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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     The Story Never Ends               Aaron Lewis                        Orchard            
     Way Down In My Whiskey             Alan Jackson                       EMI
     Things That Matter                 Alan Jackson                       EMI
     Drifitng                           Andrew Farriss                     BBR
     Where Do You Sleep Tonight?        Andrew Farriss                     BBR
     Son Of A Gun                       Andrew Farriss                     BBR
     Apache Pass                        Andrew Farriss                     BBR
     Stone                              Ashley McBryde                     Warner
     Sparrow                            Ashley McBryde                     Warner
     If These Dogs Could Talk           Ashley McBryde                     WB
     First Thing I Reach For            Ashley McBryde                     Warner
     Shut Up Sheila                     Ashley McBryde                     Warner
     Voo Doo Doll                       Ashley McBryde                     Warner
     I See You                          Baker Brothers                     Lamon
     Medley: Hey Girl/Can't Take My E...Baker Brothers                     Lamon
     Alone                              Baker Brothers                     Lamon
     I Grew It While I Could            Big Cheese Band                    Green Fiddler
     Foot Of The Cross                  Bill Miles Band                    SR
     Let's Talk About Forever           Bill Miles Band                    SR
     Everyday                           Billy & Buzz                       Arena
     Well All Right                     Billy & Buzz                       Arena
     Heartbeat                          Billy & Buzz                       Arena
     I Haven't Seen Mary in Years       Billy Strings                      Rounder
     Fire Line                          Billy Strings                      Rounder
     Nothing's Working                  Billy Strings                      Rounder
     Life To Go                         Billy Strings                      Rounder
     John Deere Tractor                 Billy Strings                      Rounder
     Happy Anywhere                     Blake Shelton                      WB
     Body Language                      Blake Shelton                      WB
     We Can Reach The Stars             Blake Shelton                      WB
     Bible Verses                       Blake Shelton                      WB
     Neon Time                          Blake Shelton                      WB
     Whatcha Doin' Tomorrow             Blake Shelton                      WB
     Now I Don't                        Blake Shelton                      WB
     Monday Mornin' Missin' You         Blake Shelton                      WB
     Throw It On                        Blake Shelton/Brooks & Dunn        WB
     Bite The Bullet                    Bobby Allison/Gerry Spehar         SR
     Kinda Like Love                    Bobby Allison/Gerry Spehar         SR
     Mercy Now                          Bobby Bare                         Hypermedia
     Where Did It Go                    Bobby Bare                         Hypermedia
     The End                            Bobby Bare                         Hypermedia
     The Trouble With Angels            Bobby Bare                         Hypermedia
     Detroit City                       Bobby Bare/Chris Stapleton         Hypermedia
     Rules Of Breaking Up               Brandon Ratcliff                   Monument
     So Help Me God                     Brantley Gilbert                   Valory
     Sunday Service In The Sand         Brian Kelley                       WB
     Bet On Love                        Brock Davis                        Raintown
     I Get It Now                       Brock Davis                        Raintown
     Knock                              Brooke Eden                        BBR
     The Promise                        Bryan James                        SR
     No Nice Way To Say It              Bryan James                        SR
     Game Of Life Railroad              Bryan James                        SR
     The More Things Change             Bryan James                        SR
     Drinking To The Point They Throw...Bryan James                        SR
     One Day                            Cactus Blossums                    Walkie Talkie
     Not The Only One                   Cactus Blossums                    Walkie Talkie
     Headlights                         Caleb Caudle                       Cornelius Chapel
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Crused Coins                       Caleb Caudle                       Cornelius Chapel   
     Way You Otta Be Seen               Caleb Caudle                       Cornelius Chapel
     Forged In The Fiire                Caylee Hammack                     Capitol
     Looking For A Lighter              Caylee Hammack                     Capitol
     Evergreen                          Chad Elliott                       SR
     I Lie When I Drink                 Cheryl Cawood                      CCM
     Can't Fall In Love                 Cheryl Cawood                      CCM
     Too Little Too Late                Chloe Collins                      Collins House
     Haunted House                      Chloe Collins                      Collins House
     God Looks After Drunk Sailors      Chris Bellamy                      SR
     Take Me Back                       Chris Gardner                      Split Dog
     Broken Home                        Chris Gardner                      Split Dog
     Take Me Back                       Chris Gardner                      Split Dog
     Was It 26                          Chris Stapleton                    Mercury
     The Man Who Shook The World        Chuck Mead                         Plowboy
     7th Floor                          Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Desert Wind                        Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Lifers                             Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Head Case                          Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Stranger                           Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Colorado                           Cody Jinks                         Rounder
