shearer                  If You Ever Let Your Heart Go                       New Country
     Cari Lee                       I'm Havin' A Party                                  El Toro
     Carissa Biele                  Strong Like The Whiskey                             SR
     Carl & Irma Brown              I Ain't Been Together                               Western Heart
     Carl & Pearl Butler            Lost
     Carl & Pearl Butler            Loving Arms
     Carl & Pearl Butler            We'd Destroy Each Other
     Carl & Pearl Butler            Too Late To Try Again
     Carl Belew                     Boston Jail                                         RCA
     Carl Belew                     Walking Shadow,Talking Memory                       RCA
     Carl Belew                     Hello Out There
     Carl Belew                     Crystal Chandeliers                                 RCA
     Carl Belew                     Am I That Easy To Forget
     Carl Belew                     Hello Out There                                     Decca
     Carl Belew                     In The Middle Of A Memory                           RCA
     Carl Belew                     I Gotta Be Somewhere                                RCA
     Carl Belew                     The Closest Thing To Me                             RCA
     Carl Belew                     How Long Is Forever This Time                       RCA
     Carl Belew                     Silent Partner                                      RCA
     Carl Belew                     Am I That Easy To Forget                            RCA
     Carl Belew                     Help Stamp Out Loneliness                           RCA
     Carl Belew                     I Spent A Week There One Day                        RCA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 107
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Carl Belew                     Odd Man Out                                         RCA   
     Carl Belew                     Mary's Little Lamb                                  RCA
     Carl Belew                     Girl Crazy                                          RCA
     Carl Belew                     I Let Her Get Lonely                                RCA
     Carl Belew                     You're Driving You Out Of My Mind                   RCA
     Carl Belew                     Don't Squeeze My Sharmon                            RCA
     Carl Belew                     Even The Bad Times Are Good                         RCA
     Carl Belew/Betty Jean Robinson Lovin' Under Pressure
     Carl Belew/Betty Jean Robinson When My Baby Sings
     Carl Belew/Betty Jean Robinson Hung Up On Lovin' You
     Carl Belew/Betty Jean Robinson Don't Let It Happen To Us
     Carl Butler                    So Close
     Carl Butler                    Hony Tonkitis
     Carl Butler                    Same Old Me                                         Columbia
     Carl Butler                    You Him Or Me
     Carl Butler                    Don't Let Me Cross Over
     Carl D                         You Can't Break A Broken Heart                      Carl D
     Carl D                         Cowboy Chance                                       Carl D
     Carl D                         What I See From This Barstool                       Carl D
     Carl D                         Tip Of My Tongue                                    Carl D
     Carl Farris                    She's Mine Now
     Carl Farris                    Oklahoma Heartaches
     Carl Farris                    Everything She Touches
     Carl Farris                    Sittin' On A Goldmine
     Carl Finney                    Boxcars & Hobo Jungles                              PVI
     Carl Gibson                    That's What Life Is For                             HotDisc
     Carl Gibson                    That's What Life Is For                             Killroy
     Carl Jackson                   Cash On The Barrelhead                              ShellPoint
     Carl Jackson                   You Are The Rock (And I Am The Roll)
     Carl Jackson                   All That's Left For Me
     Carl Jackson                   L.A. Customs Blues                                  Shellpoint
     Carl Jackson/Randy Howard      River Of Tears                                      Sugar Hill
     Carl Manchaca                  She Wasn't With 'Em                                 Song1
     Carl Miller                    Life Of The Party
     Carl Perkins                   Boppin The Blues
     Carl Perkins                   Honey Don't
     Carl Perkins                   I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore                 Q
     Carl Perkins                   Blue Sude Shoes
     Carl Perkins                   Blue Suede Shoes                                    Q
     Carl Perkins                   Honey Don't                                         Q
     Carl Perkins                   Boppin' The Blues                                   Q
     Carl Perkins                   Restless
     Carl Perkins                   Daddy Sang Bass
     Carl Perkins/Philip Claypool   Mile Out Of Memphis                                 Curb
     Carl Simmons                   A Fifth Of 90 Proof
     Carl Smith                     Loose Talk
     Carl Smith                     Let Mother Nature Have Her Way
     Carl Smith                     It's A Lovely World
     Carl Smith                     I Love You Because                                  Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Mr. Moon
     Carl Smith                     Our Honymoon
     Carl Smith                     Heartbreak Avenue                                   Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Man With A Plan
     Carl Smith                     Good Deal Lucille
     Carl Smith                     Hey Joe
     Carl Smith                     Back Up Buddy
     Carl Smith                     Deep Water
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 108
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Carl Smith                     Drinkin' Champaign                                        
     Carl Smith                     Trademark
     Carl Smith                     Kisses Don't Lie
     Carl Smith                     There She Goes
     Carl Smith                     You Better Be Better To Me                          Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Siilver Toungued Cowboy                             Curb
     Carl Smith                     Mama Bear                                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     If This Is Goodbye                                  Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Foggy River                                         Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Guilty Conscience                                   Columbiq
     Carl Smith                     Lost Highway                                        Columbia
     Carl Smith                     It's Only A Matter Of Time                          Columbia
     Carl Smith                     If This Is Goodbye                                  Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Pull My String & Wind Me Up                         Columbia
     Carl Smith                     How I Love Them Old Songs                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Satisfaction Guaranteed
     Carl Smith                     Take My Ring Off Your Finger
     Carl Smith                     There Stands The Glass                              Curb
     Carl Smith                     I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye                    Columbia
     Carl Smith                     I Should Get Away A While                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Let's Walk Away Strangers                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Faded Love And Winter Roses                         Columbia
     Carl Smith                     The Best Dressed Beggar In Town                     Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Show Me A Brick Wall                                ABC/Hickory
     Carl Smith                     In The Back Room Tonight                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Kisses Never Lie                                    Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Cut Across Shorty                                   Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Things That Mean The Most                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Airmail To Heaven                                   Columbia
     Carl Smith                     I Almost Forgot Her Today                           Columbia
     Carl Smith                     A Way With Words                                    ABC/Hickory
     Carl Smith                     Triangle                                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Not In Front Of The Kids                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Roly Poly                                           Hickory/MGM
     Carl Smith                     The Way I Lose My Mind                              Hickory/MGM
     Carl Smith                     When You Feel Like You're In Love Don't Just Stand  Columbia
     Carl Smith                     If You Don't Somebody Else Will                     Hickory/MGM
     Carl Smith                     Make The Waterwheel Roll                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     This Lady Loving Me                                 ABC/Hickory
     Carl Smith                     I Overlooked An Orchid                              Columbia
     Carl Smith                     The Pillow That Whispers                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Foggy River                                         Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Good Deal Lucille                                   Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Are You Teasing Me
     Carl Smith                     You Ought To Hear Me Cry                            Columbia
     Carl Smith                     (When You Feel Like You're In Love) Don't Just Sta
     Carl Smith                     Lonely Girl                                         Columbia
     Carl Smith                     When It's Over                                      Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Ten Thousand Drums                                  Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Take My Ring Off Your Finger                        Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Deep Water                                          Columbia
     Carl Smith                     This kinda Love Ain't Meant for sunday School       ABC/Hickory
     Carl Smith                     Man With A Plan                                     Columbia
     Carl Smith                     You Better Be Better To Me                          Columbia
     Carl Smith                     Just Wait Till I Get You Alone
     Carl Smith                     If Teardrops Were Pennies
     Carl Smith                     This Orchid Means Goodbye
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 109
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Carl Smith                     How I Love Them Old Songs                                 
     Carl Smith                     You Are The One
     Carl Smith                     Let's Live A Little
     Carl Smith                     Red Door
     Carl Smith                     Go Boy Go
     Carl Smith                     Dog-Gone It Baby
     Carl Smith                     I Just Loved Her For THe Last Time
     Carl Vaughn                    The Marionette                                      Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Good Chance Of Tearfall                             Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    I've Just Destroyed The World I'm Living In         Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Walk Off The World                                  Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Ain't No Leaving Yet                                Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Four In The Morning                                 RafterV
     Carl Vaughn                    After I Tuck Your Memories In                       Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    He Don't Deserve You Anymore                        Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Would You Want The World To End                     Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    A Lot Of Missing You To Do                          Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    You're Just Another Beer Drinkin' Song              Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    You Oughta Try Getting Over You                     Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Yours Forever                                       Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    When The Music Stops                                Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Six Feet Deep In The Heart of Texas                 Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Who'll Buy The Wine                                 Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Will I Do Til The Real Thing Comes Along            Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    Don't Leave The Leaving To Me                       Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    After The Loving                                    Rafter V
     Carl Vaughn                    The Rodeo Is Over                                   Rafter V
     Carl Wayne                     Uncle Hickory's General Store                       Blue
     Carl Wockner                   Crayon Days                                         SR
     Carla Jones                    What Happen To Love                                 ME
     Carla Neet/Jerry Blanton       Once More With Feeling
     Carla Williams                 Every Word You're Thinkin'                          Lofton Creek
     Carla Williams                 If I Smoked                                         Lofton Creek
     Carla Williams                 Every Word You're Thinking                          HMG
     Carlene Carter                 One Love
     Carlene Carter                 I Fell In Love
     Carlene Carter                 Light Of Your Love                                  YepRoc
     Carlene Carter                 Come On Back
     Carlene Carter                 I'll Be All Smies Tonight                           Rounder
     Carlene Carter                 Give Me The Roses                                   Rounder
     Carlene Carter                 Rockin' Little Xmas
     Carlene Carter                 Stronger                                            Yep Roc
     Carlene Carter                 Bring Love                                          YepRoc
     Carlene Carter                 Judgement Day                                       YepRoc
     Carlene Carter                 Break My Little Heart In Two                        YepRoc
     Carlene Carter                 The Sweetest Thing
     Carlene Carter                 Gold Watch And Chain                                Rounder
     Carlene Carter                 It Takes One To Know Me                             Yep Roc
     Carlene Carter/Ronnie Dunn     Jackson                                             Dualtone
     Carlene Carter/Willie Nelson   Troublesome Waters                                  Rounder
     Carleton Moody & Moody Bths.   Old Wounds
     Carlisles                      No Help Wanted
     Carlton Anderson               Drop Everything                                     MCA
     Carlton Moody                  Tip Of My Tongue                                    Lamon
     Carlton Moody                  Memories Of You
     Carlton Moody                  Start With The Talkin'
     Carlton Moody                  It's Not The Same Old Story
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 110
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Carlton Moody                  Wooden Horses                                             
     Carly Pearce                   Hide The Wine                                       Big Machine
     Carly Pearce                   Closer To You                                       Big Machine
     Carmen                         Am I A Fool To Love You                             Texas Drover
     Carmen Rasmussen               Photograph                                          Excel
     Carmen Rasmussen               I've Just Seen A Face                               Excel
     Carmen Rasmussen               Keep Me Forever Falling                             Lofton Creek
     Carmen Rasmussen               Crazy In Love                                       Excel
     Carmen Rasmussen               Shine                                               Lofton Creek
     Carmen Rasmussen               Happy                                               Lofton Creek
     Carmen Rasmussen               Nothin' Like he Summer                              Lofon Creek
     Carmine Dio                    I Forgot Why You're Leaving                         Stardust
     Carmol Taylor                  Play The Saddest Song On The Jukebox
     Carmol Taylor                  That Little Difference
     Carmol Taylor                  Back In The USA
     Carmol Taylor                  Who Will I Be Loving Now
     Carmol Taylor                  Who Will I Be Loving Now                            Elektra
     Carmol Taylor                  I Really Had A Ball Last Nite
     Carmol Taylor                  Homesick
     Carmol Taylor/Stella Parton    Neon Women                                          Elektra
     Carol Ames                     So Long Abilene                                     Ear Candy
     Carol Ames                     Nothin' But A Heartache                             CA
     Carol Elizabeth Jones          I Wanna Know How The Story Ends                     5 String
     Carol Hogner                   Ordinary Things                                     HMG
     Carol Martyn                   Another Day To Love
     Carol Roberson                 Everything's Gonna Be Alright                       PSM
     Carol Strickland               Pouring Rain                                        HMG
     Carolann Ames                  Love Is A Rose                                      CA
     Carolann Ames                  Everybody's Somebody In A Honky Tonk                CA
     Carolann Ames                  Laurel Canyon Road                                  CA
     Carolann Solebello             Someone Else's Dream                                Elizabeth
     Carolee Goodgold               What Do I Do With Me                                Gag Order
     Carolee Goodgold               Wrong Man At The Right Time                         Gag Order
     Carolina                       Country Music Fever
     Carolina Charlie & Doc Holiday It's The Music                                      Tugboat
     Carolina Rain                  American Radio                                      Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Louisiana Love                                      Equity
     Carolina Rain                  I Ain't Scared                                      Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Get Outta My Way                                    Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Weight Of The World                                 Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Dealin'                                             Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Let's Get It On                                     Equity
     Carolina Rain                  Isn't She                                           Equity
     Carolina Road                  Come & See Me                                       Half Circle
     Carolina Road                  Portrait Of The Blues                               Blue Circle
     Carolina Road                  A Light In The Window Again                         Home Grown
     Carolina Story                 Even When The Road  Gets Hard                       Stitched Together
     Carolina Story                 Your Children's Children                            Stitched Together
     Caroline Austin                Blue Rendezvous                                     Fitch
     Caroline Austin                Red Red Wine                                        Fitch
     Caroline Austin                Son Of A Preacherman                                Fitch
     Caroline Brown                 Lemonade                                            Thousand Acre
     Caroline DeVoe                 Don't Trust Your Love To The Internet               Aaron
     Caroline Doctorow              Will If You Want Me To                              Narrow Lane
     Caroline Herring               Traveling Shoes                                     SR
     Caroline Herring               Paper Gown                                          Signature
     Caroline Herring               Devil Made A Mess                                   BLue Corn
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 111
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Caroline Herring               Heartbreak Tonight                                  Signature
     Caroline Herring               Trace                                               Blue Corn
     Caroline Herring               True Colors                                         Signature
     Caroline Herring               The Way That You Are                                Blue Corn
     Caroline Herring               Mortified                                           Blue Corn
     Caroline McHugh                Time Has Come                                       HotDisc
     Caroline Spence                What You Don't Know                                 Rounder
     Carolling Cattle               Santa Cow
     Carolyn Bradshaw               Marriage Of Mexicali Joe                            Abbott
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Taking Back My Brave                                Equity
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Love & Negotiation                                  Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Simple Life                                         Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Die Of A Broken Heart                               Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Got A Good Day                                      Equity
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           We Talked                                           Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           One Day Closer To You                               Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           I Don't Want You To Go                              Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Georgia                                             Arista
     Carolyn Dawn Johnson           Complicated                                         Arista
     Carolyn Justice                The Shoulder You Cry On
     Carolyn Richards               Patsy We're Still Lovin' You                        CR Music
     Carolyn Richards               I Can't Tell Him Goodbye                            CRM
     Carolyn Steele                 I'll Take My Chances
     Carpenter & May                Blue & Lonesome                                     Acoustic Rainbow
     Carpenters                     Every Day's A Holiday
     Carper Family                  My Baby Don't Like Me                               CF
     Carper Family                  Cold Dark And Lonely                                CF
     Carper Family                  Back When                                           CF
     Carper Family                  Precious Jewel                                      CFB
     Carper Family                  I Gotta Have My Baby Back                           CFB
     Carper Family                  My Old Chevy Van                                    CFB
     Carrie Ann Carroll             You Know What's Really Messed Up                    Treehouse
     Carrie Ann Carroll             Honeymoon                                           Treehouse
     Carrie Ann Carroll             Parking Lot                                         Treehouse
     Carrie Elkin/Danny Schmidt     Took It Like A Man                                  Red House
     Carrie Elkin/Danny Schmidt     Two White Clouds                                    Red House
     Carrie Hassler                 I Can Go Back Anytime                               Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 Country Strong                                      HotDisc
     Carrie Hassler                 Now that She's Gone                                 Rual Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 Faith And Hope                                      Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 Leaving You Behind                                  Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 Leavin' On Your Mind                                Rural Rhytm
     Carrie Hassler                 If These Walls Could Talk                           Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 Second Chances                                      Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 I Don't Want To Wake Up                             Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 7 Miles From Wichita                                Rural Rhythm
     Carrie Hassler                 The Distance                                        HotDisc
     Carrie Newcomer                I Heard An Owl                                      Philo
     Carrie Newcomer                There And Back                                      Philo
     Carrie Rodriguez               I Don't Mind Waiting                                Ninth Street Opus
     Carrie Rodriguez               Never Gonna Be Your Bride                           Train Wreck
     Carrie Rodriguez               Before You Say Another Word                         Train Wreck
     Carrie Rodriguez               Tragic                                              Ninth Street Opus
     Carrie Rodriguez               Eyes On The Prize                                   9th St
     Carrie Rodriguez               I'm Not For Love                                    9th St
     Carrie Rodriguez               She Ain't Me                                        Nettwerk
     Carrie Rodriguez/Ben Kyle      Your Lonely Heart                                   Ninth Street Opus
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 112
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Carrie Rodriguez/Ben Kyle      My Baby's Gone                                      Ninth Street Opus
     Carrie Rodriguez/Ben Kyle      Love Hurts                                          Ninth Street Opus
     Carrie Rodriguez/Ben Kyle      You're Still On My Mind                             Ninth Street Opus
     Carrie Underwood               Little Toy Guns                                     Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Wasted                                              Arista
     Carrie Underwood               I'll Stand By You                                   Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Jesus Take The Wheel                                Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Good Girl                                           Arista
     Carrie Underwood               So Small                                            Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Just A Dream                                        Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Cry Pretty                                          Capitol
     Carrie Underwood               Love Wins                                           Capitol
     Carrie Underwood               Church Bells                                        Capitol
     Carrie Underwood               Cowboy Cassanova                                    Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Temporary Home                                      Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Don't Forget To Remember Me                         Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Mama's Song                                         Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Blown Away                                          Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Heartbeat                                           Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Home Sweet Home                                     Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Southbound                                          Capitol
     Carrie Underwood               Undo It                                             Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Smoke Break                                         Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Last Name                                           Plaz
     Carrie Underwood               Dirty Laundry                                       Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Two Black Cadillacs                                 Arista
     Carrie Underwood               All American Girl                                   Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Something In The Water                              Arista
     Carrie Underwood               Before He Cheats                                    Arista
     Carrie Underwood               See You Again                                       Arista
     Carrie Underwood               I Told You So                                       Arista
     Carrie Underwood/Randy Travis  I Told You So                                       Arista
     Carrington MacDuffie           Blue Moon                                           Indie Extreme
     Carrington MacDuffie           Rock Me To Mars                                     IE
     Carroll Brown/Ace Basin        All My Old Flames (Put Me Out)                      Soundwaves
     Carroll Roberson               I Love America                                      Three Hills
     Carroll Roberson               Christmas Country Style                             HMG
     Carter Bradley Benedict        Montana Cowboy                                      HMG
     Carter Family                  Dixie Darlings
     Carter Family                  Papa's Sugar
     Carter Family                  Yankee Don't Go Home
     Carter Family/Johnny Cash      A Song To Mama
     Carter Twins                   Heart Like Memphis                                  CO5
     Carter Twins                   Let It Snow                                         SR
     Carters Chord                  O Come O Come Emmanuel                              Show Dog
     Carters Chord                  Young Love                                          Show Dog
     Carters Chord                  A Little Less Comfortable                           Show Dog
     Carter's Chord                 Different Breed                                     Show Dog
     Cary Swinney                   Bigshots                                            CS
     Cary Timmins                   Love Is On The Line                                 CDTex
     Caryl Mack Parker              The Love In Your Eyes                               King Easy
     Casey Berry                    Whole Heart                                         CDTex
     Casey Berry                    I Lie                                               CDTex
     Casey Chambers                 The Captain                                         Warner Brothers
     Casey Dilworth                 Lonesome Onry & Mean                                Pineview
     Casey Dilworth                 That's The Way It Goes                              SR
     Casey Dilworth                 Julie                                               SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 113
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Casey Dilworth                 Better Time To Say Goodbye                          Pineview
     Casey Dilworth                 Lock Stock & Teardrops                              Pineview
     Casey Dilworth                 How Much Rain Can ONe Man Stand                     Pineview
     Casey Dilworth                 Keep It Simple                                      Western Heart
     Casey Dilworth                 Anything But You                                    HotDisc
     Casey Dilworth                 I Love 'Em Everyone                                 Pineview
     Casey Dilworth                 Lovers & Liars                                      HotDisc
     Casey Dilworth                 A Place To Fall Apart                               HotDisc
     Casey Donahew                  Lovin' Out Of Control                               Almost Country
     Casey Donahew                  Let's Make A Love Song                              HotDisc
     Casey Donahew                  Whiskey Baby                                        Almost Country
     Casey Frazier                  One Day To Kansas City                              Sky Bison
     Casey James                    Let's Don't Call it A Night                         BNA
     Casey James                    Crying On a Suitcase                                Columbia
     Casey James                    The Good Life                                       BNA
     Casey James                    Fall Apart                                          Columbia
     Casey Martin                   Find My Own Way                                     CDTex
     Casey Martin                   Don't Give Up On Me                                 CDTex
     Casey Rivers                   If We'd Know Better                                 MTM
     Casey Weston                   Crazy Fools                                         CW
     Casey Weston                   Close To Breaking                                   CW
     Cash Brothers                  Night Shift Guru                                    Zoe
     Cash/Jennings                  No Good Chain Gangs
     CashnChecks                    Country Girl                                        Western Heart
     CashnChecks                    Think I'm Catching On                               Western Heart
     CashnChecks                    Song When I'm Sober                                 Western Heart
     CashnChecks                    Missing You                                         Western Heart
     Cass Brown                     Read Read Read                                      Cricket Power
     Cass Brown                     I'd Jump Off A Bridge For You                       Cricket Power
     Cass Brown                     I'll Get Blisters On My Kneecaps                    Cricket Power
     Cassadee Pope                  Summer                                              Republic
     Cassadee Pope                  Wish I Could Break Your Heart                       Republic
     Cassadee Pope                  Wasting All These Tears                             Republic
     Cassey Young                   Better Off Now                                      HMG
     Cassidy Huckabay               Things Left Undone                                  Canyon Creek
     Cassidy Huckabay               I Heard it Thru The Grapevine                       CHM
     Castlebury Country             Later On                                            Fraternity
     Casual Hobos                   Have You Come to Say Goodbye                        SR
     Cates Sisters                  Let's Go Thru The Motions
     Catherine Britt                What I Did Last Night                               RCA
     Catherine Britt/Elton John     Where We Both Say Goodbye                           RCA
     Catherine MacLelland           Take A Break                                        High Romance
     Cathy Dale                     Lie To Me                                           Broadland
     Cathy Dale                     Somebody Else                                       Broadland
     Cathy Dale                     Livin' In A World Of Make Believe                   Broadland
     Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer      Dark Eyes                                           Community
     Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer      Rockin' The Uke                                     Community
     Cathy O'Shea                   Little Boy Tracks
     Cathy-Anne McClintock          I Wanna Live Like That                              37
     Catie Curtis                   Don't Want To Know                                  Compass
     Catie Curtis                   Hello Stranger                                      Compass
     Catie Curtis                   Daddy's Yard                                        SR
     Catina Skipper                 You Bring Out The Best In Me
     Cavaleers                      Stop In The Name Of Love                            Golden Archives
     Cavaleers                      Best Thing God Ever Made                            Golden Archives
     Cavaleers                      Outlaws & Cavaleers                                 Golden Archives
     Cavaleers                      Everett The Evergreen                               Burning Country
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 114
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cavaleers                      One Heck Of A Mistake                               Golden Archives
     Cave & Cliff                   Waterfall                                           Lamon
     Caylee Hammack                 Family Tree                                         Capitol
     Cayley Carnes                  If I Were A Poet                                    Cricket Power
     CB30                           The Christmas Song                                  Buena Vista
     Cecil Welch                    Set The North Pole On Fire                          Southern Tracks
     Cee Cee Chapman                Love Is A Liar                                      Curb
     Cee Cee Chapman                Pretending To Cry                                   Curb
     Celeste Krenz                  Big Coal River                                      Liaison
     Celinda Pink                   Pack Your Lies & Go
     Celinda Pink                   I Don't Need No Lover Boy                           Step One
     Centrefire                     Drinkin's A Temporary Healer                        Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Destiny                                             Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Here In Your Love                                   Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Drinkin' Man Of Me                                  Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Country Cruisin'                                    Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Two Steppin' All The Way To Heaven                  Sons Of Thunder
     Centrefire                     Some Kind Of Lady                                   Sons Of Thunder
     Cerrito                        Table For Two (English Version)                     Checo
     Cerrito                        South Of The Border                                 Checo
     Cerrito                        All I Want For Xmas Is Beer                         Checo
     Cerrito                        Dona Carmela                                        Western Heart
     Cerrito                        Conga                                               Checo
     Cerrito                        Table For Two                                       Checo
     Cerrito                        Please Don't Let Me Love You                        Checo
     Cerrito                        Let's Be Lonley Together                            CdTex
     Cerrito                        Adios Mi Vida Adios                                 Checo
     Cerrito                        Plain & Simple                                      Checo
     Cerrito                        I'll Hold You In My Heart                           Checo
     Cerrito                        Hot Pepper Doll                                     HotDisc
     Cerrito                        You Tell Me                                         Checo`
     Cerrito                        They Know You're Gone                               Western Heart
     Cerrito                        You And Your Sweet Love                             Checo
     Cerrito                        Come A Little Bit Closer                            Checo
     Cerrito                        I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus                     Checo
     Cerrito                        Today I Started Loving You Again                    Checo
     Cerrito                        Love Me Forever Today                               Checo
     Cerrito                        I'll Hold You In My Heart                           Checo
     Cerrito                        It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels            Checo
     Cerrito                        Johnny's Song                                       Checo
     Cerrito & Janie Frickie        Stranger                                            Checo
     Cerrito/Elizabeth Cook         Table For Two                                       Checo
     Cerrito/Jett Williams          Mansion On The Hill                                 Checo
     Cerrito/Jett Williams          Mansion On The Hill                                 Checo
     Cerrito/Kathie Baillie         I Can't Help It                                     Checo
     Cerrito/Lane Brody             South Of The Border                                 Checo
     Cerrito/Liza Martin            Today I Started Loving You Again                    Checo
     Cerrito/Lynn Anderson          Mexican Angel                                       Checo
     Cerrito/Lynn Anderson          I'll Hold You In My Heart                           Checo
     Certified Country              Not Drinkin' Tequila                                South Wind
     Chad Austin                    All My Dreams                                       Asylum
     Chad Austin                    I Need An Angel                                     CDTex
     Chad Biggs                     She's Not The Only One For Me                       Comstock
     Chad Bradford                  He Still Draws Them Together                        JDJam
     Chad Bradford                  Blue Moon Light                                     Sevier
     Chad Brock                     Tell Me How                                         Warner Brothers
     Chad Brock                     Lightning Does The Work
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 115
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chad Brock                     You Are                                             Broken Bow
     Chad Brock                     Ordinary Life
     Chad Brock                     The Visit                                           Warner Bros.
     Chad Brock                     Put A Redneck In The White House                    Straight Shooter
     Chad Brock                     That Was Us                                         Broken Bow
     Chad Brock                     That Changed Me                                     Broken Bow
     Chad Brock                     Yes                                                 Warner Bros.
     Chad Brock/Hank Williams Jr./George JonesBoy Can Survuve (Y2K Version)             Warner Bros.
     Chad Brownlee                  The Best That I Can                                 SR
     Chad Driscoll                  First To Know                                       Overlook
     Chad Hammock                   Carved In Stone                                     CDTex
     Chad Lee                       Out Of My Skin                                      7Times7
     Chad Lee                       Feel                                                7Times7
     Chad Lee                       Dirt                                                7 Times
     Chad Lee                       Bermuda Triangle Bar & Grill                        7Times7
     Chad Lee                       Coastin'                                            7Times7
     Chad Lee                       You Don't Know What I Mean                          7Times7
     Chad Lee                       Everything She Hates About Me                       7Times7
     Chad Mullins                   Babies                                              Universal South
     Chad O'Shea                    Cats & Dogs & Xmas Bells
     Chad Pfeifer                   Let's Drink About It                                SR
     Chad Reinert                   Someone Like You                                    ToneSlinger
     Chad Reinert/Marty Haggard     Mama Tried                                          ToneSlinger
     Chad Simmons                   She Ain't Rose                                      Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   One Bridge Left To Burn                             Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   I Will                                              Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   A World Of Hurt                                     Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   You Are My Angel                                    Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   Heaven Sent                                         Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   All's Quiet On The Home Front`                      Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   God, Didn't Mean To Let Her Go                      Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   Do You Miss Me Babe?                                Hitpros
     Chad Simmons                   Since I've Been Holdin' An Angel                    Hitpros
     Chad Stevens                   Me Too                                              AZ Blaze
     Chad Stevens                   Nothing But Time                                    AZ Blaze
     Chad Stevens                   Ain't Gonna Mess This One Up                        AZ Blaze
     Chad Wilson                    Alabama WilL                                        Blue Mercury
     Chakra Bleu                    Be My Love                                          Chakra Bleu
     Chakra Bleu                    Addicted To You                                     1746 Records
     Chalee Tennison                We Don't Have To Pray                               Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Just Because She Lives There                        Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                I'm Healing                                         Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Go Back                                             Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Break It Even                                       Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                This Woman's Heart                                  Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Easy Lovin' You                                     Dreamworks
     Chalee Tennison                Yes I Was                                           Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Under Your Skin                                     Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Makin' Up With You                                  Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Somebody Save Me                                    Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Lonesome Road                                       Dreamworks
     Chalee Tennison                Someone Else's Turn To Cry
     Chalee Tennison                I'd Rather Miss You                                 Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                There's A War In Me                                 Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                You Can't Say That                                  Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                I Ain't                                             Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                What I Tell Myself                                  Asylum
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 116
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chalee Tennison                Leave It At That                                    Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                I Can Feel You Drifting                             Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                Parading In The Rain                                Dreamworks
     Chalee Tennison                Handful Of Water
     Chalee Tennison                It Ain't So Easy                                    Asylum
     Chalee Tennison                I Let Him Get Away With It                          Asylum
     Chance                         What Did You Do With My Heart
     Chance                         She Told Me Yes
     Chance Martin                  We're All Here                                      Stardust
     Chance Martin                  We're All Here                                      HotDisc
     Chantal Kuegle                 Never Alone                                         GTR
     Chantilly                      Baby's Walkin'
     Chantilly                      Storm Of Love
     Chantilly                      Stumblin' In
     Chantilly                      Have I Got A Heart For You
     Chantilly                      Right Back To Loving You Again
     Chapmans                       The Photograph                                      Pinecastle
     Chapmans                       Ode To The Simple Man                               Pinecastle
     Chapmans                       Ode To The Simple Man                               Pinecastle
     Chapmans                       She's Never Coming Back                             Compass
     Chapmans                       She's The One                                       Compass
     Chapmans                       Why Did You Lie                                     Compass
     Chapmans                       A Love I'll Never Forget                            Pinecastle
     Chapmans                       Small Exception Of Me                               Compass
     Chapmans                       Bring It On Home To Me                              Compass
     Chapmans                       Sometimes You Just Can't Win                        Pinecastle
     Chapparell Bths.               Standing In The Rain
     Char                           Whisper Your Name                                   Misty
     Charee White                   Did I Matter                                        HMG
     Charee White                   Dirt Road Prayer                                    HMG
     Charity                        Bullet Proof                                        Selective
     Charles Alan Rowe              Double Shot Of Your Love
     Charles Alan Rowe              It Ain't Written In Stone
     Charles Alan Rowe              Hot Picante Sauce
     Charles Alan Rowe/Danielle PeckBaby You Make My Day                                Torch
     Charles Harper                 Runnin' Fast Enough For Me                          CH
     Charles Harper                 I'm Waitin' To Hear From You                        CH
     Charles Kelley                 The Driver                                          Capitol
     Charles Kelley                 Lonely Girl                                         Capitol
     Charles Sanders                Behind The Teardrops                                TSP
     Charleston Express             Sweet Love Don't Cry
     Charleston Express             Leaving
     Charley Austin                 That's How I Was Raised                             PCI
     Charley Bob Brewer             A Teardrop In The American Eagle's Eye              Cypress Knot
     Charley Connor                 If I Could Bottle This                              Stardust
     Charley Keyes                  The Floor
     Charley Kyles                  Today Reality Came Home To Me                       Glory Train
     Charley Pride                  Why Baby Why
     Charley Pride                  I Know One
     Charley Pride                  White Houses
     Charley Pride                  Stagger Lee
     Charley Pride                  Rhinestone Cowboy
     Charley Pride                  The Day The World Stood Still
     Charley Pride                  The Top Of The World
     Charley Pride                  More & More
     Charley Pride                  I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
     Charley Pride                  Walking Thru The Wilderness
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 117
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charley Pride                  Except For You                                      Music City
     Charley Pride                  Crystal Chandeliers                                 RCA
     Charley Pride                  Hello Darlin'
     Charley Pride                  A Place For The Lonesome
     Charley Pride                  Mountain Of Love
     Charley Pride                  Amy's Eyes
     Charley Pride                  The More I Do
     Charley Pride                  The Best There Is
     Charley Pride                  Where Was I
     Charley Pride                  Someone Loves You Honey
     Charley Pride                  Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love                    RCA
     Charley Pride                  Wings Of A Dove
     Charley Pride                  Mississippi Cotten Pickin' Town
     Charley Pride                  Never Been So Loved (In All My Life)
     Charley Pride                  I'm So Afraid Of Losing You                         RCA
     Charley Pride                  In My World You Don't Belong                        RCA
     Charley Pride                  Comfort Of Her Wings                                Music City
     Charley Pride                  Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
     Charley Pride                  Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
     Charley Pride                  The Power Of Love
     Charley Pride                  There's Still Someone I Can't Forget                RCA
     Charley Pride                  It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer
     Charley Pride                  Let A Little Love Come In
     Charley Pride                  All His Children                                    RCA
     Charley Pride                  (In My World) You Don't Belong
     Charley Pride                  My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You
     Charley Pride                  Night Games
     Charley Pride                  She's Too Good To Be True
     Charley Pride                  Honky Tonk Blues
     Charley Pride                  I'd Rather Love You
     Charley Pride                  Just Between You & Me
     Charley Pride                  Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
     Charley Pride                  Kaw-Liga
     Charley Pride                  Me And Bobby McGee
     Charley Pride                  Love Is A Shadow
     Charley Pride                  Let Me Live
     Charley Pride                  Santa & Kids
     Charley Pride                  Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone
     Charley Pride                  Look In The Mirror                                  SR
     Charley Pride                  Love On A Blue Rainy Day
     Charley Pride                  (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again
     Charley Pride                  Hook In My Heart                                    Music City
     Charley Pride                  Santa & The Kids
     Charley Pride                  Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
     Charley Pride                  Snowflake                                           Music City
     Charley Pride                  I'm Tired                                           Audium
     Charley Pride                  I Made Love To You In My Mind                       SR
     Charley Pride                  When I Stop Leaving I'll Be Gone                    RCA
     Charley Pride                  Let It Snow Let It Snow
     Charley Pride                  Christmas Without Mary
     Charley Pride                  On The Other Hand                                   SR
     Charley Pride                  Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry
     Charley Pride                  Amazing Love
     Charley Pride                  Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love
     Charley Pride                  Crystal Chandeliers
     Charley Pride                  A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About                  RCA
     Charley Pride                  A Shoulder to Cry On
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 118
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charley Pride                  All His Children                                          
     Charley Pride                  You're My Jamaica
     Charley Pride                  Xmas In My Home Town
     Charley Pride                  Let The Chips Fall
     Charley Pride                  Where Do I Put Her Memory                           RCA
     Charley Pride                  Help Me Make It Through The Night
     Charley Pride                  I'm Just Me
     Charley Pride                  Burgers & Fries
     Charley Pride                  Roll On Mississippi                                 RCA
     Charley Pride                  I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio
     Charley Pride                  I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
     Charley Pride                  I'll Be Leaving Alone
     Charley Pride                  The Easy Part's Over
     Charley Pride                  Missin' Mississippi
     Charley Pride                  If You Still Want To Fool Around
     Charley Pride                  All I Have To Offer You Is Me
     Charley Pride                  We Could
     Charley Pride                  Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feeling You)
     Charley Pride                  You'll Still Be The One
     Charley Pride                  The Snakes Crawl At Nite
     Charley Pride                  She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
     Charley Pride                  The Happiness Of Having You
     Charley Pride/Joe Diffie       Just For The Love of It                             Honest
     Charley Rivers                 Lovin' In The Country                               Parish
     Charlie & Monica               I'm Walkin' Out                                     LPS
     Charlie & Monica               A Mighty Fine Dog                                   LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Believin' Again                                     LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Mind Over Matter                                    LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Rhinestone Kisses                                   LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Love Is The Key                                     LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Let's Compromise                                    LPS
     Charlie & Monica               Take These Mem'ries                                 LPS
     Charlie Albertson              What Are We Doin' Here
     Charlie Albertson              Carolina The Place I Got To Be
     Charlie Albertson              Face The Music
     Charlie Albertson              The Last Thing I Planned
     Charlie Albertson              Carolina In The Morning
     Charlie Albertson              Too Late
     Charlie Albertson              Going Home
     Charlie Albertson              Lucky Me
     Charlie Albertson              I Love You Because
     Charlie Albertson              It Is Up To Me
     Charlie Albertson              We've Survived
     Charlie Albertson              No Love Line
     Charlie Albertson              I do All My Lovin' In Texas
     Charlie Albertson              We'll Love Each Other Into Heaven
     Charlie Albertson              How About You
     Charlie Albertson              So Far Not So Good
     Charlie Albertson              Carolina
     Charlie Allen                  That Was Then                                       River Run
     Charlie Allen                  Why Ask Why                                         HotDisc
     Charlie Allen                  Can I Live Without You                              River Run
     Charlie Allen                  Good Time Charlie                                   River Run
     Charlie Allen                  I Don't Have Forever                                River Run
     Charlie Allen                  Can't Take Him Out Of Me                            River Run
     Charlie Allen                  I Did This To Me                                    River Run
     Charlie Allen                  Everything But Me                                   River Run
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 119
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charlie Allen                  Grandpa's Recipe                                    SR    
     Charlie Allen                  Better Said Than Done                               Parc
     Charlie Allen                  Proof                                               HotDisc
     Charlie Allen                  See If I Care                                       River Run
     Charlie Bandy                  I Better Go Home
     Charlie Bandy                  It Was Love What It Was
     Charlie Bandy                  Divorce Looked Good On You
     Charlie Bandy                  Love You Out Of My Mind
     Charlie Boston                 I Miss You Every Day                                SR
     Charlie Boston                 Missing You Again                                   HOt Disc
     Charlie Boston                 Why Can't You Love Me                               HotDisc
     Charlie Boston/Rhonda Vincent  Ten Long Nites                                      Lara
     Charlie Chase                  My Wife
     Charlie Craig                  I Wish I Had You Back Again                         Gusto
     Charlie Craig                  Frog For The Water                                  Gusto
     Charlie Craig                  Blowing Smoke In My Eyes                            Gusto
     Charlie Craig                  Between An Old Memory And Me                        Gusto
     Charlie Craig                  I Married Your Sister                               Gusto
     Charlie Daniels                Witchita Jail                                       Epic
     Charlie Daniels                Mr. DJ
     Charlie Daniels                Texas                                               Kama Sutra
     Charlie Daniels                Mississippi                                         Epic
     Charlie Daniels                Little Folks
     Charlie Daniels                Luke 2                                              Koch
     Charlie Daniels                The Intimdator                                      Koch
     Charlie Daniels                I Am A Pilgrim                                      Skaggs Family
     Charlie Daniels                Rock This Joint                                     HotDisc
     Charlie Daniels                This Ain't no Rag, It's A Flag                      Audium
     Charlie Daniels                Preachin Prayin Singin                              HMG
     Charlie Daniels                The Last Fallen Hero                                Audium
     Charlie Daniels                We Had It All One Time                              Epic
     Charlie Daniels                Carolina I Remember You                             Epic
     Charlie Daniels                Redneck Fiddlin' Man                                Epic
     Charlie Daniels                High Speed Heroes                                   Speedway
     Charlie Daniels                God Bless The Mother                                Audium
     Charlie Daniels Band           Devil Went Down To Georgia
     Charlie Daniels Band           In America
     Charlie Daniels Band           Legend of Wooley Swamp
     Charlie Daniels Band           It's About Time                                     Blue Hat
     Charlie Daniels Band           Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye
     Charlie Daniels Band           Stroker's Theme
     Charlie Daniels Band           Twang Factor
     Charlie Daniels Band           Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues
     Charlie Daniels Band           We Had It All One Time
     Charlie Daniels Band           Still Hurtin Me
     Charlie Daniels Band           Uneasy Rider
     Charlie Daniels Band           Uneasy Rider '88
     Charlie Daniels Band           The South's Gonna Do It Again
     Charlie Daniels Band           Cowboy Hat In Dallas
     Charlie Daniels Band           Still In Saigon
     Charlie Daniels Band           Heaven Can Be Anywhere
     Charlie Daniels Band           Simple Man
     Charlie Daniels Band           Long Haired Country Boy
     Charlie Daniels Band/Asleep At Theas
     Charlie Daniels/Travis Tritt   Southern Boy                                        Audium
     Charlie Faye                   Heartaches And The Old Pains                        Wine & Nut
     Charlie Faye                   Bitterness                                          Wine & Nut
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 120
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charlie Faye                   Rolling Nowhere                                     Wine & Nut
     Charlie Faye                   Two-Timer                                           Wine & Nut
     Charlie Faye                   Love's Greatest Fault                               Wine & Nut
     Charlie Faye                   Stone In The Road                                   Wine & Nut
     Charlie Faye                   It's A Fighter                                      Wine & Nut
     Charlie Floyd                  Man Behind The Wheel                                Liberty
     Charlie Gracie                 Still Nineteen                                      Lanark
     Charlie Gracie                 Little Too Soon To Tell                             Lanark
     Charlie Gracie                 Butterfly
     Charlie Gracie                 Crying Over You                                     Lanark
     Charlie Gracie                 I'm All Right                                       Lanark
     Charlie Greene                 Everything Gets Me Down                             Artist Tribe
     Charlie Greene                 Lost & Found                                        Artist Tribe
     Charlie Greene                 Honorable Women                                     Artist Tribe
     Charlie Helmick                Hell On Wheels                                      Stardust
     Charlie LeSueur                See How Long I'm Gone                               Stardust
     Charlie Louivin                Cash On The Barrelhead                              Hilltopper
     Charlie Louivin/Charlie DanielsAre There Any Lonley Women Here Tonite              Playback
     Charlie Louvin                 It Almost Felt Like Love
     Charlie Louvin                 Here's A Toast To Mama
     Charlie Louvin                 Lonesome Is Me
     Charlie Louvin                 Old Dreams                                          Stardust
     Charlie Louvin                 The Worlds's A Better Place                         Western Heart
     Charlie Louvin                 See The Big Man Cry
     Charlie Louvin                 The Kind Of Man I Am
     Charlie Louvin                 The Old Days                                        BSW
     Charlie Louvin                 Back When We Were Young                             CountryDiscovery
     Charlie Louvin                 Louvin Bths. Medley #2
     Charlie Louvin                 Off & On
     Charlie Louvin                 Too Old To Die Young                                Western Heart
     Charlie Louvin                 I Forgot To Cry
     Charlie Louvin                 If Only In A Song                                   Country Country
     Charlie Louvin                 Louvin Bths. Medley #1
     Charlie Louvin                 See The Big Man Cry (Re-Issue)
     Charlie Louvin                 Sittin' Bull                                        Capitol
     Charlie Louvin                 Love Has To Die
     Charlie Louvin                 On The Other Hand
     Charlie Louvin                 Tears Wine & Flowers
     Charlie Louvin                 You're My Wife,She's My Woman
     Charlie Louvin                 Come & Get It Mamma
     Charlie Louvin                 The Only Way Out
     Charlie Louvin                 I Don't Love You Anymore
     Charlie Louvin                 Less And Less                                       Capitol
     Charlie Louvin                 What Are Those Things (With Big Bla
     Charlie Louvin                 To Tell The Truth                                   Capitol
     Charlie Louvin                 10 years, 3 Kids...
