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Click on the name of the artist below to hear a recent on-air interview we had with them.  All interviews are in ASF streaming format which means you don't have to wait for the file to download. Simply click on the artist's name and enjoy !  Most interviews are 15-25 minutes long.


Billie Jo Spears Tribute Dec.2011

DK Davis-Suspicion Interview

Mike Douglas
Bill Anderson
Erin Hay
Johnny Bush
Bobby Lewis
Brandon Standefur
Margo Smith
Ernie Ashworth
Baillie & Boys
Marc Corey Lee
Troy Cook Jr.
DK Davis
Pamela Anton
Derrick Mehaffey
Don Goodman
Les Meekins
Joel Sonnier
Johnny Russell
Narvel Felts
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Wendy Manley
Jim Fullen
Doc Holiday
Gene Kennedy
Arne Benoni
Buster Doss

Eddy Raven

Slim Whitman

Merrill Osmond ( Of The Osmond Brothers)

Red Skelton Pledge Of Allegiance