     Honky Tonk Hardwood                Cody Johnson                       Warner
     God Bless The Boy                  Cody Johnson                       Warner
     Till You Can't                     Cody Johnson                       Warner
     Sad Songs & Waltzes                Cody Johnson                       Warner
     I Hate Alabama                     Conner Smith                       Valory
     Somewhere In a Small Town          Conner Smith                       Valory
     Lotta Man  (In That Little Boy)    Craig Morgan                       BBR
     Whiskey                            Craig Morgan                       BBR
     Texahio                            Dallas Moore                       Sol
     Somewhere Between Bridges          Dallas Moore                       Sol
     Kisses From You                    Dallas Moore                       Sol
     Mr. Honky Tonk                     Dallas Moore                       Sol
     We're Not Going To Hell            Daryle Singletary                  Platinum
     Gettin' Older's Gettin' Easy       Dave Kemp                          APCB
     Couldn't Get A Fire Started At HomeDave Kemp                          APCB
     Red Boots                          David Gideon                       SR
     After You've Gone                  Deborah Silver                     NTL
     That Ain't Country                 Dennis Ledbetter                   Saint & Sinner
     How Far Would You Go               Dennis Ledbetter                   Saint & Sinner
     I Love You More                    Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     The Ring                           Dennis Ledbetter                   Saint & Sinner
     The Greatest Country Singer Of Th...ennis Ledbetter                   Sain & Sinner
     I Need A Little Time               Dennis Ledbetter                   Mallory
     I'll Be Waiting There For You      Dennis Ledbetter                   Saint & Sinner
     Too Far From Home                  Dennis Ledbetter                   Sain & Sinner
     I Love You More                    Dennis Ledbetter/Peggie Mora       Saint & Sinner
     Love Me Again                      DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     As One ( Beach Edit)               DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     Great Balls Of Fire                DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     My Secret Love                     DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     Don't Cha Know                     DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     Suspicious Minds                   DK Davis                           Rt. 66
     My Old Friend                      Don Ray                            Margdon
     Heaven Looking Back At Me          Donny Watts                        SR
     Downhill Slide                     Donny Watts                        SR
     She Wrecked My Truck               Donny Watts                        SR
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Honky Tonk Tear                    Doug Hamilton                      SR                 
     Never Waltz Again                  Doug Hamilton                      SR
     She Broke My Heart                 Doug Hamilton                      SR
     Down But Not Out                   Doug Hamilton                      SR
     Missing You                        Doug Hamilton                      SR
     Memories                           Doug Hamilton                      SR
     Go With Him                        Doug Hamilton                      SR
     Lone Wolf                          Eric Church                        EMI
     Through My Ray-Bans                Eric Church                        EMI
     Late                               Frank Ray                          Stoney Creek
     Pretty Damn Close                  Gary Allan                         EMI
     What I Can't Talk About            Gary Allan                         EMI
     Temptation                         Gary Allan                         EMI
     Til It Felt Like You               Gary Allan                         EMI
     Unfiltered                         Gary Allan                         EMI
     Little Glass Of Wine               Gary Allan                         EMI
     Sex                                Gary Allan                         EMI
     Ruthless                           Gary Allan                         EMI
     Till A Better Memory Comes Along   Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     It's My Lie                        Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Speakin' Of The Angel              Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Taste Of The Truth                 Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Three Minutes At A Time            Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Still They Call Me Love            Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     I Know An Ending                   Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Use Me Again                       Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Wrong Way To Find Mr. Right        Gene Watson                        Shanachie
     Take Me Away                       George Strait                      MCA
     Sometimes Love                     George Strait                      MCA
     Old Violin                         George Strait                      MCA
     Weight Of The Badge                George Strait                      MCA
     Weight Of The Badge                George Strait                      MCA
     Take Me Away                       George Strait                      MCA
     Old Violin                         George Strait                      MCA
     Blue Water                         George Strait                      MCA
     Some Nights                        George Strait                      MCA
     Two More Wishes                    George Strait                      MCA
     God & Country Music                George Strait                      MCA
     Codigo                             George Strait                      MCA
     Hate You Like I Love You           Granger Smith                      Wheelhouse
     Anything Like Me                   Granger Smith                      Wheelhouse
     That's What Love Looks Like        Granger Smith                      Wheelhouse