     Charlie Louvin                 Jesus Won't Come Down Your Chimney                  Western Heart
     Charlie Louvin                 Dixie Boll Weevil                                   Tompkins Square
     Charlie Louvin                 You Finally Said Something Good
     Charlie Louvin                 My Brother's Will                                   Tompkins Square
     Charlie Louvin                 Hey Daddy
     Charlie Louvin                 Will You Visit Me On Sunday
     Charlie Louvin                 The Proof's In The Kissin'
     Charlie Louvin                 Little Reasons                                      Capitol
     Charlie Louvin                 Fiorever In Her Eyes                                Ready
     Charlie Louvin                 Sittin Bull                                         Capitol
     Charlie Louvin                 This Darn Pen                                       Stardust
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 121
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charlie Louvin                 See The Big Man Cry (Live )                         Compass
     Charlie Louvin                 I Have Seen Forever In Her Eyes                     Radio Jukebox
     Charlie Louvin                 Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Mys
     Charlie Louvin                 Let's Put Our World Back Together
     Charlie Louvin                 His Hands                                           Rejoice
     Charlie Louvin                 The Silence Of Ageing                               CCR
     Charlie Louvin & Friends       Country Boy's Dream                                 NCM
     Charlie Louvin & Melba Montgomerymething To Brag About
     Charlie Louvin/George Jones    Must You Throw Dirt On My Face                      Tompkins Square
     Charlie Louvin/Melba MontgomeryDid You Ever                                        Capitol
     Charlie Louvin/Melba MontgomeryBaby You've Got What It Takes                       Capitol
     Charlie Louvin/Willie Nelson/Waylon Jenni...                                       Playback
     Charlie Major                  Wouldn't It Be Nice                                 Dead Reckoning
     Charlie McCoy                  I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
     Charlie McCoy                  Carolina Morning
     Charlie McCoy                  Fair & Tender Ladies
     Charlie McCoy                  I Really Don't Want To Know
     Charlie McCoy                  Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do
     Charlie McCoy                  The Real McCoy
     Charlie McCoy                  How Can I Unlove You
     Charlie McCoy                  Easy Lovin'
     Charlie McCoy                  Hangin' On
     Charlie McCoy                  Orange Blossom Special
     Charlie McCoy                  I Started Loving You Again
     Charlie McCoy                  Jackson
     Charlie McCoy                  Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
     Charlie McCoy                  Release Me
     Charlie Mitchell               I'm Goin' Nowhere
     Charlie Monk                   Andy & Opie Xmas                                    MFM
     Charlie Montague               The Judge's Daughter                                CDTex
     Charlie Montague               Tomorrow Is Gone                                    CDTex
     Charlie Peacock                Death Trap                                          Twenty Ten
     Charlie Rich                   Easy Look
     Charlie Rich                   Since I Fell For You
     Charlie Rich                   I Take It On Home
     Charlie Rich                   My Elusive Dreams
     Charlie Rich                   I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
     Charlie Rich                   Road Song
     Charlie Rich                   I Love My Friend
     Charlie Rich                   Share Your Love With Me
     Charlie Rich                   She Called Me Baby
     Charlie Rich                   The Most Beautiful Girl
     Charlie Rich                   July 12, 1939
     Charlie Rich                   Make A Wish
     Charlie Rich                   Raggedy Ann
     Charlie Rich                   Tomorrow Tonight
     Charlie Rich                   My Mountain Dew
     Charlie Rich                   Mohair Sam
     Charlie Rich                   Every Time You Touch Me(I Get High)
     Charlie Rich                   I'll Wake You Up When I Get Home
     Charlie Rich                   There Won't Be Anymore
     Charlie Rich                   Life's Little Ups & Downs
     Charlie Rich                   It's All Over Now
     Charlie Rich                   A Man Just Don't Know
     Charlie Rich                   Are We Dreamin' The Same Dream
     Charlie Rich                   A Very Special Love Song
     Charlie Rich                   All Over Me
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 122
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charlie Rich                   Even A Fool Would Let Go                                  
     Charlie Rich                   America The Beautiful (1976)
     Charlie Rich                   Behind Closed Doors
     Charlie Rich                   I'd Build A Bridge
     Charlie Rich                   You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning
     Charlie Rich                   We Love Each Other                                  Epic
     Charlie Rich                   I'd Build A Bridge                                  United Artists
     Charlie Rich                   Life Goes On                                        United Artists
     Charlie Rich                   White Xmas
     Charlie Rich                   Puttin' In Overtime At Home                         United Artists
     Charlie Rich                   I Lost My Head                                      United Artists
     Charlie Rich                   Nice 'N Easy                                        Epic
     Charlie Rich                   Set Me Free                                         Epic
     Charlie Rich                   The Fool Strikes Again                              United Artists
     Charlie Rich                   A Woman Left Lonely                                 Epic
     Charlie Rich/Janie Frickie     On My Knees
     Charlie Robison                The Wedding Song                                    Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                Wild Man Of Borneo                                  Sustain
     Charlie Robison                Don't Call Me A Fool                                Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                Something In The Water                              Dualtone
     Charlie Robison                Poor Man's Son                                      Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                Photograph                                          Dualtone
     Charlie Robison                Tonight                                             Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                Don't Take Your Guns To Town                        Columbia
     Charlie Robison                Barlight
     Charlie Robison                Right Man For The Job                               Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                My Hometown                                         Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                Walter                                              Columbia
     Charlie Robison                I Want You Bad                                      Lucky Dog
     Charlie Robison                You're Not The Best
     Charlie Robison/Kelly Willis   Storms Never Last                                   SR
     Charlie Ross                   Let's Start Over
     Charlie Ross                   The Name Of The Game Is Cheatin'
     Charlie Ross                   Without Your Love
     Charlie Ryan                   Hot Rod Lincoln
     Charlie Scott                  She Loves Me Most Of All
     Charlie Sexton                 Regular Grind                                       Back Porch
     Charlie Sexton/Shannon McNally No Place To Fall                                    Back Porch
     Charlie Shafter                Lately                                              Smith
     Charlie Shafter                Big Debut                                           Dogshit
     Charlie Shafter                Jesus & James Dean                                  Smith
     Charlie Sizemore               I Flew Over Our HOuse Last Night                    Rebel
     Charlie Sizemore               My Dying Day                                        Rounder
     Charlie Sizemore               Blame It On Vern                                    Rounder
     Charlie Sizemore               Whiskey Willie                                      Rounder
     Charlie Sohmer                 I Never Lost Someone I Loved                        Glowing Hearts
     Charlie Sohmer                 Nobody's Baby                                       Glowing Hearts
     Charlie Sohmer                 Lean In A Little Closer                             Glowing Hearts
     Charlie Speed                  Throwing Stones                                     5MC
     Charlie Strater                Devil In Me                                         SR
     Charlie Thompson               I Just Can't Stand It
     Charlie Walker                 My Baby Used To Be That Way                         Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Let's Go Fishin' Boys                               Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Honky Tonk Women                                    Epic
     Charlie Walker                 I'll Catch You When You Fall
     Charlie Walker                 The Town That Never Sleeps                          Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Don't Squeeze My Sharmon
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 123
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charlie Walker                 He's A Jolly Good Fellow                            Epic  
     Charlie Walker                 I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight                  Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Soft Lips & Hard Liquor                             RCA
     Charlie Walker                 I'm Gonna Hang Up My Gloves                         Epic
     Charlie Walker                 I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight                   Epic
     Charlie Walker                 The Town That Never Sleeps                          Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives                   Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Close All The Honky Tonks                           Epic
     Charlie Walker                 San Diego                                           Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Facing The Wall                                     Columbia
     Charlie Walker                 Good Deal Lucille                                   Columbia
     Charlie Walker                 Who Will Buy  The Wine
     Charlie Walker                 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
     Charlie Walker                 Daddy's Coming Home                                 Epic
     Charlie Walker                 He's A Jolly Good Fellow                            Epic
     Charlie Walker                 The Man In The Little White Suit                    Epic
     Charlie Walker                 When My Conscience Hurts The Most                   Columbia
     Charlie Walker                 Honky Tonk Season                                   Epic
     Charlie Walker                 Wild As a Wildcat
     Charlie Waller & The Country GentlemenIn The Chapel                                Freeland
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenisherwoman                                   Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemeng Side Of Me                                 Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenf The Rising Sun                             Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenng Kind                                      Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenning In May                                  Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country GentlemenIn The Chapel                                Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenf Tears                                      Pinecastle
     Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemenance Of You                                  Pinecastle
     Charlie Wayne                  The Crawdad Song                                    DoorKnob
     Charlie Wayne                  Raised On Country                                   Door Knob
     Charlie Wood                   Southern Girls                                      Groove Gator
     Charlie Worsham                Could It Be                                         WB
     Charlie Worsham                Want Me Too                                         WB
     Charlotte Bradford             I'm Walking On Air                                  KMA
     Charlotte Howard               North South Divide                                  CH
     Charlotte Howard               English Country Girl                                HotDisc
     Charlotte Howard               The House That Built Me                             CH
     Charlotte Kendrick             Too Nice                                            Wondermore
     Charlotte Whitted              Daddy's Got The Baby                                Lamon
     Charly McClain                 That's What You Do To Me
     Charly McClain                 Men
     Charly McClain                 Who's Cheatin Who
     Charly McClain                 Band Of Gold
     Charly McClain                 And Then Some
     Charly McClain                 Surround Me With Love
     Charly McClain                 Sleepin' With The Radio On
     Charly McClain                 Sentiental Ol You
     Charly McClain                 Don't Touch Me There
     Charly McClain                 With You
     Charly McClain                 When A Love Ain't Right
     Charly McClain                 Some Hearts Get All The Breaks
     Charly McClain                 Let's Put Our Love In Motion
     Charly McClain                 One In Your Heart One On Your Mind
     Charly McClain                 Dancing Your Memory Away
     Charly McClain                 Radio Heart                                         Epic
     Charly McClain                 Still I Stay
     Charly McClain                 You're A Part Of Me
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 124
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Charly McClain                 The Very Best Is You                                      
     Charly McClain                 Sometimes She Feels Like A Man
     Charly McClain                 Fly Into Love
     Charly McClain                 Down The Road
     Charly McClain                 Make The World Go Away
     Charly McClain                 Lay Something On My Bed Besides A B
     Charly McClain                 Let Me Be Your Baby
     Charly McClain                 Lay Down
     Charly McClain                 Take Me Back
     Charly McClain                 Women Get Lonely
     Charly McClain/Mickey Gilley   Candy Man
     Charly McClain/Mickey Gilley   Paradise Tonite
     Charly McClain/Wayne Massey    With Just One Look In Your Eyes
     Charly Ott                     Dancin' Tonight                                     VNC
     Charly Ott                     Shop Till You Drop                                  HMG
     Charly Ott                     Is It Too Late                                      VNC
     Charly Ott                     One Fine Day                                        HMG
     Charly Ott                     Heart's Desire                                      VNC
     Charly Ott                     Before The Lights Go Down                           VNC
     Chase Bradley                  Country Boys                                        SR
     Chase Bryant                   Hell if I Know                                      Red Bow
     Chase Bryant                   Take It On Back                                     Red Bow
     Chase Bryant                   Roome To Breathe                                    Red Bow
     Chase Likens                   Playing It Safe                                     HMG
     Chase Likens                   Playing It Safe                                     HMG
     Chase Likens                   No Other Girl                                       CDTex
     Chase Rice                     Eyes On You                                         BBR
     Chase Rice                     Three Chords And The Truth                          Broken Bow
     Chase Rice                     Everybody We Know Does                              Columbia
     Chase Rice                     Buzz Back                                           Artist Revolution
     Chase Rice                     Lonely If You Are                                   BBR
     Chase Tyler                    She Moves Me                                        MTM
     Chase Tyler                    Louisiana                                           MTM
     Chase Tyler                    Another Cross Goes Up                               MTM
     Chasing Jane                   Crazy Thoughts                                      CLM
     Chassidy Staton                They Came Here For The Ride                         Lofton Creek
     Chatham County Line            Love I Found                                        YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Tightrope Of Love                                   YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Saturdays & Sundays                                 YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Parlour Light                                       YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            WSM (650)                                           Bonfire
     Chatham County Line            Route 23                                            YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Wildwood                                            YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            They Were Just Children                             YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            One More Minute                                     YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Born To Be With You                                 YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Country Boy/City Boy                                YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            She                                                 YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Arms Of The Law                                     YepRoc
     Chatham County Line            Let It Rock                                         YepRoc
     Chatham Street                 That's How I Know I'm Home                          SR
     Cheap Joe's Art Stuff          Santa, No Chimney                                   MMM
     Cheap Joe's Art Stuff          Going Home For Christmas                            MMM
     Cheap Joe's Art Stuff          Christmas Is Near                                   MMM
     Chelsea Bain                   Power Of A Woman                                    Turn 3
     Chelsea Field                  Things I Should Have Said                           Moxy
     Chelsea Radford                First Time I Ever Saw Your Face                     Comstock
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 125
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chely Wright                   Broken                                              SR    
     Chely Wright                   The Other Woman                                     Polygram
     Chely Wright                   Never Love You Enough                               MCA
     Chely Wright                   Snow Globe                                          Vanguard
     Chely Wright                   Till I Was Loved By You                             Polydor
     Chely Wright                   I Already Do
     Chely Wright                   It's Not Too Late                                   Polygram
     Chely Wright                   Jezebel                                             MCA
     Chely Wright                   The River                                           Dualtone
     Chely Wright                   She Went Out For Cigarettes                         MCA
     Chely Wright                   Feelin'Single And Seein'Double
     Chely Wright                   Notes To The Coroner                                Vanguard
     Chely Wright                   Back Of The Bottom Drawer                           Vivaton
     Chely Wright                   The Love That We Lost
     Chely Wright                   Broken                                              Vanguard
     Chely Wright                   What If We Fly                                      MCA
     Chely Wright                   C'est La Vie                                        Dualtone
     Chely Wright                   One Nite In Las Vegas                               MCA
     Chely Wright                   Shut Up & Drive                                     MCA
     Chely Wright                   Just Another Heartache
     Chely Wright                   The Bumper of My SUV                                Painted Red
     Chely Wright                   The Love He Left Behind                             A&M
     Chely Wright                   Not As In Love                                      MCA
     Chely Wright                   Object Of Your Rejection                            Vanguard
     Chely Wright                   Deep Down Low                                       MCA
     Chely Wright                   While I Was Waiting                                 MCA
     Chely Wright                   For The Long Run                                    MCA
     Chely Wright                   Her                                                 MCA
     Chely Wright/Brad Paisley      Hard To Be A Husband/Hard To Be A Wife              MCA
     Cher Lynn Bragg                Nothing But My Earrings On                          Platinum Plus
     Cher Lynn Bragg                Son Of A Gun                                        Platinum Plus
     Cher Lynn Bragg                Blue Collar Wife                                    Platinum Plus
     Cher Lynn Bragg                Love Me Like I Am                                   Platinum Plus
     Cher Lynn Bragg                Good For You Bad For Me                             Platinum Plus
     Cheree Silcox                  In His Dreams                                       My Records
     Cheree Silcox                  In Love Alone                                       My Records
     Cheri Brennan                  Mystery                                             CBM
     Cheri Brennan                  Life Is Fun                                         SR
     Cheri Knight                   White Lies                                          E Squared
     Cherie Brennan                 Life Is Fun                                         HotDisc
     Cherish Lee                    Tequila Cowgirl                                     SR
     Cherlene                       Danger Zone                                         KJG
     Cherlene                       It's All About Me                                   KJG
     Cherryholmes                   Live It                                             Skaggs Family
     Cherryholmes                   Darkness On The Delta                               Skaggs Family
     Cherryholmes                   Heat Of The Morning                                 Skaggs Family
     Cherryholmes                   You Don't Know What Love Is                         Skaggs Family
     Cherryholmes                   Broken                                              Skaggs Family
     Cherryholmes                   Devil In Disguise                                   Skaggs Family
     Cheryl Handy                   A Tribute To Hank
     Cheryl Handy                   I've Got Everything I Need
     Cheryl Handy                   Here I Go Again
     Cheryl Handy                   Don't Take My Heart Away
     Cheryl K. Warner               Looking Glass                                       Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Don't Come Knockin'                                 EHK
     Cheryl K. Warner               If You Ain't Shootin' From The Heart                Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               As Long As Forever Lasts                            Western Heart
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 126
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cheryl K. Warner               Conterfeit Country Queen                            EHK   
     Cheryl K. Warner               That GTO                                            Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               It Only Hurts When I Cry                            Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Are You Ready                                       CKW
     Cheryl K. Warner               Visions                                             CKW
     Cheryl K. Warner               It's The Way You Do It                              CKW
     Cheryl K. Warner               Visions                                             Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Dreams                                              CKW
     Cheryl K. Warner               Nashville                                           Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               If You Ain't Shootin' From The Heart                Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               In My Dreams                                        Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Honey I Dare You                                    Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Counterfeit Country Queen                           WHP
     Cheryl K. Warner               The Auction                                         Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               You Just Don't Get It                               Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Don't Come Knocking                                 Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Nashville                                           Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Visions                                             Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               The Auction                                         Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               I  Took A Wrong Turn                                Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Where Do I Go From You                              CKW
     Cheryl K. Warner               The Way You Do The Things You Do                    Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               You Ain't Shootin' From The Heart                   Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               You Heart's In The Right Place                      Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               The Way You Do The Things You Do                    Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Frustration                                         Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               My Heart Won't Fall For That                        Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Now You're Talkin'                                  Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               Don't Come Knockin'                                 Western Heart
     Cheryl K. Warner               In My Dreams                                        Western Heart
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Must Be Sinking Now                                 Philo
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Summer's Almost Over                                Philo
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Arrow                                               EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Miss You More Than I'm Mad                          EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Don't Wanna                                         EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 So Far To Fall                                      EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Little Road                                         Philo
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Quarter Moon                                        EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Addicted                                            EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Aces                                                EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 75 Septembers                                       EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Ghandi/Buddha                                       EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 75 Septembers                                       Rounder
     Cheryl Wheeler                 When Fall Comes To New England                      EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Hard Line To Draw                                   EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Further & Further                                   EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Who Am I Foolin'                                    EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Northern Girl                                       EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Almost                                              EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Moonlight & Roses                                   EMI
     Cheryl Wheeler                 Blessed                                             Philo
     Ches Anthony                   Carolina                                            RPM
     Chesapeake                     Christmas Swing
     Chester Lester                 Rockin' A Rolling Stone                             Outback
     Chester Perez                  Xmas Eve In Dixie
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    Why A Dove ?                                        Hag/Round Robin
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    Old Fashioned Love                                  Hag/Round Robin
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 127
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    Go Look Now                                         Hag/Round Robin
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    Wreck On The Highway                                Hag/Round Robin
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    After We Go To Guns                                 Hag/Round Robin
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    Till The End Of The World                           Hag/Round Robin
     Chester Smith/Merle Haggard    When The Whole World Stands Together Holding Hands  Hag/Round Robin
     Chet Atkins                    Wobegon                                             Sony
     Chet Atkins                    Mr. Sandman
     Chet Atkins                    Imagine                                             Sony
     Chet Atkins                    Vaya Con Dios
     Chet Atkins                    Yes Maa'm
     Chet Atkins                    Yakety Axe
     Chet Atkins                    Winter Walkin'
     Chet Atkins                    Fiddlin' Around
     Chet Atkins                    Snowbird                                            RCA
     Chet Atkins                    Chaplin In New Shoes
     Chet Atkins                    Gone
     Chet Atkins                    Prissy`                                             RCA
     Chet Atkins                    Yesterday                                           RCA
     Chet Atkins                    Dream                                               Sony
     Chet Atkins                    Sneakin' Around                                     Sony
     Chet Atkins                    Fiddlin' Around                                     RCA
     Chet Atkins                    Nine Pound Hammer
     Chet Atkins                    Sugarfoot Rag
     Chet Atkins                    I'll See You In My Dreams                           Sony
     Chet Atkins                    After You've Gone                                   Sony
     Chet Atkins                    Frog Kissin'                                        RCA
     Chet's Friends                 Chet's Tune
     Cheyenne                       Carolina Hills
     Cheyenne Rambo                 Seven Year Itch                                     AMI
     Chic & Hot Rods                Jimmy Caught The Dickens
     Chief Greenbud                 Life, Liberty                                       SR
     Chilli Gold                    Waterfalls                                          HotDisc
     Chip Brown                     Yolanda Took My Panda                               Cricket Power
     Chip Brown                     Can You Drink Beer In Heaven?                       Cricket Power
     Chip Eddleman                  Everything I Love
     Chip Eddleman                  It All Comes Back To Me                             Radio Jukebox
     Chip Taylor                    Let Me Fall My Own Way                              Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    You Left Me Here                                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Better Put My Glasses On                            SR
     Chip Taylor                    The Real Thing
     Chip Taylor                    It's Such A Lonely Time Of The Year                 Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Until It Hurts                                      Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Yonkers Girls                                       Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Dalton Days                                         Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    This Old Town                                       Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    What A Smile You Had                                Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Ft. Worth Thursday Nite                             Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Theme From An American Hero                         Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Rock And Roll Joe                                   Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Read It In Rollin' Stone                            Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Sometimes I Act Just Like A Fool                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Dance With Jesus                                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    What A Smile You Had                                Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    The Real Thing                                      Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Big River                                           Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Solitary                                            Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor                    Hot Rod Carson                                      Train Wreck
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 128
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chip Taylor                    101 In Cashbox                                      HotDisc
     Chip Taylor                    This Darkest Day                                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor                    Little Bit Of Love                                  Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor & Kids             You Can Come And Play With Our Toys                 Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Who's Gonna Build That Wall                         SR
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Play It Again Sam                                   Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   The New Bye & Bye                                   Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   All The Rain                                        Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Your Name is On My Lips                             Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Sweet Tequila Blues                                 Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Today I Started Loving You Again                    Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   On An Island                                        Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Private Thoughts                                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Maybelline                                          Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Sweet Tequila Blues                                 Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   My Bucket's Got A Hole In It                        Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Curves And Things                                   Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Fall                                                Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Private Thoughts                                    Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Extra                                               Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Say Little Darlin'                                  Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Let's Leave This Town                               Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez   Was That For Me                                     Trainwreck
     Chip Taylor/Guy Clark          One Hell Of A Guy
     Chip Taylor/John Prine         The Way Of It                                       Train Wreck
     Chip Taylor/Lucinda Williams   The Ship                                            Train Wreck
     Chip Willmore                  Love                                                HMG
     Chip Willmore                  God Gave Me An Angel                                HMG
     Chip Willmore                  That's How I'm Feelin'                              HMG
     Chipmunks                      The Chipmunk Song
     Chipmunks                      It's Beginning To Look Like Xmas
     Chloe Collins                  The Last Time                                       Collins House
     Chloe Collins                  Kinda Boy A Girl Writes Songs About                 SR
     Chloe Collins                  When I Saw You Tonight                              Collins House
     Chloe Collins                  Downpour                                            SR
     Chloe Collins                  That Girl                                           SR
     Chloe Collins                  Lying                                               SR
     Chordettes                     Mr. Sandman
     Chriisy June                   Don't Send Him Back To Me                           Sonic
     Chris & Rednecks               I Don't Wanna Know                                  CDTex
     Chris Anderson                 My Aim Is Gettin' Better                            Diamondback
     Chris Anderson                 Takin' The Fifth                                    Diamondback
     Chris Anderson                 If I Make It Till Dawn                              Diamondback
     Chris Anderson                 Second Fiddle                                       Spiral Bridge
     Chris Anderson                 Takin' The Fifth                                    Diamondback
     Chris Anderson                 It Ain't Over                                       Spiral Bridge
     Chris Austin                   Lonesome For You
     Chris Austin                   I Know There's A Heart In There Somewhere
     Chris Beall                    Most Of The Time                                    Ginn Mill
     Chris Bellamy                  Nashville                                           Silver Buckle
     Chris Bellamy                  Allison's Song                                      Silver Buckle
     Chris Bellamy                  80 Degree Christmas                                 SR
     Chris Bellamy                  Your Guitar                                         SR
     Chris Bellamy                  River Ranch                                         Western Heart
     Chris Bellamy                  Looking For The Country                             SR
     Chris Bellamy                  Do You Hear Me                                      Silver Buckle
     Chris Bellamy                  Alison's Song                                       Silver Buckle
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 129
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Bellamy                  Rear View Mirror                                    SR    
     Chris Bellamy                  Christmas Morning Memories                          Western Heart
     Chris Bellamy                  Bobbafied                                           Western Heart
     Chris Bellamy                  God Looks After Drunk Sailors                       SR
     Chris Berardo                  The One                                             Lamon
     Chris Berardo                  Pass The Bottle                                     Lamon
     Chris Bigford                  Forever Man                                         MTM
     Chris Blackburn                Why'd You Ever Let Her Go                           CDTex
     Chris Brade                    Godsend                                             CDTex
     Chris Brade                    Run & Tell Dr. Phil                                 CDTex
     Chris Brazeal Band             Middle American Blues                               CDTex
     Chris Britt/Kenny Cooper       Christmas Angel                                     SR
     Chris Cagle                    Miss Me Baby                                        Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    I Breathe In, I Breathe Out                         Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    Never Ever Gone                                     Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    Let There Be Cowgirls                               Bigger Picture
     Chris Cagle                    Got My Country On                                   Bigger Picture
     Chris Cagle                    WalMart Parking Lot                                 Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    What Kind Of Gone                                   Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    What A Beautiful Day                                Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    I'd Be Lying                                        Capitol
     Chris Cagle                    No Love Songs                                       Capital
     Chris Cagle                    Anywhere But Here                                   Capitol
     Chris Campbell                 Lookin' Out For Tomorrow                            Heritage
     Chris Campbell                 All I Need Is You                                   Heritage
     Chris Campbell                 If The Love Fits                                    Heritage
     Chris Campbell                 Heaven                                              Heritage
     Chris Campbell                 Honky Tonk Lover                                    Heritage
     Chris Campbell                 Ordinary Guy                                        Heritage
     Chris Carpenter                Moonshine Baby                                      Crew 22
     Chris Castle                   Trees Fall Everyday                                 Dirtsandwich
     Chris Castle                   Rest My Weary Body                                  Dirtsandwich
     Chris Castle                   All Kinds Of Time                                   Dirtsandwich
     Chris Chitsey                  Lady Lay Down                                       Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  By George                                           Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  At A Time Like This                                 Western Heart
     Chris Chitsey                  Copano Bay                                          Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  With A Body Like That                               Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  Copano Bay                                          Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  John Wayne Rides Again                              Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  Rainy Day Tonight                                   SR
     Chris Chitsey                  At A Time Like This                                 Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  After All These Years                               Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  A Woman Like Me                                     Pacific
     Chris Chitsey                  Lady Lay Down                                       Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  By George                                           Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  Change Of Heart                                     Premier
     Chris Chitsey                  Lonely In Tucson ( 2014)                            SR
     Chris Chitsey                  Just Don't Know It Yet                              SR
     Chris Chitsey                  Lonely In Tucson                                    SR
     Chris Chitsey                  At A Time Like This
     Chris Chitsey                  The One Left Behind                                 SR
     Chris Chitsey                  Supersitious Heart                                  SR
     Chris Cook                     Go Back To Sleep                                    Gaff
     Chris Cook                     I'll Be All Right                                   Gaff
     Chris Cook                     Your Share Of Me                                    Gaff
     Chris Cook                     Growin' Up                                          Gaff
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 130
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Cook                     The One That Got Away                               Gaff  
     Chris Cox                      Heaven To Win                                       CMM
     Chris Cox                      Over The Moon                                       CMM
     Chris Cox                      Sunday Mornin' Guitar                               CMM
     Chris Cox                      The Secret Of Life                                  CMM
     Chris Cox                      My Own Backyard                                     Rejoice
     Chris Cummings                 I Waited
     Chris Daniels                  This Old Guitar                                     SR
     Chris Daniels                  I Still Think Of You                                SR
     Chris Daniels                  Cabin Fever                                         SR
     Chris Daniels                  I Still Think Of You                                SR
     Chris Daniels                  Better Days                                         SR
     Chris Daniels                  Biggest Heartache On The Block                      Moon Voyage
     Chris Filer                    Joy Ride                                            3Kidney
     Chris Filer                    John Deere John 3:16                                Lofton Creek
     Chris Filer                    So Much Love                                        SR
     Chris Floyd                    Take Away All Your Memories                         Country Discovery
     Chris Gardner                  Crystal Visions                                     Split Dog
     Chris Gardner                  Take Me Back                                        Split Dog
     Chris Gardner                  One True Love                                       Split Dog
     Chris Golden                   Thank God For Kids                                  Double E
     Chris Gray                     Not Bad For A Good Ole Boy                          Mirome
     Chris Gray                     That's As Far As It Goes                            Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     Not Bad For A Good 'Ol Boy                          Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     I've Got A Good Mind                                Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     From Where I Am                                     Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     Red White & Blue                                    Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     Something I Want                                    Mirrome
     Chris Gray                     Savin' It Up For A Sunny Day                        Mirome
     Chris Gray                     Red White & Blue                                    Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     The Heart That I Was Breaking                       Gray Wolf
     Chris Gray                     I Keep It Under My Hat                              Mirome
     Chris Guenther                 Heartache Medication                                Comstock
     Chris Guenther                 Inside Looking Out                                  Comstock
     Chris Guenther                 Where I'll Be Found                                 Comstock
     Chris Hale                     Scars & All                                         HMG
     Chris Hale                     A Line In The Sand                                  HMG
     Chris Hamilton                 Day After Day                                       HotDisc
     Chris Hanners                  He'll Be Home Soon                                  CLH
     Chris Hanners                  He'll Be Home Soon                                  CLH
     Chris Harris                   I Ain't Coming Back                                 HotDisc
     Chris Harris                   I Think I'm Falling In Love                         HotDisc
     Chris Heers                    Cow Or Cowboy                                       HotDisc
     Chris Heers                    Beyond                                              HotDisc
     Chris Heers                    Dirt Rich                                           Saddle Farm
     Chris Henry                    Spirit Traveler                                     SR
     Chris Henry                    As Long As You Have Love                            SR
     Chris Henry                    Time                                                SR
     Chris Henry                    I Keep Dreaming Of You                              SR
     Chris Higbee                   Wild & Crazy                                        HotDisc
     Chris Higbee                   Fiddles Rock                                        HotDisc
     Chris Higbee                   Living The Dream                                    HotDisc
     Chris Hillman                  She Don't Care About Time                           Rounder
     Chris Hillman                  True Love                                           Sovereign
     Chris Hillman                  Touch Me                                            Sovereign
     Chris Hillman                  Eight Miles High                                    Sovereign
     Chris Hillman                  Walk Right Back                                     Rounder
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 131
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Hillman                  Back's Against The Wall                                   
     Chris Hillman                  What Does She See                                   Stony Plain
     Chris Hillman                  Blue Xmas Lights
     Chris Hillman/Herb Petersen    Together Again                                      Rounder
     Chris Hillman/Herb Petersen    Eight Miles High                                    Rounder
     Chris Hillman/Herb Petersen    Have You Seen Her Face                              Rounder
     Chris Hillman/Herb Petersen    Window Up Above                                     Backporch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     Our Love It Don't Come Easy                         Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     Problems                                            Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     Better Man Than That                                Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     Invitation To The Blues                             Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine                      Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     You're Learning                                     Back Porch
     Chris Hilman/Herb Petersen     Save The Last Dance For Me                          Back Porch
     Chris Isaak                    I Walk The Line                                     Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    How's The World Treating You                        Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Solitary Man
     Chris Isaak                    My Happiness                                        Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    She's Not You                                       Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Christmas On TV                                     Reprise
     Chris Isaak                    I Forgot To Remember To Forget                      Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    The Way Things Really Are                           Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Trying To Get To You                                Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Can't Help Falling In Love                          Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Great Balls Of Fire                                 Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Graduation Day                                      SR
     Chris Isaak                    Baby What You Want Me To Do                         Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Kiss Me Like A Stranger                             Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Perfect Lover                                       Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    First Comes The Night                               Vanguard
     Chris Isaak                    Ring Of Fire                                        Vanguard
     Chris Isbell                   Prarie Song                                         Glory Train
     Chris James                    Stronger                                            HotDisc
     Chris James                    The Old Man Spoke To Me                             HotDisc
     Chris Janson                   Holdin' Her                                         WB
     Chris Janson                   Drunk Girl                                          Capitol
     Chris Janson                   Till A Woman Comes Along                            Arista
     Chris Janson                   Power Of Positive Drinkin'                          WB
     Chris Janson                   Good Vibes                                          WB
     Chris Janz/Rhonda Vincent      One Life                                            HotDisc
     Chris Johnson                  Throwdown                                           80 Proof
     Chris Johnston                 Who's That Knocking At My Door                      HMG
     Chris Jones                    Where I Am                                          Homegrown
     Chris Jones                    After Sweet Memories                                Little Dog
     Chris Jones                    Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry                           Little Dog
     Chris Jones                    She Once Lived Here                                 Little Dog
     Chris Knight                   Summer of '75
     Chris Knight                   Saved By Love                                       Drifter's Church
     Chris Knight                   The Jealous Kind                                    Dualtone
     Chris Knight                   Cry Lonely                                          Drifter's Church
     Chris Knight                   Devil Behind The Wheel                              Dualtone
     Chris Knight                   Staying Up All Night                                Dualtone
     Chris Knight                   My Only Prayer                                      Drifter's Church
     Chris Lane                     Fix                                                 SR
     Chris Lane                     Fix                                                 Big Loud
     Chris Lane                     For Her                                             Big Loud
     Chris Lane                     Take Back Home Girl                                 Big Loud
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 132
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Ledoux                   Dallas Days & Fort Worth Nights                     Liberty
     Chris Ledoux                   Cowboy Up                                           Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Silence On The Line                                 Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   It Ain't The Years
     Chris Ledoux                   Just Enough Money Honey
     Chris Ledoux                   Ten Seconds In The Saddle                           Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Every Time I Roll The Dice
     Chris LeDoux                   Five Dollar Fine
     Chris Ledoux                   Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
     Chris Ledoux                   Our First Year                                      Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   County Fair                                         Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Cowboy Songs
     Chris Ledoux                   The Yellow Stud                                     Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Blue Eyes & Freckles                                Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   This Cowboy's Hat
     Chris Ledoux                   Stampede                                            Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   The Ride                                            Capitol
     Chris LeDoux                   Twas The Nite Before Xmas
     Chris Ledoux                   Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
     Chris Ledoux                   Hard Times
     Chris Ledoux                   I'm Country                                         Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Bareback Jack                                       Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Airborne Cowboy                                     Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Seventeen
     Chris Ledoux                   Runnin' Thru The Rain
     Chris LeDoux                   Riding For A Fall
     Chris Ledoux                   He Rides The Wild Horses                            Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Horsepower                                          Capitol
     Chris Ledoux                   Under This Old Hat
     Chris Ledoux                   Song Of Wyoming                                     Capitol
     Chris Leigh                    Heartache & Misery                                  Blue River
     Chris Loid                     Until The Earth Stands Still                        SR
     Chris Loid                     She Loves A Memory More Than Me                     SR
     Chris Loid                     Love Is Never Too Late                              CLE
     Chris Loid                     Heaven Can't Wait Anymore                           CLE
     Chris Loid                     If Only They Knew                                   WHP
     Chris Loid                     Without You                                         CLE
     Chris Loid                     Until The Earth Stands Still                        SR
     Chris Malpass                  Grandpa & I
     Chris Malpass                  Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
     Chris Malpass                  I'll Live For Him                                   Malpass Family
     Chris Malpass                  Diagnosis Puppy Love
     Chris Malpass/Super Grit Band  Great Speckled Bird
     Chris Matthews                 I Don't Want My Sister To Be A Truck Driver
     Chris McCandless               And Then Some                                       SR
     Chris McCandless               Fannin' The Flames                                  SR
     Chris McCandless               Fannin The Flames                                   SR
     Chris McDaniel                 Like A Daddy                                        Lanier
     Chris McDaniel                 I Keep Telling You Heart                            Lanier