     Buy A Boy A Baseball               Granger Smith                      Wheelhouse
     Clinging To The Wind               Gregg Hill                         SR
     Sky Of Gold                        Gregg Hill                         SR
     Born Liar                          Gregg Hill                         SR
     To Keep From Being Found           Hayes Carll                        Dualtone
     If It Was Up To Me                 Hayes Carll                        Dualtone
     Your Mama                          High Country                       WB
     River's Still Running              High Country                       WB
     Northern Star                      High Country                       WB
     One Day You'll Get It              High Country                       WB
     Whatever It Takes                  High Valley                        Cage Free
     Then It Rained                     Hot Country Knights                Capitol
     You Make it Hard                   Hot Country Knights                Capitol
     Last Call                          Ian Jones                          Thin Silver
     Sorrow And Joy                     Indigo Girls                       Rounder
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     I Can't Stop You                   J. Marc Bailey                     SR                 
     Unbroken                           J. Marc Bailey                     SR
     The Meaning Of Life                James Kahn                         Music & Words
     After You                          Jason Aldean                       BBR
     Over You Again                     Jason Aldean                       BBR
     I Miss You After All               Jason James                        Melodyville
     Achin' Takin' Place                Jason James                        Melodyville
     We're Gonna Hony Tonk Tonight      Jason James                        Melodyville
     Simply Divine                      Jason James                        Melodyville
     Cry On The Bayou                   Jason James                        Melodyville
     Foolish Heart                      Jason James                        Melodyville
     Ole Used To Be                     Jason James                        Melodyville
     I Reckon                           Jeff Clayburn                      SR
     Tequila                            Jeneen Terrana                     SR
     Where There Is Smoke               Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Two 'ol Friends                    Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Don't Leave Me                     Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Lonesome 7-7203                    Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Don't Wake Me                      Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     No Way For You To Talk             Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Too Late To Worry,Too Blue To C... Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     If I Wanted To Cheat Tonight       Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Can't Get There Fast Enough        Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     I Must Be Talking To Myself        Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     That Flashing Neon Sign            Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Don't Worrry                       Joe Berry                          Bulldog
     Lying To Myself                    Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Pass It On                         Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     You Can't Have A White Christmas   Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     I've Got A Lot to Get Over         Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Daddy's Old Hat                    Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Get It While You Can               Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Nobody Can Do It Like Me           Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     It Just Keeps Getting Better       Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     What's Been Buggin Me              Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     The Ballad Of John Henry           Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     What Do You Use for Money          Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     It's Not What You've Got           Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Last Night Waws My Last Night ...  Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     I've Done It All In My Time        Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     It's The Sweetest Lips             Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     I've Never Been This CLose To He...Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Hitch Hiking Soldier               Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Til Something Better Comes Along   Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     I Don't Mind Being Tied Down       Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     I'm Gonna Get Right tonight        Joe Keene                          Spring Fed
     Mental Revenge                     Joel Hoffman                       SR
     Midnight Me And The BLues          Joel Hoffman                       SR
     She's Not Cheating Today           Joel Hoffman                       SR
     Get A Little Goner                 Joel Hoffman/Bill Kirchen          SR
     Ain't No Good Chain Gang           Joel Hoffman/Dallas Moore          SR
     Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age       Joel Hoffman/Johnny Bush           SR
     Borrowed And Blue                  Joel Hoffman/Mike Ethen Messick    SR
     What Will I Do                     Joel Hoffman/Shelley King          SR
     Leaving Love All Over The Place    Joel Hoffman/Tessy Lou Williams    SR
     Me On The Jukebox                  Joel Hoffman/Tommy Alverson        SR
     Cry In Your Beer Country Song      John Arthur Martinez               JAM
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Everything Tastes Better With Beer John Arthur Martinez               JAM                
     I Dare You                         John Arthur Martinez               JAM
     San Antonio Woman                  John Arthur Martinez               JAM