     Chris McDaniel                 She's Hot Like That                                 Lanier
     Chris McDaniel                 I Keep Telling You Heart                            Silverlight
     Chris McDaniel                 Lie To Me                                           Lanier
     Chris McLernon                 Dylan & Old John Prine                              HotDisc
     Chris McLernon                 Old Log Cabin                                       HotDisc
     Chris McLernon                 Won't Look Back Again                               Celtic Connections
     Chris O'Connell//Nolan Bruce Allenrt to Heart Talk                                 CDtex
     Chris Petersen                 Edge Of Eighteen                                    Diehard Cowboy
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 133
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Pickering                Lost In A Crowd                                     SR    
     Chris Richards                 Hard Livin'                                         Lake Effect
     Chris Richards                 Honkytonk Graveyard                                 Lake Effect
     Chris Richards                 She Once Lived Here                                 Ten High Ranch
     Chris Ride                     When Will They Learn                                Mega
     Chris Ride/Doc Holiday         You're In Paradise Mon                              Mega
     Chris Rivers                   Trail Of Broken Hearts                              Comstock
     Chris Robbins                  Don't Touch Me                                      Western Heart
     Chris Ryan                     I Hit The Jackpot                                   Mega
     Chris Schweiger                Fishin'                                             Song1
     Chris Schweiger                Joe's Cold Beer & Hot,Hot Women                     New Country
     Chris Schweiger                Shoulder To Cry On                                  CS
     Chris Schweiger                Common Ground                                       Song1
     Chris Schweiger                I've Got Her Right Where She Wants Me               CS
     Chris Schweiger                She's Already Gone                                  CS
     Chris Schweiger                Every Chance I Get                                  CS
     Chris Scruggs                  Old Souls Like You & Me                             SR
     Chris Scruggs                  Windows                                             SR
     Chris Scruggs                  Open Letter                                         SR
     Chris Scruggs                  Change Your Made Up Mind                            SR
     Chris Sears                    In Every Little Way                                 Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    Heartache I Can't Break                             Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    Ramblin' Man                                        Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    I've Just Seen A Face                               Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    There Goes My Heart                                 Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    Empty Space                                         Electric Cactus
     Chris Sears                    She Can't Get Past The Moon                         Electric Cactus
     Chris Shiflett                 King Of Fools                                       Le Coq Napoleon
     Chris Shiflett                 Pop A Top                                           Le Cog Napoleon
     Chris Stapleton                When The Stars Come Out                             Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Millionaire                                         Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Nobody To Blame                                     Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Traveller                                           Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Either Way                                          Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Up To No Good Livin'                                Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Without Your Love                                   Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                What Are You Listening To                           Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Broken Halos                                        Mercury
     Chris Stapleton                Was It 26                                           Mercury
     Chris Story                    Quit                                                CDTex
     Chris Stuart                   Buttermilk Pie                                      Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   Time Was                                            Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   Jimmie Brown Revisited                              Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   Dollar Bill Blues                                   Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   Take Me Into Your Heart                             Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   Rider On This Train                                 Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   I See God Coming Down The Road                      Backcountry
     Chris Stuart                   This Body Is A Honky Tonk                           Backcountry
     Chris Sweiger                  Go Home Mister                                      Song1
     Chris Tarkington               Lean Into The Wind                                  SR
     Chris Tarkington               All I Wanted                                        SR
     Chris Tarkington               Ain't My Time                                       SR
     Chris Tarkington               Fight Worth Losing                                  SR
     Chris Tarkington               Ain't My Time                                       SR
     Chris Tarkington               Time To Stop Dancing                                SR
     Chris Thile                    The Believer                                        Sugar Hill
     Chris Thile/Michael Daves      Cry Cry Darling                                     Nonesuch
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 134
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Thile/Michael Daves      You're Running Wild                                 Nonesuch
     Chris Thile/Michael Daves      It Takes One To Know One                            Nonesuch
     Chris Wall                     Hangin' Out
     Chris Wall                     Cowboy Nation                                       Compadre
     Chris Wall                     Cowboy Nation
     Chris Warren                   A Christmas Lullaby                                 Great American Country
     Chris Warren                   A Cowboy's Lullaby                                  Great American Country
     Chris Watkins                  Mockingbird                                         Lamon
     Chris Wayne                    Backroads                                           CDTex
     Chris Weaver Band              Standing In Line                                    American Roots
     Chris Weaver Band              Go Easy On Me                                       In Tune
     Chris Webb                     Hey Cowboy                                          SR
     Chris Webb                     D J Please                                          CDTex
     Chris Webb                     When Love Ain't Right                               Cactus Beach
     Chris Webster                  Tumble Into Love                                    Dig
     Chris Webster                  I'm Your Puppet                                     Dig
     Chris Wells                    The Bottle Believes In Me                           MM
     Chris Wells                    I Don't Go Home That Way Anymore                    MM
     Chris Wells                    Heart Shaped Like Texas                             MM
     Chris Wells                    Fall Into The Flames                                MM
     Chris Wells                    Tequila Has Ways Of Making Me Talk                  MM
     Chris Wells                    Nothing About Nothing                               MM
     Chris Wells                    Rainy Nite In Dallas                                MM
     Chris Wells                    What Would Jesus Do                                 MM
     Chris Wells                    That's What She Said                                MM
     Chris Winward                  Coastal                                             CDTex
     Chris Young                    See Me Cry                                          CY
     Chris Young                    A Star                                              MTM
     Chris Young                    Just Thoughts                                       CY
     Chris Young                    Flowers                                             RCA
     Chris Young                    Win Some, Lose Some                                 CY
     Chris Young                    You                                                 RCA
     Chris Young                    Center Of My World                                  RCA
     Chris Young                    Hell No, Heaven Yes                                 CY
     Chris Young                    Only If You Want Me                                 CY
     Chris Young                    Drinkin' Me Lonley                                  RCA
     Chris Young                    Good                                                CY
     Chris Young                    Sober Saturday Night                                RCA
     Chris Young                    He's My Dad                                         CY
     Chris Young                    I'm Comin' Over                                     RCA
     Chris Young                    Voices                                              RCA
     Chris Young                    Getting You Home                                    RCA
     Chris Young                    Let It Rain                                         CY
     Chris Young                    A Little At A Time                                  CY
     Chris Young                    Ben                                                 CY
     Chris Young                    Lonely Eyes                                         RCA
     Chris Young                    Voices                                              RCA
     Chris Young                    Aw Naw                                              RCA
     Chris Young                    Losing Sleep                                        RCA
     Chris Young                    I Can Take It From There                            RCA
     Chris Young                    Hangin' On                                          RCA
     Chris Young                    Lost                                                RCA
     Chris Young                    Where Would I Be                                    CY
     Chris Young                    Devil's Thumbprint                                  CY
     Chris Young                    I Wish I Was Lyin'                                  CY
     Chris Young                    Tomorrow                                            RCA
     Chris Young                    Three Rounds                                        CY
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 135
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chris Young                    Drinkin' Me Lonely (Acoustic)                       SR    
     Chris Young                    Old Love Peels New                                  RCA
     Chris Young                    I Know You're Out There                             CY
     Chris Young                    No Heartache                                        CY
     Chris Young                    White Lightnin' Hit The Family Tree                 RCA
     Chris Young                    You're Gonna Love Me                                RCA
     Chris Young                    What I Wish I'd Said                                CY
     Chris Young                    Who I Am With You                                   RCA
     Chris Young                    Save Water Drink Beer                               RCA
     Chris Young                    Neon                                                RCA
     Chris Young                    Raised On Country                                   RCA
     Chris Young                    The Man I Want To Be                                RCA
     Chris Young                    Drowning                                            RCA
     Chris Young                    Think Of You                                        RCA
     Chris Young                    You're Gonna Love Me                                RCA
     Chrissy June                   Don't Send Him Back To Me                           Sonic
     Christa Jordan                 Wanna Go With Me                                    HMG
     Christen Sawyer                Austin                                              CDTex
     Christi Bauer Lee              Working Girl's Dream                                Oak
     Christi Owens                  Everyday Miracle                                    Round Robin
     Christi Owens                  After Her Before You                                Christi Owens
     Christian Lopez                Will I See You Again                                Blaster
     Christian Ramsey               Forever's A Long Long Time                          Bogart/Missle
     Christian Ramsey               Innocent Little One                                 Bogart
     Christian Ramsey               Old Folks Know                                      Missile
     Christian Ramsey               Cold And Lonesome Life                              Bogart
     Christie Ann                   In America                                          HMG
     Christie Baker                 Love Don't Even Know My Name                        Tamara
     Christie Lynn                  I've Cried My Last Tear Over You                    Gusto
     Christie Lynn                  Lonely Sounds Of Night                              Gusto
     Christie Lynn                  Beneath Te Sweet Magnolia Tree                      Gusto
     Christie Lytnn                 Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree                     Gusto
     Christina Dawn                 Little People                                       Doorknob
     Christina Smith                Chocolate                                           Doorknob
     Christine Albert               After All These Years                               MoonHouse
     Christine Catherine            Once In A Lifetime                                  CC
     Christine Catherine            Ruby Slippers                                       HotDisc
     Christine Catherine            These Arms Of Mine                                  CC
     Christine Catherine            I Only Called To Say Goodbye Again                  CC
     Christine Catherine            Right Here Right Now                                CC
     Christine Catherine            Heartbreak Letters                                  Comstock
     Christine Kane                 Whole Other World                                   Firepink
     Christine Mims                 Under Your Spell                                    CDTex
     Christine Mims                 Don't Touch Me                                      Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Cry Me A River                                      Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Perfect For A Rainy Day                             Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Invitation                                          Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 I've Had It With You                                Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Lonely Street                                       Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Ain't Had No Lovin'                                 Yellow Rose
     Christine Mims                 Cold Cold War                                       Yellow Rose
     Christine Rosander             Love Me The Way I Am                                Devcal
     Christine Rosander             That's How The Story Goes                           Devcal
     Christine Saunders             Five And Dime                                       Real
     Christine Van Hoy              High Octane Crazy                                   Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Life Is Good                                        Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Change                                              Big 7
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 136
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Christine Van Hoy              Margarita Miracle                                   Big 7 
     Christine Van Hoy              Happy Town                                          Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              You = Home                                          Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              I Don't Wanna Own Your Body                         Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Butterfly Girl                                      Big7
     Christine Van Hoy              Again                                               Big7
     Christine Van Hoy              Some Girls                                          Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Love Me                                             Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Rainbow                                             Big7
     Christine Van Hoy              I Can't Believe                                     Big7
     Christine Van Hoy              Nothing Left                                        Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Not Goin' Away                                      Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              You = Home                                          Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Happy Town                                          Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Nothin' Left                                        Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Evidently Not                                       Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              I Don't                                             Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              What I Live For                                     Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Not Goin' Away                                      Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Tonight Is Falling                                  Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Everyday Hero                                       Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              If Only                                             Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy              Young At Heart                                      Big 7
     Christine Van Hoy/Jason Campbellever Loved Somebody                                SR
     Christopher Ames               All Again                                           SR
     Christopher Denny              Watch Me Shine                                      Partisan
     Christopher Denny              I Still Miss Someone                                SR
     Christopher Denny              Time                                                SR
     Christopher Loid               Not On My Watch                                     RR
     Christopher Michael Johnson    Ready Or Not                                        Scena
     Christopher Michael Johnson    The Day We Changed The Rules                        Lofton Creek
     Christopher Michael Johnson    The Ride                                            Scena
     Christopher Michael Johnson    Rockin' Robin                                       Big Dog
     Christopher Michael Johnson    You're Invited                                      Lofton Creek
     Christopher Wayne Morris       It Woulbn't Be Christmas Without You                Evergreen
     Christopher Wayne Morris       Small Town                                          Evergreen
     Christy                        Never Walk Alone                                    House Of Tunes
     Christy Barber                 He Won't Let Go                                     Lamon
     Christy Bowles                 Need You                                            Midland
     Christy Clayton                One More Bottle                                     Desert Funk
     Christy Hays                   Those Who Wait                                      NMR
     Christy Sutherland             Freedom                                             Epic
     Chubby Checker                 From Here 'Til Eternity                             Teec
     Chubby Checker                 Lookin' For Me                                      Red
     Chubby Checker                 You're Just What I Needed                           Teec
     Chubby Checker                 Rowdy Country Boys Like Me                          Teec
     Chubby Checker                 Honky Tonk Girls                                    Teec
     Chubby Checker                 The Other Side Of Nashville                         Teec
     Chubby Checker                 The Texas Twist                                     Teec
     Chubby Checker/Dee Dee Sharp   Slow Twistin'                                       Teec
     Chubby Knuckle Choir           Gone                                                Smith
     Chuck Allen Floyd              I'm Not That Drunk Yet                              CDTex
     Chuck Allen Floyd              I Love You Drunk                                    CDTex
     Chuck Berry                    Big Boys                                            Dualtone
     Chuck Brodsky                  Stand Up Guy                                        SR
     Chuck Brodsky                  Stand Up Guy                                        SR
     Chuck Day                      If I Were In Your Shoes                             Canyon Creek
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 137
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chuck Day                      You Can Always Come Back Home                       HMG   
     Chuck Day                      Hand Full Of Weeds                                  HMG
     Chuck Day                      He No Longer Signs My Paycheck                      SR
     Chuck Day                      I'll Stand Up & Say So                              HMG
     Chuck Day                      I Thank God For My Woman                            HMG
     Chuck Day                      I Love You                                          PSM
     Chuck Day/James Payne          Low Enough                                          HMG
     Chuck Drum                     Land Of Opportunity                                 CdTex
     Chuck Goudie                   Blue Side Of Town                                   TKO
     Chuck Goudie                   Too Far Gone                                        TKE
     Chuck Gray                     Words To My Song
     Chuck Hancock                  They Don't Stay Little                              HMG
     Chuck Hancock                  Just Can't One Night Stand It                       Doorknob
     Chuck Hancock                  His Love Paints A Picture                           HMG
     Chuck Hancock                  Me & My Counsience Disagree                         SR
     Chuck Hancock                  That's Where I Was                                  HMG
     Chuck Hancock                  Can't Make It Past Your Memory                      CH
     Chuck Hancock                  Jesus Broke That Bottle                             HMG
     Chuck Hancock                  Through The Eyes Of A Fool                          CH
     Chuck Hancock                  Just Can't Get The Texas Out Of Me                  HotDisc
     Chuck Hancock                  Too Drunk To Drive                                  HotDisc
     Chuck Hancock                  I'd Settle For A Dirt Road                          Gospel Jukebox
     Chuck Hancock                  All The Way                                         Canyon Creek
     Chuck Hancock                  On A Personal Note                                  CH
     Chuck Hancock                  I'd Settle For A Dirt Road                          Canyon Creek
     Chuck Hancock                  Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)            SR
     Chuck Hancock                  Beer Bottles                                        SR
     Chuck Howard                   I've Come Back (To Say I Love You One More Time)
     Chuck Johnson                  Sway                                                Little King
     Chuck Maultsby                 Hundred Miles From Denver                           Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 Red Hot Women & Ice Cold Beer                       Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 See The Sunshine                                    Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 You Only Say You Love Me When You're Drunk          Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 Breen Drinkin' & Hell Raisin'                       Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 Hurtin' For Certain                                 Wagon Tracks
     Chuck Maultsby                 Beer Drinkin' & Hell Raisin'                        Wagon Tracks
     Chuck McCabe                   Holidaze                                            SR
     Chuck Mead                     I'm Not The Man For The Job                         Plowboy
     Chuck Mead                     Ain't Nothin' Like The Love Of A Woman              Plowboy
     Chuck Mead                     Anytime                                             SR
     Chuck Mead                     The Man Who Shook The World                         Plowboy
     Chuck Micallef                 The Moon The Stars & The Sun                        Hot Disc
     Chuck Micallef                 Loving You                                          Sharp
     Chuck Murphy                   How Many Times                                      SR
     Chuck Price                    Cheatin' Again
     Chuck Prophet                  Small Town Girl                                     YepRoc
     Chuck Prophet                  Smallest Man in The World                           New West
     Chuck Prophet                  Wish Me Luck                                        YepRoc
     Chuck Prophet                  Would You Love Me?                                  YepRoc
     Chuck Pyle                     Think I'll Go To Texas                              Bee n Flower
     Chuck Pyle                     Why Pretend                                         Bee n Flower
     Chuck Pyle                     Cowboy's Cristmas Dream                             Bee n Flower
     Chuck Pyle                     If Not Now                                          Bee n Flower
     Chuck Schaeffer                Son                                                 SR
     Chuck Schaeffer                The Way Love Goes                                   SR
     Chuck Schaeffer                Three Years Ago                                     SR
     Chuck Schriver                 Friends Behind Bars                                 Song1
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 138
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Chuck Shriver                  Woman Saved Man                                     Song1 
     Chuck Suchy                    Hold On                                             High Horse
     Chuck Suchy                    Oh Darlin'                                          High Horse
     Chuck Suchy                    Cryin'                                              High Horse
     Chuck Thomas                   Quit The Drinking                                   SR
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       That's Love                                         Lyric Street
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       White Lightnin'                                     Lyric Street
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       Honky Tonk Man                                      Lyric Street
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       Cupid                                               Lyric Street
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       Beauty's In The Eye Of The Beerholder               Lyric Street
     Chuck Wagon & The Wheels       Play That Country Music Cowboy                      Lyric Street
     Chuck Wicks                    Stealing Cinderella                                 RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    Hold That Thought                                   RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    Man Of The House                                    RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    All I Ever Wanted                                   RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    What If You Stay                                    RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    Hold That Thought                                   RCA
     Chuck Wicks                    Old School                                          RCA
     Chuckanut Drive                Ain't Much Action                                   Ragtown
     Chuckanut Drive                Ain't Much Action                                   ADC
     Chuckanut Drive                Eight Days                                          Ragtown
     Chuckanut Drive                Kickin' In Your Door                                Ragtown
     Chuckanut Drive                Won't Get You Anything                              Ragtown
     Chuckanut Drive                You Cross My Mind                                   Ragtown
     Churchmen                      In His Arms                                         Pinecastle
     Chute Nine                     Every Breath You Take                               Audio Grind
     Chute Nine                     Mexican Dog                                         Audio Grind
     Chute Nine                     Merry Xmas See You Later                            CN
     Chute Nine                     Hound Dog                                           Audio Grind
     Chute Nine                     Call That Girl                                      Audio Grind
     Chyrslyn Lee                   How Good You Had It                                 Song1
     Cimarron                       Not Thru Breakin' My HeART
     Cimarron                       Can't You Just Stay Gone                            Alpine
     Cimarron                       Almost                                              Alpine
     Cimarron                       Stone Country
     Cindy Boehler                  One Step                                            HMG
     Cindy Bullens                  In A Perfect World                                  MC
     Cindy Bullens                  Jellico Highway                                     Blue Lobster
     Cindy Bullens                  The Misty Hills Of Tennessee                        MC
     Cindy Bullens                  Whistles & Bells                                    MC
     Cindy Cain                     You Were Listening To The Singer
     Cindy Cashdollar               Sliding Home                                        Silver Shot
     Cindy Cashdollar               Midnight In Amarillo                                Lazy SOB
     Cindy Cashdollar               Twin Guitar Special                                 Silver Shot
     Cindy Lee Alden                Black Coffee                                        HMG
     Cindy Lu                       Don't You Think                                     WRP
     Cindy Lu                       Heartaches By The Number                            WRP
     Cindy Lu                       Crazy                                               WRP
     Cindy Lu                       Walkin' After Midnite                               WRP
     Cindy Lu                       Honky Tonk Songs                                    MTM
     Cindy Lu                       Stop Confusin' Me                                   Song1
     Cindy Lu                       Angry Heart Cryin' (Edit)                           CLC
     Cindy Lu                       Til I Get It Right                                  WRP
     Cindy Lu                       Guess I Didn't See It Coming                        WRP
     Cindy Lu                       It's Killing Me (Edit)                              CLC
     Cindy Lu                       And Then I Met You                                  Song1
     Cindy Lu                       Angry Heart Cryin'
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 139
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cindy Lu                       Two Sides                                           MTM   
     Cindy Lu                       And Then I Met You (Edit)                           CLC
     Cindy Lu                       Keep On Playin' The Game                            CLC
     Cindy Lu                       It's A Girl Thing                                   MTM
     Cindy Lu                       It's Killing Me
     Cindy Lu                       Stop Confusin' Me (Edit)                            CLC
     Cindy Lu                       Every Life Tells A Story                            Song1
     Cindy Moore                    Sarah Said                                          Norca
     Cindy Standage                 Boulder To Birmingham                               Western Heart
     Circle In A Square             Spin You 'Round                                     Couch Potatoe
     Circle In A Square             Only For A Moment                                   Couch Potatoe
     Circle In A Square             Only For A Moment                                   Couch Potatoe
     Circuit Riders                 The Fall                                            Pinecastle
     Circuit Riders                 Mama What Does Heaven Look Like There               Pinecastle
     Cissie Lynn                    Memories Get In The Way                             Mega
     Cissie Lynn                    Memories                                            Mega
     Cissie Lynn                    I'm The Daughter Of The Coal Miner's Daughter       Mega Int'l
     Cissy McCaa                    Snow Wonder                                         MTM
     Cissy McCaa                    You're On The Wrong Track                           MTM
     Cissy McCaa                    Don't Get Hung By Your Tongue                       MTM
     CJ Garton                      Away I Go                                           Reynard
     CJ Solar                       Airplane                                            Rock the South
     CJ Solar                       American Girls                                      SR
     CJ Solar                       Just Another Day In The Country                     SR
     CJ Teffner                     Crazy Train                                         SR
     CJ Teffner                     Please Forgive Me                                   SR
     Claire Lynch                   How Many Moons                                      Compass
     Claire Lynch                   Be Ready To Sail                                    Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   Once The Teardrops Start To Fall                    Compass
     Claire Lynch                   Train Long Gone                                     Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   Hey Lonesome                                        Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   I'll Be Alright Tomorrow                            Compass
     Claire Lynch                   Sweethearts Again                                   Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   I Don't Have To Dream                               Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   I'm Movin'                                          Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   Everybody Knows I've Been Crying                    Compass
     Claire Lynch                   If Wishes Were Horses                               Rounder
     Claire Lynch                   Fallin' In Love                                     Rounder
     Claire Petrie                  You Never Can Tell                                  Playback
     Claire Small                   99 Miles From L.A.                                  Lazy SOB
     Clare Dunn                     Get Out                                             SR
     Clare Dunn                     More                                                Red Bow
     Clarence Nieman                I Thought I Heard Your Name
     Clarence Nieman                Shadows Of My Pride
     Clarice Rose                   You Should See The Way He Loves Me                  Majera
     Clarice Rose                   A Mile A Minute                                     Majera
     Clarice Rose                   Steady As She Goes                                  Majera
     Clarice Rose                   I Never Knew Love                                   Majera
     Clarice Rose                   You Better Not Hurt Me`                             Majera
     Clarice Rose                   I Can't Find My Dancin' Shoes                       Majera
     Clarice Rose                   Was She Worth My Heart?                             Majera
     Clarice Rose                   What's A Good Heart Worth?                          Majera
     Clarice Rose                   Me Without You                                      Majera
     Clark Ford                     I Don't Want To Work Today                          TSP
     Clark/Steelman                 Over The Years                                      Hi-Time
     Clark/Steelman                 Heaven In Your Heart                                Hi-Time
     Clark/Steelman                 A Matter Of Time                                    Hi-Time
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 140
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Class Of '55                   Coming Home                                               
     Claude Davis                   Another Pretty Day                                  MTM
     Claude Davis                   But You Will                                        MTM
     Claude Diamond                 I Waited Too Long                                   Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Sweaty Limbs                                        Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Sweet Memory                                        Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Her Old Address                                     Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 These Tears Are For You                             Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Big Boy Toys                                        Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Highway Of Life                                     Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Someone I Need                                      Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Half My Doublewide                                  Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Second Hand Soul                                    Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 I'd Rather Have My Memories                         Vettset
     Claude Diamond                 Nashville Train                                     CD
     Claude Diamond                 North Of Exit Ten                                   Vettset
     Claude Gray                    Daddy Stopped In
     Claude Gray                    So Sad
     Claude Gray                    Who Sent Me Ex To Texas
     Claude Gray                    How Fast Them Trucks Can Go
     Claude Gray                    Late Cup Of Coffee
     Claude Gray                    Storms Never Last                                   Pretty World
     Claude Gray                    We Could
     Claude Gray                    Whoever Finds This,I Love You
     Claude Gray                    Wonder Who She Missed Me With
     Claude Gray                    Family Bible
     Claude Gray                    I'll Have A Cup Of Coffee (Then I'l
     Claude Gray                    Take Off Time
     Claude Gray                    Mean Old Woman
     Claude Gray                    I Just Want To Be Alone
     Claude Gray                    If I Ever Need A Lady
     Claude Gray                    Rockin' My Memories To Sleep
     Claude Gray                    My Ears Should Burn
     Claude Gray                    Something Special
     Claude Gray                    I Never Had The One I Wanted
     Claude Gray                    Sweet Caroline
     Claude King                    Wobble Water
     Claude King                    There's A Cowboy In The White House                 Sun
     Claude King                    Wolverton Mountain
     Claude King                    The Burning Of Atlanta
     Claude King                    Times & Things Keep Changin'
     Claude King                    Sheepskin Valley
     Claude King                    The Comancheros
     Claude King                    Big River Big Man
     Claude King                    Tiger Woman
     Claude King                    Sam Hill
     Claude King                    Friend Lover Woman Wife
     Claude King                    All For The Love Of A Girl
     Claude King                    He Ain't Country
     Claude King                    I've Got The World By The Tail
     Claude King                    Catch A Little Raindrop
     Claude Walton                  Need Your Lovin' Pretty Woman                       Western Heart
     Claude Walton                  Seining Angels In                                   SR
     Claude Walton                  Til The End Of Time                                 Western Heart
     Claude Walton                  Hello Dreams                                        Western Heart
     Claude Walton                  Master's Boquet                                     SR`6
     Claude Walton                  Why Did Jesus Carry The Cross                       NCM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 141
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Claude Walton                  I Was Hurt Before You Left                          Western Heart
     Claude Walton                  Forty & Foxy                                        Western Heart
     Claude Walton                  Livin' In Doubt                                     Killer
     Claude Walton                  Roulette Wheel                                      Killer
     Claude Walton                  I Told MY Heart A Lie                               CW
     Claude Walton                  New Love On My Mind                                 CW
     Claude Walton                  Nothing Flows Like Heavenly Water                   SR
     Claude Walton                  Sinigin' My Heart Out                               SR
     Claude Walton                  You Can't Walk In The Garden                        SR
     Claude Walton                  My DJ                                               Coast
     Claude Walton                  Split Things 50/50                                  Genmar
     Claude Walton                  Curly Headed Chick                                  CW
     Claude Walton                  Hello Dreams                                        Genmar
     Claude Walton                  Need Your Lovin' Pretty Woman                       Genmar
     Claude Walton                  Kissin' Gas                                         Coast
     Claudette Pinard               A Mother's Rose                                     CPR
     Claudia Church                 Home In My Heart (North Carolina)
     Claudia Lee                    Hollywood Sunset                                    CLM
     Claudia Nygaard                Twelve Little Red Heartaches                        Bet The Ranch
     Claudia Nygaard                I Want To Touch You                                 Bet The Ranch
     Claudia Nygaard                Georgia Boy                                         Bet The Ranch
     Claudia Nygaard                I Don't Need A Man                                  Round Tower
     Claudia Russell                You Are The Light                                   Radio Rhythm
     Claudia Russell                These Shoes                                         Radio Rhythm
     Clay Aiken                     For Having You To Love                              N&N
     Clay Blaker                    This House Has No Doors                             Neobilly
     Clay Blaker                    A Honky Tonk Heart (And A Hillbilly
     Clay Blaker                    The Dark Side Of Town                               BGM
     Clay Blaker                    Big River                                           NeoBilly
     Clay Blaker                    I Really Don't Know Me Anymore                      NeoBilly
     Clay Blaker                    This Heart's Not Mine                               NeoBilly
     Clay Blaker                    If You Can't Take The Heat                          CDTex
     Clay Blaker                    It's Not Too Late                                   NeoBilly
     Clay Blaker                    Heart Of Glass
     Clay Blaker                    A Day Late And A Darlin' Short                      NeoBilly
     Clay Cooper                    Every Day It's Xmas                                 Table Rock
     Clay Davidson                  Unconditional                                       Virgin
     Clay Davidson                  I Can't Lie To Me                                   Virgin
     Clay Davidson                  Sometimes                                           Virgin
     Clay Dubose                    And She Cries                                       Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    If Your Heart Ain't Broke                           Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Captivated                                          Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Love You Two Times                                  Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Long Lonely Life                                    Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Crack in The Armor                                  Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Rewriting History                                   Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Good 'Ol Boy                                        Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Too Far From Heaven                                 Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    It Don't Get Any Better Than That                   Lazy River
     Clay Dubose                    Threw It All Away                                   Lazy River
     Clay Dustin                    I'll Take That Job                                  SR
     Clay Dustin                    The Good Lord Loves You                             HMG
     Clay Dustin                    The Devil Scared The Hell Out Of Me                 SR
     Clay Dustin                    The Good Lord Loves You                             615
     Clay Grayson                   Not Easy
     Clay Greenberg                 My Oklahoma                                         Home Grown
     Clay Greenberg                 Whenever I Fall Down                                Home Grown
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 142
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Clay Greenberg                 Our New Favorite Song                               Home Grown
     Clay Greenberg/Guy Clark       The House Song                                      Home  Grown
     Clay Hart                      Another Day Another Mile
     Clay Jeffreys                  The Cowboy Life                                     BCM
     Clay Jones                     Cold Sheets Of Rain                                 Rural Rhythm
     Clay McClinton                 Damage Is Done                                      Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Puttin' Down Roots                                  Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Whole Lotta Work                                    Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Beer Joint                                          Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Sound Of A Small Town                               Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Just Dropped In                                     Clayster
     Clay McClinton                 Just My Baby And Me                                 Clayster
     Clay Mills                     Crying Over You                                     Gag Order
     Clay Mobley                    Your Daddy's Town                                   SR
     Clay Parker/Jodi James         Every New Sky                                       EWM
     Clay Underwood                 God's Up To Something                               PCL
     Clay Underwood                 Behind These Walls                                  PCL
     Clay Walker                    Where Do I Go From You                              Curb
     Clay Walker                    Hypnotize The Moon                                  Giant
     Clay Walker                    Say No More                                         Giant
     Clay Walker                    All Wrapped Up In You                               Curb
     Clay Walker                    Jesse James                                         Curb
     Clay Walker                    One Two I Love You                                  Giant
     Clay Walker                    She Won't Be Lonely Long                            Curb
     Clay Walker                    All Wrapped Up In You                               Curb
     Clay Walker                    Feliz Navidad                                       WB
     Clay Walker                    Like We Never Said Goodbye                          Curb
     Clay Walker                    Dreamin' With My Eyes Open                          Giant
     Clay Walker                    Jesus Was A Country Boy                             RCA
     Clay Walker                    If You Ever Feel Like Loving Me Again               Giant
     Clay Walker                    Live Until I Die                                    Giant
     Clay Walker                    If I Could Make A Living                            Giant
     Clay Walker                    A Few Questions                                     RCA
     Clay Walker                    Where Do I Fit In The Picture                       Giant
     Clay Walker                    Blue Xmas
     Clay Walker                    My Heart Will Never Know                            Giant
     Clay Walker                    Fall                                                Asylum
     Clay Walker                    'Fore She Was Mama                                  Curb
     Clay Walker                    I Can't Sleep                                       RCA
     Clay Walker                    The Chain Of Love                                   Giant
     Clay Walker                    Please Come Home For Christmas                      WB
     Clay Walker                    Live Laugh Love
     Clay Walker                    She Likes It In The Morning                         Curb
     Clay Walker                    What's It To You                                    Giant
     Clay Walker                    Cowboy Xmas                                         Giant
     Clay Walker                    Once In A Lifetime Love                             Giant
     Clay Walker                    Watch This
     Clay Walker                    Ordinary People
     Clay Walker                    Rumor Has It                                        Giant
     Clayton Claxton                The Jukebox                                         Universal Sound
     Clayton Claxton                Back Pockets
     Clayton Gardner                Happy Ending                                        CDTex
     Clayton Gardner                I Won't Settle Down                                 CDTex
     Clayton Gardner                Don't Miss It                                       CDTex
     Clayton Landua                 Come Cover Me Up                                    ELP
     Clayton Landua                 Picture Of You                                      ELP
     Clayton Lee                    The Way You Make Me Feel                            CL
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 143
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Clayton Lee                    Broke Again                                         HotDisc
     Clayton Lee                    Between Here And There                              Hot Disc
     Clayton Lee/Teresa James       Happy Now                                           CL
     Clayton Michaels               I Don't Want To Know                                Stardust
     Clayton Michaels               My Make Believe World                               Stardust
     Clear Blue 22                  Wild In The West                                    Back To One
     Clear Blue 22                  This One's For What's His Name                      MTM
     Clear Blue 22                  The Devil In Me                                     MTM
     Clear Blue 22                  Through With You                                    MTM
     Clear Blue 22                  This One's For What's His Name                      MTM
     Clearwater Connection          Fast Freight                                        Oasis
     Cledus Maggard                 The White Knight
     Cledus Maggard                 270 Somethin'                                       Monument
     Cledus T. Judd                 Garth Must Be Busy                                  E1
     Cledus T. Judd                 Paycheck Woman                                      Koch
     Cledus T. Judd                 Make Me A Country Ham                               Koch
     Cledus T. Judd                 Waitin' On Obama                                    Koch
     Cledus T. Judd                 My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy                         Monument
     Cledus T. Judd                 Double D Cups                                       WB
     Cledus T. Judd                 Christmas In Rehab                                  E1
     Cledus T. Judd                 Martie,Emily & Natalie                              Audium
     Cledus T. Judd                 Honeymoon                                           WB
     Cledus T. Judd                 Tree's On Fire                                      Monument
     Cledus T. Judd                 Tiger By The Tail                                   E1
     Cleve Francis                  You Do My Heart Good
     Cleve Francis                  Love Light
     Cleve Francis                  Walkin'
     Cleve Francis                  Love Or The Lack There Of                           Liberty
     Cleve Francis                  I Won't Let You Walk Away                           Liberty
     Cleve Francis                  How Can I Hold You
     Cliff Austin                   My John Deere Tractor                               HotDisc
     Cliff Ayers                    Lonley Soldier                                      SR
     Cliff Beach                    Ran Out Of Reasons                                  Golden C
     Cliff Beach                    I Did It                                            Western Heart
     Cliff Beach                    So Blessed Easy                                     SR
     Cliff Beach                    Whatever Happened To The Goodhearted Women          NC
     Cliff Eberhardt                Let This Whole Thing Burn                           Red House
     Cliff Eberhardt                Have A Little Heart                                 Red House
     Cliff Lister                   Country Music High                                  Western Heart
     Cliff Lister                   Back In Time                                        CL
     Cliff Newton                   There's Nothing So Expensive
     Cliff Wagner                   Same Old Me                                         Wagco
     Cliff Wagner                   What Part Of Heaven                                 Wagco
     Cliff Wagner                   Lil White Chapel                                    Wagco
     Cliff Wagner                   You May Be Right                                    Wagco
     Clifford Peteresen             Why Did You Stop Loving Me                          HMG
     Clifton Janski                 The Shape I'm In                                    VTone
     Clifton Janski                 Like Coffee Needs A Cup                             HMG
     Clifton Janski                 Will You Love Me In The Morning
     Clifton Janski                 If You Can Hear Me Now                              CDtex
     Clifton Janski                 With This Ring                                      Vtone
     Clifton Jansky                 Just Enough Faith                                   HMG
     Cliint Miller                  It's A Grief                                        Miller Music
     Clint Alphin                   Blessed Are The Rich                                SR
     Clint Black                    State Of Mind                                       RCA
     Clint Black                    Long Cool Woman                                     Equity
     Clint Black                    Iraq And Roll                                       CB
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 144
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Clint Black                    Life Gets Away                                      RCA   
     Clint Black                    Nothing's News
     Clint Black                    Nobody's Home
     Clint Black                    Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic                        Equity
     Clint Black                    Half The Man
     Clint Black                    We Tell Ourselves
     Clint Black                    Walkin' Away
     Clint Black                    One Emotion                                         RCA
     Clint Black                    Christmas With You                                  Equity
     Clint Black                    A Bad Goodbye                                       RCA
     Clint Black                    My Imagination                                      Equity
     Clint Black                    You Don't Need Me Now
     Clint Black                    Something That We Do                                RCA
     Clint Black                    Heartaches                                          Equity
     Clint Black                    Who I Use To Be                                     RCA
     Clint Black                    When I Said I Do                                    RCA
     Clint Black                    Milk And Cookies                                    Equity
     Clint Black                    A Better Man
     Clint Black                    Killin' Time
     Clint Black                    Like The Rain                                       RCA
     Clint Black                    Burn One Down                                       RCA
     Clint Black                    Untanglin' My Mind
     Clint Black                    Where Are You Now                                   RCA
     Clint Black                    Spend My Time                                       Equity
     Clint Black                    Loving Blind                                        RCA
     Clint Black                    Money or Love                                       RCA
     Clint Black                    One More Payment                                    RCA
     Clint Black                    Put Yourself In My Shoes                            RCA
     Clint Black                    Half Way Up                                         RCA
     Clint Black                    Code Of The West                                    Equity
     Clint Black                    Hand In The Fire                                    RCA
     Clint Black                    A Good Run Of Bad Luck
     Clint Black                    Nothing But The Taillite
     Clint Black                    Where Your Love Won't Go                            RCA
     Clint Black                    Love She Can't Live Without                         RCA
     Clint Black                    Rainbow In The Rain                                 Equity
     Clint Black                    The Strong One                                      Equity
     Clint Black                    Til Santa's Gone
     Clint Black                    The Shoes You're Wearing
     Clint Black                    A Beautiful Day                                     Weir Bths.
     Clint Black                    No Time To Kill
     Clint Black/Lisa Hartman       Easy For Me Say                                     RCA
     Clint Black/Ray Herndon        A Grain Of Salt                                     Compendia
     Clint Black/Roy Rogers         Hold On Partner                                     RCA
     Clint Black/Steve Wariner      Been There                                          RCA
     Clint Daniels                  The Letter ( Almost Home)                           Epic
     Clint Daniels                  A Fool's Progress
     Clint Eastwood                 Cowboy In A 3 Piece Suit
     Clint Eastwood                 Rowdy                                               Parkway
     Clint Martin                   West Side Of The Tracks                             Run Wild
     Clint Martin                   The Lady She Is                                     CDTex
     Clint Martin                   West Side Of The Tracks                             CDTex
     Clint Martin                   I Love Being Me                                     Glory Train
     Clint Martin                   Old Time #7 Whiskey                                 CDTex
     Clint Miller                   Over The Next Hill                                  Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   Mountain Lady                                       Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   My Sun                                              Hot Disc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 145
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Clint Miller                   As Much As I Can                                    Hot Disc
     Clint Miller                   Christ In Our Christmas                             Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   Back In Memphis                                     Stardust
     Clint Miller                   All Over Again                                      Miller Music
     Clint Miller                   Back In Memphis                                     Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   Fools Like Me                                       HotDisc
     Clint Miller                   What Do I Care                                      HotDisc
     Clint Miller                   Back To The Future                                  Stardust
     Clint Miller                   My Heart's In Tennessee                             Miller Music
     Clint Miller                   I Love This Country`                                Glory Train
     Clint Miller                   Ball & Chain                                        Miller
     Clint Miller                   Fools Like Me                                       Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   I've Got A New Heartache                            Western Heart
     Clint Miller                   Christ In Our Christmas                             Stardust
     Clint Taylor                   Boots                                               CTR
     Clinton Gardner                Something About You                                 CDTex
     Clinton Gregory                Bridges                                             Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                Christmas In Virgina
     Clinton Gregory                The Gulf & The Shell
     Clinton Gregory                Couldn't Love Have Picked A Better Place To Die
     Clinton Gregory                Xmas Is For Kids                                    Double E
     Clinton Gregory                Play Ruby Play                                      WHP
     Clinton Gregory                Look Who's Needing Who
     Clinton Gregory                Satisfy Me And I'll Satisfy You
     Clinton Gregory                You Didn't Miss A Thing
     Clinton Gregory                Play Ruby Play
     Clinton Gregory                Who Needs It
     Clinton Gregory                Writings On The Wall                                Daddio
     Clinton Gregory                Peace On Earth Again                                Melody Round Up
     Clinton Gregory                My Heart Can't Take This Beating Anymore            Step One
     Clinton Gregory                If It Weren't For Country Music I'd Go Crazy
     Clinton Gregory                The New                                             Double E
     Clinton Gregory                One Shot At A Time
     Clinton Gregory                She Did                                             Melody Round Up
     Clinton Gregory                Let Love Do The Talkin'
     Clinton Gregory                In The Meantime                                     Twang Thang
     Clinton Gregory                A Place To Fall Apart                               Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                For Crying Out Loud                                 Western Heart
     Clinton Gregory                Making Ends Meet                                    Music Row Records
     Clinton Gregory                When You Send An Angel A Letter                     Western Heart
     Clinton Gregory                Rockin' The Country
     Clinton Gregory                Too Much Ain't Enough                               Melodsy Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                I Never Go Around Mirrors                           Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                She Takes The Sad Out Of Sat. Nite
     Clinton Gregory                Roots Of My Raising                                 Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                A-11                                                Polydor
     Clinton Gregory                You Smile                                           Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory                Blue Xmas
     Clinton Gregory/Collin Raye    Some Real Good People                               SR
     Clinton Gregory/Ira Dean       You Can't Hide High                                 Melody Roundup
     Clinton Gregory/Kiberly Dahme  Higher Ground                                       Melody Roundup
     Clive Culbertson               Broken Heart                                        HotDisc
     Clive John                     September                                           HotDisc
     Clive John                     In A Whisper                                        HotDisc
     Clive John                     Running Away Again                                  CJR
     Clive John                     Bad Man                                             HotDisc
     Clive John                     Cigarettes & Coffee                                 HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 146
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Clive John                     These Hills                                         HotDisc
     Clive John                     Excuse Me If I Cry                                  HotDisc
     Clive John                     Time                                                HotDisc
     Clive John                     In A Whisper                                        Tandem
     Clive John                     City Of New Orleans                                 HotDisc
     Clive John                     Running Away Again                                  HotDisc
     Clive John                     I Hope You Dance                                    HotDisc
     Clive John                     Understanding Man                                   HotDisc
     Clive John                     Purple Sky                                          HotDisc
     Clive John                     The Spirit                                          HotDisc
     Clive John                     I Still Want You                                    Silver Heart
     Clive John                     The Wolves Cry                                      CJR
     Clive John                     Daddy Sang Bass                                     HotDisc
     Clive John/Jill Schoonjans     Fools In Love                                       HotDisc
     Cloverdayle                    Like We Were Kids Again                             SR
     Clumsy Lovers                  Don't Worry                                         Netwerk
     Clumsy Lovers                  Spiders & Snakes                                    Netwerk
     Clumsy Lovers                  Bobby Banjo                                         Netwerk
     Clyde Bowman                   Today                                               EHK
     Clyde Bowman                   'Cause I Love You                                   Moonglow
     Clyde Bowman                   My Guitar Dog & Me                                  Moon Glow
     Clyde Masten III               Girl I Want You                                     Outback
     Clyde Masten III               Still We Wonder                                     Outback
     Clyde Masten III               The Fool                                            Outback
     Clyde Masten III               Stop The World                                      Outback
     Clyde Moody                    California Dreams
     Clyde Robertson                Boy From Boston
     Clyton Gardner                 Tabel For Two                                       CDTex
     Coal Harbor                    She's Gotta Right
     Coal Men                       Lonely                                              Vaskaleedez
     Coal Men                       Can't Thank You Enough                              Vaskalledez
     Coalmen Kids                   Roses                                               Funzalo
     Coalmen Kids                   Houston Memory                                      Funzalo
     Coalmen Kids                   So Long                                             Funzalo
     Coaltown                       Better Off Blind                                    SR
     Coaltrain                      I'll Give You Time                                  Reptile
     Coaltrain                      Burn The Last Honky Tonk Down                       Reptile
     Coaltrain                      Comin' Back To You                                  Reptile
     Coaltrain                      Lucky                                               Slippy Fist
     Coaltrain                      Don't Judge Me                                      Reptile
     Coastline                      65 South                                            SR
     Coastline                      As Long As You Are There                            SR
     Coco  O'Connor                 This Ol ' War                                       SR
     Coco & Lafe                    Words                                               SkyHunter
     Codie Prevost                  Call Me When You Get There                          SR
     Codie Prevost                  Shinin' River                                       MTM
     Codie Prevost                  Christmas In The Country                            MTM
     Codie Prevost                  Next Weekend                                        MTM
     Codie Prevost                  He's Not Me                                         MTM
     Codie Prevost                  Breathtaking                                        306
     Codie Prevost                  The Road Ahead                                      MTM
     Codie Prevost                  A Million Miles Away                                MTM
     Codie Prevost                  Spin                                                SR
     Cody Abbott                    Dam This River                                      CDTex
     Cody Austin                    The Coldest Nite Since 1951
     Cody Austin                    Feelin' More Haggard Than Merle
     Cody Dooley                    She's Too Good At Doing (All The Wrong Things)      Castle
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 147
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cody Hicks                     Left Turn                                           SR    
     Cody Hicks                     In The Morning                                      SR
     Cody Hicks                     Left Turn                                           SR
     Cody Huber                     Get Rhythm                                          Stardust
     Cody Huber                     Understand Your Man                                 Stardust
     Cody Jinks                     Colorado                                            Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     Somewhere Between I Love You And I'm Leavin'        Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     Must Be The Whisky                                  Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     7th Floor                                           Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     We Get By                                           CDTex
     Cody Jinks                     Head Case                                           Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     Lifers                                              Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     Desert Wind                                         Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     No Words                                            Cody Jinks Music
     Cody Jinks                     Stranger                                            Rounder
     Cody Jinks                     Ready For The Times To Get Better                   SR
     Cody Jinks                     Glad To Say                                         CDTex
     Cody Jinks                     What Else Is New                                    SR
     Cody Jinks                     Cast No Stones                                      SR
     Cody Joe Hodges                Hellbent On Loving You                              Lamon
     Cody Joe Hodges                Getting Back To Country                             CDTex
     Cody Joe Hodges                One More Drink                                      CDTex
     Cody Johnson                   On My Way To You                                    Cojo
     Cody Johnson                   Nothin' On You                                      Warner
     Cody Johnson                   Wild As You                                         Cojo
     Cody Johnson                   With You I Am                                       Cojo
     Cody Kouba                     Let It Be                                           SSM
     Cody McCarver                  White Trash With Money                              MTM
     Cody McCarver                  Red Flag                                            Aspirion
     Cody McCarver                  Look What You've Done                               MTM
     Cody McCarver                  Thru God's Eyes                                     PLC
     Cody McCarver                  Tonight's The Night                                 MTM
     Cody Morris                    Nothing Between Us At All                           Doorknob
     Cody Morris                    Will You Dream On My Pillow Tonite                  Doorknob
     Cody Prevost                   One Of Those Days                                   SR
     Cody Prevost                   Xmas In The Country                                 305
     Cody Prevost                   Someday                                             On Ramp
     Cody Rhodes                    This Jukebox Must Be Stoned                         CDTex
     Cody Riley                     Something I Wrote                                   CDTex
     Cody Wayne                     TakeMe Drunk                                        CDTex
     Cody Webb                      More Than A Little                                  Monument
     Cody Webb                      Nothin' On You                                      Monument
     Cody Widner                    Feel Again                                          CWP
     Cody Widner                    When The Smoke Clears                               CWP
     Cody Widner                    Mirrors Don't Lie                                   CWP
     Cody Widner                    Back In The Swing Of Things                         CWP
     Cody Widner                    Rosie                                               CWP
     Cody Widner                    Chicago                                             CWP
     Cody Widner                    Drinkin' Doubles                                    Dreamkeeper
     Cody Widner                    Cowboys Don't Cry                                   CWP
     Cody Widner                    Angel In My Arms                                    CWP
     Cody Widner                    Still On My Mind                                    CWP
     Cody Widner                    Look What A Fool                                    CWP
     Cody Widner                    God's Pocket                                        CWP
     Cody Widner                    He's Right Where I Belong                           CWP
     Cody Widner                    A Honky Tonky Heart                                 CWP
     Coffey Anderson                Bud Light Blue                                      HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 148
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Colbie Caillat                 Mistletoe                                           Republic
     Colby Dee                      He Don't Know                                       Donard
     Cold Beer & Broads             Summer Girl                                         SR
     Cold Beer & The Broads         Get Me Home By Xmas Eve                             SR
     Coldplay                       Speed Of Sound                                      Capitol
     Coldplay                       The Hardest Part                                    Capitol
     Coldwater Jane                 Bring On The Love                                   Mercury
     Cole Deggs                     I Got More                                          Columbia
     Cole Deggs                     Girl Next Door                                      Columbia
     Cole Deggs                     Girl Next Door                                      Columbia
     Cole Garrity                   Headin For Dixie                                    Airplay Int'l
     Cole Mitchell                  Big As Denver                                       Wasteland
     Cole Mitchell                  In A Blue Room                                      Wasteland
     Cole Porter                    Not A Day Goes By                                   Title
     Cole Porter                    I Can See Arkansas                                  Title
     Cole Swindell                  Middle Of A Memory                                  WB
     Cole Swindell                  Chillin' It                                         WB
     Cole Swindell                  Flatliner                                           WB
     Cole Swindell                  Love You Too Late                                   WB
     Cole Swindell                  Ain't Worth The Whiskey                             WB
     Cole Swindell                  You Should Be Here                                  WB
     Cole Swindell                  Hope You Get Lonely Tonight                         WB
     Cole Swindell                  Stay Downtown                                       WB
     Cole Swindell                  Break Up In The End                                 WB
     Cole Swindell                  Let Me See Ya Girl                                  WB
     Cole Washburn                  The Widow                                           SR
     Colean McKillop                Listen To Your Heart                                SR
     Coleman Brothers               Golden Tears                                        Fishing Hole
     Coleman Brothers               What If                                             Fishing Hole
     Coleman Brothers               Back On The Farm                                    PVI
     Coleman Brothers               Ghost Town                                          SR
     Coleman Brothers               Back On The Farm                                    SR
     Coleman Brothers               Getting Over You                                    CDTex
     Coleman Brothers               Do You Know                                         Fishing Hole
     Coleman Brothers               Beer Thirty                                         PVI
     Coleman Brothers               Lonely In The Lonestar State                        PVI
     Coleman Brothers               So Much Better Now                                  PVI
     Coleman Brothers               Pillow Talking                                      PVI
     Coleman Brothers               Firefighter                                         SR
     Coleman Brothers               Gettin' Over You                                    Fishing Hole
     Coleman Brothers               Lonely In The Lonestar State                        Fishing Hole
     Coleman Brothers               Online Dating                                       PVI
     Coleman Brothers               Mama Don't You Grab That Switch                     PVI
     Coleman Wilson                 Passing Zone Blues                                  King
     Coley McCabe/Andy Griggs       Grow Young With You                                 RCA
     Colin Axwell                   That Guy                                            SR
     Colin Clark                    Ways Of A Woman In Love                             CC
     Colin Clark                    Ghost Riders In The Sky                             CC
     Colin Clark                    There Ain't One Tomorrow                            Western Heart
     Colin Clark                    The Last Train Home To Georgia                      CCR
     Colin Clark                    Trucking Back Home to Texas                         Western Heart
     Colin Clark                    When Mama Prayed                                    Desert Kid
     Colin Clark                    Ghost Riders In The Sky                             Western Heart
     Colin Clark                    Four States To Go                                   CC
     Colin Gilmore                  Raindrops In July                                   SR
     Colin Linden                   Without The One You Love                            Accord
     Colin Linden/Lee Roy Parnell   Away Way Too Long                                   Accord
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 149
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Colin Paul                     Still Nineteen                                      Jagar 
     Colin Paul                     Painted It Blue                                     SR
     Colin Paul                     Modern Country                                      Jagar
     Colin Wilson                   Never Ending Road                                   Tabitha
     Colleen Petersen               1942
     Colleen Sexton/Janis Ian       Mean Streak                                         Accord
     Collin Mills                   Long Time Coming                                    Lamon
     Collin Mills                   Because Of You                                      Lamon
     Collin Raye                    I Think About You
     Collin Raye                    What The Heart Wants
     Collin Raye                    Mid Life Chrysler                                   SR
     Collin Raye                    Not That Different
     Collin Raye                    Somebody Else's Moon                                Epic
     Collin Raye                    Hurricane Jane                                      Aspirion
     Collin Raye                    One Boy,One Girl
     Collin Raye                    You Still Take Me There                             Epic
     Collin Raye                    The Gift
     Collin Raye                    If I Were You
     Collin Raye                    I Know That's Right                                 Aspirion
     Collin Raye                    A Soldier's Prayer                                  Star Pointe
     Collin Raye                    Little Rock
     Collin Raye                    All I Can Be(Is A Sweet Memory)
     Collin Raye                    Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That Away From Me           Epic
     Collin Raye                    Every Second
     Collin Raye                    Cold Cold Heart
     Collin Raye                    Quitters                                            Star Pointe
     Collin Raye                    Open Arms
     Collin Raye                    Start Over Georgia
     Collin Raye                    Fearless                                            NCM
     Collin Raye                    I Want You Bad                                      Epic
     Collin Raye                    It Could Happen Again                               Epic
     Collin Raye                    What If Jesus Came Back Like That
     Collin Raye                    It Could Happen Again
     Collin Raye                    11th Commandment
     Collin Raye                    Love, Me
     Collin Raye                    That Was A River
     Collin Raye/Bobbie Eakes       Tired Of Loving This Way                            Epic
     Collin Raye/Joe Diffie         Honky Tonk Heroes
     Collin Raye/Rebeca Lynn Howard Fallin'                                             HotDisc
     Colt Prather                   I Won't Go On & On                                  Epic
     Colt Prather                   The Dash                                            Columbia
     Colt Prather                   Not A Brick Out Of Place                            Epic
     Colte Bradley                  Bear Huggin                                         Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  You Got It All                                      Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  I'd Have To Be Another Man                          Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  Daddy's Little Girl                                 Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  Yesterday's Memories                                Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  Who Is She To You                                   Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  In Their Eyes                                       Rustic
     Colte Bradley                  Drankin' Business                                   Rustic
     Colton James                   Take This Country Back                              Tune Pusher
     Colvin & Earle                 Tobacco Road                                        Fantasy
     Colvin & Earle                 Happy And Free                                      Fantasy
     Colvin & Earle                 You Were On My Mind                                 Fantasy
     Colwater Canyon                If I Saw You All The Time                           MTM
     Comanchero                     The Other Side Of Town                              Horse Fuel
     Comanchero                     Back In Town                                        Horse Fuel
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 150
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Comanchero                     One Foot In The Grave                               Horse Fuel
     Commander Cody                 Wine Do Your Stuff                                  Blind Pig
     Commander Cody                 Semi Truck                                          Blind Pig
     Commander Cody                 Down And Out                                        Blind Pig
     Commander Cody                 Hot Rod Lincoln
     Commander Cody                 Seeds And Stems Again                               Blind  Pig
     Como Brothers                  Broken                                              CB
     Compton Brothers               Haunted House
     Compton Brothers               Everybody Needs Somebody
     Compton Brothers               Charlie Brown
     Compton Brothers               If It's All The Same
     Con Hunley                     Georgia On My Mind                                  Immi
     Con Hunley                     Just Like Old Times                                 Immi
     Con Hunley                     Blue Suede Blues
     Con Hunley                     Deep In The Arms Of Texas
     Con Hunley                     Confidential
     Con Hunley                     She Ain't You                                       Immi
     Con Hunley                     Why Me Lord                                         Immi
     Con Hunley                     Over Getting Over You                               Immi
     Con Hunley                     No Relief In Sight
     Con Hunley                     Hollow Man                                          Immi
     Con Hunley                     What's New With You
     Con Hunley                     I've Been Waiting For You All Of My Life
     Con Hunley                     That Old Clock                                      Immi
     Con Hunley                     Since I Fell For You
     Con Hunley                     Never Felt More Like Dyin'
     Con Hunley                     Only Time Will Tell                                 Immi
     Con Hunley                     No Relief In Sight (2004)                           Immi
     Con Hunley                     A Chance                                            Immi
     Con Hunley                     Deep In The Arms Of Texas                           Prarie Dust
     Con Hunley                     She's Steppin' Out
     Con Hunley                     They Never Lost You
     Con Hunley                     Sweet Memories                                      Immi
     Con Hunley                     The Keys                                            Immi
     Con Hunley                     A Good Night For Drinking                           Prairie Dust
     Con Hunley                     I Can See You With My Eyes Closed                   Immi
     Con Hunley                     What Am I Gonna Do About You
     Con Hunley                     You Lay A Whole Lotta Love On Me
     Con Hunley                     Still                                               Immi
     Con Hunley                     I Can't Make It Alone                               Immi
     Con Hunley                     The Keys                                            Immi
     Con Hunley                     Look At Me Loving You Again                         Immi
     Con Hunley                     Don't Touch Me                                      Immi
     Con Hunley                     I Can't Make It Alone                               Immi
     Con Hunley                     Nobody Ever Gets Enough Love
     Con Hunley                     Oh Girl
     Con Hunley                     That's All That Matters To Me                       Immi
     Con Hunley                     Once You Get The Feel Of It
     Con Hunley                     Rockin' In The Arms Of Your Memory                  Immi
     Concrete Evidence              The Blame                                           SR
     Confederate Railroad           Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind
     Confederate Railroad           The One You Love The Most                           Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back
     Confederate Railroad           Cowboy Cadillac
     Confederate Railroad           When He Was My Age                                  Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           Jesus & Mama
     Confederate Railroad           See Ya
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 151
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Confederate Railroad           She Never Cried                                           
     Confederate Railroad           Trashy Women
     Confederate Railroad           Queen Of Memphis
     Confederate Railroad           Please Come To Boston                               Shenachie
     Confederate Railroad           Bill's Laundromat,Bar & Grill
     Confederate Railroad           Summer In Dixie                                     Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           Toss A Little Bone                                  Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           That's What Brothers Do                             Audium
     Confederate Railroad           She Took It Like A Man
     Confederate Railroad           White Trash With Money                              Audium
     Confederate Railroad           Elvis And Andy
     Confederate Railroad           The Big One                                         Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           When & Where                                        Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           Tonight Is Mine                                     Atlantic
     Confederate Railroad           I Hate Rap                                          Atlantic
     Connells                       My Heart Can't Take It Anymore
     Conner Cecil                   She Ain't My Baby Anymore                           SR
     Connie Anderson                Gone Wishin'                                        Kismana
     Connie Blackwell               I Wish You Well                                     Oasis
     Connie Britton                 Stronger Than Me                                    Big Machine
     Connie Cato                    What About My Heart
     Connie Cato                    Where you Gonna Be Tonite
     Connie Cato                    Superskirt
     Connie Cato                    Good Hearted Woman
     Connie Cato                    Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling
     Connie Eaton                   Lonely Men,Lonely Women
     Connie Eaton                   I've Got Life To Live                               Chart
     Connie Eaton                   I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The
     Connie Eaton/Dave Peel         Hit The Road Jack
     Connie Francis                 Your Other Love                                     MGM
     Connie Francis                 My Happiness                                        MGM
     Connie Francis                 He's My Dreamboat                                   MGM
     Connie Francis                 Wishing It Was You                                  MGM
     Connie Francis                 Don't Break The Heart That Loves You                MGM
     Connie Francis                 Who's Heart Are You Breaking                        MGM
     Connie Francis                 Many Tears Ago                                      MGM
     Connie Francis                 Who's Sorry Now                                     MGM
     Connie Francis                 Where The Boys Are                                  MGM
     Connie Francis                 Second Hand Love                                    MGM
     Connie Francis                 Roundabout
     Connie Francis                 Breakin' In A Brand New Heart                       MGM
     Connie Francis                 Follow The Boys                                     MGM
     Connie Francis                 You're Gonna Miss Me                                MGM
     Connie Francis                 Wedding Cake
     Connie Francis                 There's Still A Few Good Love Songs
     Connie Francis                 My Heart Has a Mind Of It's Own                     MGM
     Connie Francis                 Everybody's Somebody's Fool                         MGM
     Connie Francis                 Among My Souveniers                                 MGM
     Connie Francis                 Frankie                                             MGM
     Connie Francis/Hank Jr.        Makin Believe
     Connie Francis/Hank Jr.        If You've Got The Money
     Connie Francis/Hank Jr.        Walk On By
     Connie Francis/Hank Jr.        No Letter Today
     Connie Francis/Marvin RainwaterMajesty of Love                                     MGM
     Connie Hall                    I'm The Girl From The USA                           Mercury
     Connie Kaldor                  If You Could Read My Mind                           Borealis
     Connie Kis Andersen            Once Again                                          Laughing Penguin
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 152
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Connie Kis Andersen            Kiss My Cheek                                       Kismana
     Connie Kis Andersen            Wicked Game                                         Kismana
     Connie Lee Turner              Wall Of Shame                                       Dream
     Connie Lee Turner              Dream My Life Away                                  Dream
     Connie Mims                    I Can't Love You Anymore                            Canela
     Connie Smith                   Ain't Love A Good Thing
     Connie Smith                   10000 And One
     Connie Smith                   I Never Once Stopped Lovin' You
     Connie Smith                   Ain't Had No Lovin'
     Connie Smith                   I Don't Want To Talk It Over Anymore
     Connie Smith                   Darlin' Are You Comin' Home
     Connie Smith                   Cincinnati, Ohio
     Connie Smith                   A Heart Like You                                    Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   A Far Cry From You
     Connie Smith                   Burnin' A Hole In My Mind
     Connie Smith                   Anymore                                             Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   ('Til) I Kissed You
     Connie Smith                   Ain't You Even Gonna Cry                            Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   I Don't Believe That's How You Feel                 Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   There'll Never Be Another For Me
     Connie Smith                   I Don't Want To Be Free                             Monument
     Connie Smith                   Lovin' You Baby
     Connie Smith                   My Part Of Forever                                  Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   Loving You Sure Has Been Good For Me                Monument
     Connie Smith                   Smooth Sailin'
     Connie Smith                   You And Love & I                                    Monument
     Connie Smith                   The Wayward Wind                                    Monument
     Connie Smith                   The Race Is On                                      SR
     Connie Smith                   Love Is The Look You're Looking For                 RCA
     Connie Smith                   Just One Time                                       RCA
     Connie Smith                   Coming Around
     Connie Smith                   How Great Thou Art                                  RCA
     Connie Smith                   Ribbon Of Darkness                                  RCA
     Connie Smith                   Blue Heartaches                                     Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   Don't Make Me Dream                                 Monument
     Connie Smith                   Hold Me Back
     Connie Smith                   Take My Hand                                        Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   Don't Say Love
     Connie Smith                   Run Away Little Tears
     Connie Smith                   Cry Cry Cry
     Connie Smith                   You've Got Me (Right Where You Want
     Connie Smith                   I'm Sorry If My Love Got In Your Way`               RCA
     Connie Smith                   If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)
     Connie Smith                   I Got A Lot Of Hurtin' Done Today
     Connie Smith                   Someone To Give My Love To                          RCA
     Connie Smith                   I Never Knew (What That Song Meant
     Connie Smith                   I Just Want To Be Your Everything
     Connie Smith                   The Hurtin's All Over
     Connie Smith                   If I Talk To Him
     Connie Smith                   You & Your Sweet Love
     Connie Smith                   Then & Only Then
     Connie Smith                   You And Me                                          Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   No Reason To Complain
     Connie Smith                   What Child Is This
     Connie Smith                   That Makes Two Of Us                                Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   Joy To The World
     Connie Smith                   I've Got My Baby On My Mind
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 153
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Connie Smith                   Long Line Of Heartaches                             Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   You Can't Take Back A Teardrop
     Connie Smith                   Lonesome
     Connie Smith                   I'm Not Blue                                        Sugar Hill
     Connie Smith                   Just For What I Am
     Connie Smith                   Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You)
     Connie Smith                   Once A Day
     Connie Smith                   Ribbon Of Darkness
     Connie Smith                   I'll Come Running
     Connie Smith                   The Latest Shade Of Blue
     Connie Smith                   The Song We Fell In Love To
     Connie Smith                   Why Don't You Love Me
     Connie Smith                   Louisiana Man
     Connie Smith                   Lovin' You Lovin' Me
     Connie Smith                   So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
     Connie Smith/Sharon White/Barbara Fairch...                                        Daywind
     Connie St. John                Cry Baby
     Connor Christian               Midnight Moon                                       Shuteye
     Continental Divide             Feel Good Day
     Conway & Loretta               Makin' Believe                                      MCA
     Conway & Loretta               The Sadness Of It All
     Conway & Loretta               I Can't Love You Enough
     Conway & Loretta               Spiders & Snakes
     Conway & Loretta               Don't Tell Me You're Sorry                          Decca
     Conway & Loretta               I Still Believe In Waltzes
     Conway & Loretta               Oh Honey Oh Babe                                    MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does To Me
     Conway & Loretta               Hey Good Lookin'                                    MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Back Home Again                                     MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Faded Love                                          MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Half As Much                                        MCA
     Conway & Loretta               You're The Reason Our Kids Are
     Conway & Loretta               Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man
     Conway & Loretta               Easy Lovin'                                         MCA
     Conway & Loretta               You Know Just What I'd Do
     Conway & Loretta               Release Me                                          MCA
     Conway & Loretta               It's True Love
     Conway & Loretta               I Can't Help It                                     MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Lead Me On
     Conway & Loretta               Please Help Me I'm Fallin'                          MCA
     Conway & Loretta               Feelins
     Conway & Loretta               How High Can You Build A Fire                       MCA
     Conway & Loretta               As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone
     Conway & Loretta               The Letter
     Conway & Loretta               From 7 Till 10
     Conway & Loretta               After The Fire Is Gone
     Conway & Loretta               You're The Reason                                   Decca
     Conway Twitty                  Linda On My Mind
     Conway Twitty                  To See My Angel Cry
     Conway Twitty                  The Clown
     Conway Twitty                  Hello Darlin'
     Conway Twitty                  Xmas Id For The Birds
     Conway Twitty                  Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night
     Conway Twitty                  White Xmas
     Conway Twitty                  It's Only Make Believe
     Conway Twitty                  You've Never Been This Far Before
     Conway Twitty                  Our Last Date
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 154
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Conway Twitty                  How Much More Can She Stand                               
     Conway Twitty                  You'll Never Know How Much I Needed You
     Conway Twitty                  Three Times A Lady
     Conway Twitty                  Legend & The Man
     Conway Twitty                  Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My H
     Conway Twitty                  That's When She Started To Stop Lov
     Conway Twitty                  Don't Cry Joni
     Conway Twitty                  Don't It Make You Lonely                            MCA
     Conway Twitty                  Heartache Tonite
     Conway Twitty                  House On Old Lonesome Road
     Conway Twitty                  Who Did He Think He Was
     Conway Twitty                  We Did But Now You Don't
     Conway Twitty                  Funny (But I'm Not Laughing)
     Conway Twitty                  Somebody Needin' Somebody
     Conway Twitty                  Rest Your Love On Me
     Conway Twitty                  Baby's Gone
     Conway Twitty                  I See The Want To In Your Eyes
     Conway Twitty                  Desperado Love
     Conway Twitty                  I Don't Want To Be With Me
     Conway Twitty                  Don't Call Him A Cowboy
     Conway Twitty                  Who's Gonna Know                                    MCA
     Conway Twitty                  I Wonder What She'll Think About Me
     Conway Twitty                  I Don't Know A Thing About Love
     Conway Twitty                  I Couldn't See You Leavin'
     Conway Twitty                  She's Got A Man On Her Mind
     Conway Twitty                  Goodbye Time
     Conway Twitty                  Don't Take It Away
     Conway Twitty                  The Rose
     Conway Twitty                  Fallin' For You For Years
     Conway Twitty                  I Can't See Me Without You
     Conway Twitty                  I Can't Stop Loving You
     Conway Twitty                  Together Forever
     Conway Twitty                  Fit To Be Tied Dowm                                 MCA
     Conway Twitty                  15 Years Ago
     Conway Twitty                  After All The Good Is Gone
     Conway Twitty                  Georgia Keeps Pullin' On My Ring
     Conway Twitty                  One Bridge I Didn't Burn
     Conway Twitty                  I'd Love To Lay You Down
     Conway Twitty                  I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams
     Conway Twitty                  I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
     Conway Twitty                  I'm The Only Thing I'll Hold Against You
     Conway Twitty                  I May Never Get To Heaven
     Conway Twitty                  Next In Line
     Conway Twitty                  Crazy In Love
     Conway Twitty                  Ain't She Somethin' Else
     Conway Twitty                  That's My Job
     Conway Twitty                  Touch The Hand                                      MCA
     Conway Twitty                  I've Already Loved You In My Mind
     Conway Twitty                  The Image Of Me
     Conway Twitty                  She's Got A Single Thing In Mind
     Conway Twitty                  I'll Try                                            MGM
     Conway Twitty                  I'm Not Thru Lovin You Yet
     Conway Twitty                  Julia
     Conway Twitty                  Tight Fittin' Jeans
     Conway Twitty                  There's A Honky Tonk Angel
     Conway Twitty                  The Games Daddy's Play                              MCA
     Conway Twitty                  Danny Boy
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 155
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Conway Twitty                  Lonely Blue Boy                                           
     Conway Twitty                  Boogie Grass Band
     Conway Twitty                  Between Blue Eyes & Jeans
     Conway Twitty                  Saturday Nite Special
     Conway Twitty                  Darlin' You Know I Wouldn't Lie
     Conway Twitty                  I Love You More Today
     Conway Twitty                  Look Into My Teardrops
     Conway Twitty                  This Time I Hurt Her More
     Conway Twitty                  She Needs Someone To Hold Her (When She Cries)      Decca
     Conway Twitty                  Slow Hand
     Conway Twitty                  She Gives It All To Me
     Conway Twitty                  Lost In The Feeling
     Conway Twitty/Sam Moore        Rainy Nite In George
     Conways                        No Surprise                                         HotDisc
     Cooder Graw                    Ain't Livin' Long Like This                         Compadre
     Cooder Graw                    Better Days                                         3 to 1
     Cooder Graw                    Pleasant Detour                                     3 to 1
     Cooder Graw                    Llano Estacio                                       Cdtex
     Cooder Graw                    Shifting Gears                                      CDTex
     Cooder Graw                    Picture In The Closet                               Three To One
     Cooder Graw                    Willie's Guitar (Studio Version)                    3 to 1
     Cooder Graw                    God Only Knows                                      3 to 1
     Cooder Graw                    This Hurt                                           3 to 1
     Cooder Graw                    Willie's Guitar                                     3to1
     Cooder Graw                    That Girl Crystal                                   CDTex
     Cook & Glenn                   Shining Star                                        Lofton Creek
     Cookie Evans                   Crying Like Me
     Cooper Wade                    Don't Walk Away                                     CDTex
     Cooper Wade                    High Time                                           CDTex
     Cooper Wade/Chad Prather       Don't Flirt With A Texas Man                        CDTex
     Copper Kettle                  One Drop At A Time                                  CK
     Copperhead                     Boquillas                                           Bee Box
     Copperhead                     I Came Back                                         Bee Box
     Copperhead                     Let You Go                                          Bee Box
     Corb Lund                      The Truth Comes Out                                 Stony Plain
     Corb Lund                      Alberta Says Hello                                  New West
     Corb Lund                      A Game In Town Like This                            New West
     Corb Lund                      Something In Blue                                   Stony Plain
     Corb Lund                      Gonna Shine Up My Boots                             Stony Plain
     Corb Lund                      Just Me And These Ponies                            New West
     Corb Lund                      Little Foothills Heaven                             New West
     Corb Lund                      Time To Switch To Whiskey                           Stony Plain
     Corb Lund                      Bible On The Dash                                   New West
     Corb Lund                      Five Dollar Bill                                    Stony Plain
     Corb Lund                      Devil's Best Dress                                  New West
     Corb Lund                      One Left In The Chamber                             New West
     Corb Lund                      September                                           New West
     Corb Lund                      Roughest Neck Around                                CDTex
     Corb Lund/Ian Tyson            The Rodeo's Over                                    Stony Plain
     Corbin-Hanner Band             I Will Stand By You                                 Mercury
     Corbin-Hanner Band             Time Has Treated You Well                           Alfa
     Corbin-Hanner Band             Any Road                                            Mercury
     Corbin-Hanner Band             Oklahoma Crude
     Corbin-Hanner Band             Everyone Knows I'm Yours
     Corbin-Hanner Band             Livin' The Good Life                                Alfa
     Corduroy Road                  Love Is A War                                       Mule Train
     Corduroy Road                  Just One Drop                                       Mule Train
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 156
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Corduroy Road                  So Blue                                             Mule Train
     Corduroy Road                  We Don't Dream                                      Mule Train
     Corduroy Road                  Run Away                                            Mule Train
     Corduroy Road                  The Tree Bends                                      Mule Train
     Cordwood Draggers              The Jukebox You & Me                                HotDisc