     Still No Rain In Texas             John Arthur Martinez               JAM
     I Don't Want To Love               John Michael Ferrari               Cappy
     The One You Love                   Johnny Rivers                      Soul City
     The One You Love                   Johnny Rivers                      Soul City
     It's Over                          Johnny Rivers                      Soul City
     Lights On The Highway              Johnny Rivers                      Soul City
     The Bottle Let Me Down             Jon Pardi                          Capitol
     Mr. Saturday Night                 Jon Pardi                          Capitol
     Good Ol Boys                       Josh Turner                        MCA
     I Can Tell By The Way You Dance    Josh Turner                        MCA
     Country State Of Mind              Josh Turner                        MCA
     Calling Card                       Josie Bello                        SR
     L.A.                               Kelsea Ballerini                   Black River
     Everyone She Knows                 Kenny Chesney                      WB
     Knowing You                        Kenny Chesney                      WB
     Someone To Fix                     Kenny Chesney                      WB
     My Anthem                          Kenny Chesney                      WB
     Streets                            Kenny Chesney                      WB
     Can't Be Lonely                    Kylie Trout                        SR
     You Belong To Me                   Laini Risto                        SR
     He Still Thinks I Still Care       Laini Risto                        SR
     Where've You Been                  Laini Risto                        SR
     Walkin' After Midnight             Laini Risto                        Comstock
     Always On My Mind                  Laini Risto                        SR
     Desperado                          Laini Risto                        Comstock
     What Do You Have In Mind           Laini Risto                        LR
     If You Could Be Here Tonight       Laini Risto                        LR
     The Family Tree                    Laini Risto                        LR
     Here I Am                          Laini Risto                        SR
     You Don't Know Me                  Laini Risto                        Comstock
     Feels Like Home                    Laini Risto                        LR
     Tennessee Waltz                    Laini Risto                        Comstock
     Just Enough                        Laini Risto                        SR
     Leavin' On Your Mind               Laini Risto                        Comstock
     The Family Tree                    Laini Risto                        SR
     Save The Roses                     Lee Brice                          Curb
     Don't Need No Reason               Lee Brice                          Curb
     Country Knows                      Lee Brice                          Curb
     Sons & Daughters                   Lee Brice                          Curb
     I Take It On Home                  Lee Sims
     Texas Girl                         Lee Sims                           LS
     Folsom Prison Blues                Lee Sims
     Honey Don't                        Lee Sims                           Western Heart
     Statue Of A Fool                   Lee Sims
     Big Blue Fool Moon                 Lee Sims                           SR
     Mama Tried                         Lee Sims
     Want Me Back                       Lindsay Ell                        Stoney Creek
     The Other Side                     Lindsay Ell                        Stoney Creek
     Hits Me                            Lindsay Ell                        Stoney Creek
     Imagining Raindrops                Logan Ledger                       Rounder
     Skip A Rope                        Logan Ledger                       Rounder
     Invisible Blue                     Logan Ledger                       Rounder
     Coal Miner's Daughter Recitation   Loretta Lynn                       Legacy
     I Wanna Be Free                    Loretta Lynn                       Legacy
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 6
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Honky Tonk Girl                    Loretta Lynn                       Legacy             
     You Ain't Woman Enough To Take...  Loretta Lynn/Tanya Tucker          Legacy
     More Than We Can Handle            Lukas Nelson                       Fantasy
     A Few Stars Apart                  Lukas Nelson                       Fantasy
     Throwing Away Your Love            Lukas Nelson                       Fantasy
     Giving You Away                    Lukas Nelson                       Fantasy
     No Reason                          Lukas Nelson                       Fantasy
     Little Less Broken                 Luke Bryan                         Capitol
     Build Me A Daddy                   Luke Bryan                         Capitol
     Too Drunk To Drive                 Luke Bryan                         Capitol
     Where Are We Goin'                 Luke Bryan                         Capitol
     Down To One                        Luke Bryan                         Capitol
     Regrigerator Door                  Luke Combs                         Columbia
     Youngie                            Lynchburg                          SR
     I Love This Rodeo                  Lynchburg                          Kross Kut
     Hey Child                          Margo Price                        Concord
     No Bigger Fool                     Mark Rogers                        Circle Seal
     I Know It So Well                  Mark Rogers                        Circle Seal
     Every Once In A While              Mark Rogers                        Powderfinger
     Waiting                            Mark Rogers                        Circle Seal
     Every Once In A While              Mark Rogers                        Circle Seal
     Just So You Know                   Mark Rogers                        Circle Seal
     Willl You Still Love Me Tomorrow   Marshall Chapman                   Tall Girl
     I Fall in Love Too Easily          Marshall Chapman                   Tall Girl
     Fall Apart World                   Mary Gauthier ( Go-Shay )          30 Tigers