     Corey Bivens                   Whiskey Lullaby                                     CDTex
     Corey Brooks                   Love Me Anyway                                      HMG
     Corey Cox                      Wake Up Drunk                                       MMG
     Corey Cox                      Strawberry Wine                                     Markle
     Corey Farlow                   Why Not Me                                          PSM
     Corey Farlow                   Country Never Stops                                 HMG
     Corey Farlow                   If Jesus Sang Country                               PSM
     Corey Smith                    Twenty One                                          Average Joe
     Corey Wagar                    Hurricane                                           CTR
     Corey Wagar                    I Hate My Boyfriend                                 CR
     Corey Wagar                    Take Ya Back                                        CR
     Cori                           Stand Up for The Truckers                           Reve
     Cori                           Gone Long Gone                                      Reve
     Cori                           Moments & Memories                                  Reve
     Cori                           Mud Flap Mama                                       Reve
     Cori                           What's Goin' On                                     Reve
     Cori                           All Roads Lead to Heaven                            Reve
     Cori Chandler                  Christmas Love                                      Cafe
     Cori Chandler                  Finders Keepers                                     Focus
     Cori Chandler                  Wherever                                            Hotdisc
     Corinda Carford                Prove Me Wrong                                      Alesara
     Corinda Carford                Mr. Sandman                                         Hilltopper
     Corinda Carford                The Last Goodbye                                    RotoNoto
     Corinda Carford                Walkin' On The Blue Side                            Alesara
     Corinne Cook                   Dressed Up For Goodbye                              SR
     Corinne Cook                   Uninvited Guests                                    615
     Corinne Cook                   My Name Is Love                                     615
     Corinne Cook                   Does It Ache                                        615
     Cornel Dyke                    Come On Home                                        MTM
     Cornel Dyke                    She Don't Know It                                   MTM
     Cornell Hurd Band              A Thing Called Sadness                              Behemoth
     Cornell Hurd Band              Last Date                                           Behemoth
     Cornell Hurd Band              Albatross                                           Behemoth
     Cornell Hurd Band              I Cry, Then I Drink, Then I Cry                     Behemoth
     Cornell Hurd Band              What Would Ernest Tubb Have Done?                   Behemoth
     Cornell Hurd Band              Don't Wipe Your Face On Your Shirt                  Bloodshot
     Cornell Hurd/Johnny Bush       I'm Afraid To Go Home
     Cornfield Mafia                Best Of Times                                       Lamon
     Corrine Bailey Rae             Like A Star                                         Capitol
     Cort Carpenter                 What Were We Drinking                               HotDisc
     Cortni Bird                    Whiskey On My Breath                                HotDisc
     Cory Branan                    There There, Little Heartbreaker                    Bloodshot
     Cory Branan                    Darken My Door                                      Bloodshot
     Cory Marquardt                 Smartphone                                          On Ramp
     Cory Michael                   Your Man                                            CDTex
     Cory Morrow                    Choices                                             Smith
     Cory Morrow                    Drinkin' Alone                                      Write On
     Cory Morrow                    Outside The Lines                                   Write On
     Cory Morrow                    Better Than Being In Love With You                  Write On
     Cory Morrow                    In Spite Of Spite                                   Write On
     Cory Morrow                    Nothing Left To Hide                                Smith
     Cory Morrow                    Live Forever                                        Compadre
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 157
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cory Morrow                    Beat Of Your Heart                                  Smith 
     Cory Morrow                    The Preacher                                        Compadre
     Cory Morrow                    Beat Of Your Heart                                  Smith
     Cory Morrow                    All Over Again                                      Write On
     Cory Morrow                    Good Intentions                                     Smith
     Cory Morrow                    I Couldn't Be There                                 Smith
     Cory Morrow                    A Whole Lot                                         Smith
     Cory Morrow                    Take Me Away                                        Write On
     Cory Sparks                    Jukebox, Bottle & A Barstool                        Tugboat
     Cory Sparks                    Since I Said I Do, I Don't                          Tugboat
     Cory Walker                    I Choose Me                                         Walker
     Country Boy Rolling Stone      My Baby Loves The Hi Life                           SR
     Country Generations            No Regrets                                          Hurt
     Country Generations            I Can't Concentrate                                 Chelsea
     Country Generations            Swing Thing                                         Chelsea
     Country Generations            The Greatest Show                                   Hurt
     Country Generations            You Sure Laid A Hit On Me                           Chelsea
     Country Generations            The Stranger                                        Chelsea
     Country Generations            Follow The Signs                                    Chelsea
     Country Generations            The Gift                                            Chelsea
     Country Generations            Keepin' Country Alive                               Chelsea
     Country Generations            For Loving Me                                       Chelsea
     Country Gentlemen              Bringing Mary Home
     Country Johnny Mathis          If You Should COme Back Today                       ME
     Country Mile                   Just Another Day                                    MTM
     Country Mile                   Friday Night                                        Mile High
     Country Road                   You Can Try                                         CRM
     Country Road                   Withered Leaves                                     Hotdisc
     Countrypolitans                Country Music                                       Ultraplitan
     Countrypolitans                Lonely Receiver                                     Ultrapolitan
     Countrypolitans                Genesee                                             Ultrapolitan
     Countrypolitans                Yesterday                                           Ultrapolitan
     Countrypolitans                Truck Drivin' Daddy
     Countrypolitans                Bound                                               Ultrapolitan
     Countrypolitans                L.A. Turnaround                                     Continental
     Countrypolitans                Lucky In Your Tears                                 HotDisc
     Countrypolitans                Maybe It''s You                                     Sideburn
     County Line Junction           Real Love                                           Direction
     Court Yard Hounds              Ain't No Sun                                        Columbia
     Court Yard Hounds              I Miss You                                          Columbia
     Court Yard Hounds              See You In The Spring                               Columbia
     Court Yard Hounds              See You In The Spring                               Columbia
     Court Yard Hounds              The Coast                                           Columbia
     Courtnee Bass                  Just Show Me Love                                   Premirer
     Courtney Grainger              Mr. Fool                                            Valcour
     Courtney Grainger              Don't Put Her Down                                  Valcour
     Courtney Grainger              Listen They're Playing My Song                      Valcour
     Courtney Grainger              Baby That's Cold                                    Valcour
     Courtney Granger               Beneath Still Waters                                Valcour`
     Courtney Granger               Lovin' On Back Streets                              Valcour
     Courtney Granger               My New Year Starts Today                            Valcour
     Courtney Granger               Dance With Me Molly                                 Valcour
     Courtney Gulledge/Claude WaltonRoulette Wheel                                      Tackle Box
     Courtney Gulledge/Claude WaltonBlind Eyes Cry                                      CW
     Courtney Hale Revia            Burning Bridges                                     SR
     Courtney Jaye                  Summer Rain                                         SR
     Courtney Jaye                  I Thought About It                                  SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 158
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Courtney Jaye                  Sweet Ride                                          Republic
     Courtney Jaye                  Every Time We Say Goodbye                           SR
     Courtney Stewart               For All The World To See                            Lamon
     Courtney Stewart               Telling You                                         Lamon
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Purple Horse
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Yabadaba Doo
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          New Car
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          $1.50
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Romie At School
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Lyin' Georgie
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Ex-Lax
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Devil's Sister
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Lion n Yard
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Fire
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Cussin' Parrott
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Morning Morning
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Hello Darlin'
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Blind Preacher
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Cops
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          M-80
     Cousin Brossy & Romie          Cat Scan
     Coustics                       Borderline                                          HotDisc
     Cow Bop                        Someday                                             B4M
     Cow Bop                        After You're Gone                                   Blujazz
     Cow Jazz                       Blue Bonnett Lane                                   Stardust
     Cowboy Copas                   Goodbye Kisses
     Cowboy Copas                   Copy Cat
     Cowboy Copas                   Fillipino Baby
     Cowboy Copas                   Signed Sealed & Delivered
     Cowboy Copas                   Alabam
     Cowboy Crush                   Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart                  Curb
     Cowboy Crush                   He's Coming Home                                    Curb
     Cowboy Crush                   Tougher Than A Man                                  Cowboy Crush
     Cowboy Crush                   Miss Difficult                                      Curb
     Cowboy Crush                   Hillbilly Nation                                    HotDisc
     Cowboy Crush                   Hillbilly Nation                                    Asylum
     Cowboy Crush                   Some Men Don't Cheat                                Curb
     Cowboy Dave                    Dive Of Dives                                       CDB
     Cowboy Dave                    Honky Tonk Me                                       CDB
     Cowboy Joe & Babcocks          The Good That Only Love Could See                   Canyon Creek
     Cowboy Johnson                 How I Love Them Old Songs                           Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye                  Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 If You Ever Get To Houston                          Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 Wish I Was                                          Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 Country Boy Saturday Night                          Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 Why You Been Gone So Long                           Moon House
     Cowboy Johnson                 Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye              Moon House
     Cowboy Junkies                 Idle Tales                                          Razor & Tie
     Cowboy Junkies                 Angels In The Wilderness                            Razor & Tie
     Cowboy Troy                    As Long As It's In Texas                            CDTex
     Cox Family                     Everybody Wants To Go to Heaven                     Rounder
     Coy Taylor                     Any Given Friday                                    SR
     Cr Ecker                       When I Walk With You                                TSP
     Crab Apple Lane                Hit The Ground Runnin'                              Chevelle
     Cracker                        The Golden Age                                      Virgin
     Cracker                        Califonia Country Boy                               429
     Craig Bickhart                 You Are What Love Means To Me
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 159
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Craig Byrne                    Lazy                                                Western Heart
     Craig Campbell                 Outta My Head                                       BPG
     Craig Campbell                 Keep Those Kisses Coming                            SR
     Craig Campbell                 Family Man                                          BPG
     Craig Campbell                 When I Get It                                       Bigger Picture
     Craig Campbell                 Tomorrow Night                                      Red Bow
     Craig Campbell                 See You Try                                         Red Bow
     Craig Campbell                 Tomorrow Tonight                                    Red Bow
     Craig Campbell                 Fish                                                Bigger Picture
     Craig Campbell                 Outskirts Of Heaven                                 Red Bow
     Craig Chambers                 Adobe Walls                                         WR
     Craig Chambers                 To See The Ponies Run Again
     Craig Collins                  Holding His Own                                     Rogue
     Craig Collins                  Wishes                                              Rogue
     Craig Collins                  It's All In Your Head                               Rogue
     Craig Collins                  Is It Raining At Your House                         Rogue
     Craig Collins                  As Long As I Can Dream                              Rogue
     Craig Collins                  Just What I Need                                    Rogue
     Craig Collins                  I'll Do It                                          Rogue
     Craig Cummings                 The Last 20 Years                                   Azalea City
     Craig Curtis                   Football Y'all                                      Tip Jar
     Craig Dillingham               Just One More                                       Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               1984
     Craig Dillingham               Second Time Sun                                     Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               Honky Tonk Women Make Honky Tonk Men
     Craig Dillingham               Next To You
     Craig Dillingham               Call Me Sometime                                    Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               Thirty Years And A 1000 Miles Away                  Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               She'll Be Breakin' Someone's Heart In San Antonio   Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               Not Exactly What I Had In Mind                      Carnival
     Craig Dillingham               Magic In The Band                                   Carnival
     Craig Dillingham/Tish Hinjosa  I'll Pull You Thru
     Craig Gerdes                   Almost Takes My Mind Off You                        Sol
     Craig Gerdes                   Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets                      Sol
     Craig Gerdes                   You Saved Me From Me                                Sol
     Craig Gerdes                   Christmas Eve At Our House                          SR
     Craig Gerdes                   Good 'Ol Days                                       Sol
     Craig Gerdes                   Dead In A Box In Kentucky                           Sol
     Craig Gerdes                   Learned From The Best                               Sol
     Craig Hand                     Direct Connect                                      Category 5
     Craig Hand                     Satisfy You                                         Bling a Billy
     Craig Mangarello               While You Were Gone                                 SR
     Craig Marshall                 Before The Days Have Gone                           Big Ticket
     Craig McCowan                  Old Covered Bridge                                  HMG
     Craig Moreau                   Somebody Tell Her                                   CM
     Craig Moreau                   Every Step I Take                                   CM
     Craig Morgan                   When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind           Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   This Ain't nothin'                                  BNA
     Craig Morgan                   Walking In My Father's Shoes                        Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   Something To Write Home About                       Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   Redneck Yacht Club                                  Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   International Harvester                             BBR
     Craig Morgan                   I Want Us Back                                      Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   When I'm Gone                                       Black River
     Craig Morgan                   More Trucks Than Cars                               Black River
     Craig Morgan                   Paradise                                            Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   It's Me                                             Atlantic
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 160
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Craig Morgan                   302 South Maple Avenue                              Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   Almost Home                                         Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   That's What I Love About Sunday                     Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   I Got You                                           Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   More Trucks Than Cars                               Black River
     Craig Morgan                   God Must Really Love Me                             BNA
     Craig Morgan                   Little Bit Of Life                                  BBR
     Craig Morgan                   The Kid In Me                                       Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   God, Family & Country                               Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   Look At Us                                          Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   I'll Be Home Soon                                   Black River
     Craig Morgan                   This Ole Boy                                        Black River
     Craig Morgan                   We'll Come Back Around                              Black River
     Craig Morgan                   Wake Up Loving You                                  Black River
     Craig Morgan                   Tough                                               Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   Everywhere I Go                                     Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   That's When i'll Believe You're Gone                BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Every Friday Afternoon                              Broken Bow
     Craig Morgan                   Rain For The Roses                                  BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Hush                                                Atlantic
     Craig Morgan                   Cowboy & Clown                                      BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Blame Me                                            BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Corn Star                                           Black River
     Craig Morgan                   I'm Country                                         BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Still A Little Chicken Left                         BNA
     Craig Morgan                   Love Remembers                                      BNA
     Craig Morgan                   Ain't The Way I Wanna Go Out                        BBR
     Craig Morgan                   If You Like That                                    BBR
     Craig Morgan                   Lotta Man  (In That Little Boy)                     BBR
     Craig Morgan/Merle Haggard     I Wish I Could See Bakersfield                      Atlantic
     Craig Morrison                 Reminisce                                           HotDisc
     Craig Morrison                 Santa Claus Boogie                                  Marco
     Craig Perkins                  Can You Find It In Your Heart
     Craig Sellers                  Something Worth Fighting For                        Cozy
     Craig Wayne Boyd               I Ain't No Quitter                                  Bigride
     Crash Test Dummies             In The Bleak Midwinter                              Koch
     Crash Test Dummies             The Huron Carol                                     Koch
     Crash Test Dummies             O Little Town Of Bethlehem                          Koch
     Crawford Crossing              The Heaven I'm Headed To                            HMG
     Crazed Cowboys                 Summer Days
     Crazed Cowboys                 Say Yes To A Dance
     Crazed Cowboys                 Lonely Hearts
     Crazy River Band               Dance Of Life And Love                              Diamond Blue
     Crazy River Band               Love Was My Intention                               Diamond Blue
     Crazy River Band               The Preacher                                        Diamond Blue
     Crazy River Band               I Can't Believe                                     Diamond Blue
     Crea                           A Little Bitty Tear                                 HotDisc
     CreeAtive Harmony              A Woman, A Mother Alone                             Comstock
     Creed Fisher                   Come And Hold Me                                    CDTex
     Crickets                       More Than I Can Say                                 Sovereign
     Crickets                       The Real Buddy Holly Story                          Sovereign
     Crissy Cummings                Whole Lotta Life                                    Hot Disc
     Crissy Cummings                My Little Man                                       HotDisc
     Crissy Cummings                When Love Looks Back                                Hot Disc
     Cristy Lane                    One Day At A Time
     Cristy Lane                    I'm Gonna Love You Anyway
     Cristy Lane                    I'm With You Tonight                                LS
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 161
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cristy Lane                    Shake Me I Rattle                                         
     Cristy Lane                    Penny Arcade
     Cristy Lane                    Let Me Down Easy
     Cristy Lane                    Slippin' Up Slippin' Around
     Cristy Lane                    I Have A Dream
     Cristy Lane                    He's Got The Whole World
     Cristy Lane                    The Good Old Days                                   Liberty
     Cristy Lane                    Love to Love You
     Cristy Lane                    White Xmas                                          LS
     Cristy Lane                    Lies On Your Lips
     Cristy Lane                    Footprints In The Sand                              Liberty
     Cristy Lane                    Up On The Housetop
     Cristy Lane                    Simple Little Words
     Cristy Lane                    Sweet Sexy Eyes                                     United Artists
     Cristy Lane                    Come To My Love
     Cristy Lane                    I Just Can't Stay Married To You                    LS
     Cristy Lane                    Fragile--Handle With Care
     Cristy Lane                    Cheatin's Still On My Mind
     Crockett Frizzell              You And Me                                          Stardust
     Crockett Frizzell              I'll Take The Chance                                Stardust
     Crockett Frizzell              One More Show                                       CVF Music
     Crockett Frizzell              Old Love Turned Brand New                           Stardust
     Crooked County                 High On The Hog                                     Rustic
     Crooked County                 Am I Crazy                                          Rustic
     Crooked Still                  Look On And Cry                                     Signature
     Crooked Still                  Mountain Jumper                                     Signature
     Crooked Still                  Lonesome Road                                       Signature
     Crooks & Straights             Red Robin                                           HotDisc
     Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young     Teach Your Children Well                            Reprise
     Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young     Looking Forward                                     Reprise
     Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young     This Old House
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Burn Like The Sun                                   Universal
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Blue Bonnets                                        Universal
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Fightin' For                                        Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Cry Lonley                                          Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Constantly                                          Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         51 Pieces                                           Universal
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         One Of These Days                                   Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         17                                                  Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Kick In The Head                                    Universal
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         This Time Around                                    Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Sick & Tired                                        Universal South
     Cross Canadian Ragweed         Brooklyn Kid                                        Universal South
     Cross Country Band             If I Get Over The Hurt                              Stargem
     Cross Country Pickers          Pickin' On Country                                  Universal SOund
     Crossin Dixon                  Goodbye To Henry                                    Stoney Creek
     Crossin Dixon                  I Love My Old Bird Dog                              BBR
     Crossin Dixon                  Make You Mine                                       BBR
     Crossin Dixon                  Guitar Slinger                                      BBR
     Crowe Brothers                 Cindy Mae                                           Rural Rhythm
     Crowe Brothers                 Which One Is To Blame                               Rural Rhythm
     Crowe Brothers                 Holdin' On When You've Let Go                       Rural Rhythm
     Crowe Brothers                 Million For A Broken Heart                          Rural Rhythm
     Crowe Lawson & Williams        Fraulein                                            Mountain Home
     Crowe Lawson & Williams        Blue Memories                                       Mountain Home
     Crowe Lawson & Williams        Once A Day                                          Mountain Home
     Crucial Smith                  Please Please Me                                    ReQuest
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 162
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Cruzeros                       Piece Of Stone                                      Blue Leaf
     Cruzeros                       Helplessly                                          Cruzaroo
     Cruzeros                       Load Me Up                                          Cruzaroo
     Cruzeros                       The Way It Is Around Here                           Cruzaroo
     Cruzeros                       This Lucky                                          Cruzaroo
     Cruzeros                       Tangled Up In You                                   Blue Leaf
     Cruzeros                       Can't Find A Way                                    Blue Leaf
     Cruzeros                       Believe Me I Know                                   Blue Leaf
     Crystal Bowerson               Farmer's Daughter                                   Jive
     Crystal Gayle                  I'll Get Over You
     Crystal Gayle                  You Never Miss A Real Good Thing
     Crystal Gayle                  I'll Do It All Over Again
     Crystal Gayle                  When I Dream
     Crystal Gayle                  Somebody Loves You
     Crystal Gayle                  Just An Old Love                                    Bellamy
     Crystal Gayle                  Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
     Crystal Gayle                  Secret Of Your Heart
     Crystal Gayle                  Ready For The Times To Get Better
     Crystal Gayle                  True Lovers And Friends                             LCP
     Crystal Gayle                  One Little Star                                     Seasong
     Crystal Gayle                  Till I Gain Control Again
     Crystal Gayle                  A Long & Lasting Love
     Crystal Gayle                  More And More                                       Audium
     Crystal Gayle                  It's Like We Never Said Goodbye
     Crystal Gayle                  Christmas In America                                Maximus
     Crystal Gayle                  Livin' In These Troubled Times
     Crystal Gayle                  Never Ending Song Of Love
     Crystal Gayle                  Keepin' Power
     Crystal Gayle                  Baby What About Me
     Crystal Gayle                  Half The Way
     Crystal Gayle                  Me Against The Nite
     Crystal Gayle                  Hallelujah
     Crystal Gayle                  Tennessee Nites
     Crystal Gayle                  Why Cry
     Crystal Gayle                  You Don't Even Know My Name                         Southpaw
     Crystal Gayle                  You Never Gave Up On Me
     Crystal Gayle                  What Child Is This
     Crystal Gayle                  Nobody's Angel
     Crystal Gayle                  The Xmas Song
     Crystal Gayle                  Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas
     Crystal Gayle                  Take It Easy
     Crystal Gayle                  Three Good Reasons                                  Liberty
     Crystal Gayle                  Cry
     Crystal Gayle                  I've Cried (The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes)
     Crystal Gayle                  Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For
     Crystal Gayle                  If You Ever Change Your Mind
     Crystal Gayle                  Our Love Is On The Faultline
     Crystal Gayle                  When Love Is New
     Crystal Gayle                  I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
     Crystal Gayle                  Talking In Your Sleep
     Crystal Gayle                  The Sound Of Goodbye
     Crystal Gayle                  The Woman In Me
     Crystal Gayle                  Only Love Can Save Us Now
     Crystal Gayle                  The Blue Side
     Crystal Gayle                  Turning Away
     Crystal Gayle                  Wrong Road Again
     Crystal Gayle                  Straight To The Heart
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 163
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Crystal Gayle                  Too Many Lovers                                           
     Crystal Gayle w/Benny Martin   Slim Chance                                         OMS
     Crystal Gayle/Eddie Rabbitt    I Made A Promise                                    Curb
     Crystal Gayle/Garry Morris     All Of This & More
     Crystal Gayle/Willie Nelson    Two Sleepy People                                   Platinum
     Crystal Rose                   Take Me Back                                        HMG
     Crystal Sands                  A Bottle Of Wine & Patsy Cline                      Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Everytime I Think It's Over                         Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Melted Down Memories                                Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Wrapped Around His Finger                           Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Hank You                                            Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Under A Tennessee Moon                              Ah Ha
     Crystal Sands                  Train Leaving Dallas                                Ah Ha
     Crystal Shawanda               My Roots Are Showing                                RCA
     Crystal Shawanda               I'll Be Home For Xmas                               SR
     Crystal Shawanda               You Can Let Go                                      RCA
     CT Freeman                     Love Will Bring Me Back To You                      Olentangy River
     Cultivators                    Hey Kid                                             Hayden's Ferry
     Cumberland Gap Connection      Dance With Me                                       Kindred
     Cumberland Gap Connection      A Whole Lotta Lonesome                              Kindred
     Cumberland Gap Connection      Let's Find A Way                                    Kindred
     Cumberland Gap Connection      Travel All Alone                                    Kindred
     Curly Putnam                   My Elusive Dreams                                   ABC
     Curly Putnam                   Set Me Free                                         ABC
     Curt Dean                      Montana Sky                                         Country Discovery
     Curt Ryle                      Mirrors Don't Lie                                   Universal
     Curt Ryle                      Your Old Used To Be                                 Western Heart
     Curt Ryle                      Spoon Full Of Sugar                                 TSP
     Curtis Braly                   Love You Down                                       Go Time
     Curtis Braly                   Living On Sunshine                                  SR
     Curtis Braly                   Hate Me                                             Go Time
     Curtis Braly                   Doors Closing Everywhere                            CDTex
     Curtis Braly                   Love You Down                                       CR
     Curtis Braly/Kimberly Caldwell Sooner Or Later                                     Studio Gold
     Curtis Day                     The Truth Is Hard To Swallow
     Curtis Edmund                  Snowy Range                                         Western Heart
     Curtis Grambo                  There's Just Got To Be A Way                        Comstock
     Curtis Grambo                  Just One Second                                     Comstock
     Curtis Grimes                  Born To Die                                         PSM
     Curtis Lyn Cook                You Can't Have Her                                  Western Heart
     Curtis Magee                   Sun In The Morning                                  IRV
     Curtis Magee                   Daddy's Boy                                         HotDisc
     Curtis Magee                   Picture Of Jesus On The Wall                        HotDisc
     Curtis McPeake/Andy May        The Good Things                                     Swift River
     Curtis McPeake/Andy May        Grampa's Mule                                       Swift River
     Curtis Potter                  Mama Was The Rose Of San Antone                     Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  One Too Many Memories                               Startex
     Curtis Potter                  The Other Woman                                     Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  That's What I Do Best                               Stardust
     Curtis Potter                  Your Favorite Fool                                  Startex
     Curtis Potter                  The World's Greatest Lovers                         Startex
     Curtis Potter                  Nothing Can Stand In My Way                         Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  When She Turns You On                               Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  I Was Sorta Wonderin'                               Startex
     Curtis Potter                  January April & Me                                  Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  I Almost Forgot Her Today                           Startex
     Curtis Potter                  Story Behind The Photograph                         Hillside
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 164
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Curtis Potter                  All I Need Is Time                                        
     Curtis Potter                  When The Neon Lights Come On                        Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  Time To Turn The Page
     Curtis Potter                  Old Loves Never Die
     Curtis Potter                  I Used To Turn You On
     Curtis Potter                  Will You Ever Know                                  Stardust
     Curtis Potter                  I Can't Make It Without You                         Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  Wish You'd  Stay Around                             Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  Someday I'll Sober Up                               Startex
     Curtis Potter                  Our Yesterdays                                      Startex
     Curtis Potter                  I Need Help                                         Hillside
     Curtis Potter                  Just A Foolish Notion                               Hillside
     Curtis Potter/Darrell McCall   Fraulein                                            Hillside
     Curtis Potter/Ray Sanders/Darrellw Heartache                                       Hillside
     Curtis Stigers                 This Bitter Earth                                   Concord
     Curtis Stigers                 Things Have Changed                                 Concord
     Curtis Stigers                 Chances Are                                         Concord
     Curtis Webb                    Utility Man                                         SR
     Curtis Webb                    Proper Fit                                          HotDisc
     Curtis Wright                  If I Could Stop Loving You
     Curtis Wright                  She's Got A Man On Her Mind
     Curtis Wright/Clyde Mattocks   I Wonder What You See In Your Dream
     CW Colt                        It'll Be Her                                        SR
     CW Colt                        Rundown Smokey Saloon                               SR
     CW Colt                        If I Had Her Picture                                SR
     CW Colt                        Key Western Cowboy                                  SR
     CW Colt                        The Xmas Love Song                                  Birddog
     CW Colt                        Leadfoot                                            Comstock
     CW Colt                        The Best Thing                                      Comstock
     CW McCall                      Roses For Mama
     CW McCall                      Old Home Filler-Up
     CW McCall                      Crispy Critters
     CW McCall                      Wolf Creek Pass
     CW McCall                      There Won't Be No Country Music
     CW McCall                      Round The World With A Rubber Duck
     CW McCall                      Convoy
     CW McCall                      Black Bear Road
     CW McCall                      Classified
     CW Montgomery                  I'm Letting Go                                      HotDisc
     CW Montgomery                  Taking Applications For An Angel                    SR
     CW Montgomery                  Applications For An Angel                           HotDisc
     Cynda Bennett                  Widow's Prayer                                      Cynfinity
     Cynda Bennett                  Widows Prayer                                       ATP
     Cynda Bennett                  Cowboy Up                                           Cynfinity
     Cynda Bennett/Mark Alan Thompson6th Avenue                                         ATI
     Cyndi Harvell                  Anywhere But Here                                   Shuteye
     Cyndi Lauper                   I Fall To Pieces                                    Sire
     Cyndi Lauper                   Begging To You                                      Sire
     Cyndi Lauper                   Misty Blue                                          Sire
     Cyndi Lauper                   Heartaches By The Number                            Sire
     Cyndi Lauper/Vince Gill        You're The Reason Our Kids Are                      Sire
     Cyndi Thomson                  I Always Liked That Best                            Capitol
     Cyndi Thomson                  If You Could Only See                               Capitol
     Cyndi Thomson                  What I Really Meant To Say                          Capitol
     Cyndi Wheeler/Del McCoury Band I'll Be Home For Xmas                               Universal South
     Cynthia Murray                 I'm In Trouble Now                                  A.M.I
     Cynthia Renee Jones            I Got Pictures                                      Armadillo
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 165
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     D Johnson                      Midnight Song                                       SR    
     D.A. Cole                      Comin' Home                                         SR
     D.J. Croissant                 Dream World                                         Mid Land
     Da Yoopers                     Rusty Chevrolet
     Da Yoopers                     Second Week Of Deer Camp                            You Guys
     Da Yoopers                     Second Week Of Deer Camp Pt.2                       You Guys
     Dag King                       One  Night In A Kingdom                             Doorknob
     Dag King                       Mexican Bird                                        Doorknob
     Dag King                       I'll Be Around                                      Door Knob
     Dag King                       20 Miles                                            DoorKnob
     Dag King                       Crying Sky                                          Door Knob
     Dagmar & Seductones            A Poor Man's Roses                                  No Budget
     Dagmar & Seductones            You Belong To Me                                    No Budget
     Dagmar & Seductones            I'm Not Going To Cry                                TYM
     Dagmar & Seductones            Stupid Cupid                                        No Budget
     Dailey & Vincent               Hills Of Caroline                                   Rounder
     Dailey & Vincent               Brothers Of The Highway                             Rounder
     Dailey & Vincent               Tomorrow I'll Be Gone                               Rounder
     Dailey & Vincent               Where Have You Been                                 Rounder
     Dainel Jackson                 Honky Tonk Angel                                    Diamondback
     Daisy Dern                     Gettin' Back To You                                 Mercury
     Dakota                         You Loved The Hell Out Of Me                        RA
     Dakota                         Linda Lou                                           RA
     Dakota Bradley                 Won't Be Young Forever                              Streamsound
     Dakota Bradley                 Somethin' Like Somethin'                            Streamsound
     Dala                           Best Day                                            Campus
     Dala                           Levi Blues                                          Compass
     Dala                           Alive                                               Compass
     Dale & Dragons                 We Love Our School                                  Fraternity
     Dale & Grace                   I'm Leavin' It Up To You                            K-Tel
     Dale & Ray                     Cryin' To Cryin' Time Again                         Ameripolitan
     Dale & Ray                     A Hangover Ago                                      Ameripolitan
     Dale & Ray                     Sittin' And Thinkin' About You                      Ameripolitan
     Dale & Ray                     Feelin' Haggard                                     Ameripolitan
     Dale Ann Bradley               Till I Hear It From You                             Pinecastle
     Dale Ann Bradley               Summer Breeze                                       Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Somewhere South Of Crazy                            Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Anybody Else's Heart                                Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Heaven                                              Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               I'll Take Love                                      Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               I'll Stop Lovin' You With Style
     Dale Ann Bradley               Over My Head                                        Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Don't Turn Your Back                                Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again                   Pinecastle
     Dale Ann Bradley               I Pressed Through The Crowd                         Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Talking To The Moon                                 Pinecastle
     Dale Ann Bradley               Will I Be Good Enough                               Compass
     Dale Ann Bradley               Hard Lesson Road                                    Pinecastle
     Dale Ann Bradley/Steve Gulley/Jim HurstBroke Beyond Repair                         Compass
     Dale Boyle                     Gasoline                                            SR
     Dale Cox                       I'm Only Going Crazy
     Dale Daniel                    Comin' Back To Haunt Me
     Dale Everett                   Simple South                                        Tamara
     Dale Everett                   Ain't In Kansas                                     DE
     Dale Everett                   Wonderful Life                                      Tamara
     Dale Hawkins                   Summertime Down South                               Suzy Q
     Dale Hawkins                   Home For Xmas                                       SR
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 166
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dale McBride                   I Can't See Me Without You                                
     Dale McKay                     My Heart Just Told Me                               Hillcrest
     Dale McKay                     If Tomorrow's Just Like Yesterday                   Hillcrest
     Dale McKay                     The Rose That Stands By Me                          Hillcrest
     Dale McKay                     Call Me Up                                          Hillcrest
     Dale Raines                    You Only Live One Life                              New Country
     Dale Upton                     I Fooled Everyone But Me                            Hotdisc
     Dale Upton                     Lost Without A Trace
     Dale Watson                    I Gotta Get Home To My Baby                         Koch
     Dale Watson                    Let This Trucker Go                                 Hyena
     Dale Watson                    Big Wheels Keep Rollin'                             Koch
     Dale Watson                    Way Down Texas Way                                  Koch
     Dale Watson                    Good Luck 'n Good Truckin' Tonite
     Dale Watson                    Have You Got It On                                  Koch
     Dale Watson                    Unspoken Kind
     Dale Watson                    Drag 'n Fly                                         Hyena
     Dale Watson                    You Got A Long Way To Go
     Dale Watson                    Bright Lights And Blond Haired Women                Audium
     Dale Watson                    I'm Fixin' To Have Me A Breakdown                   Koch
     Dale Watson                    Hero                                                Hyena
     Dale Watson                    Longhorn Suburban                                   Koch
     Dale Watson                    Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe (2009)                     Hyena
     Dale Watson                    Pity Party                                          Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Ain't That Livin'                                   Audium
     Dale Watson                    Makin' Up Time                                      Koch
     Dale Watson                    I Won't Say Goodbye                                 Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Legends ( What If)                                  Audium
     Dale Watson                    I Hate These Songs                                  Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Wine Don't Lie                                      Hightone
     Dale Watson                    That's Pride                                        Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Drag Along & Tag Along                              Koch
     Dale Watson                    Life Is Messy                                       Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Leave Me Alone                                      Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Count On You                                        Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Ball & Chain                                        Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Christmas Love                                      Audium
     Dale Watson                    White Line Fever                                    Lazy SOB
     Dale Watson                    I Walk The Line                                     Dualtone
     Dale Watson                    Honky Tonk Xams                                     Audium
     Dale Watson                    Tomorrow Never Comes                                Hyena
     Dale Watson                    From The Cradle To The Grave                        Hyena
     Dale Watson                    Hollywood Hillbilly                                 Hyena
     Dale Watson                    Drink Drink Drink                                   Red House
     Dale Watson                    I Can't Be Satisifed                                Red House
     Dale Watson                    I Hate To Drink Alone                               Red House
     Dale Watson                    Country My Ass                                      Audium
     Dale Watson                    Call Me Lucky                                       CDTex
     Dale Watson                    I Don't Feel Too Luck Today                         Palo Duro
     Dale Watson                    It's Not Over Now                                   Hyena
     Dale Watson                    I See Your Face In Every Face I See                 Audium
     Dale Watson                    Dumb Song                                           Red House
     Dale Watson                    Truckstop In LaGrange                               Hightone
     Dale Watson                    I Lie When I Drink                                  Red House
     Dale Watson                    I Drink To Remember                                 Red House
     Dale Watson                    Truckin' Man                                        Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Tell 'Em I Ain't Here                               Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Cowboy Lloyd Cross                                  Hightone
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 167
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dale Watson                    Daughter's Wedding Song                             Red House
     Dale Watson                    A Day At A Time                                     Red House
     Dale Watson                    Give Me More Kisses                                 Red House
     Dale Watson                    Crocodile Tears                                     Red House
     Dale Watson                    Cowboy Boots                                        Red House
     Dale Watson                    Burden Of The Cross                                 Red House
     Dale Watson                    California Wine                                     Koch
     Dale Watson                    Dreamland                                           Koch
     Dale Watson                    She Don't Care                                      Koch
     Dale Watson                    No Help Wanted                                      Palo Duro
     Dale Watson                    Love At First Sight                                 Koch
     Dale Watson                    I Wish You'd Come Around                            Koch
     Dale Watson                    Hair Of The Dog                                     Hightone
     Dale Watson                    I Wish I Was Crazy Again                            Palo Duro
     Dale Watson                    My Heart Is Yours                                   Palo Duro
     Dale Watson                    Fox On The Run                                      Koch
     Dale Watson                    In The Jailhouse Now                                Compadre
     Dale Watson                    South Of Round Rock Texas                           Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Our First Times And Our Last Times                  Audium
     Dale Watson                    Jonny At The Door                                   Red House
     Dale Watson                    Angel In My Dreams                                  Audium
     Dale Watson                    If I Knew Then What I Know Now                      Audium
     Dale Watson                    Money Can't Buy Her Love                            Audium
     Dale Watson                    I See My Future                                     Audium
     Dale Watson                    I Can't Let You Go                                  Audium
     Dale Watson                    No Help Wanted                                      CDTex
     Dale Watson                    Honky Tonker's Don't Cry                            Koch
     Dale Watson                    I Needed You                                        CMH
     Dale Watson                    I've Done That Before                               Red House
     Dale Watson                    Whiskey Or God                                      CDTex
     Dale Watson                    Forever Valentine                                   Red House
     Dale Watson                    In The Jailhouse Now                                Audium
     Dale Watson                    Tucumcari Here I Come                               Lazy SOB
     Dale Watson                    One More For Her                                    Audium
     Dale Watson                    As Long As The Bottle's Full                        Palo Duro
     Dale Watson                    You Asked Me To                                     Compadre
     Dale Watson                    No Fussin', No Cussin'                              Audium
     Dale Watson                    David Buxkemper                                     Red House
     Dale Watson                    I'd Deal With The Devil                             Audium
     Dale Watson                    Heart Of Stone                                      Audium
     Dale Watson                    One Tear At A Time
     Dale Watson                    Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe
     Dale Watson                    I'm Thru Hurtin'                                    Red House
     Dale Watson                    You Lie                                             Hightone
     Dale Watson                    You're The Best Part Of Me                          Audium
     Dale Watson                    Hey Driver                                          Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Caught                                              Hightone
     Dale Watson                    Nashville Rash                                      Hightone
     Dale Watson                    I Owe It All To You                                 Red House
     Dale Watson                    Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint                        Hightone
     Dale Watson/Kelly Willis       It's A Cheatin' Situation
     Dale Wesley                    Last Bus Out                                        Dream Weavers
     Dale Wesley                    Thanks At Christmas                                 Chrome
     Dale Wesley                    Good Old Boys Like Me                               Chrome
     Dale Williams                  Flirtin' With The Booze                             Western Heart
     Dallahachie Boys               The Man                                             DBR
     Dallas County Line             Honk If You Love To Honky Tonk                      Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 168
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dallas Frazier                 Birthmark Henry Thompson Talks About                      
     Dallas Frazier                 The Sunshine Of My World
     Dallas Moore                   Kisses From You                                     Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Trash                                               Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Raisin Hell & Slingin Gravel                        Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Bottle And A Bible                                  Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Home Is Where The Highway Is                        SOL
     Dallas Moore                   Faster                                              Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Mr. Honky Tonk                                      Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Somewhere Between Bridges                           Sol
     Dallas Moore                   When You Come Around                                Sol
     Dallas Moore                   Texahio                                             Sol
     Dallas Moore Band              Hank To Thank                                       Sol
     Dallas Moore Band              Hank To Thank                                       Sol
     Dallas Moore Band              Crazy Again                                         Sol
     Dallas Moore Band              Where you Gonna Be When I'm Gone                    Sol
     Dallas Moore Band              Condemned Behind The Wall                           Sol
     Dallas Wayne                   If These Walls Could Cry                            Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   Old 45's                                            Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   I Did The Right Thing                               Sugar Hill
     Dallas Wayne                   We Never Killed Each Other                          Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   She'll Go Down In Honky Tonk History                Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   I'm Back (And Lonelier Than Ever)                   Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   The Stuff Inside                                    Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   I'm Your Biggest Fan                                Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   Not A Dry Eye In The House                          Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   Under The Overpass                                  Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   Here I Am In Dallas                                 Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   She's Good To Go                                    Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   Tell It to The Jukebox                              Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   Crank the Hank                                      Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   Happy Hour                                          Hightone
     Dallas Wayne                   3:30 In The Afternoon                               Koch
     Dallas Wayne                   It's All Over, All Over Town                        Koch
     Dalton Gang                    Everyday is Christmas                               Double E
     Damian Follett                 Long As You're A Good Man                           HotDisc
     Damian Follett                 Summertime                                          FM
     Damian Follett                 Change                                              HMG
     Damon Curtis                   Heart Of Stone                                      CDTex
     Damon Gray                     You
     Damon Gray                     I'm Lookin' For Trouble                             Broken Bow
     Damon Mitchell                 Marvine                                             NAD
     Damon Scott                    Back In The Swing Of Things                         Armadillo
     Dan & Karla                    You & Me Just Need To Be                            Lamon
     Dan + Shay                     Tequila                                             WB
     Dan + Shay                     Speechless                                          WB
     Dan + Shay                     From The Ground Up                                  WB
     Dan + Shay                     How Not To                                          WB
     Dan + Shay                     All To Myself                                       WB
     Dan + Shay                     19 You + Me                                         WB
     Dan + Shay                     Road Trippin'                                       WB
     Dan + Shay                     Show You Off                                        WB
     Dan Austin                     Break It To Me Easy
     Dan Baker                      Hey Truckerman
     Dan Baker                      My Daddy's Just A Trucker
     Dan Colehour                   It Ain't That Easy                                  Carnival
     Dan Colehour                   Lucky Man                                           MCA
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 169
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dan Colehour                   Leaving Meridian                                    MCA   
     Dan Crump                      Night After Night                                   SR
     Dan Crump                      Don't You Know                                      CDTex
     Dan Daniels                    Nashville Dreams                                    DD
     Dan Dickey                     Hot Mama                                            Chartwheel
     Dan Hicks                      That's Where I Am                                   Surfdog
     Dan Johnson                    Bloom                                               State Fair
     Dan Johnson                    Troubador's Prayer                                  CDTex
     Dan Kibler                     Another Day                                         SR
     Dan Layus                      Destroyer                                           Plated
     Dan Layus                      Let Me Lose You                                     Plated
     Dan Layus                      Call Me When You Get There                          Plated
     Dan Marro                      After All This Time                                 Round Robin
     Dan Marro                      My One Regret                                       Round Robin
     Dan Marro                      Angel                                               Round Robin
     Dan Marro                      Me & Senorita With Guitar                           Round Robin
     Dan Marro                      Getting Over You                                    Round Robin
     Dan Marro                      If I Could See                                      Western Heart
     Dan Marro                      Heaven In My Eyes                                   Western Heart
     Dan Marro                      Dreamer                                             Western Heart
     Dan Masterson                  Fine                                                DM
     Dan May                        A Thousand Angels                                   SR
     Dan May                        Paradise                                            DM
     Dan May                        Great Expectations                                  DM
     Dan McClintock                 Jesus,Jesus, You're All The World To Me             Corona
     Dan Mitchell                   A Xmas Filled With Love
     Dan Penn/Spooner Oldham        Ol' Folks                                           Proper
     Dan Penn/Spooner Oldham        I'm Living Good                                     Proper
     Dan Penn/Spooner Oldham        Cry Like A Baby                                     Proper
     Dan Richards                   Heartbreak U
     Dan Roberts                                                   Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    I'm The One To Call                                 Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Only In Texas                                       Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Late Nite Singin'                                   Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    The Yellow Stud                                     Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    There's A Little Cowboy In All Of Us                Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Swingin' Till We Can't See Strait                   Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    I'm Thinkin' It                                     Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Everybody's Hocked A Saddle                         Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Angelina Dance                                      Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Fort Worth, Texas                                   Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    The Swing I Love The Most                           Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Horsetradin                                         Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    I Miss John Wayne                                   Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Unswung                                             Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    The Hero Is A Clown                                 Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Saddle Pals                                         Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Old Cowboy Blues                                    Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Don't Bury Me In Tennessee                          Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    True Blue Heeler                                    Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Palomino Pal Of Mine                                Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    The Grip                                            Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Wolves                                              Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    You Can't Make A Cowboy Sing The Blues              Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Stallions                                           Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Viva La Cowboy                                      Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Full Moon Turnaround                                Old Boots
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 170
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dan Roberts                    If They Only Knew A Cowboy                          Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    One Gate From Home                                  Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    The Cowboy Song                                     Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Triflin' State Of Mind                              Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Horses In Heaven                                    Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    A Trucker's Just A Cowboy                           Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Wranglers, Ropers & Resistols                       Old Boots
     Dan Roberts                    Roped in To Love                                    Old Boots
     Dan Sauer                      Thinking Of You                                     Interstate 40
     Dan Sauer                      This Time                                           Interstae 40
     Dan Sauer                      Run Away                                            Interstate 40
     Dan Sauer                      Goodbye                                             Interstate 40
     Dan Sauer                      Hang Up And Drive                                   Snowfield
     Dan Sauer                      Its OK By Me                                        Interstae 40
     Dan Schafer                    Santa's in Florida                                  Bridge
     Dan Schafer                    Sweet Angel Of The Alleghenies                      Bridge
     Dan Seals                      My Baby's Got Good Timin'
     Dan Seals                      One Friend
     Dan Seals                      Out On The Frontline
     Dan Seals                      Three Time Loser
     Dan Seals                      I Won't Be Blue
     Dan Seals                      Love On Arrival
     Dan Seals                      Angel Eyes                                          Nuance
     Dan Seals                      Nights Are Forever Without You                      Tour Data Corp.
     Dan Seals                      Reminsicing                                         Nuance
     Dan Seals                      Ball & Chain                                        Capitol
     Dan Seals                      We Are One
     Dan Seals                      You Still Move Me
     Dan Seals                      My Old Yellow Car                                   E.M.I
     Dan Seals                      They Rage On
     Dan Seals                      Good Times                                          Capitol
     Dan Seals                      (You Bring Out) The Wild Side Of Me
     Dan Seals                      Everybody's Dream Girl
     Dan Seals                      Bordertown                                          Capitol
     Dan Seals                      Water Under The Bridge                              Capitol
     Dan Seals                      After You
     Dan Seals                      Those
     Dan Seals                      I Will Be There
     Dan Seals                      Addicted
     Dan Seals                      Bop
     Dan Seals                      God Must Be A Cowboy
     Dan Seals                      Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)
     Dan Seals/Emmylou Harris       Lullaby                                             WB
     Dan Seals/Marie Osmond         Meet Me In Montana
     Dan Stevens                    Bessie's Old Man                                    SR
     Dan Stevens                    The Field Sobriety Line Dance                       SR
     Dan Stevens                    I Aint't Old, I'm Vintage                           SR
     Dan Story                      Drunk Dialin'                                       DSM
     Dan Story                      Every Man Needs A Rock                              HMG
     Dan Tedesco                    Favorite Of All Time                                SR
     Dan Tyler                      Happy Christmas                                     Intuit
     Dan Tyler                      Happy Xmas                                          Intuit
     Dan Tyler                      Happy Xmas                                          Intuit
     Dan Tyminski                   I Ain't Taking You Back No More                     Rounder
     Dan Tyminski                   Some Early Morning                                  Rounder
     Dan Tyminski                   Making Hay                                          Rounder
     Dan Tyminski                   Wheels                                              Rounder
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 171
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dan Tyminski                   The One You Lean On                                 Rounder
     Dan Tyminski/Jim Mills         Are You Waiting Just For Me                         Sugar Hill
     Dan Varner Band                When Mama Prayed                                    New Dominion
     Dan Washburn                   Miles On A Rocking Chair                            Northumberland
     Dan Washburn                   We Were Almost Love                                 Northumberland
     Dan Washburn                   We Were Almost Love                                 HotDisc
     Dan Wesley                     From a Jack To A Joker                              HotDisc
     Dan Wesley                     That's Good                                         HotDisc
     Dan Wesley                     She's On Her Way Out                                Hot Disc
     Dan Whitaker                   Working From Home                                   SR
     Dan Whitaker                   Deeper In Your Love                                 SR
     Dan Whitaker                   Bad Luck & Moonshime                                DW
     Dan Whitaker                   Anything You Wanted To                              SR
     Dan Whitaker                   Thousand Miles Away                                 SR
     Dana And Lauren                Song To My Heart                                    D&L
     Dana And Lauren                DreamsAre Fireflies                                 D&L
     Dana Cooper                    No Second Coming                                    Dog Eared
     Dana Cooper                    No Second Coming                                    SR
     Dana Cooper                    Right Out Loud                                      King Easy
     Dana Cooper                    Right The Wrong                                     Dog Eared
     Dana Hudson                    Tryin' To Hold On
     Dana Hudson                    Another True Love
     Dana Hunt Black                Check Yes Or No                                     Compadre
     Dana McVicker                  Rock A Bye Heart
     Dana McVicker                  Call Me A Fool
     Dana McVicker                  I'm Lovin' The Wrong Man Again
     Dana Spencer                   Bluegrass Xmas                                      Bridge
     Dana Spencer                   Merry Xmas Darling                                  Bridge
     Dana Spencer                   Sweet Virginia Xmas                                 Bridge
     Dana Valery                    Roses & Rainbows
     Dana Walker                    Forget You                                          Outback
     Dana Walker                    She Knows The Pain By Heart                         Outback
     Dandy & Doolittle Band         Who Were You Thinkin' Of
     Dane Stevens                   I Never Get Past Go                                 Stomp
     Dane Stevens                   For Hank's Sake Keep It Country                     Stomp
     Dane Stevens                   My Mistake                                          Hot Disc
     Dane Stevens                   I Want To Live Like That                            Stomp
     Dane Stevens                   I Just Fell For You Tonight                         HotDisc
     Dangermuffin                   Mystery Repeating                                   SR
     Dangermuffin                   Walk into The Wind                                  SR
     Dangermuffin                   Seafoam Tumbles                                     SR
     Dani                           You Did                                             Dani
     Dani                           I Won't Be The One                                  Dani
     Dani                           When It Rains                                       Dani
     Dani Ashworth                  Last Bus To Dallas                                  Westwood
     Dani Ashworth                  Last Bus To Dallas                                  Western Heart
     Daniel Alan                    Life Is Like A Race                                 HMG
     Daniel Crabtree                What The Old Man Told Me                            SR
     Daniel Hobbs                   Back In The Saddle                                  Codisc
     Daniel James                   Out On Their Own                                    HMG
     Daniel James                   Colors Of Spring                                    HMG
     Daniel James Ward              Smith And Wessen                                    HotDisc
     Daniel Kublbock                Born In Bavaria                                     Seven Days
     Daniel Lee Martin              Homespun Love                                       Chinmusic
     Daniel Lee Martin              I Can't Let Go                                      Chin
     Daniel Moore                   On Solid Ground                                     DJM
     Daniel Richard                 Your Leaving Slowly Dawned On Me                    Fox Fire
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 172
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Daniel Romano                  I'm Gonna Teach You                                 New West
     Daniel Rose                    Until Forever's Gone                                DR
     Daniel Rose                    What I Wouldn't Give                                DR
     Daniel Rose                    Let's Go Slow                                       RCD
     Daniel Rose                    Shot O'Country                                      DR
     Daniel Smith                   Ain't No Place Like Home                            The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Right Side Of Love                                  The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Living The Good Life                                Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   I'm Going  Home                                     The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Thank You                                           The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   We've Got Love                                      The  Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Until I Close My Eyes                               DLS
     Daniel Smith                   True Measure Of A Man                               The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Man Like Me                                         Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   I See You                                           KMA
     Daniel Smith                   This Side Of The Dirt                               DLS
     Daniel Smith                   Good Old Days                                       KMA
     Daniel Smith                   I Drove Her Away                                    KMA
     Daniel Smith                   Sometimes Love                                      DLS
     Daniel Smith                   What U See Is What U Get                            The Parlor
     Daniel Smith                   Pursuit Of Happy Hour                               DLS
     Daniel Warren                  Brent Creek                                         Quarterback
     Daniel Warren                  Sweet Little Lullaby                                Quarterback
     Danielle Alexander             She's There
     Danielle Alexander             Who Can She Turn To
     Danielle Alexander             Where Did The Moon Go Wrong
     Danielle Bourjeaurd            Cowboys Again                                       SR
     Danielle Bourjeaurd            Bigger Glass                                        RPM
     Danielle Bradbery/Thomas Rhett Goodbye Summer                                      Valory
     Danielle Bradbury              Sway                                                BMLGR
     Danielle Bradbury              Young In America                                    Big Machine
     Danielle Myers                 Spin My Heart                                       Radio Jukebox
     Danielle Myers                 Gotta Babysit Bobby                                 Radio Jukebox
     Danielle Peck                  Finding A Good Man                                  Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Bad For Me                                          Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Can't Believe                                       Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Isn't That Everything                               Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Somebody For You                                    Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Thirsty Again                                       Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Only The Lonely Talkin'                             Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  A Woman Does Too                                    Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  Honky Tonk Time                                     Big Machine
     Danielle Peck                  I Don't                                             Big Machine
     Danielle Reddin                The Danger Zone                                     Country Discovery
     Danielle Reddin                Was He Just A Dream                                 Country Discovery
     Danney Ball                    I Traded in My Horse For A Harley                   MTM
     Danni Leigh                    Quarter Over You                                    MTM
     Danni Leigh                    Ol' Lonesome                                        Decca
     Danni Leigh                    Beatin' My Head Against The Wall                    Decca
     Danni Leigh                    Longnecks,Cigarettes                                Monument
     Danni Leigh                    Touch Me                                            Decca
     Danni Leigh                    29 Nites
     Danni Leigh                    Honey I Do                                          Monument
     Danni Leigh                    Little Things                                       Monument
     Danni Leigh                    Yesterday                                           Audium
     Danni Leigh                    I Don't Feel That Way Anymore                       Monument
     Danni Leigh                    Divide & Conquer                                    Audium
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 173
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Danni Leigh                    Last Train To San Antone                            Audium
     Danni Leigh                    Sometimes                                           Audium
     Danni Leigh                    My Last Chance Is Gone                              Audium
     Danni Leigh                    He Used To Sat That To Me                           Audium
     Danni Leigh                    A Far Cry From Here                                 Audium
     Danni Leigh                    House Of Pain                                       Audium
     Danni Leigh                    I Feel A Heartache Comin' On
     Danni O'Neill                  What Is Me                                          GMV
     Danni O'Neill                  What Is Me                                          GMV
     Danni O'Neill                  Breakin' It Down                                    GMV
     Danny Ball                     I Traded in My Horse For A Harley                   Western Heart
     Danny Baty                     She Had Her Reasons For Leaving                     Thatcher
     Danny Baty                     Old Memories Die Hard                               Thatcher
     Danny Baty                     400 Horses                                          Thatch
     Danny Baty                     When I Say I'm Sorry Again                          Thatch
     Danny Baty                     Before You Say Goodbye                              Thatcher
     Danny Cannon                   Is It Only Me                                       HMG
     Danny Cannon                   Hat Full Of Rain                                    HMG
     Danny Cannon                   Bridge To Burn                                      HMG
     Danny Cannon                   Hat Full Of Rain                                    HMG
     Danny Cardwell                 Do You Still Want A Fool Around                     DC Records
     Danny Cardwell                 I See What You're Sayin'
     Danny Click                    Feel Good Today                                     One Bullet
     Danny Click                    I Feel Good Today                                   SR
     Danny Click                    Holding  Uo The Sun                                 Dog Star
     Danny Davis                    Wichita Falls                                       CMM
     Danny Davis                    How I Love Them Old Songs                           RCA
     Danny Davis                    Tomorrow Cheating On Me                             CMM
     Danny Davis                    You Live In My Heart                                CMM
     Danny Davis                    Colorado                                            CMM
     Danny Davis                    Wabash Cannonball
     Danny Elswick                  Rub a Dubbin'                                       Mada
     Danny Elswick                  You Broke Her Memory                                Mada
     Danny Elswick                  Travelin' Man                                       Mada
     Danny Elswick                  18 Yellow Roses                                     Mada
     Danny Gokey                    Second Hand Heart                                   RCA
     Danny Gokey                    I Will Not Say Goodbye                              RCA
     Danny Gokey                    My Best Days                                        RCA
     Danny Griego                   She Only Likes Me For My Willie                     Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   The Coast Is Clear                                  HotDisc
     Danny Griego                   64 Cadillac                                         Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   Itty Bitty Outlaw                                   Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   Mean Mexican Woman                                  Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   Rusty Old Ford                                      Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   I Wear My Own Kind Of Hat                           Western Heart
     Danny Griego                   At The Crossroads                                   Western Heart
     Danny Mack                     Runnin' From The Storm                              EHK
     Danny Mack                     Someone You Love                                    aPCO
     Danny Mack                     The Greatest Comeback                               Apco
     Danny Mack                     I Only See You                                      Airplay Int'l
     Danny Mack                     I Only See You                                      Apco
     Danny Mack                     Last Time She Cheats                                Stardust
     Danny Mack                     If These Walls Could Talk                           APCO
     Danny Maxey                    500 Miles From Nashville
     Danny Newsome                  Georgiana
     Danny Newsome                  Love Burn
     Danny Newsome                  I'd Think You Were Cheatin'
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 174
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Danny Newsome                  Lonestar Lonesome                                         
     Danny Newsome                  For The Sake Of Me
     Danny Newsome                  I Don't Love You Too
     Danny O'Keefe                  When You Come Back Down                             Bicameral
     Danny Ray Harris               Choice                                              HMG
     Danny Santos                   Here We Are                                         Wind River
     Danny Schmidt                  Firestorm                                           Red House
     Danny Shirley                  I Make The Living (She Makes The Living Worth Whil
     Danny Thomas                   You And Me                                          Canyon Creek
     Danny Trashville               The King Is Dead                                    SR
     Danny Vernon                   Killin' Myself To Stay Alive                        Midland
     Danny Wear                     No Telling What I'd Do                              Stardust
     Danny Wear                     Treat My Heart                                      Stardust
     Danny Wear                     Love In A Bottle                                    Stardust
     Danny Wear                     If Daddy Could See Me Now                           Stardust
     Danny Wear                     A Girl Like You                                     Stardust
     Danny Wier                     Smooth Sailing                                      Stardust
     Danny Worsnop                  Anyone But Me                                       Earache
     Dar Williams                   It Happens Every Day                                Razor & Tie
     Darby Burger                   I Love You                                          Diamondback
     Darby Burger                   She                                                 Diamondback
     Darby Ledbetter                Follow Me Around                                    CDTex
     Darcy Lynne Ward               Fly Me To The Moon                                  DLW
     Darcy Lynne Ward               7 Year Rain                                         DLW
     Darcy Lynne Ward               Cowgirl's Lullaby                                   DLW`
     Darcy Lynne Ward               What Else Is New                                    DLW
     Darcy Lynne Ward               That Girl's In Love                                 HotDisc
     Darden Smith                   Love Me Like A Soldier                              Valley Entertainment
     Darden Smith                   Little Maggie
     Darden Smith                   Day After Tomorrow
     Darin & Brooke Aldridge        Our Little World                                    Home Grown
     Darin & Brooke Aldridge        Love Speak To Me                                    Organic
     Darin Aldridge                 Call it a Day                                       Pinecastle
     Darin Crisman                  The Woman She's Become
     Darin Warner                   No Regrets                                          SR
     Darius Rucker                  True Believers                                      Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  This                                                Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Miss You                                            Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Come Back Song                                      Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Straight To Hell                                    Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  I Got Nothin'                                       Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Don't Think I Don't Think About It                  Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  It Won't Be Like This For Long                      Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Wagon Wheel                                         Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  If I Told You                                       Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  For The First Time                                  Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Southern Style                                      Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Hometown Honey                                      Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Alright                                             Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  History In The Making                               Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Candy Cane Xmas                                     Capitol
     Darius Rucker                  Radio                                               Capitol
     Darl Enga                      You've Got A Memory That Just Won't Quit            TGIC
     Darl Enga                      Hanging My Heartaches Out To Dry                    Zep
     Darl Enga                      Time Hasn't Changed You                             Zep
     Darl Enga                      Even The Jukebox Cried                              Zep
     Darl Enga                      Look Who's back From Town                           TGIC
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 175
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Darl Enga                      Safety In Numbers                                   Zep   
     Darl Enga                      South Bend                                          TGIC
     Darl Enga                      Hole In The Fence                                   TGIC
     Darlene Austin                 Sunday Go To Cheatin' Clothes                       Myrtle
     Darlene Austin                 Sunday Go To Cheatin' Clothes
     Darlene Austin                 I'm On The Outside Looking In
     Darlene Marie McCoy            I've Been Waiting For You                           DM
     Darlene Marie McCoy            Can You Feel Me Now                                 DM
     Darlene Rae                    Only Love Can Break A Heart
     Darlin' & Rose                 Hotel Room In Dallas                                DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Two Dimes And A Quarter                             DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Love Is The Answer                                  DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 She Started Drinkin'                                DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Honky Tonk Eyes                                     DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Don't Make A Cowboy Cry In Texas                    DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Crossing The Bar                                    DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 Memories                                            DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 How Do We Get There                                 DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 House Of Dreams                                     DNR
     Darlin' & Rose                 The Story                                           DNR
     Darnell Martin                 I Was Raised On The Grand ole Oprey                 Radio Jukebox
     Darnell Miller                 Pieces                                              Aaron
     Darnell Miller                 I Believe In Me                                     Hillcrest
     Darnell Miller                 Nothin' Scares The Hell Out Of Me
     Darnell Miller                 George Jones WIll You Sing Me A Song                Aaronq
     Daron Norwood                  My Girl Friday                                      Giant
     Daron Norwood                  If I Ever Love Again                                Giant
     Daron Norwood                  In God We Trust                                     Lofton Creek
     Daron Norwood                  If It Wasn't For Her I Wouldn't Have You
     Daron Norwood                  Cowboys Don't Cry                                   Giant
     Darrell Clanton                I'll Take As Much Of You As I Can Get
     Darrell Clanton                Lonesome 7-7203
     Darrell Clanton                I Forgot I Don't Live Here Anymore
     Darrell Goldman                Missing You                                         CDTex
     Darrell Holt                   I Can't Take Her Anywhere
     Darrell Holt                   I'd Throw It All Away
     Darrell Holt                   Catch 22
     Darrell McCall                 There's Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone           CDTex
     Darrell McCall                 There's Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone           BGM
     Darrell McCall                 Xmas In Cell #9
     Darrell McCall                 A Long Time Ago
     Darrell McCall                 Will You Ever Know
     Darrell McCall                 Let Me Be The First To Go
     Darrell Scott                  You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive                     Sugar Hill
     Darrell Scott                  Uncle Lloyd                                         Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Candle For a Cowboy                                 Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Too Close To Comfort                                Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  You'll Be With Me All The Way                       Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  The Country Boy                                     Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Trying Not To Love You                              Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Pay Lake                                            Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  A Father's Song                                     Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Love's Not Thru                                     Ful Light
     Darrell Scott                  Country Music I'm Talkin' To You                    Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Looking Glass                                       Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  In My Final Hour                                    Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  The Hummingbird
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 176
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Darrell Scott                  You're Everything I Wanted Love To Be               Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Nobody Eats At Linebaugh's Anymore                  Appleseed
     Darrell Scott                  Someday                                             Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  Hopkinsville                                        Full Light
     Darrell Scott                  It Must Be Sunday                                   Full Light
     Darrell Scott/Tim O'Brien      Just One More                                       Full Skies
     Darrell Scott/Tim O'Brien      The Well                                            Full Skies
     Darrell Wayne                  Not Near Enough                                     DWM
     Darrell Webb                   Pistol & The Pen                                    Ocala
     Darren Busby                   Arms Of Mary                                        MJM
     Darren Coleman                 The Best Way I Know How                             Platinum Plus
     Darren Davidson                If It Ain't Got Swing                               Roundbelly
     Darren Flowers                 Night Fishing Song                                  SR
     Darren Hincks                  Another Beer & A Shot                               Rider
     Darren Hincks                  Chasin' Butterflies                                 HotDisc
     Darren Hincks                  Keeping It Simple                                   RR
     Darren Holden                  Things You Left Behind                              DD
     Darren Holden                  I Want To Come Home                                 DD
     Darren Holden                  Lowdown Hoedown                                     Doorknob
     Darren Holden                  Wherever You Are                                    Doorknob
     Darren Holden                  Shadow                                              DD
     Darren Holden                  Blood & Smoke                                       Blacksmith
     Darren Holden                  Live & Learn                                        DD
     Darren Knight                  On Second Thought                                   Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle                      Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  My Train Of Thought                                 Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  I've Been Around Enough To Know                     Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  Lonely Night In Tennessee                           Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  Always Be In My Heart                               Western Heart
     Darren Knight                  Fiddle & The Swing                                  Western Heart
     Darren Kozelsky                She Got Me There                                    9 North
     Darren Kozelsky                Running Kind                                        Spinville
     Darren Kozelsky                Cool Grass                                          Boo Hatch
     Darren Kozelsky                Real Superman                                       m7
     Darren Kozelsky                Mind Over Matter                                    CDTex
     Darren Kozelsky                Somebody Send Me A Preacher                         m7
     Darren Kozelsky                Why Do I Dream                                      Smith
     Darren Kozelsky                Good Day To Get Gone                                HotDisc
     Darren Kozelsky                She Got Me There                                    Spinville
     Darren Kozelsky                7 Vern Gosdin's Ago                                 Spinville
     Darren Kozelsky                Love Lays Before You                                Smith
     Darren Kozelsky                Name On Her Wing                                    Smith
     Darren Kozelsky                Other Side Of Morning                               Smith
     Darren Kozelsky                Only Just Your Friend                               Smith
     Darren Nicholson               Smiling For The Camera                              Coyote Ridge
     Darren Rhodes                  I've Been There                                     Western Heart
     Darren Rhodes                  Coldest Nite Since 1951                             KMA
     Darren Rhodes                  Your Mister Misses You                              KMA
     Darren Rhodes                  Jesse Told Becky Goodbye                            KMA
     Darren Taylor                  Richest Man Alive                                   Turn It Up
     Darren Taylor                  Hillbilly Way                                       Turn It Up
     Darren Warren                  Cowboy Up & Party Down                              NuCorp
     Darrin Allen                   Conscience                                          Western Heart