     Tip Of My Fingers                  Mary Lou Turner                    Heart Of Texas
     After The Fire Is Gone             Mary Lou Turner                    Heart Of Texas
     You Don't Know Me                  Mary Lou Turner                    Heart Of Texas
     Let It Rain On Me                  Mavericks                          Valory
     Shadow                             Melody Guy                         SR
     Make You Feel My Love              Michael Johnathan                  Poet Man
     Cars                               Michael Johnathan                  Poet Man
     Loyalty                            Michael Johnathan                  Poet Man
     The Painter                        Michael Johnathan                  Poet Man
     Winter Roses                       Michael Johnathon                  Poet Man
     Master's Call                      Michael Martin Murphey             Kunaki
     Running Gun                        Michael Martin Murphey             Kunaki
     Little Bird                        Michael Martin Murphey/Kelly Wi... Horsefly
     Picture                            Michael Ray                        WB
     Holy Water                         Michael Ray                        WB
     Live Without You                   Michael Ray                        WB
     The Last Time                      Mike And The Moonpies              SR
     Like I Don't Have A Care           Mike Dekle                         SR
     We're Gonna Ride Again             Mike Dekle                         SR
     Old Guitar In Heaven               Mike Dekle                         SR
     Ricochet                           Mike Dekle                         SR
     Shine                              New Potato Caboose                 SR
     High Note                          Osborne Brothers                   EMI
     Bqck On The Bottle                 Osborne Brothers                   EMI
     Captivated                         Paco                               WHP
     Sea Of Love                        Paco                               SR
     Can't Take My Eyes Off of You      Paco                               SR
     Dark Turn Of Mind                  Pam Tillis                         Stellar Cat
     I Sold A Lot Of Beer               Randy C Moore                      Highway 59
     Day After Day                      Randy C Moore                      Highway 59
     He's Just A Cowboy                 Randy C Moore                      Highway 59
     Highway 59 Revisted                Randy C Moore                      Highway 59
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 7
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Back In The Day                    Randy C Moore                      Highway 59         
     Daddy I Wanna Go Fishing           Randy C Moore                      Highway 59
     Friends Lover & Strangers          Ray Blackwater                     Snowtiger
     Act Like The Devil                 Ray Blackwater                     Snowtiger
     Love Knew                          Ray Blackwater                     Snow Tiger
     Two Step Melody                    Ray Blackwater                     Snow Tiger
     I Can See You With My Eyes Clos... Ray Price                          AmeriMonte
     This Thing Of Ours                 Ray Price                          Amerimonte
     Why Come Home                      Renele                             Meg
     Coffee In The Morning              Rich Mahan                         Snortin' Horse
     Never Over                         Richard Burr                       Kick 'n Dust
     Honest Man                         Richard Burr                       Kick 'n Dust
     Another Blue Moon                  Richard Burr                       Kick 'n Dust
     Hanging By A Thread                Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     From Now On                        Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     What Do You Want From Me?          Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     Nowhere To Turn                    Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     Just Hold On                       Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     Hold Each Other Up                 Richard Burr                       Kick n Dust
     The Old Feed Store                 Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Daddy's Guitar                     Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     You Can't Stay Here                Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     One Breath Away                    Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Fast Times & Easy Money            Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Back In 1953                       Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     They Don't Play 'Em Like That      Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Places I Have Never Been           Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     My Heart And Yours                 Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Starting Now                       Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Rodeo Town                         Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     You Can't Do This No More          Richard Lynch                      Fence Row
     Wait For Me                        Richard Lynch                      Fence row
     Another Honky Tonk Song            Richard Lynch/Leona Williams       Fence Row
     Never Saw It Coming                Richard Scott                      SR
     Quattro                            Robert Plant/Alison Krauss         Rounder
     Going Where The Lonely Go          Robert Plant/Alison Krauss         Rounder
     Nashville 1972                     Rodney Crowell                     New West
     Forgive Me Annabelle               Rodney Crowell                     New West
     Now                                Ronnie Milsap                      Black River
     Too Bad For My Own Good            Ronnie Milsap                      Black River
     Fool                               Ronnie Milsap                      Black River
     Almost Mine                        Ronnie Milsap                      Black River
     A Better Word For Love             Ronnie Milsap                      Black River
     Particle And Wave                  Rosanne Cash                       BLue Note