     Darrin Morris                  Preacher Man                                        SR
     Darrin Morris                  Never Knew Texas                                    CDTex
     Darryl  Lee O'Donnell          What I Call Home                                    HotDisc
     Darryl & Don Ellis             Something Moving In Me
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 177
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Darryl & Don Ellis             Goodbye Highway                                           
     Darryl & Don Ellis             Walk On Out Of My Mind
     Darryl & Don Ellis             10 Minutes Till                                     Epic
     Darryl & Don Ellis             No Sir
     Darryl & Don Ellis             10 Minutes Till
     Darryl Holter                  I Ain't Got No Home                                 213
     Darryl Holter                  Back Into Your World                                213
     Darryl Lee O'Donnell           How Do I Get To You From Here                       Country Discovery
     Darryl Lee Rush                Ferris Wheel                                        Coastal Bend
     Darryl Lee Rush                Johnny Come Lately                                  Palo Duro
     Darryl Lee Rush                Broken Glass                                        Coastal Bend
     Darryl Lee Rush                Miles To Memphis                                    Shiner
     Darryl Lee Rush                Queenie's Song                                      Shiner
     Darryl Purpose                 Late For Dinner                                     Tangible
     Darryl Ryan                    Not Enough Town                                     7x7
     Darryl Singletary              The Note
     Darryl Worley                  I Will Hold My Ground                               Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  When You Need My Love                               Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Is It Just Us?                                      Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  If I Could Just Be Me                               Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Best Of Both Worlds                                 DW
     Darryl Worley                  Tennessee River Run                                 Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Keep The Change                                     Stroudavarius
     Darryl Worley                  Nothin' But A Love Thang                            903
     Darryl Worley                  Awful Beautiful Life                                Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Best Of Both Worlds                                 Stradavarius
     Darryl Worley                  Second Wind                                         Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  I Lover Her She Hates Me                            Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Just Come Back                                      903
     Darryl Worley                  Hard Rain Don't Last                                Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  A Good Day to Run                                   Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Living In The Here & Now                            903
     Darryl Worley                  Rainmaker                                           Worleybird
     Darryl Worley                  Family Tree                                         Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  O Come All Ye Faithful                              Universal
     Darryl Worley                  I Miss My Friend                                    Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Feels Like Work                                     Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Sounds Like Life                                    Stroudavarious
     Darryl Worley                  Lonely Alone                                        Roughstock
     Darryl Worley                  The Way Things Are Goin'                            Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Those Less Fortunate Than I                         Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Too Many Pockets                                    Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Tequila On Ice                                      Stroudavarius
     Darryl Worley                  Sideways                                            Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  If Something Should Happen                          Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  I Need A Breather                                   Dreamworks
     Darryl Worley                  Have You Forgotten?                                 Dreamworks
     Darwin Macon                   I Still Drink About Her                             CDTex
     Darwin Macon                   Getting Over You                                    CDTex
     Daryle Singletary              You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet                         Audium
     Daryle Singletary              I've Thought Of Everything                          Audium
     Daryle Singletary              Kay                                                 Audium
     Daryle Singletary              I'd Love To Lay You Down                            Audium
     Daryle Singletary              I Knew I Loved You                                  Audium
     Daryle Singletary              The Note                                            Audium
     Daryle Singletary              Love You With The Lights On                         Koch
     Daryle Singletary              Dumaflache                                          Audium
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 178
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Daryle Singletary              I Knew I Loved You                                  Audium
     Daryle Singletary              Too Much Fun                                        Giant
     Daryle Singletary              Jesus & Bartenders                                  Shenachie
     Daryle Singletary              Amen Kind Of Love
     Daryle Singletary              Now & Again                                         Audium
     Daryle Singletary              I Let Her Lie
     Daryle Singletary              The Used To Be's                                    Giant
     Daryle Singletary              Workin' It Out
     Daryle Singletary              Would These Arms Be In Your Way                     Audium
     Daryle Singletary              I Still Sing This Way                               Shanachie
     Daryle Singletary              I'm Living Up To Her Low Expectations               Giant
     Daryle Singletary              We're Not Going To Hell                             Platinum
     Daryle Singletary              That's Where You're Wrong
     Daryle Singletary              Swingin' Into Xmas                                  Nashville
     Daryle Singletary              Even The Wind                                       Giant
     Daryle Singletary              That's Why I Sing This Way                          Audium
     Daryle Singletary              Call Colorado                                       SR
     Daughters Of Bluegrass         How It Feels                                        Blue Cricle
     Daughters Of Bluegrass         Carolina State Of Mind                              Blue Circle
     Daughters Of Bluegrass         Homesick For The Hills                              Blue Circle
     Daughters Of Bluegrass         Keep On Walking                                     Blue Circle
     Daughters Of Bluegrass         There Aought Ot Be More To Love Than This           Blue Circle
     Dava Phillips                  The Strongest Pulls The Wagon                       Common Ground
     Dave  Isaacs                   Isabella                                            Shadow Brook
     Dave  Isaacs                   What I Have To Do                                   Shadow Brook
     Dave & Beth Signs              Jackson                                             Western Heart
     Dave & Kara                    Tell Me Boy                                         SR
     Dave & Shayenne                She...Who Must Be Obeyed                            Stomp
     Dave & Shayenne                Christmas Is Coming                                 Stomp
     Dave & Sugar                   NY Wine & Tennesse Shine
     Dave & Sugar                   Tear Time
     Dave & Sugar                   Golden Tears                                        Q
     Dave & Sugar                   The Pleasure's All Mine
     Dave & Sugar                   The Door Is Always Open
     Dave & Sugar                   A Love Song
     Dave & Sugar                   Don't Throw It All Away
     Dave & Sugar                   My World Begins & Ends With You
     Dave & Sugar                   It's A Heartache
     Dave & Sugar                   Queen Of The Silver Dollar
     Dave & Sugar                   Women & Wine
     Dave & Sugar                   I'm Knee Deep In Loving You
     Dave & Sugar                   Why'd You Have To Be So Good
     Dave & Sugar                   Gotta Quit Lookin' At You Baby
     Dave & Sugar                   Stay With Me
     Dave & Sugar                   That's The Way Love Should Be
     Dave & Sugar                   Queen Of The Silver $ (45)
     Dave & Sugar                   The Door Is Always Open                             Q
     Dave & Sugar                   I'm Gonna Love You
     Dave & Sugar                   Golden Tears
     Dave & Whitney                 Alibi                                               HotDisc
     Dave & Whitney                 Alibi                                               D&W
     Dave Adams                     Green Eyes                                          G-1
     Dave Adams                     Comin' Home                                         SR
     Dave Adams                     Beautiful Girl                                      G1
     Dave Adkins                    It's Not Over                                       SR
     Dave Alexander                 You're From Texas                                   DAP
     Dave Alexander                 Drinking Champaign                                  DAP
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 179
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dave Alvin                     Surfer Girl                                         YepRoc
     Dave Alvin                     Everett Ruess                                       Yep Roc
     Dave Alvin                     California Bloodlines                               YepRoc
     Dave Alvin                     Here In California                                  YepRoc
     Dave Alvin                     11 Months & 29 Days                                 Sugar Hill
     Dave Alvin                     Anyway                                              YepRoc
     Dave Alvin                     I'm A Lonesome Fugitive                             Backporch
     Dave Alvin                     Somewhere In Time                                   Yep Roc
     Dave Alvin                     These Times We're Livin' In                         YepRoc
     Dave Aspen                     The Emotion Of Love                                 HotDisc
     Dave Aspen                     One Way Train                                       HotDisc
     Dave Aspen                     Behind The Wall                                     HotDisc
     Dave Boudreaux                 Lost In Love                                        SR
     Dave Brooks                    Who Know's Maybe                                    ELM
     Dave Brooks                    Teach Me How To Love Again                          ELM
     Dave Burgess                   I'll Be Loving You                                  Western Heart
     Dave Burgess                   If I Were You                                       Western Heart
     Dave Caley                     Ain't Livin' Long Like This                         Renewed
     Dave Caley                     Superstar                                           SR
     Dave Caley                     Belle Of The Ball                                   SR
     Dave Caley                     They Rage On                                        SR
     Dave Caley                     Stand By Me                                         SR
     Dave Caley                     Let It Roll                                         SR
     Dave Caley                     Live This Life                                      AirPlay
     Dave Caley                     You Were Mine                                       SR
     Dave Caley                     Old Violin                                          SR
     Dave Caley                     Look Who's back From Town                           SR
     Dave Caley                     Kristofferson                                       SR
     Dave Caley                     Live This Life                                      HMG
     Dave Caley                     Look Who's back From Town                           SR
     Dave Caley                     Sorry Don't Work Anymore                            SR
     Dave Caley                     If I Were A Carpenter                               SR
     Dave Caley                     God's Grand Ole Oprey                               HMG
     Dave Caley                     Hard To Be Honest                                   SR
     Dave Caley                     Nothing To Die For                                  HMG
     Dave Caley                     Wild Ones                                           SR
     Dave Caley                     Between The RIver & Me                              SR
     Dave Caley                     Redneck Love Gone Bad                               CDTex
     Dave Caley                     Kick My Ass                                         CDTex
     Dave Caley                     Big City                                            SR
     Dave Caley                     Redneck Love Gone Bad                               Universal Republic
     Dave Carter                    Sunday Morning Girl                                 Playback
     Dave Carter                    Amazing You                                         Playback
     Dave Carter                    Since I Found You                                   Playback
     Dave Carter                    What If We Could                                    Playback
     Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer    Highway 80                                          Signature Sounds
     Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer    Farewell To Fiddler's Rim                           Signature Sounds
     Dave Crossland                 Kansas                                              Folk Era
     Dave Crossland                 Daydream Believer                                   Folk Era
     Dave Daniels Band              I'm Home Raisin' Children
     Dave Desmelik                  It Won't Be Long                                    SR
     Dave Desmelik                  No Pioneer                                          DD
     Dave Donatelli                 Good Old Boys                                       TSP
     Dave Dudley                    Comin' Down                                         Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Fly Away Again
     Dave Dudley                    My Kind Of Love
     Dave Dudley                    Please Let Me Prove My Love                         Mercury
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 180
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dave Dudley                    Old Time Merry Xmas                                       
     Dave Dudley                    Six Tons Of Toys
     Dave Dudley                    There Ain't No Easy Run                             Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    One More Mile
     Dave Dudley                    The Pool Shark                                      Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun                          Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Last Day In The Mines                               Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Cowboy Boots                                        Dave Dudley
     Dave Dudley                    Trucker's Prayer
     Dave Dudley                    Please Let Me Prove My Love
     Dave Dudley                    Mad                                                 Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    There Ain't No Easy Run
     Dave Dudley                    Fly Away Again                                      Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Rolaids,Doane Pills & Preperation H
     Dave Dudley                    Six Days On The Road
     Dave Dudley                    Two Six Packs Away                                  Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    Six Days On The Road                                Golden Wing
     Dave Dudley                    Two Six Packs Away
     Dave Dudley                    What We're Fightin' For                             Mercury
     Dave Dudley                    The Pool Shark
     Dave Dudley                    Cowboy Boots
     Dave Dudley                    Comin' Down
     Dave Dudley                    Under Cover Of The Night
     Dave Dudley                    That Magic Song
     Dave Dudley                    I'm Proud To Say I Drive A Truck                    Music Mill
     Dave Dudley                    Mad
     Dave Dudley                    Loneyville
     Dave Dudley                    Long Gone
     Dave Dudley                    Maybe I Can
     Dave Dudley                    Drivin' Trains                                      Wo Mew
     Dave Dudley                    Anything Leaving Town
     Dave Dudley                    I Keep Coming Back For More
     Dave Dudley                    Sometime In The Future
     Dave Dudley                    Fireball Rolled a Seven
     Dave Dudley                    Viet Nam Blues
     Dave Dudley                    I'm Goin' Home
     Dave Dudley                    Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
     Dave Dudley                    How Come It Took So Long (To Say Goodbye)
     Dave Dudley                    I Can't Remember You
     Dave Dudley                    Listen Betty (I'm Singing Your Song)
     Dave Dudley                    Just Memories
     Dave Dudley                    Keep On Truckin'
     Dave Dudley                    Me & Ole CB
     Dave Dudley                    If It Feels Good Do It
     Dave Dudley                    It Won't Hurt As Much Tomorrow
     Dave Ellis                     Like I Used To                                      DE
     Dave Emerson                   Even Angels Have Bad Days                           SR
     Dave Emerson                   Even Angels Have Bad Days                           SR
     Dave Gibson                    The Frog Song                                       HotDisc
     Dave Gibson                    A Little Less Beautiful                             HotDisc
     Dave Gleason                   Take Your Memory With You                           Well Worn
     Dave Gleason                   The Good's Been Gone                                Well Worn
     Dave Gleason                   Some New Someone                                    Well Worn
     Dave Gunning                   New Highway                                         Factor
     Dave Hawkins                   Roll On Might River                                 Mountainside
     Dave Insley                    I'm Afraid Of Dyin'                                 DI
     Dave Insley                    Just Call Me Lonesome                               DI
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 181
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dave Insley                    After I Died                                        DI    
     Dave Insley                    Beatin' Ya Down                                     SR
     Dave Insley                    Drinkin' For Two                                    SR
     Dave Insley                    Ol What's Her Name                                  SR
     Dave Insley                    Drinkin' Wine And Staring At The Phone              SR
     Dave Insley                    Footprint In The Snow                               SR
     Dave Insley                    Win Win Situation For Losers                        SR
     Dave Insley                    Exit 93                                             SR
     Dave Insley                    Tears Of Joy                                        Jackalope
     Dave Insley                    God Loves The Working Man                           DIR
     Dave Insley                    There's Gonna Be A Few Changes                      DI
     Dave Isaacs                    When I Die                                          Shadow Brook
     Dave Jorgenson                 You Turned Me Around                                Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Loving Anybody But You                              Furgeson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 You've Made Hurtin' An Art                          BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 Gettin' Drunk Again                                 BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 Misty Eyed                                          Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Whiskey Helps The Heartache                         Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Living A Lie                                        Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 You Remind Me Of Someone                            Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Hell Froze Over                                     Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Luckiest Guy In Town                                BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 We Have A Winner                                    BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 Rat Race                                            BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 Don't Put That Whiskey Away                         BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 I'm Givin' Up On Love                               BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 No Way No How                                       Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 I've Seen it Coming                                 Ferguson Road
     Dave Jorgenson                 Everybody's Baby                                    BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 Blue's Just A Color                                 BMI
     Dave Jorgenson                 You're Gone                                         BMI
     Dave Kemp                      Ain't That The Way It Goes
     Dave Kemp                      Couldn't Get A Fire Started At Home                 APCB
     Dave Kemp                      Gettin' Older's Gettin' Easy                        APCB
     Dave Kemp                      Face Another Day
     Dave Kemp                      It Could've Been You                                APCB
     Dave Kirby                     North Alabama
     Dave Langston                  Lovin' All Night                                    Lamon
     Dave Lemmon                    Hey Mr. Dreamer
     Dave Montana                   Take This Heart                                     Hot Disc Int'l
     Dave Montana                   Nikajack                                            HotDisc Int'l
     Dave Montana                   It's My Time                                        HotDisc
     Dave Moody                     Will It Go Round In Circles                         Lamon
     Dave Moody                     Copper Creek                                        Lamon
     Dave Moody                     The Gospel According To Luke                        Lamon
     Dave Moody                     Right Were I Belong                                 Lamon
     Dave Moody                     Copper Creek                                        Lamon
     Dave Moody                     Copper Creek                                        Lamon
     Dave Moody                     If I Were A Carpenter                               Lamon
     Dave Moody                     Road To Calvary                                     Lamon
     Dave Moody                     If I Were A Carpenter                               Lamon
     Dave Moody                     If You Could Read My Mind                           Lamon
     Dave Moody                     The Gospel According To Luke                        Lamon
     Dave Moody                     How Sweet It Is                                     Lamon
     Dave Moore                     Sharks Don't Sleep                                  Resd House
     Dave Murphy                    Red                                                 MW
     Dave Murphy                    Don't Let Go                                        Phoenix Night
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 182
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dave Murphy                    Right Time                                          Phoenix Night
     Dave Murphy                    Chasing Ghosts                                      No Budget
     Dave Murphy                    My Friend Paul                                      Phoenix Night
     Dave Murphy                    Late Night Suicide                                  Phoenix Night
     Dave Murphy/Steve Forbert      Quarter Moon Missing                                Phoenix Night
     Dave Parks                     Take It From There                                  Diamondback
     Dave Parks                     Free As A Bird                                      HotDisc
     Dave Peel                      Wax Museum                                          Chart
     Dave Peel                      I'm Walkin'                                         Chart
     Dave Phillips                  Cowboy                                              SR
     Dave Rawlings Machine          How's About You                                     SR
     Dave Rawlings Machine          To Be Young                                         SR
     Dave Rowland                   Natalie
     Dave Russell                   How Country Is That                                 Cupid
     Dave Russell                   Where The Money Goes                                Cupit
     Dave Russell                   I Can See Clearly Now                               HMG
     Dave Saunders                  Old Dirt Road                                       Sgt.Joe
     Dave Saunders                  The Dark Parts Of The Forest                        Sgt.Joe
     Dave Saunders                  The Thompson Family Tree                            Sgt.Joe
     Dave Saunders                  Hey, Dad                                            Sgt.Joe
     Dave Sheriff                   Hearts & Flowers                                    Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   I Love You To The Moon                              HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Voulex Vous Danser                                  HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Thank You                                     HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   I Couldnt Find The Words                            HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Fifty & Greyin'                                     Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Saying Goodbye                                      Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   I've Got The Love                                   Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Four Wheel Cowboy                                   Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Cryin' Through My Eyes                              Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Forget Those Angry Words                            HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   I Can't Wait For Payday                             Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Playa Silencio                                      Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   24/7/52                                             Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   A Beautiful Day                                     HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Better Late Than Never                              Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Sunshine On Xmas Day                                Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Dance Like There's Nobody Watching                  Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   A Beautful Day                                      Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Live For Today                                      Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   Overworked & Underpaid                              HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   One Of The Best                                     HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   I Wish I Had A Bassman                              HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Boogie With My Baby                                 Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   My Friend Jack                                      HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Time When I Was Young                               HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Where Do We Go From Here                            Stomp
     Dave Sheriff                   From Then Til Now                                   HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff                   Best Of Friends                                     HotDisc
     Dave Sheriff/Porter Wagonner   I Couldn't Find The Words                           Stomp
     Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang Lookin' Around                                      HMG/Hightone
     Dave White                     Breakin' Up Break Down
     Dave Wooley                    The Reason I Carry On                               Nite Sky
     Dave Wooton                    Back On My Feet Again                               Midland
     Dave Wooton                    Tell Me Why                                         Midland
     Dave Wooton                    She Makes Me Look Good                              Midland
     Dave Wooton                    Loving Home                                         Midland
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 183
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dave Wooton                    As If We Didn't Know                                Midland
     Dave Wooton                    I've Got A Feeling                                  Midland
     Dave Wooton                    That Thunderbird Flies                              Midland
     Dave Wright                    Distant Trains                                      Blue Balloon
     Dave Young                     Stayin's The Only Way To Go                         Stardust
     Dave Young                     I Don't Wanna Cry                                   Chibber
     Dave Young                     Old Soldiers                                        Stardust
     Dave Young                     Livin' Without Your Love                            Chibber
     Dave Young                     Better Chance                                       Stardust
     Dave Young                     After Five                                          Stardust
     Dave Young                     New Fire, Old Flame                                 Chibber
     Dave Young                     Fifty Miles To Macon                                Stardust
     Dave Young                     She Won't Be Coming Home                            Hot Disc Int'l
     Dave Young                     When The Vows Break                                 Stardust
     Dave Young                     White Line Driver                                   Johnson Entertainment
     Dave Young                     Heartache In December                               JES
     Dave Young                     New Star Shining                                    JES
     Davey T                        Long Night Heartache                                Faverett
     David  &  Lisa                 We're Out Of Here                                   HotDisc
     David & Bryan Cline            Ace In The Hole                                     Western Heart
     David & Bryan Cline            Move It On Over                                     Western Heart
     David & Donna Fromager         Your Memory                                         Comstock
     David & Dottie                 At The Drop Of A Hat                                HMG
     David Adam Byrnes              She Only Wanted Flowers                             Better Angels
     David Alan Coe/Willie Nelson   I Already Cheated On You                            Columbia
     David Aldo                     Got It All Right Here                               SR
     David Allan Coe                If This Is Just A Game
     David Allan Coe                If That Ain't Country
     David Allan Coe                Stand By Your Man
     David Allan Coe                Longhaired Redneck
     David Allan Coe                Jack Daniels If You Please
     David Allan Coe                Hank Williams Jr., Jr.
     David Allan Coe                Don't Cry Darlin'
     David Allan Coe                Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
     David Allan Coe                Divers Do It Deeper
     David Allan Coe                Family Reunion
     David Allan Coe                Cheap Thrills
     David Allan Coe                Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
     David Allan Coe                The Walls Of The Bottle                             Columbia
     David Allan Coe                Single Father                                       SR
     David Allan Coe                She Used To Love Me A Lot
     David Allan Coe                A Sad Country Song
     David Allan Coe                How High's The Watergate
     David Allan Coe                Just To Prove Mt Love For You
     David Allan Coe                You Never Called Me By Your Name
     David Allan Coe                Tennessee Whiskey
     David Allan Coe                Take This Job & Shove It
     David Allan Coe                Pledging My Love
     David Allan Coe                Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone
     David Allan Coe                Willie Waylon & Me
     David Allan Coe                The Ride
     David Allan Coe                Just Divorced                                       Rollercoaster
     David Allan Coe                Hello In There                                      Rollercoaster
     David Allan Coe                A Country Boy Who Rolled The Rock Away              Columbia
     David Allan Coe                For Your Precious Love                              Rollercoaster
     David Allan Coe                She's Already Gone                                  Lucky Dog
     David Allan Coe                Drink My Wife Away                                  Lucky Dog
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 184
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Allan Coe                Drinkin' Canada Dry                                       
     David Allan Coe                Son Of A Rebel Son                                  Columbia
     David Allan Coe                Lately,I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately
     David Allan Coe                Tanya Montana
     David Allan Coe                Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior
     David Allan Coe                Son Of The South
     David Allan Coe                I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio
     David Allan Coe/Bill Anderson  Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands
     David Allan Coe/George Jones   This Bottle In My Hand
     David Andersen                 99 Bottles Of Beer
     David Anderson                 Mad At The Moon
     David Andrews                  I Don't Need Anything For Xmas
     David Ball                     Whenever You Come Back To Me                        Dualtone
     David Ball                     I Want To Be With You
     David Ball                     Amigo                                               Dualtone
     David Ball                     Missing Her Blues                                   Dualtone
     David Ball                     Loser Friendly                                      Dualtone
     David Ball                     Linger Awhile                                       Dualtone
     David Ball                     Santa Send Some Xmas                                Sanachie
     David Ball                     Happy With The One I've Got                         Quarterback
     David Ball                     So Long                                             E1
     David Ball                     What Do You Want With His Love                      Warner
     David Ball                     Maybe Tomorrow                                      E1
     David Ball                     What'll I Do If I Don't Have You                    E1
     David Ball                     Just Along For The Ride                             E1
     David Ball                     Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level                  Wildcatter
     David Ball                     Tulsa                                               E1
     David Ball                     Hot Water Pipe                                      Red Dirt
     David Ball                     Trying Not To Love You                              Dualtone
     David Ball                     I'll Never Make It Thru This Fall                   BNA
     David Ball                     This Time
     David Ball                     She Always Talked About Mexico                      Dualtone
     David Ball                     Xmas In Waikiki                                     Nashville South
     David Ball                     Circle Of Friends
     David Ball                     Look What Followed Me Home                          Warner
     David Ball                     What Do You Want With His Love                      WB
     David Ball                     Louisiana Melody                                    Quarterback
     David Ball                     Hangin' In And Hangin' On                           Warner
     David Ball                     Ridin' With Private Malone                          Dualtone
     David Ball                     Made In Japan                                       Texas Round Up
     David Ball                     Swing Baby                                          Dualtone
     David Ball                     Just Out Of Reach                                   Dualtone
     David Ball                     You Go You're Gone
     David Ball                     Honky Tonk Healin'
     David Ball                     Watchin' My Baby Not Comin' Back
     David Ball                     Thinkin' Problem
     David Ball                     When The Thought Of You Catches Up With Me
     David Bradley                  If You Can't Make Money                             SR
     David Bradley                  Hard Time Movin' On                                 JDP
     David Bradley                  Hard Time Movin' On                                 HotDisc
     David Brake                    I Got Friends                                       Westerland
     David Brake                    Ugly People                                         Westerland
     David Brantley                 Soak It Up                                          JD
     David Broadley                 Your Love Amazes Me                                 HotDisc
     David Broadley                 Flowers                                             HotDisc
     David Carter                   Sunday Morning Girl                                 Playback
     David Carter                   Hey Bahama Mama                                     Playback
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 185
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Chamberlain              Freedom Don't Come Free                             CDTex 
     David Chamberlain              I Owe I Owe
     David Chamberlain              How Do You Like My Memory
     David Chamberlain              Too Late For The Show
     David Childers                 Price I Had To Pay                                  Silver Meteor
     David Childers                 Roadside Parable                                    Little King
     David Childers                 Chains Of Sadness                                   Little King
     David Church                   You've Got The Key                                  Hillcrest
     David Church                   Keep On Lovin' You                                  Western Heart
     David Church                   Blue Side Of Town                                   Western Heart
     David Church                   Custom Made                                         Custom Made
     David Church                   I Wonder Do You Ever Think Of Me                    Custom Made
     David Church                   I Can't Face One More Day                           Custom Made
     David Church/Terri Lisa        Like The Wind A Like The Sun                        Custom Made
     David Cline                    Border To Border, Coast To Coast                    Western Heart
     David Cline                    Hello Love                                          Western Heart
     David Cline                    Small Town Street Dance                             Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Hello Walls                                         Circle Wire
     David Cline                    That's Our Dawg                                     Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Ridin' Course                                       Western Heart
     David Cline                    Ace In The Hole                                     Circle Wire
     David Cline                    You Just Don't Ever Know                            Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Havin' a Blast                                      Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Let's Go Dancin'                                    Western Heart
     David Cline                    Brand New Friends                                   Circle Wire
     David Cline                    I Really Don't Want To Know                         Western Heart
     David Cline                    Daddy, They're Playing A Song About You             Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Heart & Soul                                        Western Heart
     David Cline                    He'll Have To Go                                    Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Just One Beer Away                                  Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Shiny Ride                                          Western Heart
     David Cline                    Good Ole Country Music                              Western Heart
     David Cline                    She's Drawin' The Line                              Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Big Slick                                           Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Gonna Try & Get High                                Western Heart
     David Cline                    Houston                                             Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Gonna Try To Get High                               Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Another Man's Treasure                              Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Unforgettable Angel Of Gold                         Western Heart
     David Cline                    Longhorn Cattle Baron                               Western Heart
     David Cline                    I Don't Hurt Anymore                                Circle Wire
     David Cline                    I'll Never Be The Same                              Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Without You                                         Circle Wire
     David Cline                    I Walk Alone                                        Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Everybody Loves Somebody                            Circle Wire
     David Cline                    I Think I'm A Cowboy Now                            Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Bar To Barstool To Stool                            Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Don't Worry Bout Me                                 Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Darned Ole Casinos                                  Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Honey's Little Hummer                               Western Heart
     David Cline                    Back To Austin                                      Circle Wire
     David Cline                    I Can Dream                                         Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Lovey Dovey Chubby Hubby                            Western Heart
     David Cline                    Daddy I Understand                                  Western Heart
     David Cline                    Brand New Friends                                   Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Texas Hold 'Em                                      Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Six Pack To Go                                      Circle Wire
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 186
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Cline                    My Daddy's Music                                    Western Heart
     David Cline                    Honky Tonk Blues                                    Western Heart
     David Cline                    Cheper To Keep 'Er                                  Circle Wire
     David Cline                    Acein The Hole                                      Circle Wire
     David Cranfill                 Queen Of My Country                                 Song1
     David Crawford                 We're History
     David Crawford                 Shagging In Dixieland
     David E. Young                 Backforty Bunkhouse                                 CDTex
     David Ervin                    Fool By Your Side                                   Badger
     David Ethan                    Families Were Families                              Glory Train
     David Fagin                    Goddess Of Nothing                                  SR`
     David Fox                      Love Potion                                         SR
     David Fox                      Throw Myself On The Tracks                          EHK
     David Francey                  Gone                                                Red House
     David Francey/Marty Haggard    Lefty Merle & Me                                    Nashville America
     David Friday                   We Were Meant To Be Lovers
     David Frizzell                 Could It Be We Fell In Love Tonite?                 Naashville America
     David Frizzell                 Where Are You Spending Your Nites                   HotDisc
     David Frizzell                 It Takes Me All Night Long                          Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 Confidentially                                      Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 Good-Bye                                            Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 One Memory At A Time                                Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 I Go To Pieces
     David Frizzell                 When Can We Do This Again                           Nasville America
     David Frizzell                 Baby Don't Love Here Anymore                        Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 They'd Have To Hold My Arm Up
     David Frizzell                 Words Don't Come Easy
     David Frizzell                 I Ain't Goin' If There's No Hank                    Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 She's Nor In My Bed                                 Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 No Regrets                                          Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 I'm Gonna Hire A Wino (2001)                        Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 Beautiful Body
     David Frizzell                 I'm Gonna Hire A Wino
     David Frizzell                 Water Makes Her Clothes Stay On                     NMG
     David Frizzell                 Bethlehem                                           Seasong
     David Frizzell                 A Million Lite Beers Ago
     David Frizzell                 Say Hello To Heaven                                 Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 Who Dat                                             WB
     David Frizzell                 Water Makes Her Clothers Stay On                    Nashville Music Guide
     David Frizzell                 Here I Go Again (Still Lovin' You)
     David Frizzell                 My Life Is Just A Bridge
     David Frizzell                 Jessie
     David Frizzell                 Black & White
     David Frizzell                 Country Music Love Affair
     David Frizzell                 No Way Jose
     David Frizzell                 Red Red Wine
     David Frizzell                 The One That Got Away
     David Frizzell                 Lost My Baby Blues
     David Frizzell                 Where Are You Spending Your Nites
     David Frizzell                 When We Get Back To The Farm
     David Frizzell                 She's Loved Me Away
     David Frizzell                 She Ain't Whistlin' Dixie
     David Frizzell                 Lefty
     David Frizzell                 Maybe There's Love After You                        HotDisc
     David Frizzell                 Dream Of Angels                                     Nasville America
     David Frizzell                 Warm Spanish Wine                                   Nashville America
     David Frizzell                 Riding The Pain                                     Nashville America
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 187
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Frizzell                 You've Just Been Robbed By Jessie James             Nashville-America
     David Frizzell & Friends       This Is Our Time                                    SR
     David Frizzell & Friends       This Is Our Time                                    Nashville America
     David Frizzell /Jeannie Seely  Nobody's Darlin' But Mine                           Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Allen Frizzell  Three Minutes                                       Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Amy Clawson     Why Wasn't It Me                                    Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Bobby Bare      Cowboy Hat                                          Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Crystal Gayle   Wedding Dress For Sale                              Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Gene Watson     Long Black Veil                                     Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Helen Cornelius Could It Be We Fell In Love Tonite?                 Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Helen Cornelius Someday                                             Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Joe Stampley    Music (Where Did It Come From?)                     Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Johnny Lee      You Can't Love Her                                  Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Johnny RodriguezWarm Spanish Wine                                   Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Lacy J. Dalton  Something Bout You                                  Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Merle Haggard   I've You've Got The Money                           Nashville America
     David Frizzell/Shelley West    Cajun Invitation                                    WB
     David Frizzell/T.Graham Brown  Ordinary Joe                                        Nashville America
     David Frizzell/T.Graham Brown  Got To Bet To Louisiana                             Nashville America
     David Fromager                 That Close                                          Comstock
     David Fromager                 Nothin' To Do                                       Comstock
     David Fromager                 How Can I Change Things Now                         Comstock
     David G. Smith                 Made For You                                        DGS
     David G. Smith                 I Got It All                                        DGS
     David Girardin                 There Was A Time                                    Rocky Mt.
     David Girardin                 Lookin' For You                                     Song1
     David Girardin                 Destination You                                     Radio Jukebox
     David Girardin                 It's Rainin' In Heaven Tonite                       Rocky Mt.
     David Girardin                 Lost                                                Rocky Mt.
     David Glenn                    They Call Me Alcoholic                              CDTex
     David Glenn Dyer               Big Jes                                             HotDisc
     David Gockman                  My Lonely Room                                      Western Heart
     David Goldman                  No Easy Way To Say Goodbye                          WorldWave
     David Gray                     The One I Love                                      Paste
     David Grey/Lisa Lee Albritton  We're Out Of Here                                   Cat5
     David Grissman/Del McCoury     Tennessee Waltz                                     Acoustic Disc
     David Grissman/Mac Wiseman     You're The Girl Of My Dreams                        Acoustic Disc
     David Grissman/Nashville Bluegrass Bandf Sorrow                                    Acoustic Disc
     David Haeberlin                Somewhere In The World
     David Haerle                   Finding Natalie                                     CMH
     David Haerle                   Always                                              CMH
     David Haerle                   The Stranger                                        CMH
     David Haerle                   Women Make The World Go Round                       CMH
     David Heavener                 Honky Tonk Tonight
     David Hilgenfeldt              Fresno Silver Mine                                  HotDisc
     David Hilgenfeldt              Summer Fray                                         HotDisc
     David Holladay                 Now She's In Paris
     David Holler                   Drive On                                            Holler
     David Holliday                 My Heart Won't Let Me
     David Holliday                 What Cheatin' Is Today
     David Holliday                 Pull Up A Pillow
     David Holliday                 Excuse Me For Lovin' You
     David Holt                     Let It Slide                                        High Wind
     David Holt                     Walk On The Moon Again                              Ada
     David Holt                     Ready For The Times To Get Better                   High Windy
     David Holt                     Got No Use For Lonely                               High Wind
     David Holt                     Trouble In Mind                                     High Wind
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 188
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David House                    Everything's All Right                                    
     David House                    I'm So Glad He Came                                 Double E
     David Houston                  A Woman Always Knows
     David Houston                  Maiden's Prayer
     David Houston                  Soft Sweet & Warm
     David Houston                  Best Friends Make The Worst Enemies
     David Houston                  Love Is A Miracle
     David Houston                  Barroom Champaign
     David Houston                  Waltz Of The Angels
     David Houston                  Wonders Of The Wine
     David Houston                  Almost Pursuaded
     David Houston                  Sherry's Lips
     David Houston                  Have A Little Faith
     David Houston                  My Woman's Good To Me
     David Houston                  Home Sweet Home
     David Houston                  I Do My Swingin' At Home
     David Houston                  Baby Baby (I Know You're A Lady)
     David Houston                  Here's To All The Hard Working Husbands
     David Houston                  You Mean The World To Me
     David Houston                  Faded Love And Winter Roses
     David Houston                  Good Things
     David Houston                  Already It's Heaven
     David Houston                  With One Exception
     David Houston                  Love Sure Looks Good On You                         Epic
     David Houston                  Let Your Love Fall Back On Me
     David Houston                  Soft Sweet & Warm                                   Epic
     David Houston                  The Day That Loved Walked In
     David Houston                  She's All Woman
     David Houston                  Nashville
     David Houston                  Livin' In A House Full Of Love
     David Houston                  Mountain Of Love
     David Houston                  Where Love Used To Live
     David Houston                  I'm Down To My Last I Love You
     David Houston                  Sweet Sweet Judy                                    Epic
     David Houston                  A Loser's Cathedral
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       After Closing Time
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       I Love You I Love You                               Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       A Perfect Match                                     Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       After Closing Time                                  Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       We've Got Everything But Love                       Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       Ten Commandments Of Love                            Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       Lovin' You Is Worth It                              Epic
     David Houston/B.Mandrell       10 Commandments Of Love
     David Houston/Tammy Wynette    My Elusive Dreams
     David J. Hartley               County Fair                                         HotDisc
     David Johnson                  Everything Is Cool                                  SR
     David Johnson                  Movin' On                                           SR
     David Jones                    At The Drop Of A Hat
     David Jones                    Kountry Mile                                        HMG
     David Joseph                   This Old House                                      Armadillo
     David Joseph                   I'm Coming Home                                     Regal
     David Kersh                    I Pray For You                                      Curb
     David Kersh                    Wonderful Tonite
     David Kersh                    Goodnight Sweetheart                                Curb
     David Kersh                    If I Never Stop Loving You
     David Kersh                    Day In, Day Out                                     Curb
     David Kersh                    Another You                                         Curb
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 189
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Kroll                    What Makes A Man A Man                              MTM   
     David Lavender                 27 Miles                                            CDTex
     David Lee                      John Wayne                                          CDTex
     David Lee Jones                Brandy On My Mind                                   LCE
     David Lee Murphy               Inspiration                                         Koch
     David Lee Murphy               Out With A Bang                                     MCA
     David Lee Murphy               Party Crowd                                         MCA
     David Lee Murphy               The Road You Leave Behind
     David Lee Murphy               Dust On The Bottle
     David Lee Murphy               Every Time I Get Around You                         MCA
     David Lee Murphy               Loco                                                Audium
     David Lee Murphy               I Won't Be Sorry                                    Reviver
     David Lee Murphy               Just Once
     David Lee Murphy               No Zip Code                                         Reviver
     David Lee Murphy               Just Don't Wait Around
     David Lee Murphy               We All Can't Be Angels
     David Lee Murphy               Breakfast in Birmingham                             MCA
     David Lee Murphy/Kenny Chesney Everything's Gonna Be Alright                       Reviver
     David Lee Roth                 Jamie's Cryin'                                      CMH
     David Livingston               Shelly                                              Lo
     David Lockwood                 Lucky You                                           Saladay
     David Luning                   You & Me & The DEvil In Between                     DL
     David Luning                   A Little Bit Bad                                    DL
     David Luning                   Just Drop On By                                     DL
     David Luning                   Buddies Til The End                                 DL
     David Lynn Jones               High Ridin' Heroes
     David Lynn Jones               Her Love Don't Lie                                  Liberty
     David Massey                   Broken Home                                         SR
     David Massey                   Just Remain                                         Poetic Debris
     David Moody                    Meet Me At The Cross                                Lamon
     David Moody                    The Light Has Come                                  Lamon
     David Myles                    One In A Million                                    Little Tiny
     David Myles                    When It Comes My Turn                               Little Tiny
     David Myles                    Way Too Long                                        Little Tiny
     David Myles                    Change My Mind                                      Little Tiny
     David Nail                     Nights On Fire                                      MCA
     David Nail                     Kiss You Tonight                                    MCA
     David Nail                     Red Light                                           MCA
     David Nail                     The Sound Of A Million Dreams                       MCA
     David Nail                     I'm About To Come ALive                             Mercury
     David Nail                     Whatever She's Got                                  MCA
     David Nail                     Memphis                                             Mercury
     David Nail                     Good At Tonight                                     MCA
     David Nail                     Turning Home                                        MCA
     David Nail                     Let It Rain                                         MCA
     David Nall                     Honk If You Play For Keeps                          Glory Train
     David Nall                     You Catch Me When I Fall                            Glory Train
     David Nall                     Twenty Years                                        Star Creek
     David Newbould                 Always Coming Home                                  DN
     David Obray                    Country Girl                                        SR
     David Olney                    If It Wasn't For The Wind                           Dead Reckoning
     David Olney                    No One Ones What Love Is                            Loudhouse
     David Olney                    When The Deal Goes Down                             Deadbeet
     David Olney                    Whistle Blow                                        Red Parlor
     David Olney                    Little Bit Of Poison                                Corazong
     David Olney                    Something In Blue                                   New West
     David Olney                    The Girl I Love                                     Loudhouse
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 190
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Olney                    Now And Forever                                     Loudhouse
     David Olney                    No Lies                                             Red Parlor
     David Olney                    Rainbow's End                                       Red Parlor
     David Pool/Janie Frickie       Love Forever More                                   T-Bar
     David Pool/Janie Frickie       Love Forever More                                   WHP
     David Price                    Hill Country Heaven
     David Robert Montgomery        On A Country Road                                   Lamon
     David Rogers                   I'm A Country Song
     David Rogers                   Just Thank Me
     David Rogers                   You Are My Rainbow                                  Republic
     David Rogers                   Hold Me
     David Rogers                   Worn Out Dreams & Dresses
     David Rogers                   You've Still Got Me
     David Rogers                   The Devil Is A Woman
     David Rogers                   Time For Lovin'
     David Rogers                   She Don't Make Me Cry
     David Rogers                   I'd Be Your Fool Again
     David Rogers                   Each Season Changes You
     David Rogers                   Loving You Has Changed My Life
     David Rogers                   I'm Gonna Love You                                  Republic
     David Rogers                   It Takes A Whole Lotta Livin' In A House            United Artists
     David Rogers                   Hey There Girl
     David Rogers                   Here's To You Darlin'
     David Scilian                  Half Past You                                       Comstock
     David Scott Humphrey           You Need A Man                                      DSH
     David Scott Humphrey           Girls That Drive Trucks                             DSH
     David Scott Humphrey           Girls That Drive Trucks                             DSH
     David Scott Humphrey           There's No Question                                 DSH
     David Serby                    I Only Smoke When I'm Drinkin'                      Harbor Grove
     David Serby                    Honky Tonk Affair                                   Harbor Grove
     David Serby                    It Ain't A Party                                    Harbor Grove
     David Serby                    Coctail Napkins                                     Harbor Grove
     David Serby                    The Heartache's On The Other Sleeve                 Harbor Grove
     David Simpkins                 Something New                                       DS
     David Slater                   The Other Guy
     David Slater                   Watcha Gonna Do About Her
     David Slater                   She Will
     David Slater                   I'm Still Your Fool
     David Slater                   We Were Meant To Be Lovers                          Capitol
     David Smith                    Heroes & Idols (Don't Come Easy)
     David Spak                     She Does                                            Amnecy
     David St. Romain               Twenty Years Late                                   Aria
     David St. Romain               Twenty Years Late                                   Aria
     David Starr                    Maybe You're Not The One                            Cedaredge
     David Starr                    Night Rolls Around                                  Cedaredge
     David Starr                    You Will Come To Know                               HotDisc
     David Starr                    Feels Like Coming Home                              Diamondback
     David Starr                    Don't Give Me Hope                                  HotDisc
     David Starr                    Love Won't Make Itself                              HotDisc
     David Starr                    Long Ride Home                                      HotDisc
     David Starr                    The Edge Of The World                               HotDisc
     David Starr                    Underneath The Clear Blue Sky                       HotDisc
     David Starr                    California Dreamin'                                 SR
     David Starr                    If Nothing Changes                                  Cedaredge
     David Starr                    Nothing Short                                       Cedaredge
     David Starr                    Waiting In The Dark                                 HotDisc
     David Statzer                  I Refuse To Get Blue                                HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 191
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Statzer                  I Refuse To Get The BLues                           3000  
     David Tennyson                 Who Knew                                            HMG
     David Toliver                  Two Hearts                                          Tugboat
     David Tyler                    Missing You                                         Armadillo
     David Tyler                    Second Chances                                      Armadillo
     David Tyler                    One Of Everything You Got                           Armadillo
     David Tyler                    All My Tomorrows                                    Armadillo
     David Tyler                    See You In Tijuana                                  AMP
     David Tyler                    I'll See You In Tijuana                             Armadillo
     David White                    No Matter What                                      Canyon Creek
     David Wilkins                  The Good Nite Special
     David Wilkins                  Whoever Turned You On,Forgot To Turn You Off
     David Wilkins                  Butterbeans
     David Wilkins                  He'll Play The Music (But You Can't
     David Williams                 I'm Drowning Tomorrow                               Outback
     David Williams                 I Have The Will                                     Outback
     David Wills                    The Barmaid
     David Wills                    From Barrooms To Bedrooms
     David Wills                    There's A Song On The Jukebox
     David Wills                    She Deserves My Very Best                           Epic
     David Wills                    She Deserves My Very Best                           RCA
     David Wills                    The Eyes Of A Stranger
     David Wills                    Queen Of The Starlite Ballroom                      Epic
     David Wills                    Macon Love
     David Wills                    Thank God For Friday
     David Wills                    Your Memory Stayed Behind                           EHK
     David Wood                     Sayin' Goodbye To The West                          Dew Note
     David Wood                     Simple Things                                       Dew
     David Wood                     I'll Bet My Life On Love                            HotDisc
     David Wood                     Humpty Dumpty Heart                                 HotDisc
     David Wood                     From The Bottle To The Bottom                       Dew Note
     David Wood                     Eighteen Wheels                                     Dew Note
     David Wood                     Yesterday's Girl                                    HotDisc
     David Wood                     Cause I Love You                                    Dew Note
     David Wood                     Lovely Little Senorita                              DewNote
     David Wood                     Beer Drinkin' Song                                  Dew Note
     David Wood                     Storms Never Last                                   HotDisc
     David Wood                     Memories Are Made Of This                           HotDisc
     David Wood                     Who Left The Door To Heaven Open                    HotDisc
     David Wood                     Sense Of Humor                                      DewNote
     David Wood                     Santa Bring My Daddy                                SR
     David Wood                     I'd Die For You                                     SR
     David Wood                     Old Enough To Be Somebody's Hero                    HotDisc
     David Wood                     My Side Of The Fence                                SR
     David Wood                     Cowabonga                                           SR
     David Wood                     Stumblin & Fallin'                                  Dew Note
     David Wood                     18 Wheels                                           HotDisc
     David Wood                     Let Me Heal Your Broken Heart                       Dewnote
     David Wood                     Old Enough To Be Somebody's Hero                    Dew Note
     David Wood                     The Road Back To You                                Dew Note
     David Wood                     I Bet On You                                        Dewnote
     David Wood                     My Dash                                             Dewnote
     David Wood                     Blue Light Lady                                     Dewnote
     David Wood                     I'd Die For You                                     Dewnote
     David Wood                     Harry And The Bear                                  Dew Note
     David Wood                     My Side Of The Fence                                Dew Note
     David Wood                     I Never Go Around Mirrors                           HotDisc
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 192
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     David Wood                     I'll Bet My Life On Love                            Dew Note
     David Wood                     We Can Make This A Better World                     HotDisc
     David Wood                     Pretty Country Girls                                HotDisc
     David Wood                     Ralph The Sneaky Elf                                HotDisc
     David Wood                     Never Too Late                                      Dew Note
     David Wood                     Following A Full Moon                               HotDisc
     David Wood/Kim Everett         Can't Dance To The BLues                            HotDisc
     David Wood/Kim Everette        Can't Dance To The BLues                            Dewnote
     David Wood/Lisa O'Kane         Waltz Across Texas                                  HotDisc
     David Wooten                   May The Best Man Win                                Midland
     David Young                    Eye Of The Storm                                    David Young
     David Young                    An Old Fashion Xmas                                 Universe
     Davis Brothers                 Country Livin'                                      DB
     Davis Buescher                 Go Ugly Early
     Davis Coen                     Brand New Version Of The Same Thing                 Soundview
     Davis Daniel                   Christmas In Cancun                                 Aski
     Davis Daniel                   Picture Me
     Davis Daniel                   For Crying Out Loud
     Davis Daniel                   Fighting Fire With Fire
     Davis Daniel                   Tyler                                               Polydor
     Davis Daniel                   I'm Not Listening Anymore                           A&M
     Davis Daniel                   Still Got A Crush On You                            Mercury
     Davis Daniel                   I Miss Her Missing Me                               Mercury
     Davis Daniel                   Still Got A Crush On You
     Davis Raines                   Going To Montgomery                                 Big Front Porch
     Davis Raines                   Scared Of Losing You                                Big Front Porch
     Davis Raines                   Music City Blues                                    Shel Point
     Davis Raines                   Rage                                                Shell Point
     Davis Raines                   Last Hard Man In Elmore County
     Davis Raines                   My Everyday Boots                                   Shell Point
     Davis Sisters                  I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
     Dawes                          From a Window Seat                                  Replay
     Dawn Anita                     There'll Be No One Left On The Farm
     Dawn Peak                      Love Don't Even Know My Name                        Mega
     Dawn Peak                      Break It To Me Gently                               Mega
     Dawn Peak                      Well I Never                                        Mega
     Dawn Renee                     In The Moment                                       Horizon
     Dawn Sears                     Tell Me I'm Crazy
     Dawn Sears                     No More Tears
     Dawn Sears                     White Xmas
     Dawn Sears                     Odds & Ends
     Dawn Sears                     Nothin' But Good                                    Decca
     Dawn Shipley                   Crazy Dreams                                        El Toro
     Dawn Shipley                   Make Believe                                        El Toro
     Dawnett                        Before The River Runs Dry
     Day Drunk                      Morgan Evans                                        WB
     Day Johnston                   Little Red Heart
     Dayna Lane                     I'll Keep Believing                                 GR
     DC Riggs                       When He Sees Me                                     HMG
     DC Sayner                      This 'Ol Heart                                      7City
     DC Sayner                      The Game                                            RMCMA
     DC Sayner                      Picture Album                                       RCCMA
     DC Sayner                      The Game                                            7City
     DC Sayner                      2 Different Mirrors                                 RMCMA
     DC Sayner                      Where Unicorns Play                                 7City
     DC Sayner                      2 Different Mirrors                                 7City
     DC Sayner                      Picture Album                                       ACM
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 193
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     DC Sayner                      This Ol' Heart                                      RMCMA 
     DC Sayner                      The Picture Album                                   7City
     DC Sills                       Another Reason To Drink                             HMG
     Dea Lukac                      Blue Moon                                           Song1
     Dead Grass                     Dire Wolf                                           Cedar Glen Music
     Dead Rock West                 Boredom                                             Populuxe
     Dead Rock West                 Highway One                                         Populuxe
     Dead Rock West                 Desert Rose                                         Populuxe
     Dean Alexander                 Live A Little                                       Elektra
     Dean Brody                     Brothers                                            Broken Bow
     Dean Brody                     Gravity                                             BBR
     Dean Chance                    You Know How To Get To Me By Heart                  Step One
     Dean Chance                    God Bless America Again                             Step One
     Dean Chance                    You Believe In Giving                               SOR
     Dean Dillon                    Famous Last Words Of A Fool
     Dean Dillon                    Hot Country & Single
     Dean Dillon                    Don't You Even Think About Leavin'
     Dean Dillon                    Nobody In His Right Mind
     Dean Dillon                    Jesus Let Me Slide                                  RCA
     Dean Dillon                    Friday Night's Woman
     Dean Dillon                    Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk
     Dean Dobbins                   Childrens Games                                     Hot Disc
     Dean Dobbins                   He Can Dance
     Dean Dobbins                   Writers & Pickers                                   Chatasha
     Dean Dobbins                   One More For The Road                               Hot Disc
     Dean Gitter                    I Ride An Old Paint                                 SR
     Dean Holman                    Dear Hank                                           EHK
     Dean Holmen                    Little Cheatin' Woman                               Hanging Tree
     Dean Holmen                    My Heart Said Goodbye                               East Madison
     Dean Holmen                    I Should Get 30 Years                               Hanging Tree
     Dean Holmen                    Hometown Cowboy                                     Doorknob
     Dean Holmen                    Heartaches & Honkey Tonks                           Hanging Tree
     Dean Johnston                  What It's Like                                      SR
     Dean Justin                    She's On Fire                                       SLR
     Dean Martin                    Since I Met You Baby
     Dean Martin                    He's Got You                                        Oxford
     Dean Martin                    My First Country Song
     Dean Miller                    Hard Love                                           Koch
     Dean Miller                    Daddy's Drinking Up Our Xmas                        Koch
     Dean Miller                    Old Toy Trains                                      Universal South
     Dean Miller                    Music Executive                                     Koch
     Dean Miller                    The Gun Ain't Loaded                                Universal South
     Dean Miller                    Nowhere, USA                                        Capitol
     Dean Miller                    Wake Up & Smell The Whiskey
     Dean Miller                    Coming Back To You                                  Koch
     Dean Miller                    Whiskey Wings                                       Koch
     Dean Miller                    Ready For The Rain                                  Koch
     Dean Miller                    Stranger Than Your Love                             Koch
     Dean Station                   Stay                                                SR
     Dean Station                   Go Ahead                                            SR
     Dean Station                   Desire                                              SR
     Deana Carter                   One Day At A Time                                   Vanguard
     Deana Carter                   The Cukoo Bird                                      Vanguard
     Deana Carter                   Absence Of The Heart
     Deana Carter                   In A Heartbeat                                      Vanguard
     Deana Carter                   He Still Thinks I Care                              Vanguard
     Deana Carter                   I'm Just A Girl                                     Arista
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 194
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Deana Carter                   Crying                                              Vanguard
     Deana Carter                   There's No Limit                                    Arista
     Deana Carter                   Did I Shave My Legs For This
     Deana Carter                   Strawberry Wine                                     Capitol
     Deana Carter                   Swinging                                            Vanguard
     Deana Carter/Willie Nelson     On The Road Again                                   Vanguard
     Deanna Cox                     You Win Again                                       Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     Texas Sidestep
     Deanna Cox                     I'm A Long Gone Mama                                Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     Never Gonna Be Your Fool Again
     Deanna Cox                     There'll  Be No Teardrops Tonite                    Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     Crazy Heart                                         Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     Take These Chains                                   Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     Half As Much                                        Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     My Sweet Love Ain't Around                          Rustic
     Deanna Cox                     I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry                         Rustic
     Deanna Mitchell                You Again                                           SR
     Deanna Mitchell                You Again                                           Long Pond
     Deanna Mitchell                Bottle Song                                         4th Street
     Deanne                         Cupid                                               Western Heart
     Deanne                         That Cadillac                                       Western Heart
     Deanne Moore                   Love Is A Game                                      SR
     Deanne Moore                   Wrote That In Blue                                  SR
     Deanne Moore                   How You Say Goodbye                                 SR
     Deanne Moore                   I Need A Wife                                       SR
     Deanne Moore                   Cowboy Talkin'                                      BGM
     Deanne Moore                   Never Too Late                                      SR
     Deanne Moore                   Fool For Love                                       SR
     Debbie Anthony                 Lucky In Love                                       HotDisc
     Debbie Anthony                 Faithful                                            SSM
     Debbie Bennett                 The Letter                                          Glory Train
     Debbie Bennett                 A Christmas Dream                                   HMG
     Debbie Bergeron                Lone Rider                                          HMG
     Debbie Bergeron                I Believe In Dreams                                 HMG
     Debbie Cochran                 Hony Tonk Yourself Right Out Of Heaven              CTR
     Debbie Cochran                 When You're Loving Me                               CTR
     Debbie Cochran                 What's Going On                                     CR
     Debbie Cochran                 Everything Changes                                  PLA
     Debbie Cochran                 Before We Met The World                             Go Time
     Debbie Dukes                   Me Myself & I
     Debbie Dukes                   Don't Touch Me                                      Jentley
     Debbie Dukes                   Dancin' Too Close                                   Jentley
     Debbie Hoeschler               Country Music Station
     Debbie Lori Kaye               Come On Home                                        Columbia
     Debbie Lynn                    One Heartache At A Time                             Excursion
     Debbie Montgomery              Wonderful You                                       Kansa
     Debbie Watson                  My Baby Thinks I'm Just Right                       Big Hair
     Debbie Watson                  Big Hair Down In Texas                              CDTex
     Debbie Watson                  I Meant Every Word She Said                         Big Hair
     Debbie West                    Where I'm Coming From
     Debbie West                    You're The Only Ba Thing                            New Country
     Debbie White                   Flame Of Love                                       Western Heart
     Debbie White                   She's Gonna Be Alright                              HMG
     Debbie White                   Your Everything To Me                               HMG
     Debby Boone                    It'll Be Him
     Debby Boone                    You Light Up My Life
     Debby Boone                    My Heart Has a Mind Of It's Own
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 195
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Debby Boone                    Perfect Fool                                              
     Debi Jordan                    Fire In My Heart                                    DJ
     Debie Robbins                  When Love Is Forever                                Acoustic Revival
     Deborah Allen                  I'm Only In It For The Love                         Curb
     Deborah Allen                  Delta Dreamland                                     MTM
     Deborah Allen                  Anything Other Than Love                            HotDisc
     Deborah Allen                  I Hurt For You
     Deborah Allen                  This Is The Time                                    MTM
     Deborah Allen                  Anything Other Than Love                            MTM
     Deborah Allen                  There's A Last Time For Everything                  MTM
     Deborah Allen                  Natural Tears                                       Hot Disc Int'l
     Deborah Allen                  My Happy Ending                                     RageOn
     Deborah Allen                  If You're Not Gonna Love Me
     Deborah Allen                  Rock Me In The Cradle Of Your Love
     Deborah Allen                  Rockin' Little Xmas
     Deborah Allen                  After Tonight
     Deborah Allen                  You Look Like The One I Love
     Deborah Allen                  I've Been Wrong Before
     Deborah Allen                  All Wrapped Up                                      Hotdisc
     Deborah Allen                  Anything Other Than Love                            MTM
     Deborah Allen                  My Baby                                             MTM
     Deborah Allen                  You (Make Me Wonder Why)
     Deborah Allen                  All The Lovin' And Hurtin Too
     Deborah Allen                  Deeper Water                                        MTM
     Deborah Allen                  Baby I Lied
     Deborah Allen                  Anything Other Than Love                            Delta Rock
     Deborah Allen                  Nobody's Fool
     Deborah Allen                  Heartache & A Half
     Deborah Allen/Billy Ray Cyrus  Satisfied Woman                                     MTM
     Deborah Avans                  Out Of The Blue                                     Country Discovery
     Deborah Burns                  He Thinks He's Robin Hood
     Deborah Hightower              If You Need A Miracle                               HMG
     Deborah Holland                Your Love Is Getting In The Way                     RageOn
     Deborah Holland                Norwegian Wood                                      RageOn
     Debra Burns                    I'm In Love All Over                                Soundwaves
     Debra Burns                    You Put Out An Old Flame Last Nite
     Debra Davis                    Complete                                            GCG
     Debra Dudley                   Mama's Rocking Chair
     Debrae                         Don't Walk In Here Like You Never Walked Out        Crusader
     Debrae                         Why Do You Have To Be So Nice                       Crusader
     Debrae                         Take Me Now                                         Crusader
     Debrae                         Making The Most Of Goodbye                          Crusader
     Deby Kelley                    Cowboy Rock And Roll                                SR
     Deby Kelley                    Plug My Heart Into The Jukebox                      SR
     Deby Kelley                    I Don't Do Lonely                                   SR
     Deby Kelley                    This Wall                                           SR
     Deby Kelley                    Walking On The Blue Side                            Tamara
     Decemberists                   The Perfect Crime                                   Capitol
     Decemberists                   O Valencia                                          Capitol
     Declan Burke                   Only 40 Acres                                       HotDisc
     Decoys                         Melissa                                             Muscle Shoals
     Dee Dee Tompkins               The Man I Love                                      Stardust
     Dee Hilligoss                  Too Soon                                            SR
     Dee McCall                     I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again                   Door Knob
     Dee McCall                     Unwed Fathers                                       Golden
     Dee McCall                     Line Dancing Romeo                                  Doorknob
     Dee Mullins                    Remember Bethlehem
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 196
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dee Mullins                    I Can't Keep My Eyes Off You                              
     Dee Mullins                    There Lies The Difference
     Deena                          Bring It All                                        SR
     Deep River                     Country Boogie Baby                                 Platinum Plus
     Deep River                     Sweet Southern Soul                                 Platinum Plus
     Deidra Whatley                 I Like His Wave                                     Jaded Heart
     Deke Dickerson                 Feelin' Low                                         Hightone
     Deke Dickerson                 The End Of The Line
     Deke Dickerson                 Where To Aim                                        Hightone
     Deke Dickerson                 Sparkin'                                            Hightone
     Deke Dickerson                 Don't Push Me Too Far                               Hightone
     Deke Dickerson                 Broken Down & Broken Hearted                        Hightone
     Deke Dickerson                 Can't See The Forest For The Trees                  Hightone
     Del Amitri                     If Your Tears Don't Make A Sound                    JGF
     Del McCoury Band               Keep Her While She's There                          Sugar Hill
     Del McCoury Band               Never Grow Up Boy                                   Sugar Hill
     Del McCoury Band               I'm Walking The Dog                                 Audium
     Del McCoury Band               When I'm 64                                         McCoury
     Del McCoury Band               Blegrass Christmas                                  Universal South
     Del McCoury Band               Fathers & Sons                                      Sugar Hill
     Del McCoury Band               Nashville Cats                                      Ceili Music
     Del McCoury Band               Moneyland                                           Windup
     Del McCoury Band               1962 Vincent Black Lightning                        Skaggs Family
     Del McCoury Band               Birmingham                                          Sugar Hill
     Del McCoury Band               Man Can't Live On Bread Alone                       DM
     Del McCoury Band               Count Me Out                                        Ceili
     Del McCoury Band               Blue Xmas                                           Universal South
     Del McCoury Band/Clint Miller  It's Too Late                                       Hotdisc
     Del McCoury Band/Mac Wiseman/Osborn...Days Of Bluegrass Xmas                       Universal South
     Del Pritchett                  Wild Turkey & 7 Up
     Del Reeves                     Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens
     Del Reeves                     One Bum Town
     Del Reeves                     Santa's Boy
     Del Reeves                     Ain't Nobody Gonna Get My Body But Me
     Del Reeves                     My 'Ol Lady
     Del Reeves                     Dear Dr. Ruth
     Del Reeves                     Second Time Around
     Del Reeves                     Date In Dallas                                      Scena Records
     Del Reeves                     Swingin' Doors
     Del Reeves                     Slow Hand
     Del Reeves                     Blame It On My do Wrong
     Del Reeves                     Xmas Is Lonely
     Del Reeves                     Marry For Money                                     Scena Records
     Del Reeves                     Wild Blood
     Del Reeves                     Be Glad
     Del Reeves                     There Would'nt Be A Lonely Heart In
     Del Reeves                     A Lover's Question
     Del Reeves                     Xmas Clock
     Del Reeves                     This Must Be The Bottom
     Del Reeves                     Let's Give The Kids
     Del Reeves                     Santa Got Lost
     Del Reeves                     Sa Jo
     Del Reeves                     Lonely Xmas Call
     Del Reeves                     But I Do
     Del Reeves                     The Philadelphia Fillies
     Del Reeves                     Looking At The World Through A Wind
     Del Reeves                     Truck Driver's Girl                                 Scena Records
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 197
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Del Reeves                     Women Do Funny Things To Me                               
     Del Reeves                     Bertha The Bull Hauler                              Scena Records
     Del Reeves                     Girl On The Billboard
     Del Reeves                     A Dime At A Time
     Del Reeves                     Good Time Charlie's
     Del Reeves                     The Belles Of Southern Bell
     Del Reeves/Billie Jo Spears    Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew
     Del Reeves/Bobby Goldsboro     Take A Little Good Will Home
     Del Reeves/Penny Dehaven       Cryin' In The Rain
     Del Reeves/Penny Dehaven       Landmark Tavern
     Del Rio Ramblers               So Tired Of Cryin'                                  Raucous
     Del Rio Ramblers               Lonesome Town                                       Raucous
     Del Robbins                    Where Did Our Love Go                               HotDisc
     Del Robbins                    Where Did The Love Go                               SR
     Del Robbins                    Lucky For Me                                        HotDisc
     Del Shannon                    Miss You Like I Do                                  Bug
     Del Shannon                    You Still Live Here                                 Bug
     Del Shannon                    Little By Little                                    Bug
     Del Shannon                    Beautiful Body                                      Bug
     Del Shannon                    She's Always On My Mind                             Bug
     Del Shannon                    You Can't Forgive                                   Bug
     Del Shannon                    Nobody's Business                                   Bug
     Del Shannon                    So Long Baby                                        Curb
     Del Shannon                    Keep Searchin'                                      Curb
     Del Shannon                    Hey Little Girl
     Del Shannon                    Two Kinds Of Teardrops                              Curb
     Del Shannon                    Little Town Flirt                                   Curb
     Del Shannon                    Stranger In Town                                    Curb
     Del Shannon                    Walk Away                                           Big Top
     Del Shannon                    In My Arms Again                                    Big Top
     Del Shannon                    House Where Nobody Lives                            Big Top
     Del Shannon                    In My Arms Again
     Del Shannon                    Runaway                                             Curb
     Del Shannon                    Hats Off To Larry                                   Curb
     Del Shannon                    Who Left Who                                        Big Top
     Del Shannon                    I Got You                                           Big Top
     Del Shannon                    Part Time Lover                                     Bug
     Del Shannon                    Stranger On The Run                                 Bug
     Del Shannon                    Callin' Out My Name                                 Big Top
     Del Shannon                    I Go To Pieces                                      Big Top
     Del Shannon                    Lost In A Memory                                    Big Top
     Del Way                        Been There Too                                      HMG
     Del Way                        Been There Too                                      Gospel Jukebox
     Del Way                        This Far From You Lord                              HMG
     Del Way                        Daddy                                               HMG
     Del Way                        Swngin' Doors                                       HMG
     Del Way                        Until Your Love                                     HMG
     Del Way                        Livin' This Life                                    HMG
     Del Wood                       Down Yonder
     Delana Stevens                 Welcome To My World                                 Mach One
     Delana Stevens                 Good Enough For Me                                  Mach 1
     Delana Stevens                 Say Hello To Heaven                                 Mach One/Spinville
     Delbert & Glen                 More & More                                         New West
     Delbert McClinton              Your Memory, Me & The Blues                         New West
     Delbert McClinton              The Part I Like Best                                New West
     Delbert McClinton              I'll Change My Style                                New West
     Delbert McClinton              I Had A Real Good Time                              New West
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 198
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Delbert McClinton              Two Step Too                                        New West
     Delbert McClinton              Blues About You Baby                                New West
     Delbert McClinton              When Rita Leaves                                    New West
     Delbert McClinton              Kiss Her Once For Me                                New West
     Delbert McClinton              Down Into Mexico                                    New West
     Delbert McClinton              Birmingham Tonite                                   New West
     Delbert McClinton              One Of The Fortunate Few                            New West
     Delbert McClinton              People Just Love To Talk                            New West
     Delbert McClinton              Two More Bottles Of Wine                            Mercury
     Delbert McClinton              Same Kind Of Crazy                                  New West
     Delbert McClinton              Lonestar Blues                                      New West
     Delbert McClinton              Who's Foolin' Who                                   Curb
     Delbert McClinton              Lone Star Blues                                     New West
     Delbert McClinton              Don't Want To Love You                              New West
     Delia Bell                     Flame In My Heart
     Delia Bell                     Sad Situation                                       Rounder
     Delia Bell                     Coyote Song
     Delmore Brothers               Blues Stay Away From Me
     DeLon                          Raised Watchin' Football                            SR
     DeLon                          Crazy Country Boy                                   Western Heart
     DeLon                          45 Caliber Woman                                    Western Heart
     DeLon                          Chalk On The Blackboard                             Western Heart
     DeLon                          Rodeo Life                                          Hot Disc
     DeLon                          I'm Gonna Find Her Someday                          Western Heart
     DeLon                          Every Year Is Different                             Western Heart
     DeLon                          Family Farm                                         Hot Disc
     Delta Bends                    Southern Drawl                                      Lamon
     Delta Rae                      No Peace in Quiet                                   Valory
     Delta Rae                      Chasing Twisters                                    WB
     Denim N Lace                   Crying Time                                         IME
     Denise Edwards                 You Are The One                                     Mega
     Denise McNavish                Sadly Wrong                                         Midland
     Denise McNavish                Did You Tell Her                                    Midland
     Denise Price                   Two Hearts Can't Be Wrong
     Denise Richards                You Can't Hurt Me Anymore                           Schzam
     Denise Trapini                 Country Girl Goin' To Town
     Dennie Hall                    Dfferent Just The Same                              CMG
     Dennie Hall                    Do It For The Girls                                 CMG
     Dennie Hall                    Hollerwood                                          Applause
     Dennis Alan                    The Last Cowboy                                     CDTex
     Dennis Bacon & Theresa Street  Tennessee Flower
     Dennis Davidson                I've Been Down That Road Before                     Ugly Horse
     Dennis Davidson                Ordinary Life                                       Ugly Horse
     Dennis Davidson                A Little Bit Of Love                                Ugly Horse
     Dennis Ellsworth               Face In The Mirror                                  True North
     Dennis Jay                     What You See                                        Linkhorn
     Dennis Jay                     What You See                                        Catmount
     Dennis Ledbetter               Three Acres Of Fillies                              Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               Open A Vein                                         Saint And Sinner
     Dennis Ledbetter               My Life Is A Country Song                           Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               3 Acres Of Fillies At Gilley's                      Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               Tell Me I'm Wrong                                   Saints & Sinners
     Dennis Ledbetter               I Love You More When You're Not Home                Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               If You Drive Me To Drinkin'                         Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               That Ain't Country                                  Saint & Sinner
     Dennis Ledbetter               The Boss Keeps Layin' It On About Layin' Me Off     Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               It Might Be The Whiskey                             Saint & Sinner
     Country Bear Radio     Master Library
                                                                                          Page 199
     Artist                         Title                                               Record Co.
     Dennis Ledbetter               I'll Let The Bottle Kill Me                         Saint & Sinner
     Dennis Ledbetter               If You Drive Me To Drinkin'                         SR
     Dennis Ledbetter               Bayou Self                                          Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               JD's My Whiskey                                     Saint & Sinner
     Dennis Ledbetter               Motel Blues                                         Sainy & Sinner
     Dennis Ledbetter               I Love You More                                     Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               Blame The Whiskey                                   Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               She Ain't Blind And You Ain't Braille               Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               I Need A Little Time                                Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               She's Giving Him The Best Years Of My Life          Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               Bayou Self                                          Mallory
     Dennis Ledbetter               What Am I Gonna Do