     Rabbit Hole                        Rosanne Cash                       Blue Note
     8 Gods Of Harlem                   Rosanne Cash                       Blue Note
     Gratitude                          Rose's Pawnshop                    KZZ
     Better Now                         Rose's Pawnshop                    KZZ
     Fugitive                           Rose's Pawnshop                    KZZ
     Halfway Down The Road              Rose's Pawnshop                    KZZ
     Unchained Melody                   Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     Blue Bayou                         Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     The Comedians                      Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     Crawling Back                      Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     The Crowd                          Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     Falling                            Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     Walk On                            Roy Orbison & Royal Philharmonic...Monument
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
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     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Do Whatcha Gotta Do                Russ Stallons                      SR                 
     Without A Trace                    Rusty Gear                         Chicahominy
     I Used To Drink                    Rusty Gear                         Chicahominy
     Make It Look Easy                  Sean Hogan                         Lakeland Heart
     She Makes Me Feel                  Sean Hogan                         Lakeland Heart
     Can't Be Wrong                     Shawn Campbell                     Chance
     Flight Risk                        Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Bed Of Roses                       Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Someone Else Not me                Shoebox Letters                    SR
     Cold Canvas                        Shoebox Letters                    SR
     No Drinking Song                   Shoebox Letters                    SR
     In Dreams                          Sierra Ferrell                     Rounder
     Little Jenny                       Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Santa Fe                           Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Margolaigne                        Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Until It's Gone                    Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Cowboy Inside                      Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Unicorns                           Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Petroglyph                         Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Railroad                           Skip Ewing                         wRITE!
     Wyoming                            Skip Ewing                         Write!
     Road To Nowhere                    Songs From The Road Band           SFTRB
     Bohemian                           Songs From The Road Band           SFTRB
     Comes In Waves                     Songs From The Road Band           SFTRB
     The Leaving Kind                   Stan Martin                        SM
     Play With Fire                     Stan Martin                        SM
     All Mine                           Stan Martin                        SM
     My Dream                           Stan Martin                        SM
     Stolen Kisses                      Stan Martin                        Twangtone
     Long Nights                        Stan Martin                        SM
     I'll Have To Say I Love You In A S...even Graves                      SR
     Mamma's Song                       Tammy Bailis                       TB
     16 Tons                            Tammy Bailis                       TB
     Stock Up                           Tammy Bailis                       TB
     San Diego Freeway                  Tammy Bailis                       TB
     To A Friend                        Tammy Bailis                       TB
     How Come You Don't Want Me No...   Tammy Bailis                       SR
     If You Get Lonely                  Tammy Bailis                       SR
     The Woman's Room                   Tammy Bailis                       TB
     I Will Always Miss You             Tammy Bailis                       TB
     I Don't Owe You Anything           Tanya Tucker                       Fantasy
     Mustang Ridge                      Tanya Tucker                       Fantasy
     The House That Built Me            Tanya Tucker                       Fantasy
     The Day My Heart Goes Still        Tanya Tucker                       Fantasy
     Changes                            The Furious Seasons                SR
     Long Vacation                      The Furious Seasons                SR
     Lonesome Heart                     The Panhandlers                    SR
     Waiting In The Dark                The Steel Wheels                   Big Ring
     Postcard                           Tony Baltimore                     Conch Town
     Country Boy                        Tyller Gummersall                  Tyller Music
     Kiss Me                            Tyller Gummersall                  Tyller Music
     Love Knew Better                   Wade Hayes                         SR
     Bluebonnet Blues                   Wade Hayes                         SR
     Waiting Around To Die              Wild Rabbit Salad                  REGI
     I'll Try To Better Next Time       Willie Nelson                      Legacy
     Yesterday When I Was Young         Willie Nelson                      Legacy
     Maybe I Should Have Been Listeni...Willie Nelson                      Legacy
     Country Bear Radio     Current Album Tracks
                                                                                           Page 9
     Title                              Artist                             Record Co. 
     Something You Get Through          Willie Nelson                      Legacy             
     I Ain't Got Nothin'                Willie Nelson                      Legacy
     She Made My Day                    Willie Nelson                      Legacy
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